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PRESENT : Mrs C Bradshaw- Chairman
Mr J Bathgate - Treasurer
Mrs J Bathgate - Minutes Secretary
Mr and Mrs Boast Mr B Jones
Mrs J Dexter Mr B Bradshaw
Mrs C Ostler Mr and Mrs Parsons
Mrs Van de Veere Mrs J Davey
Mrs J Sheldon Mr K Haynes
Ms C Evans Mr and Mrs Simmons

APOLOGIES : Miss J Bartholomew
Mr and Mrs Hutchison Ms J Rhodes
Mrs J Martin Mrs J Mitchely

The Chairman welcomed members to the 31st Annual General Meeting of the Tintern Village Produce Association.

1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were agreed and signed. There were no matters arising.

2. The Chairmanís Report.

Christine Bradshaw reviewed the previous yearís speakers and outings. She commented on the missed meeting in March due to bad weather. However we expect to see "The Magic Man" in November. She thanked various people for the assistance they had given her throughout the year.

3. Treasurerís Report.

John Bathgate reported that the financial year was very satisfactory. We had entered the year with a balance of £262 and finished it with £236. One expense we will not have to bear in 2005 is the provision of dis-count cards at Millbrook Garden Centre. The 2004 Annual Show gave us a profit of £58. He recommended to the meeting that subscriptions remain at £4 per head for 2005 and this was accepted by the meeting.

4. Election of Officers.

(1) Chairman - Jean Davey elected.
(2) Vice-Chairman - Bryan Jones elected.
(3) Secretary - Jackie Langdon to continue.
(4) Treasurer - John Bathgate to continue
(5) Show Secretary - Jean Bathgate to continue
(6) Minutes Secretary - Jean Bathgate to continue
(7) Village Hall representative - Ken Haynes to continue

5. Programme. Jackie Langdon will provide the programme and rota at the February meeting. The Garden Party will be held at Jackie Langdonís home in Park Glade in July. The Show will be on August 20th. The Show Secretary will ask Mike Foster and Mrs Cook to be our Judges again and will also find an opener. John and Jean Bathgate will again purchase geraniums for all members as Show entries. The Show Commit-tee Meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st March at 2.00pm at the Bathgateís at 6 Parva Springs.

(6) Tea Rota and Competitions,

February Jean Davey and Diane Parsons Marmalade
March Jean Bathgate Spring Show
April Joan Dexter and Mina Van Der Veere Scones
September Linda Simmons Photograph - Wildlife in the Garden
October Ken Haynes Autumn foliage, Pumpkin
November Carol Ostler Christmas Cracker

7 Any Other Business

(1) The competitions throughout the year had been won by Jean Bathgate with Christine Brad-shaw second.
(2) Bernard Bradshaw asked the meeting to consider a group visit to Dewstow Gardens which cover seven acres and feature underground grottos. The group charge is £7 per head for a Sunday visit or £5 per head for a Monday to Friday visit.

The meeting closed at 8:05pm

At our February meeting Graham Wren showed excellent slides to convey how the countryside has changed over the years from using horses on the farms for all work to the giant machinery of today. Although agricultural land is being used up for houses and road building, it is not all bad news. Farmers are more aware of the needs of wild life. Hedges are being planted and wider headlands left unplanted round fields to create a better environment for wild life.

Our March Meeting at the now much improved Village Hall included a talk by Peter Scourse of Penallt on "Birds of Prey". He and his wife run a sanctuary for injured birds of prey, although they will treat the odd badger or deer if necessary. The talk was illustrated by slides of many of the birds and animals they have looked after and the accompanying informal chat was full of the most interesting titbits of bird life. We did learn that kestrels are pretty bright while buzzards are the dimwits of the birds of prey. Also, if you bring up baby birds in your bedroom, keep plenty of newspaper handy and do not sleep with your toes hanging out of the covers.
A most interesting evening with plenty of questions at the end of the talk.

At the end of the evening our members went home, each with a small potted geranium. They will bring them on into six-inch pots and bring them back to the Annual Show in August. Members who were not present will have their geraniums delivered shortly.

At our April meeting of the Village Produce association, Mr Rutter talked to us about "Kilvert's Diaries". Kilvert was a Country Parson who kept a diary in the 1870s. Excerpts were read out which painted a vivid picture of life in the rural Welsh Border area. Mr Rutter also included many of his own tales of life as a rural Vicar almost a century later. He is an excellent speaker and the evening was enjoyed by all.

On the 20th May, sixteen of our members visited the garden at Penpergwym Lodge, Abergavenny. The day had started rather wet but the evening visit was undertaken in beautiful sunny weather. Our hosts walked us round the garden giving advice and information on the many plants on show. The large garden was well worth seeing and left us wondering how so much work could be undertaken by just two people however dedicated. It was laid out with many formal squares, bordered mostly with tall hedges but with informal planting within each "garden".
At the end of the visit we had a delicious chocolate cake with our tea and were well pleased with our outing.

On Friday 17th June we visited the garden of Green Cottage, Redhill, Lydney. Our very welcoming hosts, Frank and Margaret, no surnames here, met us. Their garden was in two parts. We first saw a most interesting area of lawns, trees and beds, mostly of beautiful peonies. Peonies dating from before 1916 are held here as part of the national collection. Most of them were still in bloom so they made a lovely picture. Wandering the lawns were chickens, ducks and a pheasant that had lived there for fifteen years. The other half of the garden was left mostly wild, with good tree cover and a small stream running through it.
We had tea and biscuits with our hosts before leaving. Our thanks to Frank and Margaret for a very pleasant visit.
However the evening was not yet over as we all moved the short distance to Les and Linda Simmons house in Lydney. There we made the most of the lovely weather with wine and cheese in the garden. Our thanks to them for their hospitality.

We held our annual garden party on the 15th July at Jim and Jackie Langdon's house in Park Glade. Jim's garden is magnificent, much larger than you would think and beautifully stocked with superb flowers etc. We were most impressed with his garden.
We had twenty members at the party and we had a fine time in the pleasant weather. The food contributed by the members was excellent, a super show considering that we do not organise who brings which items.
Our thanks to Jim and Jackie for a good evening.


Geranium Competition

We held our Annual Show in the Village Hall on the 20th of August. The weather was kind to us with a very pleasant day. This year's 257 show entries were a little down from our peak last year but the flowers in particular put on a colourful display. Our vegetables were generally all on the small size, very little seemed ready for harvesting.

The Flower Display

The Cookery DisplayThe Vegetable Display

Stan Smith Opening the Show

Our Chairlady, Jean Davey, introduced Stan Smith who opened the Show and made the various presentations. Joan Sheldon won the cup for flowers, Bernard Bradshaw for vegetables with Wendy Boast as the runner up.

Matthew Hewish

Jean Bathgate won the cookery cup and Matthew Hewish won the special junior prize with his first for biscuits and second for rock cakes. Jackie Langdon had the best entry in our plant sections with her magnificent lily and Linda Simmons won best entry for her beautiful quilt in the cookery and handicraft sections.

Potato Man by Mina VandeVeere
We had an excellent number of VPA members present and quite a lot of visitors to the village called in to see us and have a cup of tea and cake, however we were sorry not to see any other villagers supporting the Show. Overall we made a reasonable profit on the Show due to the good efforts of Jean Mitchely and Joanna Cowell on the raffle, the ladies running the tea and cake kitchen and the final sale of items from the show. Jean Bathgate, our Show Organiser, wished to thank Christine and Bernard Bradshaw, Les and Linda Simmons, Ken Haynes and Jackie Langdon for their help in setting up the Show.