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PRESENT : Mrs C Bradshaw- Chairman
Miss J Bartholomew - Secretary
Mr J Bathgate - Treasurer
Mrs J Bathgate - Minutes Secretary

Mr and Mrs Boast , Mr B Jones
Mrs J Dexter , Mr B Bradshaw
Mr J Hamer , Mrs C Ostler
Mr K Haynes , Mr and Mrs Simmons
Mrs D Parsons , Mr R Flashman
Mr and Mrs Mitchely , Ms J Sheldon
Mrs J Hutchison

Mr and Mrs M Taylor, Mr and Mrs Gibbard
Mr H Hutchison , Mr A Parsons
Mr and Mrs M Davey

The Chairman welcomed members to the 28th Annual General Meeting of the Tintern Village Produce Association.

1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were agreed and signed. During matters arising, Judy Bartholomew mentioned that the cost of Speakers was rising and that one Speaker on the programme would cost £50. Consideration may be needed to charge entry fees for some meetings.

2. The Chairman’s Report. Christine Bradshaw mentioned the very varied programme arranged by Judy Bartholomew, We had enjoyed excellent garden visits, and the Garden Party had gone well at Jane Rhode’s house despite the very bad weather. The Annual Show had been successful and had succeeded in attracting some visitors this year. The Chairman thanked Bryan Jones for opening the Show, those members who had helped on the Working Parties, John and Jean Bathgate for their support, Martin Davey for ably standing in as Chairman whilst she had been away, and the Committee and Members for their helpful assistance.

3. Secretary’s Report. Judy Bartholomew said that the only "County" event had been the harvest Festival organised by Llantillio Pertholy. Tintern had provided a good attendance. This was likely to be an annual event. Judy thanked the Members for their support during the year and for the bouquet of flowers she had received while laid up with her broken leg.

4. Treasurer’s Report. The year had gone from a balance of £115 to £92. The Show had been in profit by £8, mostly due to a donation of £5 by our Opener, Bryan Jones. John Bathgate suggested leaving the subscriptions at £3 per head which should fund the Speakers in the coming year.

5. Election of Officers.

(1) Secretary Judy Bartholomew indicated her willingness to remain Secretary for 2002 but she wanted to resign for the 2003 year. The programme for this year was now arranged and she would be willing to arrange the programme for 2003 before handing over. The meeting discussed the implications and John Bathgate proposed that if no one person could be found to take on the job, that the post be split into three, ie General Secretary, Show Secretary and Programme Secretary or Committee. The Meeting agreed with a unanimous show of hands. Judy Bartholomew remains Secretary for 2002.

(2) Other Officers remained unchanged.

6 Programme Judy Bartholomew outlined the programme of six Speakers, two Outings, the Garden Party, Show and Christmas Party as usual.. The Meeting voted for the March subject to be "Fungi" rather than the other offered subject "Orchids".

(1) Garden Party, This will be held at Christine and Bernard Bradshaw’s house. There will be a hanging basket competition at the party.
(2) Annual Show, This will be held on the 17th August. Judy Bartholomew will ask if one of our Life Members will open the Show, and if Mike Foster and Mrs Cook will be our Judges again. John and Jean Bathgate will again try to purchase geraniums or similar for all members as Show entries. The Show Committee Meeting will be held on February 19th at 2.30pm at the Bathgate’s at 6 Parva Springs.
(3) Tea Rota and Competitions,

February - Joan Dexter - Marmalade
March - Linda Simmons - Spring Show
April - Wendy Boast - Decorated Egg, Scones for men
September - Jean Bathgate/Judy Bartholomew - Photograph of Sunshine in my garden
October - Carol Ostler/Diane Parsons - Autumn foliage, Pumpkin
November - Ken Haynes/Jackie Hutchison - Decorated Christmas cake
January 2003 - Judy Bartholomew

7 Any Other Business

(1) The competitions throughout the year had been won with 1st by Christine Bradshaw, 2nd by Bernard Bradshaw and 3rd by Joan Dexter. 14 Members had participated during the year.
(2) A proposal from Ray Flashman to invite Judy Bartholomew to become a life member when she gave up the post of Secretary was carried unanimously.
(3) Ken Haynes asked the Secretary to find out if tree branches left across the Beaufort Cottage garden could be removed.
(4) The next meeting would be David Edwards from Llandogo giving advice on the preparation of flowers and vegetables for show. Judy Bartholomew would also try to give some advice on the presentation of cooked produce.

The meeting closed at 8:15pm

Our first speaker in the New Year was Mr David Edwards (Chairman of Llandogo V.P.A.) who gave us numerous tips on how to improve the staging of produce at our Annual Show. This, by the way, will be held in the Village Hall on the 17th August, so please mark that date on your calendar in readiness for the great event! February's meeting ended with our Speaker judging the monthly competition of a pot of marmalade, which was won by Mr Bernard Bradshaw.

Our two Spring meetings in the Village hall were of such interest to members that the speakers had trouble making their "get-away". Mr Vaughan Fleming spoke on "fungi" and even explained how to photograph a 20mm high plant in close-up without lying prostrate on the damp ground.

In April, Danny Nineham gave us an insight into his work mapping the sightings and territories inhabited by "Big Cats". This was of particular concern to several members who had had sightings of them.

As always happens as soon as outings are arranged, the weather refuses to co-operate and our May evening wandering through the woods of Home Farm, Huntley, was a little damp, so we can only hope for better in June when we visit Parva Farm Vineyard.

Also, don't forget that date of August 17th when all our members' hard work will be on display at the Village Hall at our Annual Show.

See you then.


As is normally the case, the weather for our summer meetings was kind to us and we met at Parva Farm one June evening for a tour of the vineyard. One or two of us baulked at the hill climb (but seemed to regain enough energy to join in the wine tasting session) and most of us went home clutching various bottles and plants from the very interesting garden centre.

July found us holding our annual garden party at the home of Christine and Bernard Bradshaw in Parva Springs where we were amazed at the wide range of plants growing happily in containers on the raised patio and tried to forget the number of steps back down to ground level. The main business of the evening was to make arrangements for the August Show which is of course the culmination of all our efforts during the year.


Mr Brian Young, for so many years a stalwart exhibitor and perennial winner of cups, opened the Show and later presented the cups and trophies. Both the Flower cup and the Cookery cup were won by Mrs Wendy Boast with Mrs Joan Dexter winning the Vegetable cup. The runner-up in the vegetable section was Mrs Jean Bathgate with cups for Best in Show going to Mrs Linda Simmons and Mr Bernard Bradshaw.

We had many more visitors this year than last, so many thanks to everyone who came to support us. It made such a difference to our enjoyment of the afternoon and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

The "Cookery etc" Table

The Raffle, run by Mr and Mrs Mitchley


Mrs Joan Dexter

Mr Bernard Bradshaw

Mrs Linda Simmons

Mrs Jean Bathgate

Mrs Wendy Boast

Miss Lily Hayes, our youngest competitor

Other pictures from the Show

Autumn always sees us back in the Village Hall for our series of illustrated talks. In September, Mr Peter Ralph came from the Dean Heritage Centre to give us a fascinating insight into the work of the Centre with such enthusiasm that a visit to Cinderford next summer was planned there and then.

At the following month's meeting, Mr Steve Hunt gave a talk on "The Woodlands of Gwent" and here again a visit to his garden has been arranged for next year.

Also in October, a county-wide V.P.A. Harvest Festival was held at Llantilio Pertholey followed by supper in the Hall at the Mardy. This is now the only occasion on which the various V.P.A.s meet during the year - so we make the most of it.

November found the Village Hall in chaos due to the improvement scheme so, rather than remain homeless, Christine and Bernard Bradshaw invited us to their home in Parva Springs, for which we were very grateful. We were quite a large number but chairs appeared as if by magic and we sat spellbound through a series of slides presented by Mr David Lewis of Raglan, whose evening with us is always a treat.

And so the year has come, rather soggily, full circle and it is time to give everyone our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


ps : the V.P.A. Christmas Party is on Friday 20th December at 6:30, hopefully at the Village Hall. If the Party has to be held somewhere else, members will be informed.