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PRESENT : Mr B Jones - Chairman
Miss J Bartholomew - Secretary
Mr J Bathgate - Treasurer
Mrs J Bathgate - Minutes Secretary
Mr and Mrs Boast, Mrs K Heron
Mrs J Dexter, Mr and Mrs B Bradshaw
Mr J Hamer, Mrs C Ostler
Mr and Mrs D Ager, Mr and Mrs Simmons
Mrs T Morrison, Mr R Flashman

Mr and Mrs M Taylor, Mrs J Martin
Miss J Rhodes, Mr K Haynes
Mr and Mrs Hutchison, Mr and Mrs Parsons
Mr and Mrs M Davey

The Chairman welcomed members to the 27th Annual General Meeting of the Tintern Village Produce Association.

1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were agreed and signed.

2. The Chairman’s Report. The Chairman said that he had enjoyed his three years at the helm and hoped that S.S. V.P.A. would continue to flourish. The last year had been a good year despite the weather.
We had enjoyed visits to Tintern (the Nurtons) and Pen-y-Van, the Show had been a reasonable success and we had made a small profit. He thanked everyone for their support during the year.

3. Secretary’s Report. Judy Bartholomew reported on the County events. In March we had won the Quiz and we were fourth at the Usk Show. We finished with County events at the Harvest Festival at Mitchell Troy when the meeting following the service dissolved the County Organisation after thirty five years. Mike Foster resigned and Judy Challenor could not cope with the extra work. There was a presentation to Mike Foster.
Judy thanked Bryan for his work as Chairman and the Wednesday morning working parties.

4. Treasurer’s Report. The year had gone from a balance of £23.83 to £114.91 but as the Hall still had to be paid for, a final balance of £100.01 was more accurate. The Show had been in profit by £14.06 despite the lack of visitors. John Bathgate suggested leaving the subscriptions at £3 per head as we would have to fund more speakers ourselves in the coming year. A suggestion came from the floor that we write to the Council requesting a further sum to cover the planting of more daffodils in the village.

5. Election of Officers.
(1) The Chair passed to Mrs C Bradshaw.
(2) Mr M Davey was proposed by Mr R Flashman and seconded by Mrs J Dexter for the post of Vice-Chairman.
(3) Other Officers remained unchanged.

6. Program and Tea Rota. Judy Bartholomew will provide the programme and rota at the February meeting. The Garden Party will be held at Miss J Rhodes home at Beechwood in July. The Show will be on August 18th. The Christmas Party will be on the 21st December.

7. Any Other Business
(1) The competitions throughout the year had been won with 1st by Mrs J Dexter, 2nd by Mrs J Davey and 3rd by Mrs C Bradshaw.
(2) The Show will be opened by Mr B Jones and we will invite Mr Wellans, Mr Hoare and Mrs Cooke to be our judges. There will be a Committee meeting at 6 Parva Springs on Tuesday March 13th at 2:30 to discuss the show schedule.
(3) The meeting discussed ways of increasing the input of children to the Show. An article in the Tintern News, contacting Mr D Carter and the Sunday School were suggested (subsequently there was also a suggestion to advertise early for a highest sunflower competition).
(4) It was agreed to leave the club’s name as The Tintern Village Produce Association.
(5) We were invited to attend a St Briavel’s meeting on Feb 9th.
(6) A proposal to invite Mr Brian Young and Mr and Mrs Pickering to become life members was carried unanimously.

The meeting closed at 8:20pm

As ever our year began with the A.G.M. at which we thanked Mr Bryan Jones for his excellent Chairmanship over the past three years before allowing him to slip back into relative obscurity amongst a surprising number of members. A combination of a cold wet January evening and a meeting without a Speaker usually means only a handful of people present. This year was very different, much to the delight of our Treasurer, Mr John Bathgate, as he was able to collect annual subscriptions from a captive audience with ease.

Next, we welcomed our new Chairman, Mrs Christine Bradshaw, and wished her well during her years in office before thanking Mr Martin Davey for agreeing to act as Vice-Chairman. The Speaker for our next meeting was announced and we were then able to escape to our own firesides.

February brought an absorbing illustrated talk by Dr Naylor Firth on the geology of the United States National Parks. He limited himself to the western area where the mountainous regions revealed fantastic rock formations. He went on to show us how flowering plants and shrubs were beginning to clothe areas devastated by volcanic eruptions only a few short years previously before ending with a few of his last year's holiday slides from Utah.

As a reward he was asked to judge our monthly competition (won by our new Chairman amidst loud laughter and cries of "Fix") and then stayed to answer many questions during the tea break.

A short business meeting brought the evening to a close and we meet again in March to learn about growing vegetables.


As mentioned in the last edition of Parish News, the March meeting found us welcoming Mr Collett from Caldicot and listening to his words of wisdom about growing vegetables for both the dining table and the show bench. We trawled through our memory banks and found it was nearly fifteen years since his last visit but he was delighted to see some familiar faces among his audience and we have promised not to wait so long before his next invitation.
In April, Mr Roy Haviland, who is usually our Show judge put on a different hat and gave us some tips about preparing for the Annual Show. We were very disappointed by the lack of visitors to the Village Hall last August so we have altered the date to avoid a clash with Chepstow Show. Our Show will now be held on Saturday the 18th of August, so please put this date in your diary for Summer 2001.

This month (May) was the first of our garden visits and we wandered further afield this time - to the home of Mr and Mrs John Wood who live near Longhope and tend a wonderful three acre garden containing an arboretum, water and herbaceous plants, rockeries - in fact something to interest everyone. The pictures show Mrs Joan Dexter and Mrs Kay Heron and Mr and Mrs Roy and Alice Hallett with Mrs Jean Davey and Mr Wood of Longhope.
In June we hope for another fine evening to visit a garden near Westbury on Severn. If you are interested in joining us, please ring 689421 - and don't forget to mark 18th August on your calendar.


In June we visited Sunningdale at Grange Court near Westbury on Severn.

This summer season seems to have been the usual mixture of sunshine and showers with rather more of the latter than we'd really appreciate. So our visit to Mr Mann Taylor's garden just outside Westbury in June was held on a dry and bright if rather cold evening.

In July, when we were invited to Jane Rhode's new garden at Beechwood in Trellech Road, the heaven's opened and only a few hardy souls donned wellies and waterproofs to wander round. This was a shame as there's so much of interest in her new planting but it did mean we had more time in which to plan for our Annual Show.

The Annual Show was brightened by most members bringing their geranium back to the Hall for the event. The geraniums had been given to each member earlier in the year as a very small plantlet. The change of date (to the 18th of August) seemed to do the trick and the Village Hall, if not packed, was at least pleasantly full. (Many thanks to all who turned up on a very drizzly Saturday afternoon - we hope you found plenty to interest you - even a raffle prize to take home perhaps).

The number of entries was well up from last year and competition was strong in all sections giving the judges plenty of hard work. Eventually the trophies went to Mrs Wendy Boast in the flower section, Mr Brian Young in the vegetable section with Mrs Jean Bathgate as runner-up and Mrs Linda Simmons in the cookery section. The two memorial cups went to Mr Brian Young for his collection of vegetables and Mrs Linda Simmons for her decorated cake.

So after all that hard work we can now relax and look forward to an "Illustrated Talk" in September by Mr Colin Titcombe from Llandogo.

Don't forget we meet on the third Friday in the month at 7:30 in the Village Hall when you would be made very welcome if you would like to join us.


Our meeting on September 21st gave us Colin Titcombe rambling through his life with the aid of a set of super slides and on the 19th of October Mr Clark gave us a lovely chat on badgers illustrated again with excellent slides. Now we know what causes those holes in the grass and the bits of turf turned back to expose the earth.

Our November meeting was different in that our Chairman and Secretary were both absent. Judy Bartholomew was away because she has broken her leg while working in the Chain Gang at St Mary's churchyard. The meeting was chaired by Martin Davey, assisted by Jean Bathgate. We voted to send Judy a bouquet of flowers. Our speaker was Mr Doug Iles who talked about bees and their products. He brought along a super selection of items for purchase and the members made the most of the opportunity. Mr Iles lives at Balligan Cottage, The Hudnalls, St Briavels and you can contact him on 01594-530807 if you want him to come along to your function.

Coming up on the 3rd December is the "Trellech Punch" party put on by the Trellech VPA and on the 21st December we hold our own Christmas Party in the village hall. Then we have to get ourselves ready for the Annual General Meeting to be held on January 18th 2002. At least the AGM is usually a brief meeting, not bogged down with too much detail and points of order etc.

We held our Christmas Party on a gloomy 21st of December in the Village Hall. We had a couple of dozen people attending including five visitors from Trellech. We made a start around six and finally got the hang of the Film Star Quiz. Match the star's real name to their picture, Pauline Collins was easy enough, but do you know the screen name for Constance Frances Marie Ockleman, or remember what she looked like? We missed our secretary, at home nursing her broken leg. We broke up just after nine having enjoyed a convivial evening. JMB

nb : Miss Ockleman became known as Veronica Lake.

Happy Christmas