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Produced by the Friends of Tintern – February 2008











Monday 4th February

at 7.30pm


Tintern Village Hall


Representation from:


Forestry Commission

Monmouthshire County Council

Tintern Community Council


County Councillor Ann Webb

Telephone: 01291 689559









Post Office – proposed branch closures - Tintern


Tintern Post Office is one of the branches proposed for permanent closure. A proposal is that there might be a Hosted service for 8 hours per week or a mobile service for 8 hours a week.  The new service would come into force in April 2008 at the earliest.


 For more information, pick up a leaflet from the Tintern Post Office in the Cherry Tree Inn. Full details of the area plan are available on the Post Office website:


Monday 25th February 2008 is the closing date for local public consultation. If you wish to have your voice heard then please write to:


Steve Geraty,

Network Development Manager,

Post Office Ltd.,





You might also wish to contact your MP:


David Davies MP

The Grange

16 Maryport Street



NP15 1AB and your local councillor Ann






Parva Farm and Vineyard


As usual after Christmas I missed the Tintern News’ deadline due to visiting family and friends but I would like to report about the Nativity.


As Abbey Passage Farm no longer have any donkeys for us to borrow, we were very lucky to be able to borrow two lovely donkeys from HAPPA. Lawrence and Bertie arrived at the beginning of December and stayed for a month, greeting and delighting visitors every weekend and Christmas Eve. We were also thrilled to have a new born lamb half way through December, who took part for the second two weeks of the Nativity and really completed the scene.


Unfortunately, due to the bad weather (expecially the first two weekends), visitor numbers were down and we collected less money than in 2006. However we still raised £75.00 which is divided between HAPPA and Guide Dogs for the Blind.


2007 was a difficult year for us at the Vineyard with the bad summer weather affecting both visitor numbers and the grape harvest (which turned out to be the smallest since 1998). Also, Foot and Mouth [restrictions] meant that we were unable to sell any lambs and that led to a shortage of grazing. Jane and David at Abbey Passage kindly let us graze our ewes over there once the movement restrictions were lifted.


We were hoping for better things in 2008 but the landslide in the village has caused a severe lack of visitors in what is always a quiet month.


Looking ahead, we will be holding ‘Come and See the Spring Lambs’ from Saturday 12th – Sunday 27th April. We have also decided (after 10 years of opening everyday) to close on Wednesdays, please ring to make an appointment and we will happily open the shop.


As I am writing this, the sun is pouring through the window and it feels more like Spring than Winter. Let’s hope 2008 brings plenty more days like this!


Judith Dudley

Parva Vineyard










Tintern Village Produce Association


Tintern VPA has about 45 members and meets once per month.  Its objective is to maintain and develop social contact and friendships in the village through a (loosely) shared interest in gardens and gardening, local natural history and wildlife, home arts and crafts etc.  In August we hold a summer show of members produce and handiwork.


Due to the landslip and closure of the main road our first meeting of the year, the AGM  on 18th January was cancelled. Outstanding AGM business will be dealt with at our next meeting on Friday 15th February at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  The meeting will start with a  talk by Mrs J Challoner on “Low Maintenance Gardens”.


In March (14th) , April (18th) and May (16th)  meetings will be held in Tintern Village Hall at 7.30 pm.   In June (20th) there will be a visit to the restored gardens and grottoes at Dewstow Golf Club (meeting there at 6.00 pm).   In July (18th) there will be a garden party at a member’s garden.  In August (Sat 16th) the annual summer show will be held in the Village Hall.  In September  (19th) there will be a visit to the magnificently situated garden at High Glanau Manor, Lydart (meeting there at 6.00 pm).   In October (17th) and November (21st) there will be meetings in the Village Hall. The year will finish with a Christmas Party in the Village Hall in December (19th).


The membership fee for the year is  £5.00 per member, which includes a discount card for Millbrook Garden Centre, which can quickly recover the cost of membership. If any new members are interested in joining, contact Bernard Bradshaw at 10 Parva Springs on 01291 689877  or come along to a meeting.




Tintern WI


A dull January afternoon was cheered up, by watching a DVD of Pam Ayres.  Her poems covered a diversity of subjects including global warming, becoming a pensioner, wonder bras and knitted swim shorts! (anyone who can remember knitted swimsuits will understand the problems they caused).  Then over tea and cakes we revived our crochet skills.  Now that crochet is becoming increasingly fashionable we thought it time to dust off our crochet hooks, look through patterns old and new and get crocheting.


At next month’s meeting on Monday 18th February at 2.00pm in Tintern Village Hall we will continue to crochet.  We will also improve our minds with some brain teasers.

If you would like to join us please come along.  You will be made very welcome.







Tintern Angiddy Project TAP -Project Update


Work is continuing on the action points required to achieve all the permissions and consents by Spring 2008.


Actual water flow remains a key element and regular measurements have been taken since 18th October. Following the heavy rain on the weekend of 16th November, and subsequent frequent rainfall, the flow rates have fluctuated between 300 litres per second and 700 litres per second. Peaking briefly at considerably more on a number of occasions.


The TAP team were invited to attend a Climate Change day at the University of Glamorgan on 1st December. The day was organised by the Welsh Assembly Government and attracted delegates from across South Wales. TAP was one of 18 organisations asked to set up a stand outlining their Project or field of interest, and was one of only 3 organisations invited to present their project to the assembled delegates. This was done to a packed auditorium, including Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing. The presentation was well received and the potential for duplicating the proposed scheme in other locations recognised.

A letter of thanks and appreciation for the TAP contribution to the day has subsequently been received from Jane Davidson.


TAP now has a web site. It can be found at


TAP is very grateful to Martin Fenn-Smith for setting up the site. Martin is a TAP member and kindly donated his time to construct the site.

The site will be updated regularly as the Project develops.


If you would like to become a member of TAP, the web page includes an application form which can be printed and posted. Membership only costs £1.


TAP has an E Mail address which can be used to contact TAP with general enquiries or with comments concerning the Project.


The E Mail address is


Future copies of TAP News can be sent to individuals by E Mail. If you would like to receive copies by E Mail, please contact the above E Mail address.


If you are already a TAP member, and are not receiving TAP News by E Mail, please send your E Mail address to and request that it be added to the E Mailing list.


                                                                                                                            Norman Williams 01291 680016

                                                                                                                                  Marketing & Publicity Director

Tintern Angiddy Project Ltd







“A” Boards on the Move


2008 starts with landslip and road closure, Forestry trees on the move, mud and floods. I have lived in the problem location for the past 30 years, you come to terms with it; it will be resolved in time, and I can live with that.


What I find hard to live with, is those people who with nothing better to do with their time, but to cause problems for others. This they achieve in an underhanded way at the cost of others, by legal action using Monmouthshire County Council Enforcement Department, knowing full well their names would be withheld. Ref. Businesses in Tintern advertisements, namely “A” boards, blackboards, banners, with the threat of prosecution at Magistrates Court. At this moment in time there are four water-holes up for grabs, pubs - hotel.


Kill the businesses and you take out the system that makes the Civil Service function for your welfare. It’s as simple as that?


‘A’ boards are a must for businesses. ‘A’ boards are throughout the UK. Of course you will always find someone who breaks the rules.


There is a correct way to take action for whatever you see is wrong. Contact Tintern Community Council. There have been two public meetings ref. ‘A’ Boards at the Tintern Village Hall of late, each was cancelled at the last moment. Contact Tintern Community Council for the date of the next meeting. Do give your support.


I wonder where these poor tunnel vision, bigots, persons will strike next?


Douggie Bluebell

Sunday 20th January 2008


Personal Notices


Maggie Elizabeth Adams born on 31st January 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Maggie, We are so proud to be a part of your life. All our love and best wishes Lisa, George and Amelia xxx


For Sale


3 Piece Suite - Green Dralon, consisting of 2 armchairs and a 3-seater settee (fire retardant).  Good condition.

FREE - only collection required.  Please Ring 01291 689623.



Church Services – United Benefice of Tintern and Llandogo with Whitebrook


St. Michael’s Church, TinternCommunion Service 10.30am every Sunday (Rev. Nora Hill)

St. Oudoceus Church, Llandogo – Communion Service 9.00am every Sunday (Rev. John Dearnley)


Church Notices for Lent


Ash Wednesday 6th Feb. - Holy Communion at Llandogo Church 7.00p.m.
Every Friday through Lent - 15th, 22nd, 29th, February & 7th, 14, March - Holy Communion at 12.00. noon Tintern Church.


Services in Tintern and Llandogo Village Halls
First Sunday of each month; Family Service in Tintern Village Hall at 10.30am
Other Sundays; Worship Service with KFC for children at Llandogo Village Hall at 10.30am (Rev. Canon Phil Rees)
Midweek; A range of day time and evening activities including; Bible Study groups, Prayer Meetings, Youth Group and Book Club.
Anyone is welcome to come along to any of these events - transport can be arranged.
For further details please contact Kate Barnes 680046 or Ruth Harper 689349


Tintern Pentecostal Church - every Sunday at 11:00am and 6:00pm and every Wednesday at 7:30pm


St. Michael’s Church - Cleaning Rota - fortnight beginning:


11th February              Jude Spooner

25th February              Trudy and Nine Phelps

10th March                   Ann and Barry Richardson    

24th March                   Elspeth and Karen

7th April                       Janet, Sue and Barbara

21st April                     Tintern WI

5th May                        Carole Evans


Diary - Tintern Events.

Wednesday 13th February – 7.30pm Bingo at the Anchor

Friday 15th February  - Tintern VPA at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Monday 18th February – Tintern WI at 2.00pm in Tintern Village Hall

12th   27th April. Parva Vineyard - Come and See the Spring Lambs

If you wish to book the village hall please ring 07512 856024 or email: Please note the following: Bookings need to be made at least 7 days in advance. Payment will need to be made in advance except for regular users.


Catbrook Memorial Hall – Events

Friday 1st February - Quiz Night.

March – hopefully another wine tasting evening organised by Peter Ayling – more details next month.
Friday 18th April -  7.30pm - Tony Jacobs, 100 years of popular song.
Saturday 21st June – Midsummer Dance with Wye Jazz. Details to follow.

September 13th or 27th – provisional booking for John Prior’s Old Time Music Hall “Altogether Now”. Details to follow.
Yoga Classes have recommenced on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  For information ring Ruth on 01600-860648.

Coffee Mornings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.

For details on all events or to hire the hall contact Rosemary Stephens on 01600-860451


Advertising in the Tintern News

The Tintern News is delivered to approximately 250 houses in Tintern.  If you would like to advertise something in the News the current rates is £5.00 for a small ad./half a page, and £10.00 for a full page (per month).  Please send items to the editor at the address below with full contact details.


Items for the Newsletter – dates for the March 2008 edition

Items for the Tintern Newsletter can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern. Items for the March Newsletter should be received by Tuesday 26th February, 2008.


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