The Tintern News


Produced by the Friends of Tintern – November 2007




Tintern Charities – Christmas Voucher Scheme


This charity provides a Christmas voucher to single ladies over 60 and to men (with their partners) over the age of 65. Recipients must have been resident in the village for at least 5 years. Many of our older residents already receive these vouchers but if you are in the right age group, and would like to receive the voucher please ring Betty Hoskins (689658) or Tracy Davies (689883) and ask to be included.


 To be included in this years voucher scheme the Trustees would be pleased to hear from you before the end of November. (TD)


Developments with regard to the churchyards of Tintern Parish Church and Chapel Hill

Churchyards must always retain a sacred quality where we can remember loved ones - but they can also make an important contribution to public open space.  What we, in the St. Michael's congregation would like to see both of the churchyards become, are places where all visitors may find beauty, stillness and renewal in a safe environment.  Possible interests for the wider community would be veteran trees, lichens, wildflowers, gravestone inscriptions and interpretation, geology, archeology, butterflies and the general history of the place that includes social, civic, church and family history.  

However, since taking charge of these two churchyards in June I have become increasingly aware of the problems in the management of them.  Neither of the churchyards are easy to maintain and the very wet summer did not help with the cutting and the clearing of the undergrowth and grass.  So to help with our maintainance next year the parish has agreed a parnership with The Gwent Wildlife Trust.  They will provide land management advice, help with planning and information regarding composting, identification, recording etc.  The most we can hope to do before the winter sets in is to cut the hedges and trim any trees that need it, move the compost area and generally tidy up.  

These few points are written for a simple purpose; to inspire anyone who feels and obligation or interest in either of the two graveyards to help us care for them.  We will need volunteers in the Spring for working parties to help us produce and promote the potential assets that these place are and our prime objective in these few lines is to share understanding of how that might benefit us all.  The key to success will only be through local involvement in a strategy of management that is pleasing to everyone and I hope that some people in the village will feel able to join with the few volunteers we have already in what will prove, I am sure, to be a most rewarding project.  If you would like to discuss any of the issues with myself or those already involved please contact me.  

Rev'd Nora Hill at Tintern Parish Church.  

Harvest Supper

Many thanks to everyone who helped in any way at the Harvest Supper in the village hall.  It was good to meet with so many people from the village on such an occasion and I look forward to seeing you all at other events.  We were able to put £100 towards the Restoration Fund and to donate £70 to Rev'd Chris Wood, who entertained us so well, for his Christian Counselling Service.  The collection at the Harvest Songs of Praise raised £95 for Water Aid in the Third World.  Once again very many thanks to those who made it possible.

Rev'd Nora Hill


Our Lady of Tintern


There will be an open meeting to consider the future of the Friends of Our Lady of Tintern  to take place at the Village Hall, Tintern, on Saturday 3rd November 2007 beginning at 11 am (coffee available from 10.30am).  This is open to all who are interested in the way ahead at the Abbey now the statue is completed. Is there still a role for ‘Friends of Our Lady of Tintern’? Where should the statue be placed? Should there be further ecumenical initiatives at Tintern, and if so who is going to organise them and under what aegis?


These and other questions will be discussed in an open forum and your contribution would be welcome.  If you are not able to come but have something to say, please feel free to write or phone beforehand.


We are please to be able to tell you that almost all the debt on the statue itself is now completely paid.


For more information please e-mail us at the following address – or visit our website






Please come and support this fund-raiser in aid of Tintern’s Christmas Lights.  Make it a family night.  There will be bar food available and prizes for the race winners. The races will start at around 7.30pm.


There is still time to sponsor a Christmas Light in the Village or to make a donation to the overall cost of the lights, please contact Sue Ball on 01291-689629. The names of people to whom lights have been sponsored will appear in the December edition of this Newsletter.  On behalf of the Friends of Tintern thank you to those who have generously responded to last month’s appeal and made donations for this year’s Christmas Lights. (SB)


Monthly Report of September Meeting of Tintern Community Council


The Council considered the applications for the vacant position as Community Councillor for the Penterry ward and agreed that according to Council standing orders they should choose a candidate who lives in the ward. Consequently Rhys Parry from Penterry Farm was chosen. 


The new vicar of Tintern, the Reverend Nora Hill attended the meeting and outlined her vision of the place of the church in the community. The Council decided to discuss her thoughts at the October meeting.


Constable Mason expressed concern in his statement to the Council regarding the escalating problem of illegal drug usage in the community. The Council agreed to ask that a Drug Squad officer be invited to attend a Council meeting to explain who the problem should be addressed. Constable Mason also reminded the Council that he holds a ‘surgery’ session in the Police Station on the 3rd Saturday of each month between 1 and 3 p.m. for residents to attend and talk confidentially with the police about any concerns they have.


A planning application had been received (DC/2007/01120) by the Trustees of the Abbey to replace the dilapidated fence along the Abbey’s southern boundary and to extend the boundary by 5 metres onto the adjacent land. The Council agreed that Monmouthshire County Council should approve the application and that the Abbey Trustees should consider using this extension for car parking.


It was agreed by councillors that Councillor Stephanie Shewell should continue to represent the Council on the Gloucestershire Harbour Trust group. This body is responsible for Wye river usage where the river is tidal.


Councillor Dawn Floyd

Chairman of the Community Council




The Tintern Newsletter


We are very pleased to announce that the Newsletter has been awarded a grant of £500.00 from the Monmouthshire County Council Welsh Church Act Fund, this will enable us to continue the Newsletter for another year.  A very big ‘thank you’ to Ann Webb from the Friends of Tintern Committee and the people of Tintern for obtaining this money for us, it is much appreciated. (CR)



Tintern Youth Project


The plans for the new Youth Centre that the Youth Project Team hopes to build in the near future have been submitted to Monmouthshire County Council for approval. The Centre will stand in a part of the playground adjacent to the Village Hall.


The Youth Project Team would like to hear from anybody who can remember the area before it was a playground so that we can assess the potential archaeological importance of the locality. If you have any memories, or better still photographs, can you please let the Council Clerk, Roger Hopson know on 625833.


The Tintern Youth  Project Team are holding their first A.G.M. at the end of a very successful year on November 7th at 7:00p.m. in the Village Hall and all residents, young and old are invited. (RH)


Tintern  VPA


Our monthly meeting was held on Friday 19th October in the Village Hall when

 Mr Les Chirnside and his wife Jill  from Upper Llanover gave us a talk on Bees and Candlemaking. They have been making award-winning honey for over 25 years  (under the name Skirrid Honey) from hives placed at various locations around Monmouthshire.  There are currently about 120 hives located in woodland, heathland and pastureland producing honey unique to their location.  A selection of  honey and beeswax  products were available to be purchased at the meeting.  Les and Jill donated their fee to the Bees for Development Trust  which provides help to beekeepers in developing countries.


Our next meeting is on Friday 16th November at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall when

Mr G Wren will be giving us a talk on Arctic Summer in Norway and Finland.

New members and visitors are always welcome; if you are interested and would like to know more come along to a meeting or call 01291 689 877 (Bernard or Christine Bradshaw).






Tintern WI


Age, size or shape do not matter, any female can do belly dancing. It keeps you fit, relaxes you and is a very good excuse to dress up in silks, scarves and sequins. Kate gave us a brief history of belly dancing followed by a demonstration. It was an afternoon that we all enjoyed and Kate promised to return in the summer when we can have a longer session and she will teach us some of the basic movements.


The WI is well known for good home baking and our cooking skills were put to the test when we provided tea for 53 people. A group from the Bristol area had a tour of the Forest of Dean and then came to Tintern Village Hall for sandwiches, cakes and many cups of tea.  There were 7 of us to hand out cakes, refill teacups and do all the washing up afterwards (a special thanks to Jenny Jones who stood at the kitchen sink most of the time). The visitors thanked us warmly for putting on such a good tea. Through this event we raised £196 for Tintern Village Hall funds.


We managed a walk this month and 4 members plus a large dog walked from Abbey Mill up to Brockweir shop. There we stopped for a cup of coffee before returning via the Old Station. It was a very enjoyable way of keeping fit.


Tintern WI members will be helping to serve tea, coffee and home made biscuits at the flu jab clinic on 9th & 10th November. The profits from this will be divided between St Davids Foundation and Tintern WI.


On Saturday 17th November Gwent WI will be holding their Show Day at Drybridge House in Monmouth. Tintern WI will be helping to run a cake stall on this day, so there is more baking to be done.


Next month’s meeting is on Monday 19th November at 2.00pm. in Tintern Village Hall. We will be getting creative making Christmas cards and decorations. Come along and join us if you are interested, you will be made very welcome.


Stella Books win Award


The staff at Stella Books have been delighted to win a Silver Certificate award from the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The award is made to organisations who are 'Hearing Dog friendly', helping to improve quality of life for deaf people by ensuring public places are accessible and people are friendly and welcoming. Hearing dogs come in all shapes and sizes but all are trained and cared for to the same high standard as

guide dogs, changing the lives of deaf people who are lucky enough to be a recipient of a Hearing Dog. The staff at Stella Books also raise funds for the charity by recycling printer cartridges and collecting stamps. If anyone has stamps to spare please don't throw them away, we will be glad to pass them on to the Hearing Dogs charity. (CT)






Subject to confirmation of grant availability, Wye Valley Surveys have been asked and have agreed to prepare the ‘ecological statement’ to accompany the planning application to enable the proposed hydro-electric scheme. 


An ecological statement for this purpose has one main function; to inform the planners of the ecological interests of the site – in this case along the length of the proposed pipeline, and associated habitats that might be affected.

Information is drawn from two sources; firstly from survey of the site and associated habitats, and, secondly, from existing records.


At the present time Wye Valley Surveys would like anyone with factual information that they would like considered in the report to send us that information. We have noted the report of otters recently, and that of water-voles. The precise locations of these sitings or signs are important; please let us have that info.


With your local information and the data from these two sources a report is prepared, to accompany the planning application, which records the information obtained above in conjunction with the operational proposals. This information is assessed for its significance, generally by reference to the level of importance of the species and habitats recorded. This ‘importance’ is generally judged by reference to national and local, (eg County), records ie how common or otherwise is the species or the habitat? Is it on any list of rarities or endangered species?  Does it occur in any Biodiversity Action Plan, (eg Monmouthshire BAP), and has it been afforded protected status under British or European legislation?


Depending on the outcome of the above, the report may also make recommendations to minimise impacts on particular species or habitats.  It may recommend compensatory actions or it may draw the conclusion that impacts will be minimal or transitory and need not be considered significant.


We have already consulted the statutory organisations such as CCW and EA, plus the Gwent Wildlife Trust and the SE Wales Biological Records Office, (SEWBReC).


Our report will be appended to the formal planning application and be considered for content, and conclusions, and their relevance to the proposals in the application.


Our e-mail address is, or we can be contacted at The Nurtons. All factual information is acceptable and welcome, but at this stage opinions have limited value. The report will become open to the public as part of the planning application. At that point your views/opinions will be considered by the planners.

We look forward to your info. and hope the report will help determine the application in a rational way.


Yours sincerely,          Adrian and Elsa Wood. The Nurtons, Tintern.

TAP News November 2007


1/ Project overview

Despite a number of negative reports in the press, TAP has remained largely silent since issuing its Status Report in January 2007. The reason for this is that the proposal is unchanged and that the scheme remains the same as that declared in January. i.e.



The TAP team of 4 volunteers has continued to investigate all aspects of the proposal (environmental issues, archaeological issues, planning consent requirements, Environment Agency requirements, landowner consents, National Grid connections, professional assistance, implementation costs, funding opportunities and potential benefits). This process has taken far longer than anticipated but has now reached a point of clarity.


The good news is that the proposal:-


Funding has been received to enable the “Pre Project” phase to be completed. This phase is primarily to achieve all the necessary permissions to allow the project to proceed.

(i.e. Planning consent, Environment Agency consent, CADW consent, landowner consent). It also covers the design spec, flow measurement, confirmation of expected performance, and a full project cost estimate for subsequent funding purposes.

This is a lengthy process and will take until Spring 2008 to complete.


Subject to further funding being obtained, the implementation of the project should hopefully start in Summer 2008, leading to commissioning by the end of 2008.


2/ Recent Developments


3/ Local concerns answered


4/ Motivation behind the project

The annual profit from the project will provide a long term benefit to the clubs, groups and organisations within the Tintern Community.


Norman Williams,

Marketing & Publicity Director,

Tintern Angiddy Project.

01291 680016


Church Services – United Benefice of Tintern and Llandogo with Whitebrook


St. Michael’s Church, Tintern – Communion Service 10.30am every Sunday (Rev. Nora May Hill)

St. Oudoceus Church, Llandogo – Communion Service 9.00am every Sunday (Rev. John Dearnley)


Services in Tintern and Llandogo Village Halls
First Sunday of each month; Family Service in Tintern Village Hall at 10.30am
Other Sundays; Worship Service with KFC for children at Llandogo Village Hall at 10.30am (Rev. Canon Phil Rees)
Midweek; A range of day time and evening activities including; Bible Study groups, Prayer Meetings, Youth Group and Book Club.
Anyone is welcome to come along to any of these events - transport can be arranged.
For further details please contact Kate Barnes 680046 or Ruth Harper 689349


Tintern Pentecostal Church - every Sunday at 11:00am and 6:00pm and every Wednesday at 7:30pm


St. Michael’s Church - Cleaning Rota - fortnight beginning:

5th November              Jude Spooner

19th November                        Trudy and Nine Phelps

3rd December               Ann and Barry Richardson    

17th December             Elspeth and Karen

31st December             Janet, Sue and Barbara

14th January                 Tintern WI

28th January                 Hermoine Ford


Diary - Tintern Events

Friday 9th November – 11.00 – 6.00pm – Flu Jabs – Village Hall

Saturday 10th November 8.30am – 12.30pm – Flu Jabs – Village Hall

Wednesday 14th November – Bingo – at the Anchor 7.30pm

Friday 16th November – VPA – Village Hall – 7.30pm

Monday 19th November – WI - 2.00pm - Village Hall

Sunday 25th November – Race Night – for all the family at the Anchor from 7.30pm

Weekends during December – Parva Vineyard – Nativity with live animals

Wednesday 5th December – 12.30pm to 2.00pm  – Christmas Soup Lunch – Village Hall. Seasonal special soups and puddings, plus Christmas raffle.
Monday 10th December - Annual Candlelit Service at Tintern Abbey

Sunday 23rd December -  4.00p.m. Nine Lessons and Carols at Tintern Parish Church
Christmas Eve -11.30p.m. Midnight service of Holy Eucharist at Llandogo Parish Church
Christmas Day Eucharist at 9.00a.m. Llandogo Parish Church and 10.30a.m. at Tintern Parish Church.


If you wish to book the village hall please ring 07512 856024 or email: Please note the following: Bookings need to be made at least 7 days in advance. Payment will need to be made in advance except for regular users.


Catbrook Memorial Hall – Events

Sunday 11th November – Remembrance Day Service with Monmouth Band. Tea and cakes after.

Saturday 17th November – Race Night – Doors open 7.00pm, 7.45pm start. £8.00 per person. Bring your own drink. Light refreshments available.

Friday 30th November at 7.30pm – Whist drive.

Friday 23rd December – Christmas Carol Service with Monmouth Band.

Yoga classes now running Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. Contact Ruth Routh on 01600 860648 for details.

Coffee Mornings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.
Whist Drives on Friday Friday 14th and 28th December.

For details on all events or to hire the hall contact Rosemary Stephens on 01600-860451


Advertising in the Tintern News

The Tintern News is delivered to approximately 250 houses in Tintern.  If you would like to advertise something in the News the current rates is £5.00 for a small ad./half a page, and £10.00 for a full page (per month).  Please send items to the editor at the address below with full contact details.


Items for the Newsletter – dates for the December 2007 edition

Items for the Tintern Newsletter can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456 or to Jackie Langdon of 5 Park Glade, Tintern, telephone 01291 689782 e-mail address:

Items for the November edition of the Newsletter should be received by Monday 26th November, 2007.


A note from the Editor

The Tintern News is a vehicle for the expression of opinion by all members of the Tintern community. While it does not necessarily endorse the views of any particular contributors, it does wholeheartedly support the promotion of lively debate on the development of the village and of freedom of speech in general. However, it will reserve the right to edit any contributions in order to preserve moderation and a spirit of good intent in the presentation of arguments. Thoughts from everyone in our community will continue to be very welcome.