Produced by the Friends of Tintern – September 2007



Genuine Concerns about the Controversial Tintern Angiddy Pipeline Project

– A Reply to the Letter of Mr D.G. Hughes


As residents concerned about the Tintern Angiddy Project (TAP), we would like to reply to the points made by a supporter of the project, Mr. Douglas G. Hughes, in his recent letter in the August edition of the Tintern News.


Mr Hughes asserts that “Those few” that show concern about the TAP project are “Not In My Back Yard at Any Cost”. This stereotyping of the many concerned residents is completely inaccurate. For example, although our property borders the location of the proposed pipeline, we would certainly be willing to put up with the temporary disruption and support a mini-hydro project in the Angiddy Valley. However, along with many other residents that share this view, the proviso is that the community should be consulted properly, environmental effects should be professionally shown to be minimal, and the economic benefits need to be clear. As a further clear rebuttal of the assertion of Mr Hughes, many of the other concerned residents do not live along the directly affected section of the Angiddy Valley or even in the Angiddy Valley at all. In addition, the Tintern Community Council has been sufficiently concerned to unanimously withdraw support for the TAP project citing, for example, that “the lack of clarity, openness and consistency in the project to date precludes any continuing support”.  


Mr Hughes states that residents raising concerns “parody the truth” and “fabricate concerns”. This is fundamentally illogical. An appreciation of the beautiful natural environment plays an important role in the decision of most residents to live in the Tintern area. Clearly, one would therefore expect genuine concern about the environmental impact of a proposed pipeline that would involve the excavation of a trench 1 km long and 1.5 m deep and a potentially dramatic reduction in flow rate in the Angiddy Brook. Moreover, the residents genuine concerns are reflected in their very reasonable requests – for example, in the proposal for a detailed, independent environmental impact study.


Mr Hughes also asserts that the project run by “unpaid volunteers” will “make life better for the village” and this has led to “tunnel vision” and “cries of doom”. We believe that for any proposed project that will affect the community, irrespective of whether it involves paid or unpaid planners, the correct response by responsible citizens is to ask fundamental questions about its viability and impact and to subject it to debate. In fact we would expect organizers and supporters of a project to welcome this type of critical approach if the plans stand on solid ground. Many residents are annoyed that, despite the project being sold as “community-based”, they have not had an opportunity to scrutinize and debate it. Furthermore, if their concerns about the economics and environmental impact of the TAP scheme turn out to be correct, contrary to the view of Mr Hughes, the project would be a retrograde step that would certainly not “make life better for the Village.”


Finally, we note that we were looking forward to a letter from a TAP supporter as an opportunity to read alternative, well-reasoned arguments. We were disappointed to see the labelling of concerned residents in the letter by Mr Hughes as, for example, “paranoid” and comments about them taking “wrong medication” and needing to get “checked out”. We believe that it is important to respect those that have alternative views.  Bearing in mind the poetic contribution from Mr Hughes to the topic of bigotry at the end of his letter, we thought it useful to state the actual definition of a bigot (from The Oxford Guide to the English Language, 1984):


Bigot - “a person that holds an opinion obstinately and is intolerant towards those who disagree.”


Concerned Residents: Ian Manners and Deborah Manners




Tintern Community Council Penterry Ward

There is a vacancy on Tintern Community Council which will be filled by
co-option. Anyone interested to please write to:

Ann Webb
Home Farm
Trellech Grange
NP16 6QW 


By 17th September 2007 


For more information phone 01291 689559


Helping to bring a community together!


What is Intergenerational work?


Intergenerational work is about bringing the generations together to take part in joint meaningful activities and giving them a chance to share their life experiences. As well as being fascinating, memorable, fun and rewarding, it helps break down barriers between the generations and strengthens communities.


What types of activities can the generations share?


Throughout Monmouthshire a number of projects have been established to bring younger people and older people together. These projects have provided the generations with the chance to change the way they think about each other. Working with Schools, Libraries and Community groups etc. the projects have included butter making, cookery, fashion shows, film making, history, gardening, community improvement projects and many more.

What are the benefits?


Projects that involve younger and older people in intergenerational activities can help to:






What’s happening in Monmouthshire?


As part of the Older People’s Strategy for Monmouthshire (funded through the Welsh Assembly Government) the county council has employed an Inter Generational officer – Angelina Patrick. Part of her role is to help and support IG work throughout the county. Plus, from September onwards, Angelina will also be running the exciting new ‘Eat & Meet’ scheme. This will involve eight Monmouthshire Primary Schools, plus older people from the local community. The focus of the project will be older people and pupils sharing a nutritious lunch, as well as taking part in a range of Intergenerational activities.  This project is funded through the Community Focused Schools initiative.



How can we help?


We would love to hear about your Inter Generational activities – we know that lots of it is happening across the County! We can also help you develop your projects, help you to find funding, put you in touch with other partners, and lots more. To find out more, please contact Angelina Patrick (Intergenerational Project Officer) on 01633 644641 or email


Further Information


We hold a number of Inter Generational ‘information’ days throughout the year, where you can find out more, and meet others who are interested in IG work. The next one will be held on the morning of the 27th September at Bridges Community Centre, Monmouth.   If you would like to come along, please contact Angelina, as above.



To the Editor:

Having the opportunity to come home through Tintern the other afternoon
I had to stop and visit St Mary¹s on the hill. I have for many years
wanted to go and see this church as I remember the fire that devastated
this important church in the history of Tintern.

Also it is thirty years since the fire, as you can imagine the shock I
felt when I saw the state of the ground and pathway up to the church and
found it very upsetting.

I feel we should try again to get a group of interested individuals
within the area together and start work recovering and clearing this
site. I am confident we could get Lottery Heritage funding to start work
and improve the access for visitors.

Would you please publish an article in the news notice board asking for
volunteers to come forward and re-establish a group to move this project

Please contact me on 07840 667829 to discuss this issue and some of my
other ideas

Reg Williams


P.S. My Email address is via my charity web site for prostate cancer





Tintern Village Produce Association


We managed to produce a good Show this August despite the terrible growing conditions we have had this year.  Every year we wonder if we can get a show together and somehow it manages to work.  The weather on the day was not helpful and setting up was made more difficult by the downpours.  Although some of the vegetables were not of the best quality we had a better display than we thought possible.  The flowers were very good especially the roses and lilies and cookery entries were of the usual high standard.  It would be nice to have a few more entries from children.  This year Harry Hoskins grew a very good sunflower and Matthew Hewish baked biscuits and chocolate brownies.  Maybe next year we can persuade a few more children to enter the Show.  Many people put in a lot of time and effort to make the Show a success.  As well as baking and growing fruit, vegetables and flowers for the Show members gave generously to the raffle which raised sufficient money to pay for the Show’s expenses.  We also sold teas and home made cakes and finally sold off produce at the end of the Show  which further boosted VPA funds.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to help make the Show a success.  


Our next meeting is on Friday September 21st visiting the garden at The Nurtons in Tintern.  There is plenty of parking at the top of the drive (opposite Tintern Old Station).  Members should meet there at 6.00pm.  There will be a charge of £5 per person for the visit.  


Tintern WI


Most WIs do not meet in August but we like to have an informal get together which is not really a WI meeting.  Members past and present and invited guests met at Julie Winnie’s garden for an afternoon of chat.  We were all made very welcome and after a short look round the lovely garden we sat on the patio with a glass of wine to talk to each other and catch up with news.  Everyone had brought a plate of food which was enjoyed later.  We also raised £30 for a local horse charity “The Horse Hospital”.


Our next meeting is on Monday 17th September at 2.00pm. in the Village Hall when Henry Hodges will give a talk on “Hidden Chepstow”.  New members will be made very welcome. 


Bank Holiday Weekend at The Moon & Sixpence

Many thanks to Dave at the Moon & Sixpence for a brilliant weekend.  There
was a fabulous turnout and it appeared that most people were really enjoying
themselves.  We had the best fun for many a year. (Janet Hill).

High Tides in Tintern


Thursday 27th September – 21.16  - 8.00 m

Friday 28th September – 21.57 – 8.00 m


St. Michael’s Church – cleaning rota


Fortnight beginning:


10th September                        Elspeth and Karen

24th September           Janet, Sue and Barbara

8th October                  Tintern W I

22nd October                Hermione Ford

5th November              Jude Spooner

19th November                        Trudy and Nine Phelps          


St Michael’s Church – diary


8th September – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.  Open Day at St Michael’s

9th September – 3.00 pm.  Sung Vespers in Abbey and dedication of new statue of the

                                           Virgin Mary followed by tea in Village Hall

29th September – 4.30 pm/5.30 pm Harvest Songs of Praise in St Michael’s followed by

                            6.00 pm  Harvest Supper in Village Hall.  Tickets £5.00 adults, 3.50

                                            children under 14.  Please bring your own wine, if required.

                                            Glass of Cider or fruit juice included in price of meal.  All

                                            Profits to go to St Michael’s Church Restoration Fund.

                                            There will be a Christmas Bazaar – date in next issue.  For

                                            Tickets, phone Jean Davey on 689212


Llandogo Over 60’s Club


12th September – Coach trip to Sidmouth.  Pick-up at Tintern outside Surgery at 9.40.  Cost yet to be arranged, depending on numbers).  Contact Mrs Irish Marshall on 01600 713201


Diary - Tintern Events


Monday 3rd September - Friends of Tintern - 7.30pm Royal George Hotel
Wednesday 12th September - Bingo at the Anchor - 7.30pm
Monday 10th December - Annual Candlelit Service at Tintern Abbey

Events at the Vineyard include:  Weekends during December – Nativity with live animals


Tintern Village Hall

New arrangements for bookings

If you wish to book the village hall please ring 
07512 856024  OR


One of the management committee will then get back to you.  Please note the following:

1)     Bookings need to be made at least 7 days in advance.
2)     Payment will need to be taken up front except for regular users.

We look forward to receiving your booking enquires.
The Village Hall Management Committee.



Tintern Youth Club


The Youth Club is open every Wednesday from 6:30 until 8:00 for everybody aged between 8 to 13 and costs only 50p per week and is held at the Village Hall.


Please come along or contact Dawn on 689705 or in at Tintern Antiques


Catbrook Memorial Hall – Events


Saturday 15th September – Wine Tasting evening

24th October –  rescheduled date for the Fashion Show.

Sunday 11th November – Remembrance Day Service with Monmouth Band

Saturday 17th November – Race Night

Friday 23rd December – Christmas Carol Service with Monmouth Band

Coffee Mornings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.
Whist Drives on  Friday 31st August, Friday 30th November, Friday 14th and 28th December.

For details on all events or to hire the hall contact Rosemary Stephens on 01600-860451


Advertising in the Tintern News


The Tintern News is delivered to approximately 250 houses in Tintern.  If you would like to advertise something in the News the current rates is £5.00 for a small ad./half a page, and £10.00 for a full page (per month).  Please send items to the editor at the address below with full contact details.


Items for the Newsletter – dates for the October 2007 edition


Items for the Tintern Newsletter can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456 or to Jackie Langdon of 5 Park Glade, Tintern, telephone 01291 689782 e-mail address:


Items for the October edition of the Newsletter should be received by Friday September 28th 2007.


A note from the Editor


The Tintern News is a vehicle for the expression of opinion by all members of the Tintern community. While it does not necessarily endorse the views of any particular contributors, it does wholeheartedly support the promotion of lively debate on the development of the village and of freedom of speech in general. However, it will reserve the right to edit any contributions in order to preserve moderation and a spirit of good intent in the presentation of arguments. Thoughts from everyone in our community will continue to be very welcome. news items. ER