Produced by the Friends of Tintern – August 2007




Let's get this straight. The flooding in Trellech Road is just as preventable as that was around the Royal George some years back. All that is needed is a pipe large enough to take stormwater from the end of Parva Spring to connect to the main drainage on the A466. Thank you Chris Mackie and Tony Hayward for the most sensible suggestion I've heard so far.

At present ALL stormwater is channelled into the stream. This situation was fine in the days when Trellech Road and above boasted only a few cottages. This was also in the days when Sylvan View, Park Glade and Parva Springs were exactly that - springs - and water meadows soaking up rainfall like a sponge; thus only a small portion went into the stream. I am also told that the stream bed was a lot deeper at that time. Silt and debris have accumulated over the years.

As I have already intimated to the community council, to Monmouth County Council and to David Davies, this situation is not at all acceptable. More development means more run off of rainwater. No extra drainage was ever put in to accommodate these developments and since then even more houses have been built further up in Catbrook etc., here also the rainwater run off is channelled into the ever burgeoning stream.

The rate the water comes down it rushes over drains (most of which are permanently blocked anyway) and storms down onto the main road.

Unfortunately, the problem does not stop there. The stream goes beneath the road opposite 'Orchards' and proceeds into the culvert beneath Nos 1 and 2 Trellech Road, and Gothic Cottage adjoining the Wye Valley Hotel. This culvert is over a hundred and fifty years old beneath Nos 1 and 2 Trellech Road, made of stone and some four feet high. Unfortunately the oldest part beneath Gothic Cottage is barrel vaulted brickwork and smaller. Therefore during a heavy deposit of water, a bottle neck is forming beneath my property, number 1 Trellech Road. Severe damage was already done to Gothic Cottage, and a hole has now appeared in my back yard where the water is backing up and eroding the existing system.

It is downright unfair to expect this situation to continue and to use piece meal methods. The problem is curable and the County Council have put off doing the inevitable claiming financial restraints; perhaps at year end when the departmental fiscal reports are instituted and whatever's left in the budget is spent on peripheries in order to increase next years handout, the council might bear in mind its long suffering tax payers and do something useful.

I am astounded that these cattle grid contraptions are still being mooted, the water STILL being channelled into the stream. It is not acceptable and I am furious that the onus to maintain the culvert is still being left to those people beneath whose property it runs.
Should this water continue to be channelled into the culvert beneath my house and result in further damage, then I will have no resort but to seek a legal and more lasting result. No doubt my neigbours will be of similar mind.   
Jeannie Johnson (Mrs J G Goodhind)




On Sunday 9th September, at the ecumenical service of Evening Prayer at 3.00pm, history will be made and also re-made, at the Abbey. For the first time in at least 500 years a new statue will be dedicated there. But this will also be bringing the past to life again, because of what the sculptor has set out to do: to recreate in its former beauty the 13th century statue of the Virgin Mary and Child whose surviving pieces have stayed dormant here for so long.


To do this re-making, Philip Chatfield has studied hard and long to establish how the missing parts of the statue will have looked, making successive meticulous drawings, to take account of the new discoveries thrown up by his ongoing research. The latest of these, on in the last few weeks, has led him to reposition the Child’s right hand. This is because a 1920’s photograph unexpectedly sent to him revealed more detail of the carving then can now be seen, after a further century of deterioration in the ancient stone. There has also been lively and fascinating discussion recently, not just amongst the experts, about what the Child should be holding in his left hand: watch this space!


Philip is now entering the final and most exacting phase of the work, the fine detail of hands and arms and head of both Mary and Jesus, which demands great concentration and courage. You can’t change your mind and put back what you have just chiselled away…. Last of all, traditional, comes the carving of the eyes, which gives full expressiveness and life to the figures. We have not long to wait now.


Do come if you can on 9th September, to welcome back our beautiful statue to its place of birth so long ago. You will be helping to turn a new page of Tintern’s history – and if you go on to the Village Hall at the end, you will find a welcome cup of tea and some small mementoes of the day that you can purchase.


Susan Williams, for Friends of Our Lady of Tintern


The following letter is from a group of concerned residents of Tintern.  It is not a letter from Tintern Community Council.


Tintern Community Council Withdraws Support for the Controversial Tintern Angiddy Pipeline Project


We would like to draw residents’ attention to the recent unanimous action by Tintern Community Council (TCC) to withdraw support for the Tintern Angiddy Project (TAP). In its latest form, this controversial project proposes the construction of a one km pipeline to take water from the Beaufort Pond to a site in the woods below Furnace Pond where turbines would generate electricity. In their letter to TAP Ltd the TCC states “a large number of discrepancies and variations have appeared in the TAP project” and that “the lack of clarity, openness and consistency in the project to date precludes any continuing support”.


The lack of openness and an unwillingness to engage the community has been a key feature of the TAP project that has particularly annoyed a rapidly growing number of residents. The approach of TAP Ltd has also been counter-productive since there might well be enthusiastic support for a well-planned scheme that was openly communicated and was shown to have clear benefits with no significant long-term environmental impacts. It is very unfortunate that a scheme that is being continually advertised as a “community project” is in reality being implemented without any input from the community and no longer has the support of the community council.


We hope that the withdrawal of TCC support will help TAP realise the importance of open and honest debate to address all the concerns of the local community.


Deborah Manners, Ian Manners, Barry Saunders, David Gibbard, Jan Gibbard, Liz Ashley, Nik Cristinacce, Andy Pullan, Justine Pullan, Jan Smith, Paul Smith, Terry Bedford, and Armaiti Bedford.


“Tintern Angiddy Project” - ref: a Micro Hydro System


One can expect concern from those few who reside close to this project, their theoretical opinion repeated over many times of which I have never read such rubbish in my life, environment, ecology, consideration on local plant, fish, birds or whatever.  I would like to think their concerns were true. I feel these few are paranoid, and parody the truth of the matter “Not In My Back Yard at Any Cost” so they fabricate their concerns.


Over the years the Angiddy Valley has had more than its share of fly-tipping, but no protest was ever heard, ever, on this issue. Most people, 98 per cent walk away from this problem. Someone will deal with it. Well I have taken time over they years to clean up this sort of problem, broken glass, old windows, jars, bottles, you name it and it has been dumped some time or other. I have never left it to injure a child, a dog, wild life. I feel it’s my right to write this.


But a small group look to the future to make life better for the Village. Unpaid volunteers T.A.P. is a non-profit organisation run entirely to the benefit of the Tintern Community. What happends? Tunnel vision, the cry of doom from the few who should know better! Their problem possibly could be due to the wrong medication. One should get oneself checked out, time stands still for no one.


These few have covered almost all aspects, but they left out the timetable for Heathrow Airport. Never mind, I’m sure it will be mentioned in due course.


I try to keep a true and open conception on all issues before I put pen to paper – I created the following:


The Bigot


One so often sees the faults of others

But never, never, of oneself

Or if the mould was cast of me

We could create the perfect worl


Each and every of us is a small bigot.


On a lighter note, smile and be cheerful, life is so short.

Out of interest?  The sigh of the dove relates in time - Peace be with you always.

If you have it not, it will happen in due course


Please support your project T.A.P.  Give £ one pound. Contact Morris Jones, Finance Director Tel: 689550

“Don’t be a fossil”


Joie de vivre


Bijou                                                               Douglas G. Hughes (or Dougie Bluebell)

2 Quayside Bungalows,


Wye Valley,


 NP16 6SZ



Tintern WI


For our monthly meeting in July we had a visit to Tintern Vineyard.  Judith Dudley first gave an introductory talk on how they came to be running a vineyard when all they wanted was a farm.  Then we walked round the vines and the different grapes were explained.  The views from the hillside are really wonderful – well worth the climb.  We had to make a dash for shelter when a very heavy shower came down but fortunately we were at the end of our tour by then.  As we sat in our shelter Judith described the different wines they make and Colin poured out generous tasters for us.  We visited their well stocked shop and bought wine, biscuits, plants etc.  It was an excellent afternoon, very interesting and enjoyed by all.  After the visit we all went to Jean Davey’s house for tea and cakes.


Our next meeting will be a Garden Party at Julie Winnie’s home on Monday 20th August at 2.30pm. Members are asked to bring a plate of food and the cost will be £2.50, which will go to a charity of Julie’s choice. All members past and present are welcome to come. Please also bring some sunshine!  


Tintern VPA


Sadly the weather was not good for our July meeting which should have been a Garden Party.  Instead we had to move indoors.  Mike and Diane Taylor made us all very welcome to their home and despite the weather there was a good turnout and we had a very enjoyable evening with good food, drink and chat.  Mike and Diane were thanked warmly for their hospitality.





It has not been a good year for growing and we are concerned that the entries will be down this year.  Please enter what you can so that we can make a worthwhile Show.  Entry forms should be in by Wednesday 15th August.  I have spare schedules and forms if needed.  If it is difficult to get the forms to me you can telephone your entries on 689877.  The sunflowers will be measured on Thursday 16th. 


On the Saturday the hall will be open from 9.00am to stage entries and all entries should be ready by 11.45am for judging at 12.00.  Bernard will be putting up the geranium stand so I hope that at least your geraniums are doing well.


The Show will be opened at 2.30pm. by Judith Dudley from Tintern Vineyard and it would be lovely to see lots of people there for the opening.


VPA members have always been very generous in donating goods for the raffle and this is much appreciated.  I hope you will continue your generosity as the raffle is important in helping to pay for the expenses of the Show.  Any contributions can be brought to 10 Parva Springs.  Thank you.


Christine Bradshaw 







Anyone who is interested in joining an Arabic dance exercise class in the Village Hall should contact Jackie Langdon for further details.


Telephone 01291 689782

e-mail address:




The person to notify when an otter is sighted is Gemma at the Gwent Wildlife Trust 01600 740358.


However, a word of advice from Doug Hughes who begs caution: “You are very lucky to experience what you saw, but it is better to keep it to oneself for the welfare of the otter.  It was not too long ago, people hunted them with packs of dogs in the name of sport.”





TERRY EVANS    The funeral of Terry Evans was held on 17th July 2007 at St. Michaels Church, Tintern, where he now rests in the graveyard.  Hymns at the funeral service were, The Lord is My Shepherd, and On a Hill Far Away Stood an Old Rugged Cross.


The following eulogy was read at the service by Dawn Floyd, Chair of Tintern Community Council. It is based on the recollections and memories of his friends, family and many of the residents of Tintern.  It is reproduced here with the kind permission of his family.







1937 - 2007


It is a great privilege to be here before you today at the request of Terry’s family. On their behalf and representing the Community as Chairperson of the Community Council, I would like to give thanks and pay tribute for the life and achievements of this extra ordinary man.


Terence Charles Robert Evans was born on 17th January 1937 to parents Horace and Lillie Evans in the house known as ‘Sunnybank’, opposite the Cherry Tree Inn.   He later had three siblings; Claud, Marion and Winston.


Terry went to Tintern School where he was very proud of winning the cup for gardening. His love and great knowledge of horticulture remained with him all his life and there was

little he did not know about the subject.


After leaving school he worked for the Forestry, as many local people did at that time.  In fact, his father, two brothers and sister all worked for the Forestry at some time.   He then worked for a while for the local builder, Jones and Son and helped with the building of Sylvan View.  After that he worked for the Water Board for over thirty years, until he was forced to give up because of ill health.


Terry was married to Maureen (known as Mo) for what would have been 40 years next February.   He had two sons, Gary and Mark and six grandchildren:  Matthew, Louise, Natasha, Thomas, Victoria, Hanna and one great-granddaughter Sauvannah.   He was devoted to his wife Mo, his children and grandchildren. He loved them all dearly and was always trying to feed them up.  Mo and he enjoyed many holidays together.


In his youth Terry was a keen footballer and played for Catbrook, Caldicot and Monmouth town.  The family remember Terry playing in a charity event in Tintern in wellies and a nightie.  That must have been quite a sight!  His brother Winston and he once dressed up as cavemen at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.


He played cricket for Tintern and in one match three generations of Evans played – Terry, two sons and a grandson.   He played darts for the Fountain and Anchor inns.   So, all in all, he was a keen sportsman.


Terry was passionately fond of Tintern and devoted huge amounts of his time and energy to running the Community Council, even though his health was often a cause for concern.

He was chairman of the Village Hall Committee, Community Councillor and chairman for more years that anyone can remember.  He was involved in Tintern charities, cricket clubs, football clubs and running the bingo in the village hall once a week.  He ran these sessions to raise money for the Village Hall refurbishment fund.  At these times he loved to chat to old school friends. In the 1970’s he ran a youth club in the village together with

Barbara Preece.


His knowledge of every aspect of the village was staggering; he knew local history and names of roads, culverts,wells. You name it, he knew it!  He took an interest in everyone and everything in Tintern.   A short while ago, when he had retired from the chair of the Community Council, I asked him to share some of his vast knowledge of local history with me.  As I told him, it would be lost forever when he went.  Little did I think it would be so soon.


Anything that threatened to alter Tintern’s character, he fought against tooth and nail. One such fight was the proposed development of St. Mary’s Church into holiday flats.

And that was another fight he won.


If you asked Terry for help, he could be like a gentle pussycat, but if you crossed him or despoiled or vandalised his beloved Village Hall, he would transform into a tiger.


He passionately protected the Village Hall, as he did all of Tintern.  At times all of us fell foul of his ‘missing tea towels’. Terry belonged to Tintern and, because of his tremendous love for it, Tintern belonged to him.  His personality filled every corner.


It will be difficult to imagine a Tintern without Terry.  He gave of his time selflessly; overcoming considerable health problems to do so, and, because of this, be became a legend in his own lifetime.  We will never see his like, and certainly Tintern will never be the same again.


He will be missed by his family, friends and all the community. On behalf of the community we offer our sincere condolences to Mo, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchild.





St. Michael’s Church – Communion – every Sunday at 10.30am


Cleaning rota:


Fortnight beginning:


13th August     Jude Spooner

27th August     Trudy and Nine Phelps

10th Sept          Elspeth and Karen

244th Sept         Janet, Sue and Barbara

8th October      Tintern WI

22nd October    Hermoine Ford


Diary - Tintern Events


Wednesday 8th August at 7.30pm  – Bingo at the Anchor


Events at the Vineyard include:


Saturday 7th July – Sunday 22nd July – Art Exhibition

Weekends during December – Nativity with live animals


Tintern Recreation Hall


Friday 3rd August 3.30 – 6.30pm, dog Training

Saturday 4th August 10 – 8.00pm Private Function

Friday 10th August – 3.30 – 6.30pm Dog Training

Monday 13th August – 7.30pm Village Hall Committee

Saturday 18th August - VPA Summer Show

Sunday 19th August/Saturday 24th August, Brownies.


Catbrook Memorial Hall – Events


For details contact Ruth Routh on 01600 860 648


7th/8th July - Art for Africa.

Saturday 15th September – Wine Tasting evening

24th October –  rescheduled date for the Fashion Show.

Sunday 11th November – Remembrance Day Service with Monmouth Band

Saturday 17th November – Race Night

Friday 23rd December – Christmas Carol Service with Monmouth Band

Coffee Mornings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.
Whist Drives on  Friday 31st August, Friday 30th November, Friday 14th and 28th December.

For details on all events or to hire the hall contact Rosemary Stephens on 01600-860451.


Advertising in the Tintern News


The Tintern News is delivered to approximately 250 houses in Tintern.  If you would like to advertise something in the News the current rates is £5.00 for a small ad./half a page, and £10.00 for a full page (per month).  Please send items to the editor at the address below with full contact details.



Items for the Newsletter – dates for the September 2007 edition


Items for the Tintern Newsletter can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456 or to Jackie Langdon of 5 Park Glade, Tintern, telephone 01291 689782 e-mail address:


Items for the September edition of the Newsletter should be received by 27th August 2007


A note from the Editor


The Tintern News is a vehicle for the expression of opinion by all members of the Tintern community. While it does not necessarily endorse the views of any particular contributors, it does wholeheartedly support the promotion of lively debate on the development of the village and of freedom of speech in general. However, it will reserve the right to edit any contributions in order to preserve moderation and a spirit of good intent in the presentation of arguments. Thoughts from everyone in our community will continue to be very welcome. ER




 Parva Farmhouse Hotel

        & Restaurant


         NP16 6SQ





Restaurant open to non-residents


We serve simple traditional food that people like - done well!

2 courses from £14.00   //  3 courses from £18.00 approx.


Enjoy pre-dinner drinks in our Informal Restaurant with

Lounge, Chesterfield sofas, Inglenook fireplace and log burner

Small parties (up to 16) catered for

All in a totally non-smoking environment.


Please Book

For reservations tel. Peter or Angela on 01291-689411







9 – 15 years old girls and boys




2.00 pm – 4.00pm


Either on the village field or in the Village Hall







There have been several incidents in the last week where properties have been broken into and keys stolen to quality motor vehicles, and the vehicles then stolen from the drive.


Monmouth area overnight 30th to 31st, entry gained, motor vehicle and

power tools stolen.


Shirenewton area around 1am this morning male see outside backdoor, disturbed and left scene empty handed.


Chepstow, Itton Road area, persons away on holiday glass in patio door

smashed, entry gained and property stolen.


Chepstow town area, entry via patio door, keys taken from inside house

and car stolen.


Advice is to make sure your house is secure at night and take car keys

upstairs out of sight.


Report any suspicious sightings immediately.


Message from PC 363 Mason