The Tintern News


Produced by the Friends of Tintern – June 2007







Tintern Abbey Football Club became League Champions for the second year running, after clinching the title in May.  They also won the Benevolent Cup in a floodlit final at Caldicot Town, beating their local rivals Devauden Green 2 – 0.


The Club would like to thank Bram from the Royal George Hotel for his sponsorship last season and special thanks go to Dave at the Anchor for his support for the last two seasons.  His generous donations from the car boot sales have enabled the Club to purchase a much needed and up-to-date line marker and hopefully this summer we will be able to give a donation to the Village Recreation Hall towards tiling the changing rooms.


If there is anyone out there in the tiling trade, who can ‘do us a deal’, please contact any Village Hall Committee member.


Last of all, thank you to all the people who buy the Football Tote tickets every week, every £1.00 helps the team.  You can purchase tickets at the Rose and Crown or at the Anchor.  (PS)





Do you think Tintern needs a Festival? Open Meeting.


If you would like to contribute to a Festival in Tintern or to find out more about having a Festival in Tintern – come to a meeting at 6pm on Monday 4th June at the Abbey Hotel.


More information can be obtained from Louise McGuinness (Adventa – festival and events coordinator) 01873 736035 or email:



For over 30 years the Tintern Angling Club have maintained the Beaufort Pond and the Furnace Pond in the Angiddy Valley. The fishing ponds are an attractive feature of the valley and the Angling Club should be congratulated. Last year, the Tintern Angling Club was able to buy the two ponds after complicated research and negotiations. The promoters of the mini hydro-electric scheme TAP Ltd., are now trying to buy from the Tintern Angling Club, the Furnace Pond. Is it because TAP knows that extracting water for their turbines will leave the pond silted up and useless for fishing? If TAP Ltd., own the pond, the Angling Club cannot protest or sue TAP. Why is TAP Ltd., being so secretive, and not being open about their contentious hydro-electric scheme?


Barry Saunders, Furnace Cottages, Tintern.


Suggestions for the Controversial Tintern Angiddy Pipeline Project


Several of us wrote a letter published in the May 2007 edition of The Tintern News that reflected our concerns associated with the proposed Tintern Angiddy Project (TAP), which was reported in the local media, including the April 2007 edition of The Tintern News. The new TAP scheme proposes the construction of a 1 km pipeline of 0.45 m diameter by means of the excavation of a 1.5 m deep trench. The pipeline would take water from the Beaufort Pond to a site in the woods below Furnace Pond where turbines would generate electricity.


On May 3 2007 several of the undersigned residents met with three members of TAP Ltd and Andrew Nixon, the AONB liaison officer, where we expressed our concerns about the proposed scheme. We learned that, in contrast to the impression from media reports, the scheme does not appear to be fully worked out and a professional environmental impact assessment has not been conducted to determine the consequences for the environment and ecology. While we appreciate that the members of TAP are volunteers and are well intentioned, this is clearly insufficient to expect unquestioning community support. In order for any such project to be successful it is necessary to have a well-defined plan where all pros and cons have been carefully identified and balanced against each other.


We would like to make clear that, in principle, we have no problem with the idea of using the Angiddy Brook as a hydroelectric power source. In light of climate change and the depletion of oil reserves, it is indeed logical that enthusiasm for renewable energy is growing and that new hydro schemes should be considered. We would also like to make clear that we are willing to support the scheme despite the disruption caused by pipeline installation, provided there are clear benefits and no significant long-term environmental impacts.


Our concerns with the proposed TAP pipeline scheme are three-fold. Firstly, the publicity for the new pipeline scheme has occurred before any effective public debate has taken place. Second, from our own calculations, the positive benefits claimed in terms of power generation are highly exaggerated. Finally, and most significantly, despite the publicity giving the impression that the proposal is “green”, there has been no serious consideration of the negative effects to the environment and ecology of the Angiddy Valley, which may be substantial.


We believe that for the TAP plan to be seriously considered for implementation the following two requests are logical and reasonable. First, a clear and professional plan should be presented to the Tintern Community in the form of public meetings and made accessible in written form, including the worldwide web. Full details should be provided of the economics for the scheme and the assumptions on which the calculations are based. Second, a professional environmental impact study should be undertaken. In our view if the project is to be seriously sold as being “green” then TAP Ltd should take the initiative and obtain an independent evaluation of the effects of their proposal on the environment and ecology.   


This plan would allow members of the community to clearly evaluate whether positive benefits in terms of power generation offset the potentially substantial temporary and long-term negative effects on the environment and ecology of the Angiddy Valley. Moreover, this approach would offer an opportunity for TAP to proceed with maximum public support from the community, including ours.


Concerned residents:


Ian Manners, Deborah Manners, Barry Saunders, David Gibbard, Jan Gibbard, Liz Ashley, Nik Cristinacce, Andy Pullan, Justine Pullan, Jan Smith, Paul Smith, Terry and Armaiti Bedford.




After an extremely busy April at the Vineyard, May has been a little quieter, giving us a bit of a chance to catch up on the work. The “Visit the Spring Lambs” exhibition proved popular. We collected £140.00 for “Guide dogs for the Blind” and H.A.P.P.A. The  Name the lamb” competition was won by Rebecca Ham from Chepstow who chose “Harry”.


In April, one of our sheep dog bitches – Tay – had three puppies (Fern, Bramble and Bracken). They are now growing rapidly and becoming adventurous. Visitors to the Vineyard may be greeted by them, so please take care when driving up the drive and parking in the car park. We try to keep them under control but puppies will be puppies!


Saturday 26th May until Sunday 3rd June is Welsh Wine Week. This is a Wales wide event and most of the Welsh vineyards take part by opening to the public and offering wine tastings.  Many of them give special discounts on wine (as we do at Parva Farm) or organise special events.  If you would like to know more about Welsh Vineyards, please ring me on 0i291 689636.


Our next event at the Vineyard is “Potty about Plants “ which is a showcase and sale of garden plants – many of them interesting or unusual. This is running from Saturday June 9th until Sunday July 1st. It is free to visit, so we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


From July 7th until 22nd we are holding our 6th Annual Art Exhibition. This is a display of works of art by several of our local artists and is free to visit.


The vines are growing apace now with the current warm weather and with another warm summer forecast, who knows, we may have another bumper harvest in this year of our 10th Anniversary at Parva Farm. (JD)





The May meeting was well attended and after a very good “Pot Luck” lunch we swiftly got through the AGM business.


We hope to organise an open evening meeting to promote the WI. Many still think of the WI as “Jam and Jerusalem”.  We have never sung Jerusalem at Tintern WI and the majority of our members buy their jam at the supermarket!  Belonging to a WI is not just about the local monthly meeting, enjoyable though that is.  There are opportunities to take part in many activities within the County and Nationally.  It is also a great way of making friendships.  Nationally there are 215,000 members in 7,000 WIs so meeting people through taking part in WI activities is easy.  We have our own college at Denman where there are classes in a huge variety of subjects; sports, crafts, literature, history, computing etc.  Recently I was talking to someone who had cycled round Cuba to raise money for Denman College.  For her it was a very enriching, “once in a lifetime” experience.  Without the WI she would never have attempted such a challenge.


Our June meeting will not be as adventurous as that, but I am sure we will enjoy ourselves all the same.  We will meet at 2.00pm. at the Village Hall on Monday 18th and share cars to travel to St Pierre. The more sporting members could possibly cycle there!




In the evening on Friday 18th May  VPA members visited the magnificently situated house and garden at High Glanau Manor, Lydart.   We were made very welcome by Mrs Gerrish who told us about its history and the garden restoration work that she and her husband have undertaken since moving there about five years ago.   The  house and garden  were designed and created  in the arts and crafts style  in the 1920s  by Henry Avray Tipping who at that time was editor of Country Life magazine.  He had previously lived at Mounton House in  Mathern  and had been involved in the design of the house and garden  at Wyndcliffe Court St Arvans  (also arts and crafts style).  Other gardens which have benefitted from his design skills include Clytha Park ,  Mathern Palace (now maintained by CADW) , Buckland House Talybont and  Chequers (Bucks.)  The weather was kind to us and we all enjoyed a lovely evening in a very special place.     


Our next meeting  will be in  the Village Hall at 7.30 pm on Friday 15th June  when Mrs B Jones will be giving us a talk on Scent and Colour in the Garden.   New members are always welcome;  if you are interested and would like to know more come along to a meeting or call  01291 689877  (Bernard or Christine Bradshaw).  




Crime in Tintern


We are fortunate to live and work in a very beautiful part of the world. However, we must not allow that beauty to mask the realities of life or the present social climate. Unfortunately, that means some crime does occur in the village. Although during the first three months of the year there were few crimes, in April we had a rude awakening.  A car was stolen from the Trellech Road side of the village and the following night a motorcycle was stolen from the Angiddy side.  Two cars were broken into on the main road near to where the traffic lights were placed. The roof of the Abbey workshop had some tiles knocked off and somebody held a lighter to the canopy of the cafe, causing criminal damage. A stolen car from Caerleon was abandoned in the Old Ironworks. Towards the end of the month another motorcycle was stolen from the Trellech Road end of the village and was found abandoned inside a stolen Ford Transit Van in the Bettws area of Newport. So you see we must not be complacent.


Community Volunteers


Many of you will know, and appreciate, the excellent work carried out by the Community Volunteers in the police office.  The office is open for two hours each morning, Monday to Saturday, 10am to 12 noon.  The volunteers are a very useful resource for the community and the police.  They offer a link between the two. In addition they are there to provide help and assistance, lost and found property, local knowledge for lost delivery drivers, and tourist information. The office is also a collection point for Neighbourhood Watch material and it is far better for any villains checking out the area to see a lighted, manned Police Office, than a closed shop. 

Anyone who wishes to enquire about becoming a Community Volunteer should leave their details in the office or contact me direct.  Tel: 01633 642068


Neighbourhood Watch


Tintern has had an active Neighbourhood Watch for over ten years and is a part of the Lower Wye Rural Area NHW Association. This in turn is linked to the Gwent Neighbourhood Watch and through that to Wales and the National movements. There are however, a few key players in the village and much rests on their shoulders as to how successfully we perform.  Again, anyone who wishes to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch please get in touch with me, or come along to the Annual General Meeting being held at Llanishen Village Hall on Tuesday 5th June 2007, starting at 7.30pm.   You will be most welcome.


Neighbourhood Police Teams & Community Safety Action Team


Gwent Police follows the National Neighbourhood Policing module and much work has been done in this field.  Each Council Ward area has a dedicated police officer.  Chepstow Police area is Town and St Kingsmark Wards = PC 331 Mark Madley; Bulwark and Mathern = PC 32 Mike Cowburn; and Tintern / St Arvans, Devauden and Shirenewton = PC Andrew Mason.  They are supported by three Community Support Officers, Julian Phillips, Andy Jones and James Watson.  Their remit is to work closely with the local community using a multi-agency approach to tackle issues and concerns in that particular area. Any appropriate concerns raised are taken to the CSAT (Community Safety Action Team) meeting and discussed. Resolutions are sought and if necessary a Problem Solving Group is organised. This usually takes place at the site of the problem, to see it first hand. Actions are decided upon and very often solutions are found along with supporting funds.

Immediate and routine calls are dealt with by a 24 hour Response team, which operates a five shift system.


Partnerships and Communities Together = PACT


This is a new development in this area within Neighbourhood Policing, although it has been tried in other areas and is proving to be very successful. The first meeting in Tintern is on Tuesday 19th June at 7pm in the Village Hall, and everybody is welcome. It is anticipated that meetings will be held at three monthly intervals.  These meetings are an opportunity for residents to raise their concerns about issues in the area.  A vote will take place and the top three concerns will be taken forward for action.


Let’s do all we can together to keep this a low crime area by keeping eyes and ears open to unusual occurrences and reporting them quickly.  We have Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators around the village, Community volunteers staffing the police office, Tintern Village News, a website, a community council, Friends of Tintern committee, and many other groups I’m sure if we all pull together we will succeed.


PC 363 Andrew Mason – 01633 642068 DD


[To report incidents – Emergency ‘999’ or routine 01633 838111]








The sculptor, Philip Chatfield, is working on the new statue at the Abbey, and he will be there most days in June so do try to see him at work.
On Saturday 16th June he will be giving an illustrated talk at the Village Hall about the project and his background as a sculptor.  Entry is £2.50 and will include coffee/tea, the talk and entry to the abbey to see the work in progress.   Do come along if you can.  This talk has been arranged especially for local people – all are welcome.  The programme will be:
10.30 – 11am     Refreshments at the Village Hall
11 – 11.45am     Illustrated talk followed by questions  at the Village hall
c 12 noon          Visit to the abbey to see the work in progress

More information can be found on the project website: <>   or telephone Lynne Hunter Johnston on 01594 530612 for a leaflet.


St. Michael’s Church – cleaning rota


Fortnight beginning:


4th June            Ann and Barry Richardson

18th June          Elspeth and Karen

2nd July            Janet, Sue and Barbara

16th July           Tintern WI

30th July           Hermoine Ford

13th August     Jude Spooner

27th August     Trudy and Nine Phelps


.Diary - Tintern Events


Wednesday 13th June – Bingo at the Anchor


Events at the Vineyard include:

Saturday 26th May – Sunday 3rd June – Welsh Wine Week

Saturday 9th June – Sunday 30th June – Potty About Plants

Saturday 7th July – Sunday 22nd July – Art Exhibition

Weekends during December – Nativity with live animals




Tintern Recreation Hall - Events

Friday 1st June 3.30pm  6.30pm - Dog Training*

Sunday 3rd June 10.00am – 1.00pm -  St. Michael’s Church

Tuesday 5th June – 2.00pm – 5.00pm – Tuesday Club*

Wednesday 6th June – 6.30pm – 8.00pm – Tintern Youth Club*

Thursday 7th June – 7.00pm – 10.00pm – Social Club*

Friday 15th June 7.30pm – 10.00pm – VPA

Saturday 16th June – 10.00am – 1.00pm – Friends of Our Lady of Tintern

Sunday 17th June – 9.00am – 5.00pm – Visitors to Tintern

Monday 18th June – 2.00pm – 5.00pm – WI

Tuesday 19th June – 6.30pm – 9.00pm – PACT Public Meeting

Wednesday 20th June – 9.00am – 3.00pm – School visit

Monday 25th June – 7.30pm – 10.00pm – Tintern Community Council


* The Tuesday Club meets every fortnight and the Social Club every Thursday evening, both in the small room. Tintern youth club has the whole of the hall every Wednesday evening, and the dog-training every Friday afternoon.


If you would like more information about these clubs and activities, or you wish to organise a private function, a social event or need a venue for meeting please contact Terry Evans (01291 689587) or Pat O’Connor (021291 689611)/



Catbrook Memorial Hall – Events


A new term of Yoga classes at Brockweir and Catbrook village halls 

will be starting in June. Dates and times are as follows:

Friday, 10.15-11.45am Brockweir village Hall - classes start June 8th

Monday, 10.15-11.45am Brockweir Village hall - classes start June 18th

Thursday 10.30-12am Catbrook Village hall - classes start 7th June

Tuesday 7-9pm Catbrook Village Hall - classes start 12th June


For details contact Ruth Routh on 01600 860 648


7th/8th July - Art for Africa.

Saturday 15th September – Wine Tasting evening

24th October  rescheduled date for the Fashion Show.

Sunday 11th November – Remembrance Day Service with Monmouth Band

Saturday 17th November – Race Night

Friday 23rd December – Christmas Carol Service with Monmouth Band

Coffee Mornings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10.30 a.m.  All welcome.
Whist Drives on  Friday 31st August, Friday 30th November, Friday 14th and 28th December.


For details on all events or to hire the hall contact Rosemary Stephens on 01600-860451.


Advertising in the Tintern News


The Tintern News is delivered free to approximately 250 houses in Tintern.  If you would like to advertise something in the News the current rates is £5.00 for a small ad/half a page, and £10.00 for a full page (per month).  Please send items to the editor at the address below with full contact details.


Items for the Newsletter – dates for the July 2007 edition


Items for the Tintern Newsletter can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456.


Items for the July edition of the Newsletter should be received by 25th June 2007


A note from the Editor


The Tintern News is a vehicle for the expression of opinion by all members of the Tintern community. While it does not necessarily endorse the views of any particular contributors, it does wholeheartedly support the promotion of lively debate on the development of the village and of freedom of speech in general. However, it will reserve the right to edit any contributions in order to preserve moderation and a spirit of good intent in the presentation of arguments. Thoughts from everyone in our community will continue to be very welcome. ER