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Produced by the Friends of Tintern – September 2006







Tintern Charities


The Charity provides a Christmas Voucher to single ladies over 60, and to men (with their partners) over the age of 65. Recipients must have been resident in the village for at least five years. Many of our older residents already receive these Vouchers, but if you do not, and you are in the right age group please ring Betty Hoskins (689658) or Terry Evans (689587) and ask to be included.


To be included in this year’s Voucher Scheme the Trustees would like to hear from you before November.


Bradford Charity


Students of Further Education, starting their second year in Technical College or University who wished to be considered for a grant from the above, must apply before the end of September.


Application forms can be obtained from Mrs. B. Hoskins, 2 Botany Bay, Trelleck Road, Tintern. Telephone 689658.


NB. This applies to Tintern residents only.






 Tintern Community Council

The first tier not the bottom tier


Monthly Report of July 2006 Meeting


The chairman welcomed Mr. Adam Parker as the new councillor for Tintern Parva.


Constable Mason reported a quiet month with damage to a car at Ponysaison being the only significant crime reported. Water skiers and jet skiers had been seen in the river which was a prohibited activity on the Wye at Tintern.


The council often get members of the community asking about the misuse of footpaths etc. This month was no exception with the bridleway (BR82A) between the back of the Anchor Hotel and Quayside being frequently used for car parking. Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) have a ‘Rights of Way’ officer to deal with such matters and this misuse of a right-of-way has been reported to that officer.


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £5,470.11 if the known payments for July are approved. These were;

Play Safety Ltd for Playground inspection                                       £81.08

Monmouthshire Beacon advertisement                                       £57.81

SLCC Annual Membership                                                         £69.00

Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                               £379.61

Council Administration Law 2006 edition                                       £60.00

SLCC course, Cheltenham on 12th & 13th July.                           £136.00


It was agreed that it would be good idea to move important historical council documents to the County Archives. Councillors are going to analysis the documents and decide which ones should be transferred. If any member of the community has any council documents they believe are important please contact the clerk.


Two planning applications were discussed A first floor extension to Hollandene on the Trellech Road, and a first floor extension to provide a bathroom & en-suite, Pippingarth, Raglan Road. Both were approved.


Last year the  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) asked the Council to remove from use the swings in the playground because of possible corrosion of the main support bolts. This was done and earlier this year the swings were dissembled and the bolts inspected. They were found to be in very good condition. The swings have therefore been completely reassembled and can be used. The ROSPA report for 2006 stated that with the exception of some minor faults all playground equipment was safe to use.                    


The Survey 2006 projects are all ongoing and a full report will be issued in September. However, the Youth Project is providing a youth club each week (more adult helpers wanted please) and a grant of £1000 had been awarded by M.C.C. to undertake a feasibility study for a new Youth Centre. A report was being produced to present to M.C.C. asking for a roundabout to be built at the junction on the Monmouth-Chepstow Road and the Raglan Road. A meeting was also being sought with M.C.C. to discuss the future on the Sawmills area now that A.O.N.B. had received their Lottery Heritage grant.


M.C.C. have promised that at least one speed checking illuminated sign will be erected on the main road in the near future. This will warn vehicles if they are exceeding the 30 m.p.h. limit.


Two quotes had been received for the cutting of verges in the village. A third was to be

obtained before a decision is made.  


Councillor Dawn Floyd

Chairman of the Community Council







Lower Wye Area Committee


This committee consists of local county councillors and officials of Monmouthshire County Council


It is meeting at Tintern Village Hall on the 20th September at 6:30 p.m. and is the public’s chance to ask questions of the County Council on any issue


Tintern Community Council will be presenting its case for a roundabout on the main road junction adjacent to the The Royal George Hotel. Please come along and support your council’s attempt to make this junction safer








Message from Sally at the Surgery

It's nearly that time of year again when Summer turns to Autumn and I am thinking that it's nearly time to dust off my needles and syringes because, yes you've guessed it, it's coming up "flu time " again.

This year, like last year, we  intend  to use the Village hHall as our flu clinic venue and we are all hoping that it will be the huge success that it was last year. Well I enjoyed it !! We will be holding these clinics over the period of 2 days and would hope to complete the majority of vaccinations during this time .Unfotunately, due to a country wide delay in delivering the vaccine to us, I am unable to give any firm dates at the moment .This is just as annoying to us as it is to you because we have already booked the Hall and arranged for other agencies to be with us as well. We would still hope that clinics will take place in early October but it may be another couple of weeks before I can pass dates on to you.

We intend to advertise dates as widely as we did last year and would urge you to watch out for posters which will, hopefully, be displayed all around the village, on notice boards, shops, pubs and of course in the next Newsletter.

Flu vaccine is vital for many of our patients, i.e. those of you who are –

. over 65 years of age

. diabetic

. patients with heart or kidney disease, and of course

. people with respiratory problems.


Flu can be a very nasty illness at the best of time but can cause much greater complications for people who fall into the above categories.

Finally, I will be looking forward to seeing all of you who I know should be there and as many of you know I always come looking for those who try and slip through my net !


Let's keep Tintern flu free this year.


Sports Massage Success!


Alan Woods who lives in Catbrook, is a qualified Sports Massage Practitioner who has been able to help a number of local people, and not just for sporting problems.


Last month, Alan, who has been a Hammer Thrower for 40 years, regained his British Masters Title at Birmingham in a close-fought competition. He lost his title last year, struggling with injury, so 2005 is in fact the only year this century that he has not been able to boast of being British Champion!


Whether you are a performance athlete, a regular exerciser or someone who suffers from lack of flexibility or muscular tension, then a sports massage can help. It is of great benefit to those aching backs, shoulders, necks and legs. It can provide anxiety reduction both through its physiological effects and by inducing relaxation. Tension and waste products in muscles can often cause pain. Massage helps reduce this in many ways including releasing the body's endorphins.


So it isn't just for sports people? Absolutely not! The Ancient Greeks defined Sport as the enhancement of health, well-being and fitness. Sports massage can provide deep relaxation and rehabilitation of body and mind for just about anyone.


Alan would be pleased to hear from you on 07802 228462 or visit his website:




(so called because each of the three long lines have exactly the same sound ending with different meanings)


An alchemist living in Tintern,

In seeking a way to make tin turn

Into goods to be sold,

Found by painting them gold

Much more could the bright yellow tint earn.


(From publication in the magazine of the Foreign and Colonial Office Association.)




It rained and it rained and it rained.

The average fall was well maintained;

And when the tracks were simply bogs

It started raining cats and dogs.


After a draught of half an hour

We had a most refreshing shower,

And then, the most curious thing of all,

A gentle rain began to fall.


Next day was also fairly dry,
Save the deluge from the sky

Which wetted the party to the skin,

And after that the rain set in.


(Anon. from Ireland)


[Contributions received from Harry and Jacqui Hutchinson]




Fund Raising in Tintern


Return of the RACE NIGHT

Sunday 10th September from 8.00pm

At the Royal George Hotel


To sponsor a horse or a jockey, or to simply make a donation - please contact Sue Ball (689629 ) Bring your friends for a night of fun and enjoyment and to help finance the Christmas Lights, the Old folks Christmas Party and this Newsletter.


Thank you in advance for your support.



From a friend of Tintern.


I have been trying to get on to our community council now for a few years because I believe I can be a good friend to Tintern. However, it’s not to be, so far!


Tintern is a peculiar place, most visitors pop in to the Abbey, have a cup of tea and a bun in the Anchor and buy a postcard or a souvenir in the little shop. The height of our popularity is measured in visitors to the car boot sale held on some Sundays.


The visitors that make it work for much of Tintern come from surrounding Towns who stroll through the village visiting the gallery, photo studio, the mill, the antique shop, book shop and the vineyard. They use the pubs and hotels and post office. This provides much needed income for local employers. All the businesses pay rates, which provides support for MCC who in theory provide us with facilities like car parks and pavements!


The business community is fragmented and would benefit by coming together to promote the strengths of their businesses and to look at ways in which we can develop the visitor profile to fit our community. We have a beautiful village with wonderful facilities, which could attract well moneyed visitors which in turn would reduce traffic and increase income. We need quality not quantity.


One of the best ways to encourage visitors without increasing the traffic problem is to support the cycle track that would bring visitors from Chepstow, quietly and effectively. A healthy approach to tourism! Great opportunities to the food outlets who could offer a variety of interesting and healthy fare. The biggest bonus for us would be that we could cycle to Chepstow in 20 minutes and feel all the healthy benefits saving cost on fuel at £5 a gallon and rising. The community council’s approach to this subject so far has been appalling; it has not represented the community’s view, which can only be established by debate, something quite alien at TCC to date.


The business community has to work with the residents and look for ways in which we can maintain the rural quality of life, achievable by a forum to debate and discuss. Friends of Tintern do a good job and it would be good to see this attract more people.


Maybe I am just dreaming but I hope the above sparks some debate, I no longer see TCC as a way to bring our community together to develop benefits for everyone. TCC currently operates in a way that seems to have forgotten that they are our representatives. Please read the results of the survey and what TCC is supposed to stand for. Their printed words are a contract with us, the people they represent. Come on show us that you can actually do something about the car parking, the pavement and the dangerous junction outside the surgery and the speeding traffic.


Thank you for reading and thank you to this publication for allowing me to voice an opinion.


Andi Francis, resident and business




The VPA Annual Show  was held on Saturday  19th August  in the Village Hall and was well  attended  both by those local  and by  a significant number of visitors to  Tintern.  This note is to express a very big thank you  to all those who helped to make the show a success.   Those who helped  in organisation  and setting up and clearing the hall.  Those who kindly donated items for the raffle.   Those who  organised  and ran the raffle.  Those  who  provided tea and cakes for  the show visitors and lunch for the judges.   Special thanks to the show judges  who gave of their  time  and expertise so willingly and to our local author who opened the show and  presented the cups.  And last but by no means least to all the VPA members who entered  their produce , cookery and  handicrafts without which there would be no show.   Thank you all.


From September we will resume our monthly meetings in the Village Hall.   The next meeting  is on Friday 15th September  at  7.30 pm  when Mr  D Collett will be giving a talk on  “Growing and Showing Vegetables”.   As well as being an expert  on this topic he has a wealth of local knowledge  (he is from Caldicot)   and may sometimes be met in Hurran’s Garden Centre near Newport.  










On Monday 21st August Tintern WI met for their annual Garden Party.  Many WI groups do not have a meeting in August but we like to have an informal get together.  For once the weather was kind and 10 members met down at the Old Station.  It was very busy there with tourists and a group of Mums and toddlers all adding to the atmosphere. We were lucky to get a couple of picnic tables to sit around. The afternoon was enjoyed by all with much chat and delicious food. 


Our next meeting is on Monday 18th September in Tintern Village Hall at 2.00pm. when Mr Rutter will be giving a talk entitled “The Romance of the Cotswolds”.  We always enjoy Mr Rutter’s talks as he has a wealth of interesting and funny stories to tell.  Sadly this is his last talk to us as he is retiring.


Any one who would like to come along will be most welcome.  (CB)


Friends of  Tintern – Car Boot Sale


Friends of Tintern held a boot sale in the Anchor Field on two Sundays in August. The money raised will help fund the Christmas lights, the Old Folks Christmas Party and the Newsletter.  In total £255.22 was raised from the sale of many contributions.  A big thank you goes to Sue and Janet who give up their Sunday lie-in to set up the stall and who spent much of their time there, to Daisy and Ruby for their constant support, encouragement and commentary. Also many thanks to Barbara Butt, Terri and Al Morrison and Lesley (from the Health shop), to my husband for his support – and standing guard whilst I counted the takings.


Thank you also to Dave and Dee Yeomans at the Anchor for giving us a free pitch, tables and for letting us store items in the Summer Room. (ER)


Wanted  - Weekend Cafe Supervisor

Do you enjoy working as part of a team? 
Do you enjoy a challenge?
Do you enjoy simple cooking for others?
If the answer is yes, you could just be the person we are looking for.
Community Shop seeks enthusiastic Cafe Supervisor to work weekends with volunteers.
Salary dependant on experience.
Call in for more details and a chat or call Alison on 01291 689995
Job share would be considered.
The Village Shop, Mill Hill, Brockweir.


High Tides at Tintern


Friday 8th September - 9.25pm – 8.20m

Saturday 9th September – 9.49am – 7.9m

Saturday 9th September – 10.08pm – 8.30m

Sunday 10th September – 10.30am – 8.00m

Sunday 10th September – 10.48pm – 8.20m


Ginger Tom Cat


A ginger tom cat with a huge personality has recently tried to make a home for himself at Tintern Antiques having fallen rather heavily for Dawn Floyd’s own cat.


The ginger tom is obviously a family pet as he is in very good condition and must be much missed by his owners.


Identification can be made by describing a characteristic birthmark.


If you own this cat or know to whom he might belong, please contact Dawn on 689705


Tintern Village Events


Sunday 10th September – Race Night from 7.30pm Royal George Hotel

Wednesday 13th September – Bingo at the Anchor – 7.30pm

Friday 15th September – VPA – 7.30pm – Village Hall

Monday 18th September – 2.00pm  - WI – Village Hall

Sunday 10th December 6.30pm – Christmas Lights Switch On at the Royal George Hotel

Monday 11th December, 12 noon – Old Folks Christmas Party at the Anchor Hotel.


Catbrook Village Events


Friday 29th September - Whist Drive.

Saturday 30th September - Italian Wine Tasting Evening and Supper.
Friday 6th October - Film Night - The Constant Gardener.
Saturday 21st October - High Jinx Theatre Evening. Friday 3rd November - Film Night - Walk the Line.
Friday 24th November - ArtsVariety Show featuring Frank Hennessy & Friends.
Saturday 9th December - Dougie Watts Singing Duo - back by popular demand.
A Coffee Morning is held in the hall every third Tuesday of the month commencing at 10.30 am.  Everyone welcome.
Yoga Classes held every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning.  Call Ruth Routh on 01600- 860648 for details.

Whist Drives:-
Friday 29th September
Friday 15th and 29th December
For details of all other events or to hire the hall contact Betty Maloney on 01600-860548.









Items for the Newsletter


Items for the Tintern Newsletter from home or abroad can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456.


Please ensure that items for the October edition of the Newsletter are received by 26th September.


The Tintern News Letter is sponsored by the Lower Wye Area Committee.