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Produced by the Friends of Tintern – August 2006



Tintern Youth Club

Meeting Weekly

Every Wednesday

At Village Hall

6.00pm  till  8.00pm

Ages 9 to 15 welcome




New Councillor in Tintern


Adam Parker who works at Stella Books was elected by the Community council as councillor for Tintern Parva to replace Brian Young  at a special public meeting on Monday 24th July. I will publish a new information sheet for the News, website and notice boards as soon as possible.
Members of the community should note that unless another casual vacancy arises the next election of all eight councillors will be in 2008, probably in May.



Election of New Officers for 2006/2007


Election of Chairman

Councillor Saunders proposed Councillor Floyd. Councillor Webb seconded the motion. There being no other nominations Councillor Floyd was elected unopposed.


Election of Vice Chairman

Councillor Floyd proposed Councillor Bennett. Councillor Saunders seconded the motion. There being no other nominations Councillor Bennett was elected unopposed.


Election of member of

Village Hall Committee

Councillor Evans proposed Councillor O’Connor. There being no other nominations Councillor O’Connor was elected unopposed.

‘Friends of Tintern’ Committee

Councillor Webb proposed Councillor Bennett. Councillor Floyd seconded the motion. There being no other nominations Councillor Bennett was elected unopposed.

Election of other Officers

Councillor Bennett remains as co-opted governor on the Board of Llandogo School.


With the death of Councillor Young a new trustee is required to represent the Council on the Board of the Bradford & Chapel Hill Charity. This will be decided at the council meeting on 31st July.






Roger Hopson


Clerk to the Council





Proposed Improvements to the GP Out of Hours Service in the Gwent Area



At the request of the Community Council, the Chairman, Councillor Floyd attended the ‘consultation’ held at Chepstow Community Hospital on 26th July. She discussed the proposals with Julie Thomas, Director of Nursing for the Monmouthshire Local Health Board. The proposals are that Primary Health Care will be focussed on three hospitals St. Woolos, Newport, Ystrad Mynach and Neville Hall, Abergavenny. The major effect on the Tintern community will be the closure of the Out of Hours Primary  Care Centre at Chepstow Community Hospital. This will mean there will no longer be a doctor on duty at Chepstow to provide an out of hours GP service.  The Chepstow service is apparently very under utilized and doctors often have nights with little to do.


Please note: The facilities offered by the Chepstow Community Hospital and the Minor Injuries Unit are separate and not affected.                                                                         

Monmouthshire Local Health Board believe they can provide a better service with  three reconfigured units as they will be better staffed and have access to equipment and facilities not available in the smaller units. For example, many drugs are not readily available to the doctors at units without access to 24 hour dispensaries. This is because of the rules, now in force, regarding access to drug supplies.


Monmouthshire Local Health Board state that currently a doctor/nurse will return a telephone request for out of hours assistance in between 5 minutes and 1 hour depending on the seriousness of the problem and will provide a home visit if necessary. This will not change.


If patients are requested, and can attend one of the reconfigured primary care centres themselves they may be asked to do so. If they do not have transport, it will be provided.


The Director made it plain that this change was not being done to save money but to improve service. The new configuration will, in fact, cost £300,000 more to operate than the current one.


Please remember that in a real emergency ring 999 and ask for an ambulance





Tintern Bus Services


The Tintern Community Council Survey gave villagers the opportunity to express their concerns about having a more frequent and accessible bus service for the whole of the Village.


It would be almost impossible to organise a service that would meet everyone’s needs, particularly as most villagers prefer the convenience of using their own cars, but efforts are being made by MCC to improve the existing services.


The future planning strategy will be based around the existing  Chepstow/Tintern/Monmouth services offered by Welcome and Stagecoach (No 69 – timetable attached) and the shoppers bus operated by Philips (No 91) and to expand this by offering a ‘Grass Routes’ service that will eventually link with both Monmouth and Chepstow. If the Grass Routes service is successful it could become the basis of any future service.


The Grass Routes operates on a membership basis for which there is a one off membership fee of £5 per household which entitles any member of the household to telephone (free phone 0800 085 8015)  a minimum of one day prior to needing the service, to be collected at a local pick up point.


Local hotels and guest houses can take up membership which will allow them to book the service on behalf of their guests. It is also planned that the Chepstow Tourist Information office will also have the facility to book the service for visitors to the area.


It is also hoped that a bus turning area can be provided at the Railway Station in Chepstow, which would allow a direct rail/bus connection to the bus station in Chepstow, but no detailed plans are yet available for this.


The ‘Grass Routes’ service has already started in Monmouth and should be extended to Tintern and Chepstow sometime in the Autumn, so we can watch developments with interest.


In the meantime it is planned to trial a ‘Park and Ride’ service for Tintern, operating from Chepstow racecourse at the end of July which should help ease some of the parking pressures in the Village.


Please let your Community Councillors hear your views on the services as they develop.










For our July meeting we were back in the Village Hall.  We heard how the Air ambulance Service operates. They fly people to hospital as quickly as possible and this service is especially valuable when people in remote areas are involved in accidents. This Air Ambulance is funded solely by donations from the public and though there are many volunteers helping to raise funds the money to pay for the helicopters, pilots and other staff is not easy to find.  We found the talk very interesting and informative.


Our next meeting is on Monday 21st August at 2.30pm. at the Old Station for our Garden Party.  If it should rain we will meet at the Village Hall


If you are interested in joining WI do come along to our meeting and you will be made very welcome.      







On Friday evening  21st July  the annual VPA Garden Party  was held at the home of Mina Vanderveere at Quinton’s Quest  Trellech Road.   The weather could not have been better;  it was a perfect evening  to enjoy  Mina’s hospitality,  good company and a lovely garden.


The next meeting  is the  Annual Show  on Saturday 19th August  in the Village Hall.  Tables and staging  will be prepared  on Friday evening  and the Hall will be open from  9.00 am  on Saturday morning.  Entries  must be staged by 11.45 am  ready for judging from 12.00  (all entries to be grown or made by the competitor).   Entries should be notified (using the forms already provided with the schedule) to Mrs C Bradshaw ,  10 Parva Springs  (Tel. 689877)  by  midday on Wednesday  16th  August.   Items donated as prizes for the raffle  can also be left at 10 Parva Springs. Entries for the tallest sunflower will be measured  on Thursday  17th August.  (For additional copies of the schedule and entry form telephone  the number above).


From September we will have meetings in the Village Hall  once per month at 7.30 pm.  On 15th September  Mr D Collett will be giving a talk on “Growing and Showing Vegetables”.  (He will be on television on 20/08/06  7.30 pm , not sure which channel).







A Letter to the People of Tintern


I would like to take this opportunity to explain my concerns for our community and why I went to the press sometime ago about the lack of focus by TCC and MCC on the challenges that we have here regarding parking, pavements, tourism and the roads.

I have been here in the parish since 1993 and set up business in Tintern in 1997. I rebuilt Abbey Lodge (Imagination) to house my design studio and gallery. In recent times I built the café opposite which is now run by Tony and Bridgit as Ginger Blue. I love Tintern, it is beautiful and has amazing facilities.

Why then when ever I have asked TCC to sort out some of the challenges is the stock answer that there is no money? Recently I sat and watched as a local girl sailed through the air having been hit by a car outside the surgery, although the girl was to blame, she didn’t look, the junction is plainly dangerous. Traffic needs to be slowed.

Several cars have spun off the road in the wet due to poor road surface and lack of safety barriers. Why O why do we value humans so low that we do nothing to sort out the problems?

We all pay council tax and the Abbey brings huge amounts of revenue and those of us in business pay our share, so where is all this money going?

We desperately need a Community Council who are not prepared to take no for an answer. I realise that there has been a survey to find out the obvious (quite frankly) and I am told things are happening behind the scenes but I am also told that I cannot be told what is happening behind the scenes. This frankly is quite mad as we should have openness to what is going on from our representatives on Tintern Community Council. Just why do things have to be secretive?

Some years ago MCC bought the land up the road from the George to make into a car park. Just how many years do we have to wait? How long will it take to have a pavement that runs the entire length of the village? None of these problems are insurmountable but TCC has failed to deliver results to date, this has to change.

Finally! There is always great debate about Tintern and what it is. It is a Tourist area, it is a place people come to live in to have peace and quiet and it is a place where business provides local employment to lubricate the system. It would be great if we were able to influence where Tintern goes to make it work for all of us. I believe that totally possible with a Community Council that includes and debates the issues openly and is not afraid to stand up to MCC.

I would like to help and make sure Tintern goes in a direction that works for most of us, it is a fabulous place.


With kindest regard, Andi Francis.








Personal Notices


Wanted: house to buy or some land for an eco build.


We are a professional young couple looking for a house or land to buy in the

Tintern area. We are currently living in Brockweir and loving this paradise

on earth! We'll consider anything but ideally we look for an open south-west aspect

and views. Minimum 2 beds. Alternatively, if we find the right space, we want to undertake an eco-build.


Please contact Piers on 07886101446 if you have any ideas.

Thank you


Change of Address: Parva Ltd. Due to the success of  Christoper Klinkert’s business at the Tintern Garage over the first 12 months, he has outgrown the Tintern Garage  premises and has now taken over the site at Coltharts, St Arvans.


Mrs. Bailey – Happy 80th Birthday – 27th July. 


Friends of Tintern send Dorothy Michael and Margery Matthews get well wishes.


More volunteers are required to help with the cleaning rota for the Church. Contact Sue Ball/Janet Hill/Hermoine Ford.


Tintern Village Events


Wednesday 9th August - Bingo in the Anchor – 7.30pm

Saturday 19th August – Village Hall VPA Annual Show – from 9.00am

Monday 21st August at 2.30pm. WI - Old Station Garden Party.  If  raining Village Hall

Sunday 10th September – Race Night 7.30pm Royal George Hotel

Friday 15th September – VPA – 7.30pm – Village Hall

Sunday 10th December 6.30pm – Christmas Lights Switch On at the Royal George Hotel

Monday 11th December, 12 noon – Old Folks Christmas Party at the Anchor Hotel.


Catbrook Village Events


August 4th-6th - Art for Africa Exhibition in the Hall.  Open Friday 6-9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 6 p.m.  Refreshments available.  Plant & Cake Stalls plus others.
Friday 29th September - Whist Drive.

Saturday 30th September - Italian Wine Tasting Evening and Supper.
Friday 6th October - Film Night - The Constant Gardener.
Saturday 21st October - High Jinx Theatre Evening. Friday 3rd November - Film Night - Walk the Line.
Friday 24th November - ArtsVariety Show featuring Frank Hennessy & Friends.
Saturday 9th December - Dougie Watts Singing Duo - back by popular demand.
A Coffee Morning is held in the hall every third Tuesday of the month commencing at 10.30 am.  Everyone welcome.
Yoga Classes held every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning.  Call Ruth Routh on 01600- 860648 for details.
Whist Drives:-
Friday 29th September
Friday 15th and 29th December
For details of all other events or to hire the hall contact Betty Maloney on 01600-860548.


Items for the Newsletter


Items for the Tintern Newsletter from home or abroad can be sent by email to delivered to Wye Barn, Tintern, or tel 01291 689456.


Please ensure that items for the September edition of the Newsletter are received by 28th August.


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