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Produced by the Friends of Tintern – July 2006




Carers and the Cared for in Monmouthshire

As a carer for my autistic son, running an art gallery and trying to make a living from both painting and secretarial work, it's quite a busy life.  If there are carers in the Tintern area or disabled people in receipt of Monmouthshire Council services - this applies to children as well as adults - did you know that you can opt for Direct Payments?
This is not the "direct payment" phrase used by the DWP to get you to change your method of benefit payments into a bank account, but a legal requirement for all councils in England and Wales to allow care users to handle the whole or part of their budget themselves.  
It means that you can have your needs assessed by your social worker, a budget is then drawn up from your care plan and provided you set up a separate bank account for your Direct Payment, the council can provide you with the funds to buy your own care.  Usually this is paid on a monthly basis.  Not everyone wants to do this, but in the busy times in which we now live, it certainly cuts down on the bureaucracy of dealing with large council departments just to get some personal help and in the case of people with a mental illness, it avoids a constant change in council supplied personnel that can prove confusing.   You can now opt to recruit your own helpers and pay them yourself from the funds in your Direct Payment account.  
The pages of Tintern News are not big enough to explain the whole process, but if you would like to know more, there is an active group of carers and users set up in the area.  Known as InGroup DP (Monmouthshire Involvement Group - Direct Payments) we meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss issues relating to Direct Payments.  Most of the time, the users know more about the process than the social workers.  We gather together to provide each other with information, followed by discussion, then agreement on how we proceed in order to action our needs, and often our rights.  We are completely independent of both the council and the DWP.  We are just ordinary people having to cope with an extraordinary life by silently caring for others.  Or, we are people with physical and learning difficulties who have to rely on the help of others in order to live.  Direct Payment funding can really make a difference to your independence.  The next meeting of the group will be held at Bulwark Community Centre, Bulwark, Chepstow on Wednesday 12th July 2006 at 11.30am sharp.  Wheelchair access and free parking available.  
If you are in receipt of care, or if you look after someone who needs care, why not come along and find out about Direct Payments and how it might simplify your life?


For further information, contact Sue Wooding on 01600 710048. (MR)







There is a vacancy for a


Community Councillor




 Tintern Parva


If you are interested in joining the existing council which provides an important service to the community and would like more information contact the council clerk,

Roger Hopson on 625833 or write to;


 3 The Row, St. Arvans, Chepstow, NP16 6EP


Please contact the clerk by the

14th July








Sally, Ned, Coco and Cosette, the Abbey Passage Farm donkeys, would like me to tell you how much they have enjoyed meeting so many of you on their walks round the village.  And how they appreciated that so many of you even knew their names. You must all be reading your Tintern News!


Many of you have also asked why we take them for walks so often. It’s mainly because they pester us to be taken out!  They love meeting people and their favourite walk is ‘round the village’.


Of course, we also needed to know how Coco and Cosette would respond to traffic.  Coco it turns out seems very used to roads and to walking well on a leader. We guess she is just very grateful that she isn’t expected to be carrying a vast load as well. Cosette was very frightened at first. She had obviously never been out on a road before. But she very quickly got used to it and now is at the front of the queue for a trip out! She still gets frightened easily.. so if you are driving past us she will be grateful if you could go slowly.  I think that view is echoed by us all in the village.


We have now all been on some much longer walks – a round trip along the railway line towards Chepstow, back past the climbing routes and the radio aerial and down along the middle track All four donkeys loved it and wandered along after us without leaders – only occasionally misbehaving by taking an overlong grazing break! Recently we took them on the circular route to Brockweir and back past HAPPA. Cosie managed the road with very little problem- so we are progressing well.


We also have two more visitors to the farm. Many of you have seen the two horses on the river bank near Abbey Field and have asked their names They are Horace and Grey  and they have asked me to say how happy they are to be here after being a bit short of grass in their own paddock.


The hay will soon be cut.  It has caught up with the late start and should be a fine crop once again.


Please don’t forget everyone that there is always an open invite for groups to visit Abbey Passage Farm by appointment. For the past nine years we have been restoring the farm in partnership with Country Stewardship. As part of this commitment we have been welcoming groups of schoolchildren, artists, walkers, photographers, tourists, Meditation groups, etc.  They come to see our work coppicing and replanting of the hedges, our encouraging of wild flowers by double fencing the hedges and getting rid of bracken and bramble etc, our cleared woodlands with the wood anemones, bluebells and garlic in season, the barn restored to its 1893 condition …etc.  They come to paint, to walk, to see the animals, to study the fauna and flora. 


It has occurred to us that many villagers don’t know we do this. So here is the invite!!!!  


If you would like to visit the fields just phone us on 01291 689734. Leave a message if we are not in and we will ring you back.


Come and see the restoration work, walk in the woodlands, smell the meadow hay, enjoy the magnificent views, talk to the donkeys…


There are just three restrictions.

  • We prefer groups of 6 or more (bring some friends or just leave your name and phone number and we will ring back to say when a group is going).
  • The weather. Again its best to leave your number in case we need to change a date. Walking the fields really is best in the sunshine – or at least when its dry.
  • We need to find convenient dates of course. Summer evenings could be a good idea. If we are lucky we often see foxes and badgers in the early evening


Its free and fun! And your group could even feature in the next Tintern News!


(Jane Marshall – 01291 689734)


Parva Farm and Vineyard


It is another hot day in this year’s “blazing June” so I have decided to come in to

the study where it is cool and write a bit about the vineyard.


The vines are flowering now which is surprising when you think of the cold March and very wet May we had this year. I suppose the heat and lack of rain this month has helped the vines to catch up. They are certainly growing well now-we are spending all our spare moments tying them in.


In April we held our annual “Come and see the lambs” for the younger visitors but I think we had more adults than children visiting! We charged an admission this year and raised £132.00 for charity.


Welsh Wine Week at the end of May went well. As well as free wine tastings, we gave Welsh cheese tastings. This was very popular- there are some lovely Welsh cheeses around. We are going to start selling some of them in our shop.


Our Plant Exhibition has been on during June. This has been well attended with people interested in buying plants and asking advice on gardening and vine growing. We have vines for sale too.


The first two weeks of July are when we are holding our Art Exhibition this year. We will be showing works by about eight local artists in our barn. Entry is free and there are free wine tastings for all visitors!


Several groups have visited the vineyard for tours and wine tastings recently. If your group would like a tour, please contact Judith Dudley on 01291 689636.


Visitor numbers have been up this month-probably due to the good weather. Long may it continue!


Judith Dudley




On Friday 16th June we had an evening visit to the garden of Mr and Mrs Pemberton at Trostrey Lodge  near Bettwys  Newydd (open under the National Gardens scheme). The weather was very kind to us and I think we all felt priviledged  to be able to experience such a lovely garden in idyllic surroundings on a perfect evening.   


Our next meeting  on Friday 21st July is the annual Garden Party  which this year will be at the home of Mina Vanderveere at Quinton’s Quest  Trellech Road.  Arrive  between 6.00 and 6.30 pm and bring a plate of finger nibbles to share and something to drink.


The Annual Show is  on Saturday 19th August  in the Village Hall.   The hall will be open from  9.00 am  and entries  need to be staged by 11.45 am  (all entries to be grown or made by the competitor).   Entries should be notified (using the forms already provided with the schedule) to Mrs C Bradshaw ,  10 Parva Springs  (Tel. 689877)  by  midday on Wednesday  16th  August.   Entries for the tallest sunflower will be measured  on Thursday  17th August.  (For additional copies of the schedule and entry form telephone  the number above).




Sadly the weather was not kind to us for our June French Picnic.  So we met at Jean Davey’s house instead of the Old Station.  Despite the weather we enjoyed our “picnic” and there was much chatter instead of playing boule.  Our monthly walk was also called off because of rain – we’ve had so much good weather lately so how come we manage to pick the bad ones?


Our next meeting is on Monday 17th July at 2.00pm in the Village Hall.  We will be having a talk on the Air Ambulance Service, which is a charity funded service, flying people to hospital quickly after accidents. 


Three members went to Cardiff to the WI National AGM and had a very interesting day.  There are many events organised by WI throughout Gwent and outings further afield.  We also have our own college, Denman, where there are a great variety of courses held all year. 


If you have an interest in WI do come along to our meeting in July and you will be made very welcome. (CB)


Tintern Recreation Centre Management Committee – Village Hall


The 2006 Annual General Meeting of the Tintern Recreation Management Committee was held on Wednesday 17th May at 7.30pm. The following persons were voted onto the Committee (as elected Members, or as Appointed Representatives of organisations using the Centre on a regular basis.


Mrs. J. Davey; Mrs. T. Davies; Mr. T. Evans; Mrs. J. Gibbard; Mr. K. Haynes; Mr. B. Jones; Mrs. A. Newsome*; Mrs. P. O’Connor; Mrs. P. Scrivens; Mr. G. Smith; Mr. M Woodford. (* election pending).


At a Committee Meeting immediately following the AGM the following officers were appointed for 2006/2007.


Chairman: Mr. T. Evans

Hon Secretary: Mr. K. Haynes

Hon Treasurer: Mr. M. Woodford

Hon. Lettings Secretary: Mrs. P. O’Connor





Message from Rev. Nora Hill


There is currently a Communion Service at St. Michael's Tintern at 9.00am on all Sundays except for the last Sunday of the month when it is at 10.30am.


If you would like the last Sunday in the month service to revert to 9.00am or to stay at 10.30am please convey your preference to Nora on 01291 626784 or



What’s the story in Tintern Village?


It’s all things bright and beautiful at the Parva end of the Village. When driving through one morning with my three year old grandson Ryan, he was in such amazement and shouted “look Nan there’s Josie Jumps house”. For people that don’t know Josie Jump, she is from Balamory on CBeebies.


Well done Tom at the Moon & Sixpence for bringing excitement to the children.







Yellow Paint


Doesn’t the Moon & Sixpence look nice and bright? The Village needed a bit of a colour boost and brightening up.


Some people have said that they think the colour is awful, whilst others say it’s lovely and bright, so there are mixed feelings. I chose the colour, I like it and I work there. Instead of driving by and shaking your head in disgust, as one woman did, why not call in, the food is brilliant and the beer’s good.


Don’t let the colour put you off as it did one Mr.J.M. who actually bothered to send an e-mail saying that the paint must have been a job lot - (it wasn’t) – and the colour was so bad it would put him off his food, so he wouldn’t be eating here! How sad is that? I’m sure if I didn’t like the colour of a place it certainly wouldn’t stop me going there – but then we are all different aren’t we?





Caring for St. Michael’s Church, Tintern – volunteers needed


What has happened to our Church? There used to be such a thriving congregation. Now they use the Village Hall at Llandogo, not even Tintern. I have been confirmed, but my work schedule includes a Sunday so I don’t go as often as I might.


 Recently, myself, Janet Hill, Barbara Butt and Hermoine Ford worked for about 3 to 4 hours cleaning the church, IT WAS MINGING. Bat poo stains everything so badly. We scrubbed, hoovered, polished and mopped. To keep the church clean and in good condition we need help to do the cleaning. If it is done in pairs and we get enough volunteers then you will probably only have to clean once every couple of weeks. I took my own mop and bucket and a few cleaning items, as did Janet, Barbara and Hermoine.


We send a special thanks to Liz Hayward for providing us with hot water and to Craig Hayward who supplied us with a tray of steaming coffee.


So come on you people from Tintern and all those who have moved to neighbouring communities, come and give us a hand. The church is more or less up to scratch at the moment, so about an hour and a half on a regular basis would keep it that way. We need to care for this church or we may lose it.  (SBB)


TO VOLUNTEER your services to help keep the church clean and get a rota going ring Janet Hill 01291 689591 or Sue Ball 01291 689629. Or if you see Hermoine Ford or Barbara Butt let them know you want to help. Thank you.


Where do these stories come from?


Local builder David Ball was amazed to hear stories circulating that he had been banished from the site Steadholme (owned by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hayward). The truth is that Mr and Mrs Hayward are in fact extremely happy with the work carried out so far. So to put the record straight, he has not been on site lately, because of being held up by other contractors.


David A. Ball


NB: there will be an open day to view Steadholme (Ralph Arnold’s old place) in the near future – watch this space.


Personal Notices


Happy Birthday to Sally Ball, who will be 12 on the 3rd July.


Commiserations are sent to George Mayo from Whitelye upon hearing about your bicycling accident and that you have broken your leg in three places. Hopefully you will make a good and speedy recovery.


Marge Matthews is back in Neville Hall Hospital.


Congratulations to Layla (nee Hayward) and Simon who have had a baby boy recently, a first grandchild for Paul and Helen Hayward and a first great-grandchild for Ella Williams.


Congratulations to Simon and Sarah Luff upon the birth of their baby boy who weighed in at 6lb 1oz.


Tintern Village Events


Wednesday 12th July - Bingo in the Anchor – 7.30pm

July - Art Exhibition – Parva Vineyard

Monday 17th July – 2.00pm WI Village Hall

Friday 21st July – from 6.00pm VPA Annual Garden Party, Quinton’s Quest, Trellech Road

Saturday 19th August – Village Hall VPA Annual Show – from 9.00am

Sunday 10th December 6.30pm – Christmas Lights Switch On at the Royal George Hotel

Monday 11th December, 12 noon – Old Folks Christmas Party at the Anchor Hotel.


Catbrook Village Events


Saturday 24th June at 7.30 p.m. - Caldicot Male Voice Choir.  Tickets £6 per head to include supper. 
Sunday 2nd July - Car Treasure Hunt commencing at 2.30 p.m. from the hall.  £5 per car. Tea and cakes afterwards at the hall for 50p.  All welcome.
Thursday 13th July - 7.30 p.m.  The Narth Singing for FunChoir with refreshments.
Friday August 4th - Sunday 6th - Art for Africa Exhibition in the hall.  Open Friday 6-9 p.m.  Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 6 p.m.

Saturday 30th September - Italian Wine Tasting Evening and Supper.
Friday 6th October - Film Night - The Constant Gardener.
Saturday 21st October - High Jinx Theatre Evening. Friday 3rd November - Film Night - Walk the Line.
Friday 24th November - ArtsVariety Show featuring Frank Hennessy & Friends.
Saturday 9th December - Dougie Watts Singing Duo - back by popular demand.
A Coffee Morning is held in the hall every third Tuesday of the month commencing at 10.30 am.  Everyone welcome.
Yoga Classes held every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning.  Call Ruth Routh on 01600- 860648 for details.
Whist Drives:-
Friday 29th September
Friday 15th and 29th December
For details of all other events or to hire the hall contact Betty Maloney on 01600-860548.


Items for the Newsletter


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If you have had an adventure or been on holiday and would like to write about it for the newsletter please send your contributions to the above address.


Please ensure that items for the August edition of the Newsletter are received by 28th July.


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