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The Tintern News - Novemberr 2005

Sally's Flu Jab Social Event

On behalf of everyone at the surgery I would like to thank all those of you who attended for flu jabs at the village hall in October. It was a great success and we managed to complete a large number of flu vaccines in the two days. In fact, by Tuesday afternoon there was quite a party going on with tea and biscuits provided by the WI and we were almost at the point of throwing people out!

We would like to thank all the ladies of the WI who worked hard over the two days making tea and coffee. It helped to make the two days pass more pleasantly.

HOWEVER, those of you who thought that you had escaped me will have another chance to come and have your flu jab, you know it makes sense.

There will be an open session on Friday 11 November at the surgery between 4pm and 8pm. This may be the last time we are able to offer flu vaccines for this year. So if you fall into any of the categories that are recommended to have a flu vaccine please try to attend on this date.

As this has been such a success for patients and staff alike we would hope to repeat the whole procedure, tea, biscuits and all again next year and I will try and find a tee shirt to match the excellence of the one this year!


As recipients of Sally's flu jabs we would like to add our thanks and congratulations for such a good idea and for such a well organised event.

Village Questionnaire

Thank you to everyone in the Village who took the time and effort to fill in the questionnaire. There has been an overwhelming response with 180+ completed questionnaires returned. Because of this, it is taking MCC rather longer than anticipated to analyse the data, so it is not possible to arrange a date for the meeting to discuss the results at this time. We are hopeful that an open meeting will be arranged early in the New Year. Details will be posted in the usual places.

The draw for the prize will take place at the next Community Council Meeting on Monday 31st October, 2005.

P. Hopson - Clerk to the Tintern Community Council

Harvest Supper

The Village Hall Committee held a Harvest Supper on the 14th October. This was well attended by Tintern villagers and they enjoyed an excellent three course meal. The W.I. ladies assisted in the preparation and serving of the supper which consisted of soup, beef or chicken pie with new potatoes and green peas and various crumbles and cream. Terry Evans proposed the toast to the ladies who had done an excellent job in their kitchens.

Christmas Bingo

There will be a Christmas Poultry and Prize Bingo held in the Village Hall on November 30th at 7:30pm. Proceeds will go to the Village Hall fund.

Pieces From Parva Farm & Vineyard

It has been a busy summer on the farm and in the vineyard. The warm and very dry weather has meant an excellent crop of grapes - we have picked over five tonnes this year - but it has also made our springs dry up and the grass has been in short supply for the animals.

Parva Farm has featured on three television programmes this year - "Grass Roots" back in July, "The Food and Drink " programme which is showing on November 7th at 11pm and "Crash Course" which will be on later this year.

Our wines won three awards at the UK Wine of the Year Competition in June. Our Bacchus 2004 dry white won a silver award and our Rose 2003 and 2004 a bronze and a highly commended. This competition is the most prestigious in Britain and is judged by six Masters of Wine to an international standard.

Shortly after this we were delighted to have our medium white wine - Seyval Blanc/Muller Thurgau 2003 - chosen to go to Brussels for use during the British Presidency of the E.U.

At the end of August we had a visit from a lady who bought a bottle of rose wine. The next day she rang to say how much she had enjoyed it and could she bring a group of visitors next week. These visitors turned out to be the partners of the E.U. Foreign Ministers. The F.M.s were at a conference at the Celtic Manor Hotel in Newport. Their partners needed entertaining and were taken on a visit to Tintern Abbey and then came to the vineyard for a wine tasting. We were lucky it was a sunny afternoon for their visit.

Things are quieter now that the harvest is over and we have time to tidy up around the farm and prepare for winter. We've noticed that the birds seem very hungry this autumn and have eaten all the berries quickly (including lots of grapes). There will not be many holly berries left if they carry on at this rate. The migrant fieldfares arrived early this year too.

It's been a great year for fungi - they must have liked the dry summer and the warm moist weather we are having now. We have got loads of parasol mushrooms and huge horse mushrooms as well as plenty of field mushrooms to eat.

We were sad to see the Indian Golden Rain tree had been cut down - it must have been quite old. I have grown some plants from seeds collected from that tree and have them on sale at the vineyard if anyone would like to grow one in their garden.

Judith Dudley.

Road Closure

The A466 will be closed for a week from 8th November from just beyond the turn-off to St. Briavels over the Bigsweir Bridge to north of the Florence (effectively Redbrook). Tintern residents wanting to travel to Monmouth will need to go via Trellech.

Changes at the Tintern Village Web Site

The Editor of the Tintern Village Web Site, John Bathgate, and his wife, Jean, are expecting to leave the village once they are able to sell their house in Parva Springs. This has meant that John has given up the Editorship of the Village Web Site after looking after it since its beginning in 1999.

John wishes to thank all those correspondents who have enabled him to fill the site with so much information and history about the village.

It has been an interesting six years and he has learnt a lot about the village from the queries and e-mails that have come his way.

Rob Barker has taken over the job and John thanks him for keeping the site going, no doubt in a different and expanded form.

Help Needed at the Tintern News

The Tintern News is currently produced month and month about by Elspeth Reid and John Bathgate along with a few volunteers who deliver the news sheets. We are looking for someone who could replace John when he leaves the village. The work entails receiving information from contributors and putting it together on a computer using Word or a desk top publishing programme, copying the result at the Police Office and stapling the pages together. In practice it is not a very onerous job, particularly as we have now moved to a simple A4 format.

If you could help please get in touch with Elspeth Reid on 689456 or John Bathgate on 689328 for a chat about the job.

John also delivers around 60 copies in Parva Springs, the bottom of Trellech Road and the Tintern Parva end of the main street. If you could take over this or part of this work please also let us know.

Tintern Charities

The Charity provides a Christmas voucher to single ladies over 60 and to men (with their partners) over the age of 65. Recipients must have been resident in the village for at least five years. Many of our older residents already receive these vouchers but if you do not and you are in the right age group, please ring Betty Hoskins (689658) or Terry Evans (689587) and ask to be included.

To be included in this year's voucher scheme, the trustees would be pleased to hear from you as soon as possible in November.

Mariana-Art Gallery

The Mariana-Art Gallery at Abbey Lodge, Tintern will be one year old at the end of December and to celebrate, Mariana is offering customers a 20% discount off marked prices for those items displaying a gold star. This offer will only be available during the month of December 2005 - so it’s a good time to buy that special Christmas gift.

It has been a steady year in an otherwise depressed economic climate but the gallery has added some new interest and colour to the village of Tintern for locals and visitors alike. A big thank you to all those people who have visited the gallery and complimented Mariana on her varied and colourful paintings.

There’s a full programme of Watercolour Workshops and painting holidays in the Wye Valley area for 2006, details of which can be found on her re-vamped Website at Why not drop in at the Gallery in Tintern where a vast range of Mariana’s watercolour and acrylic paintings can be viewed and you can pick up a 2006 painting course and holiday brochure whilst you are browsing?

Winter opening hours are Friday 12-5, Saturday 12-5 and Sunday 11 - 5 or by appointment, by telephoning 07748 690096.

Just Before Dawn

The paperback version of 'Just Before Dawn', is in the shops (Waterstones, Ottakers, Smiths and Borders etc.,) now. It forms the second in the 'Sugar Trilogy' continuing the story of the Strong family, owners of sugar plantations in the West Indies and refineries in Bristol.

Besides the fictional characters featured throughout the trilogy, Doctor William Budd, a pioneer in the study of cholera and its causes, plays a major role. Whilst expecting my daughter many years ago, I attended a pre-natal clinic named after him. At the time I thought it was the name of some council bigwig. On more recent research I found out about his contribution to the fight against a disease caused by the infiltration of sewage into the medieval water supplies of Bristol.

'Forgotten Faces', the third of the trilogy, comes out in February in hardback. A launch party will be held at Monmouth Bookshop, wine and nibbles provided by Orion Publishing (who also publish Ian Rankin and Maeve Binchy). All will be welcome.

The Sugar Trilogy (All saga titles, including those set just after WW2) are also available from the library, the Book Club and Amazon.

I am a member of the Society of Authors, The Romantic Novelists Association, and South West Scriptwriters, give talks to libraries and societies and run a regular yearly workshop for the University of Winchester, (formerly King Alfred's College), for Caerleon Writers Holiday (held at the University of Wales Caerleon Campus), and give talks to anyone at the drop of a hat.

For the benefit of the Christmas Lights, I have six copies of Just Before Dawn, signed by author of course. Perhaps someone has an event at which they could be sold - failing that, please come knocking.

NB. They are NOT naughty!

Jean Goodhind

Closure of Village Playschool after 42 Years

This week will witness the end of an era when Brockweir Playgroup closes its doors for the last time after nearly half a century in operation. It was with great regret and sadness that the decision to close the playgroup was made due to low attendance figures this year.

Julie Moore, chair of the playgroup’s committee said, “The decision was not taken lightly, we simply do not have enough children in attendance now or in the pipeline to sustain the financial losses we are experiencing. My thanks go to the staff and committee who have worked so hard and who did all they could to promote the group and raise the necessary funds to keep it going.”

The current playgroup leader, Val Mackey, who has been with the group for 13 years, as well as the tremendous playgroup assistants who have worked with her, have had a great influence on many children living in the Brockweir, Tintern and Llandogo areas who have passed through the group. Over the years the staff have nurtured, encouraged and supported the village children during their early years and provided a vibrant and caring environment for them.

Julie Reynolds whose daughter currently attends the group said, “This is a great loss; my daughter Ursula has been so happy at the playgroup and Val and all her staff have been wonderful. We shall always remember their kindness to us and how much fun Ursula has had in the group.” Many children and their parents have very fond memories of their time at the playgroup from the nativity plays to nature walks, painting and playing and especially story time under the copper beech tree during the summer term.

The staff and committee of Brockweir Playgroup and Baby and Toddler Group would like to extend its warm thanks for everyone who has contributed to the group over the years and who have helped make it the very special place it was.

Tintern VPA

We had an excellent speaker at our meeting of the 21st October. Mr Stephen Williams talked to us about the wildlife on some of the ponds and lakes around the Ebbw Vale area. He illustrated his talk with some super slides of the birds, plants and insects he has found there. During the business part of our meeting we determined to ask Mr Williams back next year if possible.

Our next meeting is on Friday November 18th at 7:30pm when we have Mr Stan Cruse coming to talk to us about "The History and Mystery of Magic". Then in December we have our Christmas Party on the 16th.

Tintern WI

We meet on the third Monday of the month at 2.00pm in Tintern Village Hall.

We had a very creative meeting in October making Christmas cards and decorations. We all worked so hard that it gave us a good appetite for the delicious cakes served with our cup of tea.

Earlier in the month several Tintern WI members helped with providing tea or coffee and biscuits when the local Surgery held flu jab sessions in the Village Hall. The refreshments were much appreciated, and although we only charged 20p a profit of £33.69 was made.

At our monthly meeting on Monday 21st November our speaker will be Mr Rutter speaking on “A view from The Blorenge”

New members will be made very welcome so do come along and join us.

Volunteers Required

Alan Woods, who lives in Catbrook, is in the process of graduating as a Full Member of the Sports Massage Association. As part of his accreditation , he needs to complete 100 hours of massage practice away from the Course and so is looking for volunteers of all ages in the local area. No fee is payable for his services, as he is not yet fully qualified, so this is a golden opportunity for you. You will need to answer some brief questions before he can treat you, to ensure your medical suitability for massage. If you are interested in free treatment during November and December, please ring Alan on 07802-228462 to arrange a time and place in the local area.

Something to say

If you have something to publicise, tell the Tintern News. It could be as simple as something to sell or perhaps you are holding a function. Items for inclusion in the News Sheet will need to be made available by the last day of the month. The News Sheet should then be available for distribution by the 7th of the following month. Items can be left with John Bathgate, 6 Parva Springs, 689328, ( or Elspeth Reid, Wye Barn, 689456, (

On the Subject of Something To Say

I would like to thank everyone for the good wishes I have received since being appointed to my new job as a dispensing technician at Tintern Surgery. I start there on November 9th.

Tracy Davies

We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Dorothy Lawrence on Saturday 22nd October 2005. We send our condolences to Janet Hill and all her family.

Does anyone know the reason why short mat bowls did not succeed in Tintern Village Hall? It is a sport that is gaining support all over the country in many village halls.

I myself belong to five short mat bowl clubs all within ten miles of where I live in the Forest of Dean. It is quite a cheap sport to take part in most clubs, about £5 to join and a couple of quid each time you play. Although enjoyment is of course a priority, once you have learnt the game, competition is a must otherwise interest can soon be lost. This is almost true of Brockweir. Five years ago they were league bowling and boasting almost forty members but since dropping out of competition, numbers have dwindled to about a dozen. A return to competition needed here.

If bowling doesn't return to Tintern Hall, maybe those interested could try Brockweir. I believe Llanishen is soon to start a s m b c

Regards Randolph Ball, Ex Tintern Resident.


Curried Tuna

8oz tin tuna Green pepper Onion Tomatoes Mayonnaise/salad cream |Curry powder Black pepper

Pour oil off tuna and flake. Add finely chopped de-seeded tomatoes, black pepper, finely chopped pepper and onion, plus enough mayonnaise for a smooth consistency. Add curry powder to taste. Serve on bed of lettuce with cucumber/tomatoes to decorate. Serve with melba toast.

Banoffee Pie

10 digestive biscuits 4oz butter 1 can condensed milk 10 fl.oz double cream 2/3 bananas 1 0z sugar 1 tsp. Coffee (crushed down)

Boil condensed milk (unpierced) for 3 hours. (I always boil 2 or 3 at a time so I always have a can handy). This will turn it into a soft toffee. Melt the butter and stir in crushed biscuits. Flatten into a flan dish and place in the fridge or freezer to 'firm up'. Open condensed milk (carefully under a cloth) and spread over the biscuit mixture. Slice bananas and put on top to form another layer. Whip the cream, coffee and sugar until it peaks and spread on top. This pie can be frozen but is slightly gooey when de-frosted.

Tintern Village Events

Wednesday 9th November 7:30pm, Village Hall Bingo

Friday 18th November 7:30pm prompt, Village Hall, VPA meeting, talk on "The History and Mystery of Magic"

Wednesday 30th November 7:30pm, Village Hall, Christmas Poultry and Prize Bingo.

Catbrook Memorial Hall Events

Friday 4th November Film, postponed until a later date

Sunday 13th November Remembrance Day Service, 3.00 pm.

Monday 14th November WI Meeting - Hidden Chepstow, 7.45pm.

Tuesday 15th November Coffee Morning, 10:30am.

Saturday 19th November Race Night - 7.30 pm. Supper and bar

Saturday 10th December Caldicot Male Voice Choir, 7.30 pm. £6 includes sandwiches, bar provided

Monday 12th December, W.I. Christmas meeting 7:45pm

Friday 16th December, Whist Drive, 7:30pm

Sunday 18th December, Carol Service, 11 am. followed by refreshments

Friday 30th December, Whist Drive 7:30pm

New Year's Eve - Watch this space!

Ruth Routh will also be holding her Yoga Classes on Thursday mornings and Tuesday evenings in the hall. Please contact her on 01600-860648 for further information.

For further information on any of the above dates please contact either Liz on 01600-860612, Pat on 01600 860255 or Jill on 01600 860132

Hospitality in Tintern

Please consider a local venue if you are planning a meal out or arranging hospitality for a party.

The Abbey Hotel, rooms, function rooms, food, 689777

The Abbey Mills, function room, food, 689228

The Anchor, B and B, function room, food 689207

The Cherry Tree Inn, rooms, food, 689292

The Fountain Inn, rooms, food, 689303

The Moon and Sixpence, food, 689284

The Parva Farmhouse Hotel, rooms, food 689411

The Rose and Crown, B and B, food 689254

The Royal George Hotel, rooms, function rooms, food, 689205

The Wye Valley Hotel, rooms, food, 689441

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