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May 2005

Our Dangerous Road Junction

Perhaps this is the proper time to comment on the subject of a controlled junction at the Surgery and the George following the accident recently when two girls got run over. Someone said earlier in the week that they had been told that something would be done only when there was a fatality. Well luckily there wasn't, but Terry Evans, Pat O'Connor and two others were seen talking to Andy Mason at the junction on Friday morning. You probably know how scary it can be turning right in a car just there. The traffic just goes too fast. The girls probably did not stand a chance.

A rallying cry perhaps? Or comment from the Community Council? What do you think?

A Call for More Friends of Tintern

We would like to hear from anyone who is either interested in joining the Friends of Tintern Committee or those who would be willing to be called upon occasionally to help with some fund raising. For example, everything is in place to hold a cinema/film show in the Village Hall but we need someone or a group of friends who would be willing to give up a couple of evenings a year to host this event. All proceeds are going to the benefit of the Village.

Alternatively you might be willing on a 'one-off' basis to hold a bring-and-buy sale, an auction, a dance or a garage sale to raise some funds.

Whatever you can do we would like to hear from you. For more information please come to the next Friends of Tintern Meeting on Monday 16th May at the Royal George Hotel, or contact Tony Parsons 689446 or a Friends of Tintern Committee Member.

Every Christmas the cost of erecting and running the Christmas lights is paid for from funds raised over the year by running events in the Village. Tintern needs your support with ideas and help so that the lights become an annual event.

Please, please think about helping your village.


Required, interested persons to sit on the working party for the Tintern Youth Project. Contact Tony Parsons on 01291-689446 or TONY

Passes for The Abbey

Cllr Mrs J Saunders has the application forms for free Local Residents' passes for Tintern Abbey. These are available on an individual basis for those on the Tintern Community Electoral Roll, and their children. Each application must be accompanied by a passport sized photograph.

Anchor Boot Sales

Sunday 27th March Monday 28th March
Sunday 3rd April Sunday 24th April
Sunday 1st May Monday 2nd May
Sunday 29th May Monday 30th May
Sunday 5th June Sunday 19th June
Sunday 3rd July Sunday 24th July
Sunday 31st July Sunday 14th August
Sunday 28th August Monday 29th August
Sunday 11th September Sunday 18th September
Sunday 25th September

The Cherry Tree Inn

The Cherry Tree welcomes visitors old and new, as we have recently refurbished our interior into comfortable eating areas and alcoves. Excellent home prepared and home cooked food, using only locally produced food where possible.

The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden, which specialises in gourmet foods from Sardinia, is pleased to announce, that sales from The Village Shop in Brockweir have been most encouraging and that Brown's in Llandogo now also stock these products.

For further information please tel. Hatti Pegram 01291 689928

Community Council Meeting - February 2005

Reply from Café Mango

We have read with concern extracts from the February Minutes which appear in The Tintern news. We would like to inform the local residents that we take their concerns very seriously and have already addressed the matter of the A Boards outside the Café. We concur that in our enthusiasm we have too many and have reduced the number from five to two. With regard to the signage on the building, in appreciation of the fact that Tintern is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we did consult with the Planning Authority prior to erecting any signage and believe we are not in breach. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we will be reducing the signs to two as soon as possible. With regard to the tall sign, we believe this has been in place for a long time and we will be discussing this with our Landlord.

If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to call in and see us. We are only too pleased to discuss any issues etc.

Tony Smith & Louise Davies
Café Mango (07765 576839 email

Cafe Mango Hosts Charity Walkers

A Team of 11 walkers from Lloyds TSB Bristol has completed the Wye Valley Walk, walking approximately 40 miles to raise money for their chosen Charity for 2005 - Marie Curie Nurses. The walk, which started in Chepstow took place on the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 April.

The team named 'Blistering Feat' called at Café Mango in Tintern on Friday and Saturday for refreshments and picnic lunches and Café Mango has made a donation to the Charity.

The funds raised by the team will contribute to the Lloyds TSB national Investing in Care target to raise money to support 70 Marie Curie Nurses who provide high quality nursing totally free to cancer patients and their families, giving patients the choice of dying at home supported by their families.

Louise Davies of Café Mango said "We are delighted to support the Lloyds TSB team in their fundraising for such an excellent cause as Marie Curie Nurses. We wish them every success."

Community Council Highlights

Extracts from the Community Council Meeting March 2005

Further complaints were received concerning the high number of signs appearing around the village, which do not have planning permission. A member of the public reported that on one occasion there were 10 different signs outside the sandwich bar!

Please feel free to contact any Councillor with any issues that you feel the Council should become involved with.

The full Community Council Minutes for March 2005 are available on the Tintern Village Web Site

Tintern W.I.

We meet on the third Monday of the month, usually at 2:00pm in Tintern Village Hall. However for the next meeting on Monday May 16th we meet at 1:00pm for lunch before our AGM. On the fourth Monday of the month, weather permitting, we do a local walk to keep us fit. For our monthly meeting on Monday 20th June we will be visiting Chepstow garden Centre.

New members will be made very welcome, so do come along and join us. CB

Tintern VPA

At our last meeting of the Village Produce association, Mr Rutter talked to us about "Kilvert's Diaries". Kilvert was a Country Parson who kept a diary in the 1870s. Excerpts were read out which painted a vivid picture of life in the rural Welsh Border area. Mr Rutter also included many of his own tales of life as a rural Vicar almost a century later. He is an excellent speaker and the evening was enjoyed by all.

The next VPA meeting is on Friday 20th May when we will be visiting Penpergwym Lodge near Abergavenny. We will meet in the garden at 6:00pm. CB

An Entry from Kilvert's Diary

Sunday, Christmas Day

As I lay awake praying in the early morning I thought I heard the sound of distant bells. It was an intense frost. I sat down in my bath upon a sheet of thick ice which broke in the middle into large pieces whilst sharp points and jagged edges stuck all round the sides of the tub like chevaux de frise, not particularly comforting to the naked thighs and loins, for the keen ice cut like broken glass. The ice water stung and scorched like fire. I had to collect the floating pieces of ice and pile them on a chair before I could use a sponge and then I had to thaw the sponge in my hands for it was a mass of ice.

The morning was most brilliant. Walked to the Sunday School with Gibbons and the road sparkled with millions of rainbows, the seven colour gleaming in every glittering point of hoar frost.

The Church was very cold in spite of the two roaring stove fires. Mr V preached and went to Bettws.

Monday, 26th December

Much warmer and almost a thaw. Left Clyro at 11am.

At Chippenham my father and John were on the platform. After dinner we opened a hamper of game sent by Venables, and found a pheasant, a hare, a brace of rabbits, a brace of woodcocks and a turkey. Just like them and their constant kindness.

Sue and Dave Ball Plastered

A bit of a giggle if you like. Sue Ball has had an operation on her foot and is in plaster. All very routine but Dave had to try to go one better. On the same day he cut a tendon in his foot with a disc cutter. He ended up being operated on by the same surgeon. He came out the same day also with his leg in plaster. Of course the Insurance company thought this was a bit much and had the incidents investigated.

Sue's mum, Daisy Morgan, joined in the fun and went sick, you know she is not well when she can't get to bingo or whist.

However, Dave and his son, Steve, are joining up on July 1st to become D A Ball & Son officially.

Probably this was all too much for son Timmy, who is rumoured to be back on the ciggies.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Police this month have issued a pamphlet, titled 'Be Garden Wise' to Neighbourhood Watches. This concentrates on the outside of your house. In the main the quite lengthy pamphlet asks you to ensure that your sheds etc are sound and locked with a good quality lock well installed, that items are in some way post coded, that ornaments etc from the garden are photographed, that you should consider security lights to cover your garden area and that your walls, gates and fences are kept in good repair.

If you need advice they ask that you contact the Crime Prevention Officer at the local police station.

Catbrook Village Events Diary

(for more information contact Liz on 689861)
May 13th Film at 7.30pm "Ray".
June 12th Car Treasure Hunt.
October 14th The Night Out Evening, sponsored by the Arts Council - performed by the Bakelite Boys. "Pop goes the Century" - 100 songs from 100 years in 100 minutes.
November 19th Race Night.

Been Anywhere Good Lately?

Texas. Not many people give it any thought as a holiday destination but it has been our holiday of choice now for twenty four years. We first visited America in 1980 and on that trip met some Texans and have been seeing them ever since.

For us, visits nowadays involve a ten hour plane trip to Dallas followed by a two hour drive to Tyler, Texas, a prosperous town of some one hundred thousand people situated in the heart of East Texas. The countryside around is pretty. It is not the desert country of West Texas two days away to the west. It is heavily tree covered with small fields and a visit in April allows you to see the riot of colour along every roadside from the Texas wild flowers.

Our recent trip got us into Dallas to be greeted by a very pleasant Immigration Officer who seemed genuinely pleased that we were visiting. Not the sort of greeting you tend to read about in the newspapers nowadays. It helps to fly American, America starts when you get on the plane and the number of "aliens" in the plane is quite small helping to reduce any queue at Immigration.

Getting the rental car was interesting. We went through the bureaucracy and were then told to go and pick up any car we fancied in the line of compacts. Presumably the gate man recorded which actual vehicle we drove away.

A first requirement if visiting Tyler is to stop at Terrell and raid the liquor store. Tyler is "dry", no alcohol in the shops, though we found that many more restaurants in the town now serve wine or G & Ts so long as you join the "Club".

We spent time in Tyler with our friends and also went south to the Gulf Coast to catch up with our friend's parents. In Tyler we visited the usual museums etc and we looked over a "dream house" that had been constructed as a prize for a TV show. It was built on the edge of Lake Tyler and was definitely up to Hollywood standards. We decided that we would be happiest just living in the boat house which had all the facilities required.

Texans are the friendliest of people and will love your accent. They also have a sense of humour. The following notice was on the wall of the gents at the Air Museum at Tyler Pound Airfield. "All aircrew with low manifold pressure or short defuelling probes, please taxi in close. The next guy may not have a seaplane rating"

Our day near the Gulf Coast was spent on a small ranch in the company of a flock of peacocks that decided that they would try to take the car to pieces. Food was cooked of course on the bar- b-que, and we had one meal on the river bank of the Carancuah in the evening sun. I was invited on a snake hunt which took place from the safety of a "four wheeler". We men found no snakes but did frighten the thistles as we dug up the four we found on our wanderings. However as we rejoined the ladies at the lake, they immediately pointed out the snake swimming in the lake. An instant round from the shotgun finished the moccasin.

Driving in Texas is a pleasure, the roads are superb once you have got past highway 360 south coming out of Dallas-Fort Worth airport. We even had a free fifteen minute car ferry crossing from Galveston Island to Point Bolivar as the authorities consider the ferry operation to be part of the road network.

At the end of our holiday we were invited to a dinner held after the farewell service for a departing Music Minister at a local Baptist Church. We learnt that after the service the congregation had presented the departing Minister with a present of a shotgun. Only in Texas!

Are there any snags to holidaying in Texas? Well, you cannot drive far without the smell of a dead skunk assailing your nose. Whatever you do, don't drive over a skunk, dead or alive, as your car will be rendered immediately useless. Don't go out to dine. Just go out to eat. Any meal started at seven will leave you on the sidewalk before eight wondering what to do now. Still, you don't get alligator tails for starters everywhere or eat at places called Armadillo Willy's. You won't lose weight in Texas as the steaks, ribs, donuts etc are irresistible.

Everything in Texas is the world's biggest. We did manage to see the world record catfish at 120 pounds swimming in a super aquarium and Tyler prides itself as the Rose Capital of the World.

We love the place. JB

Tintern Village Events Diary

April 29th to 12th May Wye Valley Crafts in the Old Station Signal Box
Most days in May, A Walk in the Woods Children's Activity, £1 per person, leaf and tree identification
May 2nd Miniature train rides at the Old Station
May 3rd and then fortnightly, Tuesday Club at the Village Hall, 2.15pm
May 11th, Second Wednesday of the month, Bingo at the Anchor 7:30pm. The Flyer at the end of the evening now pays out up to £40 for a full house.
May 13th to May 19th Sheila Harris, artists exhibition in the Old Station Signal Box
May 14th Country and Western evening. Anchor Hotel.
May 16th Tintern WI Annual General Meeting, 1:00pm for lunch
May 20th VPA garden visit to Penpergwym Lodge, Abergavenny. Meet on site at 6:00pm
May 20th to May 26th Oakwood Press exhibiting railway books etc in the Old Station Signal Box
May 22nd Macmillan Cancer Care Miles Challenge - Join a 1 mile sponsored walk at the Old Station. See miles
May 27th to June 9th Wye Valley Crafts in the Old Station Signal Box
May 28th, 29, 30th, Miniature train rides at the Old Station
May 30th to June 3rd is National BBQ Week, Come along to the Old Station to make use of the facilities
June 1st Bug Sculpturing and Hunt 10:00 - 4:00 for children £5.95 Organised by the AONB office.
June 2, June 3rd "Dream Catcher and Craft Making Days" 11:00 - 4:00 £2 by the Monmouthshire Youth Service
June 20th Tintern WI visit to Chepstow garden Centre.

This Month's Favourite Recipe

Gooseberry Cobbler (from the Victorian Sampler Tea Room in Eureka Springs, Arkansas)

4 cups gooseberries three quarters cup sugar
half cup milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoons butter
1 cup self raising flour
quarter teaspoon salt

Place the berries in a 9x13 inch dish and mix the next six ingredients into a batter and pour over gooseberries. It will be rather thick.

three quarters cup sugar
quarter teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon cornflour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup boiling water

Mix topping ingredients and sprinkle over batter. Pour boiling water over all the dry topping. Bake for 45 minutes at 375F. Serve warm with ice cream. Delicious.

Red Cross Services

The following Red Cross Services are available in south east Wales. You can contact the British Red Cross on 01633-267131 or at 35 Stow Park Circle, Newport, NP20 4HF,

If you have something to publicise please consider using the Tintern News. It could be as simple as something to sell or perhaps you are holding a function. Items for inclusion in the News will need to be available by the last day of the month. The News should then be available for distribution by the 7th of the following month.

Items can be left at the Cherry Tree shop, the Police Office, with John Bathgate 689328 6 Parva Springs (e-mail to or with Elspeth Reid 689456 Wye Barn (e-mail to

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