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March 2001


A very successful club weekend was held on 20/21st January. On the Saturday we divided those wishing to play into seven teams of three. Over the whole day this was whittled down to two semi-finals and then the Grand Final. Everyone enjoyed the day and had time off to go home for lunch, walk the dogs etc. Between the semi-finals and the Final, tea was served with the sandwiches and cakes provided by the ladies of the Club, for which many thanks, it was an excellent tea!
The Final was between Barbara Morgan's team; Barbara, Joyce McKay and Arthur Cale, and Tony Durrant's team; Tony, Alan Ward and Frances Discombe. Barbara's team won.
Many congratulations to them. They went home with the Challenge Millennium Trophies. Last year's winners were presented with a bud vase (this was only for the year 2000).

On the Sunday about 30 of us, players and 'other halves', met in the Bar at the Beaufort Hotel, for a New Year luncheon. It was a very pleasant gathering and, judging by the chatter around us, was greatly enjoyed by everyone. We all retired to watch the Final of the World Professional Bowls on T.V!

Having read this, perhaps some of you would like to come and try the game. It is not just an old person's game. If you watched on TV recently you will have seen a number of young people playing; in fact the winner was aged 27. We play on Monday evenings in the MacKenzie Hall from 7.30pm to 10.00pm and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Thursdays. Occasionally we have friendly matches with other Clubs.

For further information please contact Tony Durrant (Chairman) on 01594 530311, Ann Lawson (Secretary) on 01291 689791 or Tom Hughes (Club Captain) on 01594 530011(evenings). There are club bowls you can learn with and thick socks will do instead of bowls shoes until you know you are hooked!

Ann Lawson


This month we have had 3 matches, a 3-1 home victory against Abergavenny 'B', a humiliating 0-4 home defeat by Cwmbran and a 2-2 draw away at Abergavenny 'A'.

The league season has now ended with us in a mid-table position. This is fairly satisfactory for a fledgling club and gives us a platform to build on for the next year.

The club will now go into semi-hibernation until the Autumn. Players wishing for friendly games or consideration for the team should contact me on (01291) 689435.

David Roberts.


At this month's meeting , held on Monday 19th February at the Village Hall, Helen & Belinda, experts in Old Maps, brought some of the Tintern Area maps for members to see. Members looked earnestly at boundaries making sure that nobody was encroaching on their land, otherwise it could be spades at dawn!

Helen gave an interesting insight into the history of map making. The first maps were of South East England to record the areas the French might have invaded. It was amazing the detail shown in these early maps, the Churches and Chapels and other buildings no longer there.

The next meeting of Tintern W.I. will be on 19th March at 2.00pm in the Village Hall. Our speaker this month will be Susan Amos talking about "Life with 4 Children in Afghanistan".

Jean Davey.


On 1st February this year, the Rose & Crown was forced to close as Dave Stafford, along with Ben, the dog, were advised to evacuate the premises and close for trading for the foreseeable future. It all started on the previous Saturday when Dave noticed that mud and small rocks were trickling down into the 'pond' area of the premises.
He was immediately worried that this would endanger life and limb if progression continued at this rate and contacted the Council on an emergency number they had provided. Having answered several questions in the affirmative, he was assured that someone would be sent out immediately. That was 3pm, Saturday 27th January and at the time of writing the only person to have visited from the Council has been the Environment representative who was called out at the insistence of Cllr. Dawn Floyd (thank you, Dawn!) on Monday 5th February.

On Monday 29th January, further mud and boulders had slipped into the area and the bank had dropped a noticeable distance of a couple of feet at the rear of the property causing great concern to Dave. He contacted the various relevant parties affiliated to 'Innspired' who sent their surveyor out that afternoon. On inspection the surveyor immediately contacted engineers to come and examine the problem the following day. All the while, further land was coming down and the slip becoming an increasing risk.
On first inspection the engineers hoped that by removing the trees and surface soil back to bare rock they would be able to solve the problem. However, on closer inspection they decided that this would literally only 'scrape the surface' of the problem and were exceedingly concerned for the safety of not only Dave and the general public but also the building. Had the decision been theirs, they would have advised him to move out there and then.

After further inspection by various parties, it was the decision, on 1st February, that the premises be evacuated until repairs had been carried out and the rock secured. After, as is his customary fashion, serving lunch to his last customers for the time being, Dave hung up his apron and prepared to move out. He was just in the throes of cashing-up for the day when an almighty blast was heard and the building shook. The first of many trees had crashed into the pond and outbuilding smashing windows and causing extensive damage. Needless to say, had he been able to leap over the bar Dave would have! He certainly wasted no time at all in leaving the premises.

Since that day, much more has come down in the way of trees, mud and rocks and the premises have been closed. Dave has removed many of his personal possessions including his much-prized collection of Rugby memorabilia and moved into temporary accommodation until such time as it is safe to return. The engineers have said that it may well be a month before the work commences and a further 3/4 months after that date before they will be in a position to declare the building safe and then Dave must begin the arduous task of rebuilding the trade and reputation that he has worked so tirelessly to build up in the last 21 months.

Unfortunately, the British climate being what it is, further problems have now arisen. As if the mud and rubble weren't enough, Dave recently returned to the premises on one of his daily visits to discover the kitchen and Games Room under more than 2 inches of very smelly, muddy water - it simply has nowhere to drain, now the trees and soil have all dropped and the pond filled up. Most of the stock has been safely re-housed and all electrical appliances moved to safer areas or turned off at source.

All those who know Dave or who have visited the Rose & Crown in the past 21 months will know how hard he worked to turn around this village pub, put it firmly back on the map and make it a place for all the family. Even the dog was made welcome! Dave worked tirelessly to earn the respect of the local youth and provide them with what they wanted from their local pub.
He built up an extensive food menu which brought people from afar a field as the Heads of the Valleys, Swindon, Nottingham and London for meals on a regular basis, the sizzling steaks a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike. Having spent time improving the letting accommodation in time for this year's season, he was inundated with bookings for B & B. Dave worked hard over the last 13 months to make the Rose & Crown a live music venue to be rivalled in the area, playing host to a wide range of different artists and groups each week. The Rose & Crown, under Dave's ever-watchful eye, offered something for everyone and it is a tremendous shame to see all his hard work forced to come to such a cruel, albeit temporary, end.

Dave has asked that his thanks be passed on to all those people who have offered their support and assistance during this time in particular to Stan and Sylvia of Tintern Stores, Cllr. Dawn Floyd, members of the Rose & Crown Quiz Team, who have soldiered on in spite of loosing their 'home', and special thanks to Alan and Barbara Butt of the Anchor Hotel for not only taking on Music Nights (albeit temporararily) but for re-homing his quiz team for the rest of the season.

It is hoped that the Rose & Crown will reopen for business in the near future and Dave looks forward to welcoming customers new and old through his doors once more. "The Tintern Independent" will of course keep you updated with regular progress reports and bring you news of the reopening.


The Anchor Hotel is playing host to a variety of live musical performers on Saturday Nights when space and time allows. Alan and Barbara have said that due to the hosting of various functions etc. they cannot commit themselves to having bands every week but will endeavour to host as many as possible.

Alan would like to stress that he is only holding these Music Nights as he was inundated with requests following the recent closure of the Rose & Crown and says that when Dave Stafford reopens the Rose & Crown he will hand the reins back.

The Anchor look forward to your support on these occasions and The Tintern Independent will list the artists booked via the 'Events Diary' on the back page.


Following the report in last month's issue that the Rural Neighbourhood Watch has obtained a grant towards the purchase of the above for certain persons in the area, we have been advised that this is due to start in the near future.

The Chepstow and District Partnership Against Crime have asked that all residents CHECK THE IDENTITY CARDS of any person claiming to want to carry out work or enter your property.

Genuine workmen will expect you to check their identity card and should you have ANY DOUBTS AT ALL ask them to wait whilst you contact either their company or the Police to check they are who they say. If still unsure ask them to leave and come back on another day when you can arrange to have company.

Whilst with you we have arranged for the Bobby Scheme representative to carry out a FREE security check on your property. This is a service that should give you additional peace of mind but will only be carried out with your agreement.

A. Parsons, Neighbourhood Watch


The title of Archbishop Rowan Williams' talk 'Can You Think About Politics?' was, as he himself admitted, slightly misleading. The emphasis was on the word 'Think' and not, as some may have presumed, the word 'Politics', and the thinking was that of the 19th Century German philosopher, G.W.F. Hegel, in a most profound, totally absorbing talk (even those sitting on hard benches forgot their discomfort).
Dr Williams made understandable the complex theory of Hegel's ideal society. It begins with the Family expressing their own, often selfish, needs; proceeds towards a Civil Society which reluctantly, because of the law, recognises the needs of others; and culminates in the 'State', or 'Commonwealth' as Dr. Williams preferred, which reflects the ultimate form of human togetherness ie. accepting that one's own good is bound up with everyone else's.

It all became quite clear and logical, and if it appears to be an unattainable goal, Dr. Williams' manner suggested he believed it was one worth striving towards.

Dr. Williams needed little persuasion to address the circle again and this, if his busy itinerary permits, will be some time in the Autumn.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th March, 7.30pm at the Cherry Tree Inn. The speaker will be Mr. Tom Anderson, long associate of the Swindon Philosophy Circle, whose talk is entitled "Wirtgenstein's Desert Island Discs"


Present:          Cllr. B Young, Chairman

Cllr. P. O'Connor, Vice Chairman
Cllr. D. Floyd
Cllr. J Prewitt
Cllr. J Saunders
Mrs Christine Knapman, Clerk

Apologies: Cllr. T Evans,
Cllr. C. McEwen,

Notes from the Minutes of the January meeting, which was held on 26th January 2001. A full copy can be seen on all six of the Public Notice Boards throughout the Village.

1 Chairman's Announcements
The Chairman welcomed the new Clerk and expressed his thanks to retiring Clerk, Mrs S. Hillard, to whom he will be writing on behalf of the Council. He also welcomed new Councillor, Dawn Floyd.

2. Co-option to Casual Vacancy Tintern Parva
Cllr. J Saunders asked for it to be established that the required notices of a vacancy had been displayed and if not, this was to be carried out.

3. Communal Bins
The Clerk reported that she had arranged a site visit to discuss the issues with MCC Officer Carl Jones and asked if any of the Councillors wished to attend. Cllr. J Saunders offered to come to the site meeting.

4. Tintern Angling Club
The Council noted a response from MCC Land Drainage Officer confirming that the Angiddy came under his jurisdiction and was not a main river. The Council agreed that a further letter be sent to the Angling Club regarding the lowering of the ponds.

5. Sawmills Car Park
It was noted that MCC had received a donation from the film company (Quirky Productions) who had been using this as a location and written asking how TCC would like this used. It was agreed that the Abbey Lighting project was appropriate or car park signage. The Clerk to write advising

6. Llandogo School
Cllr. P. O'Connor gave a brief report on behalf of Cllr. McEwen. The Governors were meeting on 6th February. The Victorian Music Hall had been delightful. The Head Teacher had been happy with the publicity for the school. Cllr. J. Saunders noted that there had been more.

7. The Wharf
The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Cornhill about a surveyor making an inspection of the site and advising the Council of its requirements regarding signage, risk assessment, public liability cover levels etc. but this request had been declined. Instead written details and photographs had been requested. The Clerk would pursue the matter and report progress at the next meeting.

8. Echoes in the Stones
The Echoes in the Stones car park arrangements worked out fairly well with the guiding of vehicles helping to keep things organised. Money handed over was used for a donation of 1,000 for village use. The donation was dispersed via subsidising of a first aid course for 10 villagers, 200 to the Football Club and several smaller sums to other organisations.

9. Road Closure
Cllr. D Floyd reported on complaints about the A466 closure causing loss of visitors and effects on Tintern businesses due to lack of clear explanatory notices. She also raised the problem of speeding through the village and asked what traffic calming measures were being taken.

Should you need to get in touch with Tintern Community Council, please contact the Clerk to the Council, Mrs Christine Knapman, Old Brewery House, Redbrook, NP25 4LU (01600- 713819).

Anyone wishing to bring matters to the attention of the Community Council should attend the Meeting at the Village Hall. Please arrive by 7.30pm, as these matters must be discussed before the meeting officially commences.


Mondays: Brockweir Bowls Club 7.30pm-10.00pm MacKenzie Hall, Brockweir

Tuesdays: Football Training 7.00pm-8.00pm Chepstow Leisure Centre
The Tuesday Club (fortnightly) 2.30pm The Village Hall

Wednesdays: Tintern Chess Club 7.00-10.00pm The Anchor Hotel

Thursdays: Brockweir Bowls Club 2.30pm-4.30pm MacKenzie Hall, Brockweir

Fridays: Church Lads & Church Girls Brigade 6.30pm Moravian Hall, Brockweir

3rd March: "Lesley Ryan" From 9.00pm Fantastic Female Vocalist The Anchor Hotel

10th March: "Mad Dave's Disco" From 9.00pm Hits from the 70's on The Anchor Hotel

16th March: Tintern V.P.A 7.30pm The Village Hall

17th March: St. Patrick's Day Dinner/Dance (Ticket only) The Anchor Hotel

19th March: Tintern W.I. 2.30pm Life with 4 Children in Afghanistan The Village Hall

20th March: Tintern Philosophy Circle 7.30pm Speaker - Mr. Tom Anderson The Cherry Tree Inn

23rd March: Tintern Community Council 7.30pm The Village Hall

Please let me have anything for inclusion in our April issue by 25th March. Items/articles can be left for my attention at Tintern Stores; I can be contacted on (01291) 629571 (phone or fax) or alternatively, E-Mail me (Eleanor @




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Saturday, 17th March 2001

Dinner/Dance (Ticket Only) at The Anchor Hotel, Tintern

For availability/cost please contact Alan or Barbara 689207