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The Tuesday Club Year - 1995

Having primed ourselves for the rigours of January with a splendid Christmas Lunch at the Beechwood Restaurant in Dean (which we enjoyed so much that we booked next year's lunch over our coffee!), we moved firmly into the New Year. Well, fairly firmly, we are no spring chickens.

At the beginning of January one of our members suggested that as we all had homes and families, it might be a good thing if we held a special raffle in aid of the homeless. So we did just that and sent a donation to the Salvation Army, who seem to help everyone without prejudice.

Several of our members have suffered the usual wintry ailments, but survived. Mrs Pat Robinson, still recovering from an operation on her knee, has moved into a Quayside bungalow next door to Mrs Dorothy Lawrence and to Miss Marjorie Thomas. A Tuesday Club takeover?

Yet again we are holding a pre-Easter Bingo on the Wednesday before Easter. That's April 12th at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. We have many faithful supporters but would be glad to welcome more.
We do enjoy our days out - but coach hire is very expensive these days and without your help with our fund-raising, we really couldn't afford them. There are some lovely prizes! End of commercial!!!


Since our last report, we have had an outing to the Beechwood Restaurant in the Forest of Dean for an exceptionally nice lunch, followed by a trip to see the wild daffodil fields and woods around Kempley. It was a beautifully sunny afternoon and we all thought it was one of our most delightful outings.

We have enjoyed celebrating Mrs Dorothy Lawrence's 80th birthday recently, with bubbly drinks and two homemade cakes and the appropriate song beautifully rendered.

A fortnight after this, we held our fund-raising Easter Bingo. This was a great success in spite of it being such a beautiful evening that we feared no-one would want to spend it indoors.
We took 223.62! When we subtracted 74 for bingo prizes, (the draw prizes were all donated), the rent for the hall (5) and 5 for the use of the bingo machine, we were left with the princely sum of 136.62.
We thank all of you who came for your great support. I do aplogise for not thanking our faithful helpers, Mrs Enid Williams, Mrs Jean Carter, Mrs Marjorie Matthews, Mrs Ruby Mason and Mrs Doris Knight, with special thanks to Mrs Daisy Morgan who organises the whole thing.
I did start to thank them, but as I rose to do so, two teenage girls immediately in front of me turned to glare at me with expressions of such outraged disbelief, like a pair of gorgons, that I turned to stone and was forced to sit down! So now, thank you all very much for your help.

We hope to go to Barnsley Court Gardens in the Cotswolds very soon, later to Bourton on the water and Weston Super Mare on September 6th.


In May, on a pleasantly warm sunny day, before everything started to look like the Sahara, we took a trip to Barnsley Court Gardens in the Cotswolds. It was looking lovely, although not quite as amazingly spick and span as it used to. Then we had a W.I. tea in Ampney Crucis, always a pleasant way to round off an outing.

At the beginning of August we had our Annual Day at Weston Super Mare. I missed the trip because of illness, but was amazed to hear of the great ladybird attack! Obviously, this was no joke and the beastly things were all over everyone and in their hair and actually bit!
I hear that the children all had a lovely time but the combination of great heat and ladybirds must have been unpleasant for everyone else.

We have another outing on September 6th, touring round the black and white timbered villages of Hereford and Worcestershire which should be lovely.

Poor Mrs Pat Robinson, having had operations on both knees, fell on leaving the hospital and had to go back for another operation. We are all sorry to hear about this, but glad to hear that she is now back with her daughter and making a steady recovery.

Very suddenly, in June, the Tuesday Club heard of the death of our longtime member and friend, Enid Williams. She was one of our youngest members and we were all shocked and saddened to hear of her death. The Tuesday Club misses her sadly and we send all our sympathy to her family.