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The Tuesday Club Year - 1993

Though no one could be grateful for the floods of this Winter and the misery they brought, at our last meeting we were all delighted by the charming refurbishment of the Green Room and Kitchen in the Village Hall. As someone remarked of the Green Room, "It's like a pretty sitting room".

While we were barred from the Village Hall, Mrs Marjorie Kerr and Mrs Doris Knight nobly invited us to their homes - in fact we went three times to the Cherry Tree! We are most grateful to them, and to their families for putting up with the uproar (21 of us all talking at once!).

To celebrate our return to the Hall, Julian showed us his film of the Island of Nevis. We stumbled out into the dark and the mud and rocks, warmed by visions of blue skies and seas and dazzling palm-fringed shores.

However Spring is here and we look forward to our Easter Bingo, an outing to Cheltenham after Easter, and to the Summer.

The Tuesday Club was saddened by three funerals in March. First that of Mrs Stella Williams, a founder member and with us for many years; then that of Mr Colin Morgan, the husband of our member Mrs Daisy Morgan, and thirdly that of Mrs Ivy Matthews, a member for some years before she went into hospital. We send our sympathy to all of their families.

Jo Arnatt

Not a Summer memorable for its blazing sunshine this one. Fortunately, not all of it was as dreadful as the day we went to Hillcourt Gardens.
It rained on the way there but when we arrived it came down in tankfuls! We gave up and went shopping and had an excellent W.I. tea at Tutshill.

In June, Miss Judith Russill talked to the Club on the history of some family names in Tintern and brought along a fascinating collection of documents about this area. We all hope she will come again.

In July, Miss Doreen Heath brought her huge and remarkable collection of local postcards. We hope too that she will bring them back - no-one had time to look at them all.

Mrs Daisy Morgan organised a Bingo in aid of the Club during July, what would we do without her?

Then we had a day at the seaside, Weston wasn't hot, but it was sunny.

The following month, we went to Llancaiach Fawr - a lovely Tudor house near Nelson, Mid Glamorgan. We toured the house and found it delightful, but the cream tea was a major disaster! The scone was fine, the jam was in a nasty little plastic packet but the cream was lavish; the tea itself was frightful. One girl and a machine with 45 paper beakers each with a small teabag clipped to it with a strip of metal, plus a spoonful of dried milk in the bottom, into which the machine poored, very slowly, hot (I'd swear not boiling) water. Terrible!

We were lucky enough to manage to have tea in Mrs Kathleen William's garden, Mrs Doris Knight's garden and my garden. Their gardens are so lovely that Keith and I have to work like slaves to get ours up to scratch.

We also celebrated Mrs Rose Jone's birthday in my garden with a sunny day and two cakes!

We are going to tour Simmonds Cider factory and Winery in October. A great deal of tasting is sure to be done, but at least we don't have to drive home.

Jo Arnatt