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The Tuesday Club Year - 1991

After the Christmas Dinner we settled down to slog our way through January and February, and very unpleasant they were.

Mr and Mrs Frank Lawrence have each been in hospital for a short while but happily are both home and recovered. Others of us have had various flus and snuffles but have survived and we look forward to Spring.
We are organising a Grand Bingo Evening on March 27th and hope for support in raising funds for the Club. (Times is hard!)

Two members were absent at the last meeting for a very special reason. They had gone to Buckingham Palace!
Des and Jean Carter had gone to collect Des' M.B.E. We are very proud of him, and feel there couldn't be a more deserving or nicer M.B.E.

On a sad note, we were sorry to hear of the death of Mr Bert Crum of Treleck, before his long illness a very popular member of the Club for many years. We send our sympathy to Mrs Crum and hope to see her again soon.

After a dismally cold Winter and a decidely chilly Spring we can at last start planning to get out and about.
Tea in sunny gardens and an outing or so, lovely!

The outings will be largely possible because of Mrs Daisy Morgan's hard work and expertise in organizing our prize Bingo in March and the splendid support by the village.
Our grateful thanks to Daisy, to all our helpers and to everyone who came.

The Club has been fortunate in its speakers over the last two months. Mr Geoff Shewell talked to us about his and his wife's holiday in Iceland. Mr Shewell has talked to us before and is always a mine of fascinating information on those very exotic places. We're all glad to hear that he is recovering well from his recent illness.
Mr Des Carter talked about his work with the Church Lad's Brigade and was as always, interesting and amusing. Then when we were all thoroughly fed up with the weather, Mrs Molly Ash showed us slides of her lovely sunny holiday in Australia and made us all green with envy.
Thank you to all our speakers for taking so much time and trouble for us.

The Club was happy to welcome recently a new member, Mrs Marjorie Kerr.

Sadly, Mrs Hetherington, a longstanding and valued member, much missed when she moved to London, died in March.

"Tea in sunny gardens and an outing or two" I happily anticipated in the last report from the Club. Sunny outings we've managed but not once have the sunny afternoons and the Club Meetings coincided. Well, we can still hope.

Friends from Tintern and Llandogo joined us on our June outing to Teignmouth. The weather was lovely, and was the journey through Somerset and Devon, and Teignmouth itself was charming. Several of us paddled intrepidly in the icy sea but nobody swam!

For a good many years now our friends from Llandogo have been joining us on our outings and it was very pleasant for a group of us to join the recently formed Llandogo Over Sixties Club on their outing to Longleat on a beautiful sunny day.
Two things will stick firmly in my memory of this outing. First, the fact that the gorillas, necessarily quarantined on an island, were provided with a television set to alleviate their boredom. Then, when reception proved poor, were given a satellite dish and now happily watch films all day! Well they swore it was fact and we did see the dish. Best of all though was the expression of rapt astonishment on the face of Mrs Maggie Bennett's baby boy when he first spotted a giraffe!
Unfortunately all this was missed by Mrs Jean Carter, confined to her bed in this long awaited warm weather by a badly broken ankle. We all sympathise and wish her a speedy recovery and hope she'll be able to join in our Mystery Trip (not on the stairs this time!) in September.

Miss Marjorie Thomas has moved house and can now stroll to the Club in two minutes.
Mrs Pat Robinson has joined recently and is a welcome addition to our ranks.

Unhappily in July the Club had a sad loss in the death of Mr Geoff Shewell, always our kindest and most helpful of friends. Our deep sympathy goes out to Margaret and her family.


In September our Mystery Trip took us for a ride on the charming Brecon Mountain Railway (not as some feared a tour of Merthyr Tydfil, Pearl of the South), and then on to a W.I. tea at Bettws Newydd.
In October we took a chance and decided to have a final outing for the year to admire the Autumn colours on the 30th. On the 29th it rained, hailed, blew and it did on the 31st. But miraculously on the 30th it was a flawlessly beautiful Autumn day and we sailed through the Forest in our comfortable coach, high enough to see over the hedges, and the colours were magnificent. We stopped to see "The Cathedral of the Forest" and finished with tea in that pretty village Frampton on Severn.

As a last fling before 1992 hits us, we look forward to our Christmas Dinner at Abbey Mill.

Alas, this summer Mrs Rose Jones, who has been our Treasurer for nearly ten years and largely responsible for organising our outings decided it was time to resign. Naturally we didn't take this lying down: we tried persuasion, coercion and even bribery - but she was adamant. We can't thank her enough for all her work. Quietly and unobtrusively competent and hard working, without fuss, she made it all seem so simple, but we know better and are deeply grateful.
It is our good fortune that Mrs Jean Carter (thankfully now much better after her nasty accident) has agreed to take over the post from Rose.


1991 ended with our Christmas Feast at The Abbey Mill. the food was splendid, and the gathering, which included member's families and good friends of the Club, was very good company.
Mrs Rose Jones was presented with a small gift from the Club to thank her for all her sterling work as Treasurer