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The Tuesday Club Year - 1990

The weather was unkind to us on our first outing of this summer. We went to Weston Super Mare where the wind was so strong that smaller members were in some danger of being blown right off the front. Nevertheless, sandblasted and crammed with ozone, we enjoyed ourselves.

For two of our meetings (both held at Glyn Farm, Llandogo, where the bottom of the garden was shady and cooled by the Cleddon Shoots), we had splendid reasons for celebrating, first a ninetieth birthday and second a Golden Wedding.

Mr Frank Lawrence was in fine form for his birthday and we all enjoyed the lovely cake one of our members had baked and decorated. We look forward to his ninety-first!

The next meeting celebrated the Rector and Mrs Thomas' fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, again with a lovely Tuesday Club cake on a suitably golden afternoon. We hope the weather will be as fine for their Diamond Wedding.

Two weeks later we met in Mr and Mrs Bert William's immaculate garden for a third sunny meeting and another cake.

At our Annual Meeting we sent our sympathy and get well wishes to Mr Sid Jones whom we missed very much at the meeting.
I am forced to admit that at this meeting also a georgeous cake got short shrift! This is not doing our waistlines any good at all.

Earlier this year we were all sorry to hear of the death of former member Mr George Glass, who with his wife, Eileen , had left Tintern to live at Thornbury.
More recently we were shocked and sad to learn of the very sudden death, in Yorkshire, of Mrs Paddy Howes. Paddy ran the Tuesday Club from shortly after its inception for seven years, and we all missed her lively energetic and warm personality when she left.
The Club sends its deepest sympathy to Mrs Glass and Mr Howes.

After our busy summer, things have quietened a little. However in October we enjoyed a splendid Mystery Trip all over the Cotswolds - to Burford and Bibury and through so many little villages, in one of which, Ampney Crucis, we had a cream tea and then back home by such a circuitous that the organisers were as much mystified as everyone else. At one point we feared that the driver was lost too, and that at what time, if ever, we should get home was the biggest mystery of all!
Also in October we celebrated Miss Marjorie Thomas' birthday with a party. (She was of course, twenty one).
We look forward to our Christmas party, this year at Abbey Mill in Tintern on December 18th.

After such a lively year it is all the sadder to have to record the great loss to our Club recently with the death of Mr Sid Jones.
We all loved Sid, his great kindness, friendliness and wry humour were so much a part of our meetings that they won't feel complete without him.
We are comforted by Rose's continued presence and know that she is aware of our sorrow and sympathy, and hope that she feels our support.

This year we held our Christmas Dinner at the Abbey Mill. It was a bitterly cold night but we had a very warm welcome. For some of us it was our first visit and we were delighted with the pretty rooms and the charming decorations.
The meal was really delicious and we were looked after most kindly.