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The Tuesday Club Year - 1988

Lost Friends

Remembering Mrs Lucie Mackie.
Sadly the day on which Mrs Rose Jones and I had visited Mrs Mackie in hospital, we heard that she had died.
Lucy had been a member from the very beginning of the Tuesday Club. She very rarely missed a meeting and joined in everything.
I think that the picture that many of us will remember best, is of her wearing a very elegant costume and hat which she had made herself, bowling along on the carnival float.
We shall all miss her very much.


Weather Forecast for 1988

The Yearly Cycle

January's freezing
February's breezing,
March is always teasing, what a pain;
April showers are sweet;
May, it can't be beat
In June, with all its heat, we pray for rain;
July, the weather's hot,
August starts the rot,
But September's got the lot, such a strain;
October winds are blowing;
November fires are glowing;
And December's always snowing. Start again.

Jeremy Le Poidevin


No outings at this time of year so we rely upon our speakers to brighten wintry days.
We have been lucky to have Mr Eric Heath with slides of his holiday in Thailand, all lovely and tropical and colourful and warm.
Then two charming policemen from Chepstow gave us tips on how not to be burgled. (The criminal types among us are working on how to use these tips to their advantage).
Mr and Mrs Sid Jones showed us beautiful slides of their sundrenched(!) Scottish holidays and Mrs Knight, a welcome guest from Llandogo, talked to us about her wartime experiences nursing in Birmingham. She conveyed marvellously those grim, frightening and sometimes hilarious times. We hope she will come and talk to us again soon.

We hope that Mrs Edith Thomas and Mrs Enid Williams will soon be well enough to join us once again at the Club.

Yellow River

As I watched the end of the Duck Race near the Moon and Sixpence a lady passing through stopped and came over to me. She was wondering what all the crowds were doing and asked "What is all the yellow in the river?". When I replied "It's ducks" she must have thought she had met the village idiot!
I went on to tell her they were the plastic variety and all about our annual race. She was most intrigued - she had assumed someone must have been picking all the daffodils!!
Strangely enough at Brockweir Bridge a couple from Marlow had been equally curious and impressed. They were going home to suggest a similar race.
Our annual event certainly attracts visitors and inhabitants alike.
Long may it continue. RMJ

Our members at the meetings have been depleted by the very nasty flu virus which has struck down so many in this area during the spring. Fortunately they have all recovered and the virus has gone somehwere else, we hope.
Mr Bill Spary and Mrs Dorothy Lawrence have both been in hospital and we all hope that they continue their steady recovery.
We were delighted to welcome two new members, Mrs Daisy Morgan and Mrs Margaret Shewell.
Mrs Marjorie Reed is moving to Llandogo but assures us that she will still be coming to the Club. Just as well, we would miss her and her husband Joe very much.
Preparations (on a slightly smaller scale, a truck rather than a lorry) for the Carnival are under way, though we shall miss the enthusiastic help of our driver, Mr Ian Harrison and his wife and two sons this year.
Roll on Summer! Jo Arnatt

The Tuesday Club and the Chairs

Recently a kind benefactor gave to the Village Hall some very comfortable padded chairs with arm rests. These were particularly welcomed by the Tuesday Club, whose elderly bones found that they made a great difference to their comfort.
However, the Village Hall Committee has decreed that the new chairs are to be kept in the large hall and not in the Green Room.
This seems pointless as the large hall is very seldom used and the Green Room is in constant use. Worse, it means that I, as Organiser, have to move all the large tables out of the Green Room when I arrive, I also have to take out twenty five of the old chairs and move in twenty five of the new. Then I have to repeat the whole process when we leave! Of course, some of the members offer to help but they really shouldn't.
In consequence, the lovely comfy chairs sit empty in the large hall and we all sit on the hard old ones.
I'm sure that this was not what the kind lady who gave them to the village intended and I hope that the Chairman (no pun intended) will take pity on the older villagers and their organiser, who is no chicken, and remove this ban.


30th July 1988

May the sky be shiney blue,
May the sun look down on you
As the floats come rolling through
For Carnival

When the kids have had their fun
When the prizes have been won
Let us think of work well done
For Carnival

Wet and nasty though this Summer has been, the Club has managed to have some lovely days out in the sun.
In June we all went to Glyn Farm, Llandogo, where we all had to retire gasping to the shade!
In August we had our meeting in Mr and Mrs Knight's spectacularly pretty garden at the Cherry Tree (I swear we were all sober when we left).
In September we had an outing to Weston Super Mare with our friends from Tintern and Llandogo and again struck lucky! It was a beautiful hot sunny day with a good breeze to make it perfect.
And of course, the Carnival. At 12.30pm on that Saturday afternoon I sat in my car and watched our poor float battered by gale force winds and torrential rain under black skies and like a great many other hearts in the village, mine sank. But amazingly, by 1.30 there we all were in out togas, wreathed in smiles and laurel, sailing along in our float in the sunshine.

A lovely afternoon and a successful one as we shared a prize with Richard (Wolf) Chuter. We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Shewell for lending us the float, helping to decorate it and lending us the tractor (Roman driver also supplied) and keeping it protected during that storm. The float might have looked more like a Roman bath than a Roman Orgy otherwise.
Our thanks to the Organisers of the Carnival for giving us so much fun.

Three of our members have been in hospital, Mrs Nora Hodge, Mr George Glass and Mr Bill Spary but all are home now and we wish them well. Mrs Dorothy Lawrence is on the mend and we look forward to having her back at the Club as soon as possible.


On October 19th there was a trip to Bourton on the Water followed by tea with the W.I. at Woodchester.

We are hoping to squeeze in another outing before the Autumn is over and before Christmas looms over us. Perhaps we really will have an Indian Summer.


The Tuesday Club with members of their families and friends enjoyed a delicious Christmas Dinner at the Wye Valley Hotel this year.