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The Tuesday Club Year - 1986


On the 22nd April 1986 the Tuesday Club decided that it was Spring at last and held its first outing of the year.
Rose and Sid and Mr and Mrs Wiggins had done the reconnaissance and took us and our friends from Tintern, Trellech and Llandogo to Kempley in the Forest of Dean.
Here we visited two beautiful little churches, but what I think we will all remember most fondly were the daffodils. Wild daffodils. In the hedges, on the banks, in the fields and, most spectacularly of all, carpeting the woods.
The sun shone, the countryside was beautiful, the company was charming, and we had an excellent tea with the Newent W.I.
A splendid outing, the first of many this year, we hope!

The Carnival part 1

When I went to the first Carnival Committee Meeting a procession of floats was suggested and just about every organisation in the village was to be asked to contribute a float EXCEPT the Tuesday Club!
That did it! That put us on our mettle!

From then on a small band of Tuesday Clubbers really threw themselves into it and everyone helped in some way.
Mrs Thomas found us a "nice big lorry" in Llandogo (which proved to be COLOSSAL) whose generous owner and family also joined in enthusiastically.
Mr and Mrs Sid Jones performed miracles of organisation and carpentry (such as nailing the chairs to the lorry to prevent us being hurled overboard) and we had actually to limit the number who wanted to ride on the float.
Dress rehearsals and paper flower making parties were held and finally on that damp and dismal Saturday morning at 8 am we started to decorate our huge lorry.
It was hard work. Apart from Tuesday Club members, Mr and Mrs Sid Jones, Mrs Doris Knight, Miss Marjorie Thomas and myself slaving away, we had invaluable help from Mr Joe Rhead and Mr Doug Knight (even a nice strong visitor of Mrs Knight's was roped in!) Mr Keith Arnatt, Mr Bryan Jones, Miss Katie Arnatt and friend helped with the "erecting". I really don't think we could have done without them.

Then, back home to change, a quick assembly and photographs (Mr Arnatt) in the Forestry Yard and all aboard, hanging on to our hats.
And the sun came out.
The rest of the afternoon was perfect, warm and sunny. We all enjoyed the parade and the Carnival and finally the day was crowned for us by winning the Shield for the Best Decorated Float. We glowed inside our costumes with heat and triumph.

A Footnote Recently a friend of mine organising a carnival in a nearby village invited the local W.I. to enter a float. They politely refused because, they said, "Some of our members are rather elderly".
"Just wait", said my friend "Just wait till I tell them about the Tuesday Club".


The Carnival part 2

The morning of the 26th July 1986 was cold, with drizzle falling, although the forecast was for fine weather later. Would Tintern's first carnival for nearly ten years be a wash out or would the forecast, for once, be correct?
Well as you all know, the afternoon was perfect, and, as well as enjoying ourselves, we raised enough money to be able to donate a total of 180 to twelve village organisations whilst retaining nearly 500 for funding future events.
The floats and the walker's costumes were simply magnificent. Thanks must go to the judges who had the unenviable task of sorting out the prize winners - Dr Patrick Heron, Mrs Marlene Rastell and our rector elect Rev.Julian White.
It is a pity that all the entrants could not have won a prize as the standard throughout was so high.
We are already thinking about next year's Carnival. Hot Air Balloon? Helicopters? Well maybe not next year! But certainly a proper carnival Queen!
Meanwhile, don't forget the Hallowe'en Barn Dance, primarily for the grown-ups, to be held in the Village Hall on the 31st of October. Admission by ticket only, licence already obtained. At Christmas we are organising an event for the children.


The Carnival part 3

Winning the Shield

26th July 1986

A Carnival there was to be
Can we enter? We must see
What all the members have to say
About joining in the fun that day.

Many agreed. - A lorry was got
Big enough to take the lot.

"A Garden Party"? All said "Yes
We'll be there in by-gone dress".
Much work was done to make the Show.
The day arrived - we had to go.

As through the village we traversed
The wind blew hard, we feared the worst.
Would pretty hats all soar on high
With all our flowers to fill the Wye?

Our luck held good, we reached the start
All full of hope and light of heart.
We saw all the other floats so gay
It really couldn't be our day.
No matter, we would have our fun
Waving and laughing in the sun.

We waited as the Judges spoke
All quiet and still, just tired old folk
And then we'd won - a cheer rang out
Our tiredness banished - there's no doubt.

We'd all enjoyed our lorry view
And, no, we were not sat on glue!!
Our thanks to friends who helped us so
On that wet morning to reach the show.



Tuesday Club members had a pleasant meeting, in lovely sunshine (after a damp morning), on the lawn at the Hospice by the kind invitation of Mrs Muriel Davies.
The Carnival was recalled with pleasure and arrangements were made for the Annual Meeting. It was decided to combine this with a little celebration to mark opur "Victory". Cakes were promised for the occasion by Mrs Woolfson, Mrs M Jones and Mrs Knight.


After the Summer excitement of the Carnival, outings and tea in member's gardens, the Club has settled back into its Autumn routine of the usual pleasant meetings. A great deal of friendly chat, some interesting speakers, cups of tea and a game of bingo with old friends keep us humming along.
Now, of course, we're revving up for our Christmas Party in December and hoping that the weather will stay kind. Not that we'd let the weather keep us from our party!

The Christmas Party

The Annual Christmas Party, organised by Mrs Jo Arnatt assisted by members, was held in the Village Hall.
Attendance was affected by illness but all who were able to be there had a very enjoyable evening. We were pleased to welcome, albeit for a brief visit, our new Rector, the Rev Julian White. Other guests were Messrs Doug Knight and Joe Rhead two of our friends who did such valiant work for us in July (Carnival), and Mrs Peggy Davies who, with her Old Folks Committee, had given us a Christmas Party for so many years.
Entertainment was provided by members of the Caldicot Operatic society - less in number, again through illness - who gave excellent renderings of Christmas music finishing with carols in which we all joined.
Our proud moment came when our own Rev W R Thomas was asked to go to the microphone and lead the whole party in the last carol. Needless to say the result was very good.
Once again our thanks to Gerry, Rene and Katie who worked so hard to make the evening a success, not forgetting Jo who still cheerfully copes with her old folks despite the many demands placed upon her. Special thanks also to Mr and Mrs Howard and Richard the Milk for their gifts for our "feast".


The Christmas Meal Menu 1986

Sherry to start:

Ham - Tongue
Various Salads
Rolls and Butter
Hot Mashed Potatoes will be served

Apple Tart and Cream
Lemon Meringue Tart
Chocolate and Orange Gateau
Fruit Salad (no sugar)
Chocolate Milk Jelly

Biscuits and Cheese

Pomagne or Fruit Juice

Later : Mince Pies, Tea or Coffee