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The Tuesday Club Year - 1984


Will the sun shine? Will it rain?
The Tuesday Club's in luck again!
Warmed by the sun we climbed aboard
And off our chatty coach load roared.
Out on lovely Gwent we gazed
High above the hedgerows raised.
Sheltered from the North Wind's chills
Meandered through the gentle hills.

Once in Skenfrith tourists, we
Fell upon the sights to see
Church and Castle, Water Mill
And when we had had our fill
Gently turned our thoughts to tea
With pastries at the Priory.

And I, for one, gained from this day
Memories of a golden May


Jo Arnatt, The Boss


In August our intrepid band
Decided to forsake the land,
And off to Gloucester Docks we sped.
Where, some with pleasure, some with dread,
We saw our fragile vessel moored.
With brawny chaps to help us board,
Soon underway our party sailed
Down the canal with cooling breeze (and beer) regaled.
Past gentle country gently floated we
To charming Frampton, and delicious tea.


November saw us through the Forest wind
In faithful coach all mistily enshrined,
From which we watched the georgeous trees glide by,
Arrayed in splendour to delight the eye.
Then, lest we these admire ad nauseam,
We took ourselves to Dean's muse-a-um!!

Christmas and Our Tenth Birthday Party

A friendly fun-packed evening - delicious eats - age completely forgotten!
Thanks to Barbara, Rene, Gerry and Katie, not forgetting pianist Adrian too.
Why weren't we recruited to his choir?