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The Tuesday Club Year - 1983

Farewell Party

Members of the Tuesday Club gave a farewell party for their organiser Mrs Paddy Howes who has left the village to live in retirement in North Yorkshire. She has been with the club for eight years and has seen it grow from thirteen members when she took over to thirty now.
Mrs Jones recalled the early days of the club; six founder members are left, and on their behalf she wished Mr and Mrs Howes a long and happy retirement, and thanked Mrs Howes for all she had done for the club through the years.
Mr Boast expressed thanks and good wishes on behalf of the present club members.

Members of the W.I. and Residents Association joined the party. Toasts were drunk and the Rector on behalf of three organisations, presented Mr and Mrs Howes with a brass ship's bell. Mr Howes replied for them both.


The Tuesday Club met in the village hall and welcomed their new organiser, Mrs Jo Arnatt. She discussed the running of the club with the members and it was decided to keep the club as informal as possible and to have a small committee to help with the work involved.
Mrs M Jones, Mr W Boast and Mrs R Jones (Treasurer) agreed to serve. Meetings to be held fortnightly as before.

In May we went to Chepstow to see the Crossway production of "Hello Dolly" with Jill Rogers in one of the leading parts. A very enjoyable evening.
Several speakers have entertained the club on subjects as far ranged as "The Life of a Policeman in the War" (Mr F Kelly), "Old Chepstow" (Mr Warren), "Morocco" (Mr Narbett), "Forest of Dean" (Mr Wiggins), "Preserving Leaves and Flowers" (Mrs Rolls), "Painting on Fabric" (Mrs Kear), "Tapes of Forest and Cotswold Dialects" (Mr Wiggins and Mrs Arnatt), and talks and entertainment by our own members, Ken James and Wally Boast. It is hoped that more members will take up the challenge and have a go.
Three of our members are octogenarians and very active too. In February we had a birthday party for Mrs Alice Lane. In May Mr Reg Lane added another year and although he was away on the day he was not forgotten. Our third member, Mr Frank Lawrence has to wait a little longer. Birthday cakes (on behalf of the club) were made by Margaret Jones and Marjorie Thomas, both members and excellent cooks.
We are delighted that Mrs Alice Lane has made such a wonderful recovery after her accident and operation and is able to be back with us again.
We hope Mr Ralph Hodges, a former member, will soon feel able to come back again.
At the beginning of April the Rector retired. We are delighted that both he and Mrs Thomas are to continue to come to the club, they have been members for many years.
Finally our thanks to "Jo" our Organiser, for bringing her own brand of cheerfulness to us each meeting, whatever the weather, and for all the hard work put in to make the club a success.


Trips Out

The Club hasn't wasted a moment of this lovely summer. We have been out and about almost enough to satisfy our energetic members! And, as usual the weather has smiled on our outings.
In June Mr Wiggins conducted us on a tour of the Forest of Dean which he knows so well and made delightful for us.

The next week we all lazed in Mr and Mrs Reg Lane's pretty garden at Abbey Farm.

Abbey Farm
Mrs Cath Williams invited us to her garden in July - another beautiful hot day. None of us were fooled by Mr Williams - it was quite obvious that at least six other gardeners helped to keep his garden in its immaculate condition!
The week after that another lovely mystery trip organised by Mrs Rose Jones (with help, so he claims, from Sid) whisked us to Castle Combe and Lacock in brilliant sunshine.
In October Mrs Rose Jones organised a trip to Caldicot to see "Rosemarie". We were much impressed by the spectacular costumes.

Other Events

Over the past few months among our speakers at meetings have been several of our own members. These brave souls were Mrs Woolfson, Mr Ken James, Mr Wally Boast, Revd W R Thomas and a founder member, Mr Frank Kelley. Our own members continue to provide delicious refreshments fortnightly.
Mr Frank Lawrence celebrated his 83rd birthday with the Tuesday Club at the beginning of August when we all drank bubbly and ate a birthday cake made by Mrs Jo Arnatt.
In September Mrs Lyn Crum's daughter Glynis is to talk to us on her stay in the Sudan.
Our Annual Meeting was held at the railway station, when Mrs Lyn Crum joined our small committee of Mrs R Jones, (Treasurer), Mrs M Jones, Mrs Arnatt and Mr Wally Boast. Our Treasurer reported that the Club's finances were in a very comfortable state. We welcomed a new member, Mrs Edna Baynton.
All through the year our members have provided delicious refreshments for our meetings.
After my first year as Organiser - a job which I undertook with great doubt and alarm. I must thank my thirty-four friends for doing all the work and making it all such fun.
Jo Arnatt

Can This Camera Lie?

During the past year the activities of the Tuesday Club have been faithfully recorded, with excellent results, by a member with his camera. Does he realise what he is doing to the ladies? We always thought we had worn the best (we still do) but surely the camera must lie. The wretched men are positively good-looking, almost film stars, and we - well! Can it be a conspiracy? Anyway we will continue to grin and bear it - our scrap book will be the best ever - thanks to you Harold.

The Christmas Dinner

Members of the Tuesday Club held their Annual Christmas Dinner in the Village Hall. This was a huge success and a very enjoyable time was had by all.
The meal, three courses, was arranged by Mrs Jo Arnatt helped by six Club members.
The room was tastefully decorated by "the men". Our friends Mesdames B Preece, G Hubbard, R Breenan and Miss Katie Arnatt acted as waitresses for the evening. Our grateful thanks to them all.
Mrs R Brennan supervised the games, which were hilarious, helped by Mrs M Lawrence, pianist.
The evening concluded with carol singing led by Mr R Hodges at the piano. Everyone sang lustily, we were a credit to him. Finally, quite exhausted, we all had coffee and mince pies before leaving for home.
Once again, "thanks Jo"