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The Tuesday Club Year - 2000

February 2000

Tuesday Clubbers have recovered from Christmas and are looking forward to Spring. We all feel more cheerful now that flowers are once again blooming in woods and gardens. Most of our ailments have cleared up. If anyone would like to join us for tea, a natter and bingo, please do.

Jean Davey 689212

May 2000

Members were all saddened by Rose Jone's death. We shall all miss her very much. Especially her words of wisdom and her views on life. Rose was the first person to speak to me when I moved to Tintern. She took me under her wing and introduced me around, including the Tuesday Club. We spent some afternoons together when we would decide how we would put the world to rights if we were in charge. I shall miss her very much. Jean Davey

The Easter Bingo was a great success, about 70 was made for funds. It was great to see so many young people there and that they won so many prizes.

Thanks to everybody who helped, especially Daisy Morgan (what would we do without her), Betty and her helpers in the kitchen and of course Terry Evans and the Bingo machine. A special thank you to Shane Luff, Sam Walker, Paul Browning, Kay Browning and Verity Smith from Llandogo who helped to put the tables and chairs away at the end. We couldn't have managed without them.

Thanks to all who came. It was a good evening in spite of the weather.


August 2000

Members were saddened to hear about Margaret Shewell's fall and hope she will soon be back with us. Welcome back Bill. We are glad you have moved to Tintern.

Jean Davey

November 2000

Members are still missing Kathleen Williams and Margaret Shewell from their ranks. We hope they will be back soon.

We are also looking forward to our Christmas Lunch at the Abbey Mill.

Jean Davey