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These burial records have been supplied by Adrian Smith from the Memorial Book held at St Michael's Church








This document lists, in alphabetical order, all entries in the Book of Remembrance, compiled from the Records of Burials dating from 1813 for Tintern Parva, and from 1880 for Chapel Hill.

Revised and updated July 2001

ADAMS, Alice Grace, 5th November, 1890

ADAMS, Elizabeth Elsie, 24th June, 1926

ADDIS, Alfred, 2nd March, 1931

ADDIS, Bertram George, 12th November, 1966

ADDIS, George Edward, 29th November, 1983

ADDIS, Sarah Ann, 27th August, 1965

AIRD, Charles Frederick, 27th May, 1922

ALLEN, Albert Edward, 25th February, 1988

ALLEN, Doreen Marjorie, 28th May, 1964

ALLEN, Frederick Thomas, 4th January, 1991

ALLEN, Gwendoline, 27th November, 1965

ALLEN, Henry James, 23rd December, 1971

ALLEN, Hezekiah Emmanuel, 12th October, 1985

ALLEN, Hilda Margaret, 6th November, 1981

ALLEN, Jemima, 11th August, 1836

ALLEN, John, 20th February, 1838

ALLEN, Tom, 23rd December, 1926

ALLEN, William, 22nd July, 1945

AMPHLETT, Hubert, 23rd December, 1877

ANDREWS, Frances Elizabeth, 5th May, 1903

ANDREWS, Onslow, 6th May, 1889

ANTHONY, Mary Elizabeth, 14th January, 1870

ANTHONY, (Baby), 4th January, 1874

ANTHONY, Emily, 26th December, 1869

ANTHONY, Jane, 2nd February, 1924

ARNOLD, George Henry, 3rd June, 1999

ASH, Reginald Leslie, 9th March, 2001

AUDLAND, Frederick Gordon, 3rd November, 1864

AUDLAND, Jane Damaris, 10th October, 1865

AUDLAND, Mary, 19th November, 1864

AUSTEN, Edwin William, 12th March, 1963

AUSTIN, Ernest Albert, 21st January, 1940

AXWORTHY, Mary, 18th April, 1925

AXWORTHY, Mary, 25th October, 1951

AXWORTHY, Ray William, 31st March, 1935

AXWORTHY, Samuel, 29th January, 1917



BAILEY, Harry, 25th February, 1971

BAILEY, Harry Howard, 3rd February, 1995

BAILEY, James, 30th November, 1957

BAILEY, Jessie Jane, 29th October, 1947

BAITON, Charles, 5th July, 1909

BAIRD, Iris Joan, 4th January, 2000

BAITON, Herbert Samuel Rhys, 20th May, 1907

BAITON, Kate, 5th August, 1927

BAITON, John, 7th July, 1927

BAITON, Julia, 25th March, 1931

BAITON, Mairy, 22nd August, 1906

BAITON, Marion, 19th January, 1956

BAITON, Olive May Rosetta, 1st December, 1917

BAITON, Ralph (Unbaptised), 23rd April, 1906

BAITON, Reuben, 13th January, 1960

BAITON, Richard, 8th May, 1894

BAITON, Samuel, 15th September, 1918

BAITON, Samuel, 7th April, 1962

BAITON, William, 5th June, 1936

BAKER, Amelia, 25th September, 1938

BAKER, Margaret, 8th September, 1841

BAKER, Margaret, 14th November, 1886

BAKER, Jarvis, 20th May, 1888

BAKER, John, 28th June, 1928

BAKER, William, 12th February, 1892

BALDWIN, John Lorraine, 1st December, 1896

BALL, Anthony Joseph, 15th May, 1976

BALL, Ella Eliza, 29th January, 1923

BALL, Elsie Mabel, 16th May, 1973

BALL, George Ebenezar, 16th March, 1969

BARHILL, Mary Emma, 2nd October, 1947

BARNET, Elizabeth Harriet, 2nd October, 1884

BARNETT, William, 25th May, 1901

BARRETT, Edwin, 4th June, 1843

BARTHOLOMEW, Louisa, 29th November, 1991

BARTLETT, Alice, 1st June, 1940

BARTLETT, John, 31st December, 1887

BARTLETT, Mary, 28th December, 1895

BARTLETT, Thomas, 28th January, 1931

BARTLETT, Thomas Leslie, 8th May, 1962

BARTLETT, Thomas Henry, 6th January, 1984

BARTON, Frank, 25th January, 1969

BARTON, (Unbaptised Infant), 4th January, 1908

BAYLISS, Frank, 1st April, 1953

BAYLISS, Maria, 2nd December, 1954

BAYLISS, Richard Henry, 20th June, 1922

BAYLISS, Trevor Gaskin, 22nd August, 1980

BAYNTON, Mrs G, 3rd October, 1971

BAYTON, Catherine, 2nd July, 1843

BAYTON, George, 20th February, 1941

BAYTON, Glyndwr, 11th January, 1925

BAYTON, James, 21st February, 1926

BAYTON, Linda Kathleen, 20th October, 1920

BAYTON, Lydea, 10th January, 1927

BAYTON, Sidney, 19th December, 1952

BEADLE, Mary, 12th January, 1827

BEARD, Charles, 22nd January, 1943

BEARD, Edward, 21st August, 1930

BEARD, Florence Rose, 3rd July, 1894

BEARD, Mary Jane, 29th October, 1918

BEARD, Ralph, 1st February, 1896

BEARD, Richard Lloyd Hedges, 21st January, 1900

BEARD, William Clifford, 12th June, 1894

BEETLE, Mary, 29th January, 1827

BELLAMY, Julian Andrew, 10th May, 1997

BENNETT, Rose, 7th June, 1891

BIGHAM, Amy Matilda, 13th July, 1929

BIGHAM, Annie Gladys, 5th September, 1896

BIGHAM, George, 24th March, 1906

BIGHAM, Harold William Thomas, 3rd March, 1959

BIGHAM, Lily, 29th April, 1922

BIGHAM, Mary, 7th December, 1941

BIGHAM, Mary Ann, 20th November, 1897

BIGHAM, Ronald Reginald Henry, 20th August, 1927

BIGHAM, Thomas William, 9th May, 1893

BIGHAM, William, 25th September, 1915

BIGHAM, William George, 10th February, 1934

BISHOP, Eric Donald Norman, 4th May, 1937

BISSON, Reginald Walter, 14th December, 2000

BITTLE, Luke, 7th October, 1841

BITTLE, Philip, 24th December, 1838

BLACK, Arthur, 14th September, 1869

BLACKMORE/DOBBS, Charles, 30th November, 1927

BOAST, Doris, 15th August, 1989

BOAST, Walter F., 4th January, 1987

BODENHAM, Selina, 28th February, 1883

BOWEN, Ann, 12th October, 1885

BOWEN, Eleanor, 8th January, 1904

BOWEN, Frederick, 16th September, 1926

BOWEN, John, 18th November, 1877

BOWEN, Mary, 27th March, 1882

BOWEN, William, 12th February, 1892

BOWERS, Benjamin, 12th October, 1821

BOWERS, Mary, 29th August, 1830

BREEN, James, 21st November, 1995

BRIMBLECOMB, Walter, 10th June, 1943

BROWN, Albert Victor, 28th November, 1940

BROWN, Alice, 2nd May, 1887

BROWN, Alice Maude, 6th September, 1978

BROWN, Andrew, 24th December, 1926

BROWN, Ann, 23rd October, 1827

BROWN, Ann, 1st November, 1836

BROWN, Ann, 22nd March, 1838

BROWN, Annie Elizabeth, 4th December, 1919

BROWN, Arthur, 13th October, 1943

BROWN, Bridget, 29th July, 1839

BROWN, Bridget, 4th April, 1894

BROWN, Bryan Thomas, 14th November, 1922

BROWN, Charles, 8th June, 1843

BROWN, Charles, (Rifleman, 1st Mons.) 30th June, 1916

BROWN, Edith Anna, 24th January, 1900

BROWN, Ellen, 21st September, 1929

BROWN, Ellen, 1st November, 1939

BROWN, Edwin, 8th September, 1967

BROWN, Edwin Thomas, 12th February, 1927

BROWN, Eliza, 16th December, 1869

BROWN, Eliza, 7th March, 1894

BROWN, Elizabeth, 12th February, 1826

BROWN, Elizabeth, 4th May, 1859

BROWN, Elizabeth, 13th August, 1872

BROWN, Elizabeth Ellen, 19th June, 1918

BROWN, Emily, 29th November, 1855

BROWN, Emily Leatitia, 20th March, 1962

BROWN, Emma, 2nd May, 1841

BROWN, Emma, 19th May, 1931

BROWN, Eunice, 15th November, 1924

BROWN, Florence, 14th November, 1925

BROWN, George, 23rd August, 1977

BROWN, Hannah, 27th August, 1819

BROWN, Hannah, 13th September, 1832

BROWN, Hannah, 9th April, 1843

BROWN, Hannah, 4th December, 1850

BROWN, Henry, 13th September, 1931

BROWN, Hubert, 31st January, 1965

BROWN, James, 17th June, 1817

BROWN, James, 17th May, 1829

BROWN, James, 1st October, 1860

BROWN, James, 6th December, 1874

BROWN, James, 15th November, 1902

BROWN, James Marsh, 22nd January, 1877

BROWN, Jane, 6th April, 1845

BROWN, John, 25th April, 1827

BROWN, John, 11th January, 1833

BROWN, John, 28th January, 1838

BROWN, John, 15th June, 1847

BROWN, John, 12th November, 1868

BROWN, John, 18th February, 1906

BROWN, John, 30th November, 1907

BROWN, John, 10th April, 1916

BROWN, John Rex, 12th November, 1998

BROWN, Joseph, 8th December, 1848

BROWN, Joseph, 15th March, 1868

BROWN, Lily Maud, 13th January, 1973

BROWN, Lois Ann, 4th May, 1885

BROWN, Lois Anne, 3rd April, 1835

BROWN, Lois Helen, 30th August, 1913

BROWN, Louisa, 26th September, 1906

BROWN, Malwyn Jessie, 25th January, 1943

BROWN, Maria, 21st April, 1849

BROWN, Martha, 25th May, 1845

BROWN, Martha, 3rd July, 1854

BROWN, Mary, 17th October, 1852

BROWN, Mary, 13th February, 1900

BROWN, Mary Annie, 12th November, 1922

BROWN, Paul, 23rd May, 1856

BROWN, Richard, 28th November, 1869

BROWN, Richard Henry Stanley, 15th March, 1917

BROWN, Robert Dennis, 14th February, 2000

BROWN, Sarah, 4th February, 1855

BROWN, Sarah, 15th March, 1863

BROWN, Sarah, 6th November, 1879

BROWN, Sarah, 26th November, 1895

BROWN, Sarah, 10th May, 1924

BROWN, Thomas, 1st January, 1851

BROWN, Thomas, 18th April, 1858

BROWN, Thomas, 17th February, 1867

BROWN, Walter Robert, 13th May, 1874

BROWN, William, 14th June, 1833

BROWN, William, 17th December, 1865

BROWN, William, 6th April, 1883

BROWN, William, 7th June, 1908

BROWN, William, 2nd December, 1911

BROWN, William Charles, 3rd August, 1892

BROWN, William John, 14th July, 1889

BRYAN, Thomas, 22nd December, 1818

BUCHANAN, Mary Ann, 13th January, 1918

BURGESS, Mary, 29th April, 1905

BUSHELL, Alfred, 16th April, 1920

BUTLER, Gwendoline, 31st July, 1982

BYRNE, Mary, 20th September, 1933



CAIRNCROSS, Harry James, 28th August, 1979

CAIRNCROSS, Lillian Francis, 8th January, 1972

CARPENTER, Ronald Gregory, 4th November, 1973

CARR, Peter, 18th November, 1913

CECIL, Enid Elaine, 15th May, 1952

CHAMBERLAIN, Alice, 11th June, 1928

CHAMBERLAIN, Myra, 30th June, 1960

CHAMBERLAYNE, Rose, 2nd November, 1889

CHAMBERTAIN, Edward, 10th February, 1951

CHAMBERTAIN, William John, 10th December, 1939

CHAPPELL, George John, 2nd October, 1990

CHAPPELL, Louisa, 17th December, 1871

CHARLES, Alexander, 17th September, 1840

CHARLES, Bridget, 13th May, 1836

CHARLES, Charles, 30th September, 1861

CHARLES, Elizabeth, 22nd March, 1846

CHARLES, Elizabeth, 2nd October, 1891

CHARLES, Hannah, 20th January, 1835

CHARLES, Hannah, 5th April, 1851

CHARLES, Jane, 16th February, 1867

CHARLES, Nehemiah, 7th September, 1905

CHARLES, Thomas, 30th May, 1850

CHARLES, William, 7th February, 1823

CHARLES, William, 6th April, 1883

CHARLES, William, 7th February, 1905

CHURCHER, Mary, 23rd March, 1938

CHURCHER, Philip Christopher, 6th March, 1943

CHURCHER, Philip George, 18th June, 1903

CLARK, Eleanor, 29th March, 1868

CLARKE, Gertrude Elizabeth, 5th April, 1966

COLE, Benjamin, 19th January, 1908

COLE, Thomas, 29th December, 1886

CONNOR, James, 18th August, 1824

COTTERELL, Ellen, 11th October, 1930

COY, Blanch Annie Rose, 1st January, 1898

COY, Caleb Isaac, 11th June, 1930

COY, George, 14th April, 1905

COY, Herbert Hilary, 25th May, 1915

COY, Rose, 15th May, 1947

CREED, Thomas Henry Stallard, 16th December, 1923

CRITCHLEY, Charles, 6th August, 1937

CRITCHLEY, Mary Catherine, 26th August, 1929

CROCKETT, Edwin, 3rd June, 1954

CROCKETT, Elsie, 27th June, 1928

CROCKETT, Esme, 16th March, 1929

CROCKETT, Fanny Elizabeth, 5th October, 1929

CROCKETT, Maud, 28th February, 1942

CROCKETT, Thomas, 12th June, 1888

CROSSFIELD, Ernest Morland, 23rd July, 1925

CRUTWELL, Gerald Layard, 26th April, 1958

CRUTTWELL, Clement Alfred William, 4th January, 1930

CRUTTWELL, Louisa Harriet Northey, 15th January, 1919

CUSHEN, Mary Eleanor, 17th September, 1935

CUTHBERTSON, John, 20th March, 1863

CUTLER, Gordon Garnett, 1st December, 1988

CUTLER, Rose, 21st February, 1994

CUTTWELL, Constance Mary Louisa, 28th April, 1928


DANCE, Sarah, 20th April, 1895

DANCE, William, 20th April, 1901

DANCE, William Charles, 22nd November, 1898

DASH, Alfred Henry, 25th June, 1923

DASH, Alice Matilda, 14th January, 1932

DAVIES, Anne, 29th November, 1880

DAVIES, Daisy, 24th November, 1945

DAVIES, David, 16th June, 1884

DAVIES, David, 20th October, 1885

DAVIES, Elizabeth, 26th November, 1913

DAVIES, George, 22nd July, 1908

DAVIES, Herbert Arthur, 31st August, 1903

DAVIES, Mary, 15th December, 1920

DAVIES, Helen Louisa, 21st February, 1931

DAVIES, John, 10th March, 1931

DAVIES, Mabel Brewster, 24th March, 1956

DAVIES, Mary Ann, 6th June, 1906

DAVIES, Muriel Mary, 7th June, 1989

DAVIES, Thomas Arthur, 29th September, 1965

DAVIS, David, 22nd February, 1836

DAVIS, Emma, 19th January, 1834

DAVIS, Fanny, 24th January, 1936

DAVIS, Jane, 24th February, 1835

DAVIS, Jane, 25th December, 1840

DAVIS, Sarah Ann, 18th September, 1831

DAVIS, Mary Helen, 25th September, 1881

DAVIS, Rachel, 29th August, 1828

DAVIS, Susanna, 3rd December, 1826

DAVIS, Susanna, 24th June, 1884

DAVIS, Thomas, 21st February, 1888

DAVIS, Thomas, 14th September, 1825

DAVIS, William, 6th August, 1827

DAVIS, William Albert, 20th August, 1857

DAVIS, William Andrew, 29th October, 1895

DAW, Denius, 30th October, 1895

DAW, Jane Ann, 16th October, 1903

DEAKIN, Linda Jean, 2nd January, 1997

DEAKIN, Stanley John, 9th April, 1999

DENLEY, Ralph, 3rd January, 1903

DEXTER, Kenneth Perry, 17th January, 1981

DOBBS, Bessie, 16th January, 1963

DOBBS, Charles Stanley, 7th February, 1960

DOBBS, Christopher Alexander, 14th March, 1991

DOBBS, Edith Mary Carol, 2nd November, 1921

DOBBS, Edward Percy, 20th January, 1968

DOBBS, Reginald A, 2nd February, 1983

DODD, George Henry, 3rd October, 1995

DRAPER, Francis Hastings, 14th February, 1957

DREWETT, Francis Edward, (Priest) 8th May, 1988

DREWETT, Irene Margaret, 8th May, 1988

DRISCOLL, Gertrude Annie, 14th November, 1963

DUFFIELD, Alberta Parker, 30th June, 1934

DUFFIELD, William, 21st December, 1899

DUNK, Agnes Bessie, 4th October, 1979

DUNK, Joseph, 28th April, 1967

DUNNING, Alice Amelia, 30th December, 1900

DUNNING, Charles, 4th September, 1961

DUNNING, Edward, 13th February, 1941

DUNNING, Elizabeth, 11th October, 1941

DUNNING, Margaret, 17th March, 1895

DYER, Emily, 3rd February, 1950



EDGECUMBE, Sidney James, 22nd December, 1988

EDMONDS, Henry, 5th June, 1845

EDMUNDS, Sarah, 4th December, 1849

EDWARDS, Sarah Ann, 15th February, 1885

ELLEWAY, Ann, 14th November, 1815

ELLEWAY, Elizabeth, 28th March, 1813

ELVIDGE, June Rae, 14th December, 1962

EVANS, Ann, 17th August, 1869

EVANS, Arwyn, 9th March, 1968

EVANS, George, 31st January, 1888

EVANS, George John, 15th February, 1905

EVANS, James, 16th October, 1902

EVANS, Margaret Diana, 13th March, 1993

EVANS, Thomas, 21st September, 1881

EVANS, William, 12th December, 1891

EVANS, Ellen, 19th March, 1897



FARQUHAR, Clara, 7th April, 1915

FARQUHAR, George, 21st December, 1918

FINNEMORE, Edwin, 26th October, 1955

FINNEMORE, Elizabeth Amelia, 4th January, 1947

FISHER, Amos, 13th April, 1862

FISHER, Mary, 10th April, 1819

FLASHMAN, Georgina Henrietta, 17th December, 1991

FLOWERS, Hannah, 12th April, 1896

FLOWERS, Pamela Julie, 12th June, 1984

FLOYD, Elizabeth Ellen, 19th November, 1952

FLOYD, Henry F, 26th May, 1948

FRANCES, Elizabeth, 30th May, 1824

FRANCIS, John, 2nd July, 1918

FRYER, John, 23rd November, 1908

FRYER, Lois Mary, 5th June, 1948

FRYER, Mary Bowen, 29th December, 1914

FRYER, Sarah March, 1st September, 1954

FULLIN, Adelaide, 28th February, 1903



GACON, Margaret Phyllis, 5th October, 1991

GALE, Elizabeth, 10th September, 1891

GANETT, Thomas, 6th February, 1881

GARRETT, Anne, 15th April, 1866

GARRETT, Ellen, 6th January, 1884

GARRETT, Frank, 15th January, 1888

GARRETT, John, 20th April, 1864

GEEVES, William, 6th February, 1893

GILBERT, Charlotte, 25th February, 1961

GILBERT, Henry Thomas, 7th December, 1963

GILBERT, Mary, 20th July, 1831

GILBERT, Philip, 22nd September, 1962

GILL, Harry, 8th December, 1956

GINGE, David, 19th September, 1852

GINGE, Edwin, 1st September, 1854

GIOEBEL, Adrian, 12th April, 1919

GLASCOTT, Martha, 11th November, 1883

GOODMAN, Emmeline Eliza, 10th May, 1959

GOODMAN, Walter, 13th March, 1957

GRAVES, Arthur Herbert, 5th May, 1966

GRAVES, Elizabeth Elsie, 5th May, 1966

GRAVES, Mary, 10th February, 1830

GREEN, Annie Florence, 31st January, 1929

GREENAWAY, Joseph, 11th April, 1945

GRIFFITHS, Hannah, 24th September, 1850

GRIFFITHS, Herbert Seymour, 25th April, 1928

GRIFFITHS, James, 12th August, 1852

GRIFFITHS, Mary, 19th March, 1930

GRIFFITHS, Mary Jane, 7th April, 1850

GRIFFITHS, William, 21st February, 1858

GUNTER, Edward, 17th June, 1874

GWILLIAM, David, 13th August, 1881



HALL, Bertie Percy, 9th March, 1919

HALL, James Joseph, 6th September, 1959

HALL, P. B. (Private), 5th March, 1919

HAMBURY, George, 7th December, 1824

HANZZEY, William, 26th July, 1886

HARRIS, Alice, 2nd August, 1942

HARRIS, George, 10th November, 1885

HARRIS, Isabelle, 15th April, 1899

HARRIS, Mary, 4th October, 1902

HARRIS, Mary Jane, 30th November, 1894

HARRISON, Catherine Eunice, 17th July, 1984

HARRISON, Richard Kenneth, 28th November, 1961

HARRISON, Walter, 16th December, 1972

HARRY, Annie, 29th March, 1899

HARRY, William, 2nd January, 1891

HARVEY, Enid, 13th September, 1999

HASTINGS, Olive Mary Marsh, 21st August, 1993

HATCH, John, 19th May, 1817

HAYWARD, Doris Alberta, 8th October, 1969

HAYWARD, Muriel Eva, 8th October, 1983

HAYWARD, Stuart Valentine, 14th October, 1981

HEATH, Christopher, 18th July, 1864

HEATHER, Emily Maria, 29th June, 1897

HEMSHALL, Doris Irene, 29th December, 1971

HENNESSEY, Mary Ann, 10th February, 1903

HERON, Patrick Norman, 29th November, 1999

HETHERINGTON, Emily, 21st March, 1991

HETHERINGTON, Joseph, 3rd January, 1974

HEYDON, Ann, 9th December, 1933

HEYDON, James, 18th April, 1915

HEYDON, Mary Ann, 17th March, 1928

HIGGINS, Albert Charles, 9th July, 1955

HIGGINS, Emily G, 5th March, 1945

HIGGINS, Francis Elizabeth, 9th September, 1946

HIGGINS, Harold Cuthbert, 25th April, 1948

HIGH, Ada Bessie Maud, 28th April, 1950

HIGH, John Albert, 26th October, 1940

HIGHLEY, Ann, 30th November, 1891

HIGHLEY, Eliza, 20th March, 1897

HIGHLEY, Henry James, 14th May, 1921

HIGHLEY, Joseph, 9th November, 1886

HIGHLEY, Mary, 7th February, 1884

HIGHLEY, Matilda Harriet, 17th April, 1914

HIGHLEY, Rachel, 18th February, 1883

HIGHLEY, Thomas, 14th January, 1900

HILLIER, Martha Matilda, 8th March, 1919

HILLIAR, Mary Ann, 6th December, 1893

HILLIAR, Sarah Gill, 22nd February, 1917

HOARE, Emma, 31st October, 1889

HODGES, Elizabeth, 21st March, 1883

HODGES, Elizabeth, 31st January, 1894

HODGES, John, 31st August, 1896

HODGES, Kenneth Ralph, 14th March, 1987

HODGSON, Thomas, 28th July, 1923

HOLMES, Amy Beatrice Elizabeth, 11th August, 1921

HOLPIN, Henry, 25th May, 1933

HOLPIN, Sarah, 11th January, 1938

HOOK, Jane, 15th April, 1897

HOOK, Mary, 23rd November, 1880

HOOPER, Elizabeth Lilian, 31st March, 1954

HOOPER, George Alfred, 25th June, 1999

HOOPER, Ivy Frances, 1st May, 1935

HOPKIN, George, 15th May, 1827

HOPKIN, John, 1st March, 1829

HOPKIN, Margaret, 2nd July, 1826

HOPKIN, William, 20th January, 1825

HOPKIN, William, 12th May, 1830

HOPKINS, Alice, 15th September, 1907

HOPKINS, Beatrice, 18th June, 1888

HOPKINS, Elizabeth, 30th September, 1899

HOPKINS, Frederick, 29th November, 1902

HOPKINS, Mary, 6th April, 1913

HOPKINS, William Bowen, 29th March, 1914

HORTON, Adney, 12th November, 1932

HORTON, Edith Emily, 4th March, 1952

HORTON, Frances, 9th May, 1934

HOSKINS, Hester, 10th June, 1844

HOWARD, Benjamin Thomas, 8th October, 1921

HOWARD, Henry Charles, 27th October, 1928

HOWARTH, Sidney, 8th May, 1881

HOWELLS, Alfred, 31st March, 1894

HOWELL, David, 4th April, 1887

HOWELLS, Edith Harriet, 20th July, 1961

HOWELLS, Edward, 26th October, 1929

HOWELLS, Florence May, 22nd May, 1887

HOWELLS, Frederick Thomas, 27th June, 1961

HOWELLS, Gladys, 10th April, 1921

HOWELLS, Isaac, 1st September, 1936

HOWELL, Martha, 24th October, 1923

HOWELLS, Mary, 24th January, 1913

HOWELL, Mary Elizabeth, 13th July, 1883

HOWELLS, Roy Arthur John, 19th April, 1979

HOWELL, William George, 1st May, 1887

HUGHES, Eliza, 22nd January, 1898

HUGHES, Frank, 17th October, 1895

HUGHES, Jean, 23rd September, 1993

HUGHES, Henry, 22nd March, 1882

HUGHES, Walter Norman, 16th August, 1980

HULIN, George, 15th August, 1856

HUMPHRIES, John, 2nd June, 1885

HUMPHRYS, Elizabeth, 14th April, 1883

HUNT, Henry, 12th July, 1930

HUNT, Sophia Letitia, 29th March, 1923

HUSSEY, Mary, 9th February, 1882



JACKSON, Audrey, 12th November, 1962

JACKSON, Bernard Cecil Lucien, 3rd July, 1957

JAMES, Ann, 16th January, 1822

JAMES, Clifford John Benjamin, 5th October, 1987

JAMES, John, 23rd June, 1831

JAMES, Mary Jane, 14th August, 1944

JAMES, Violet May, 21st March, 1914

JAMES, Winifred, 6th December, 1971

JEFFERIES, Randolf James, 24th July, 1941

JOHN, Annie, 19th February, 1863

JOHN, Griffin, 6th January, 1851

JOHN, Thomas, 11th November, 1840

JOHNS, John, 21st December, 1879

JOHNS, Maria, 20th May, 1888

JOHNSON, Beatrice, 8th March, 1899

JOHNSON, Catherine, 21st February, 1940

JOHNSON, Edward, 26th June, 1971

JOHNSON, Mary, 16th April, 1822

JONES, Alan Alfred, 29th September, 1998

JONES, Albert, 25th January, 1963

JONES, Albert John, 3rd March, 1963

JONES, Alice, 24th November, 1940

JONES, Alwyn Morris, 30th March, 1903

JONES, Amy, 1st February, 1992

JONES, Ann, 4th April, 1883

JONES, Ann, 8th April, 1883

JONES, Ann, 18th December, 1897

JONES, Arthur John, 24th September, 1999

JONES, Bridget Ellen, 31st July, 1945

JONES, Catherine Mary, 4th December, 1886

JONES, Charles George, 26th April, 1953

JONES, Charles Leslie, 5th December, 1918

JONES, Edwin, 6th April, 1862

JONES, Elizabeth, 4th February, 1931

JONES, Elizabeth, 9th April, 1959

JONES, Ellen, 13th May, 1888

JONES, Emma, 19th May, 1924

JONES, Emma, 4th February, 1963

JONES, Frank, 19th July, 1980

JONES, George, 1st October, 1887

JONES, George, 9th April, 1888

JONES, George, 2nd May, 1955

JONES, George James, 3rd March, 1920

JONES, Graham Rex, 19th August, 1988

JONES, Hannah, 1st May, 1907

JONES, Henry George, 23rd March, 1948

JONES, Hilda May, 20th August, 1978

JONES, James, 6th December, 1937

JONES, John, 16th June, 1884

JONES, John, 16th November, 1884

JONES, John, 16th December, 1890

JONES, John, 27th August, 1892

JONES, John, 6th March, 1944

JONES, John, 5th August, 1944

JONES, Joshua Dunhill, 24th December, 1984

JONES, Kathleen April, 7th August, 1941

JONES, Kenneth Bernard, 23rd February, 1992

JONES, Laura Emily, 28th November, 1967

JONES, Lewis, 7th February, 1858

JONES, Lucy, 3rd June, 1950

JONES, Lucy Rebecca, 7th March, 1965

JONES, Lydia Amy, 23rd November, 1939

JONES, Margaret, 4th May, 1886

JONES, Margaret, 26th January, 1999

JONES, Martha, 27th March, 1929

JONES, Mary, 17th July, 1859

JONES, Mary, 22nd November, 1886

JONES, Mary, 19th January, 1938

JONES, Mary Ann, 26th February, 1891

JONES, Mary Ann, 23rd January, 1892

JONES, Mary Ann, 11th December, 1920

JONES, Mary Ann, 19th October, 1922

JONES, Mary Ann, 22nd May, 1902

JONES, Mary Isabel, 16th November, 1913

JONES, Matilda, 20th May, 1883

JONES, May, 3rd August, 1972

JONES, Maud Gwynneth, 30th January, 1982

JONES, Michael Scott, 9th January, 1967

JONES, Mildred Elizabeth, 5th August, 1934

JONES, Percy, 4th June, 1954

JONES, Percy Roy, 19th September, 1898

JONES, Rachel, 28th April, 1826

JONES, Rhoda Ann, 30th July, 1953

JONES, Rose Mary, 8th May, 2000

JONES, Sarah, 20th July, 1899

JONES, Seth, 19th March, 1826

JONES, Stanley Alfred, 7th August, 1960

JONES, Susanna, 25th October, 1890

JONES, Sydney George, 1st November, 1990

JONES, Theresa, 15th January, 1919

JONES, Thomas, 23rd May, 1819

JONES, Thomas, 22nd November, 1857

JONES, Thomas, 20th June, 1884

JONES, Thomas, 21st October, 1911

JONES, Wilfred Charles, 15th November, 1977

JONES, William, 27th December, 1906

JONES, William Charles, 24th May, 1888

JONES, William Henry, 24th September, 1898

JONES, Vera Violet 3rd August, 1977

JORDAN, Eliza, 7th June, 1897



KAMES, Evan Tudor, 18th September, 1954

KAY, James Graham, 21st November, 1907

KENDALL, Elizabeth, 14th January, 1999

KENWORTHY, Rita Margaret, 5th November, 1965

KERR, K Betty, 31st January, 2001

KING, Ann, 4th June, 1892

KING, William, 19th May, 1900

KNIGHT, Edith Maude, 18th February, 1970

KNIGHT, Sarah, 22nd September, 1891

KNOWLES, George, 26th September, 1833



LANE, Sarah, 2nd December, 1917

LANE, Sarah Muriel, 22nd February, 1939

LAWRENCE, Reginald Henry, 30th March, 1980

LEE, Edwin James, 4th December, 1907

LEE, Elizabeth, 27th November, 1932

LEE, Esther, 21st January, 1899

LEE, Lily Jane, 21st May, 1884

LEE, William, 15th May, 1941

LEE, William Richard, 4th December, 1907

LEWIS, Arthur, 11th June, 1883

LEWIS, Brian Arthur, 2nd August, 1961

LEWIS, Daniel Thomas, 12th June, 1985

LEWIS, John, 13th April, 1846

LEWIS, Kathleen Anna, 8th April, 1987

LEWIS, Lois Dorothy, 11th January, 1984

LEWIS, Mary, 20th October, 1994

LEWIS, Sarah, 18th July, 1839

LEWIS, William, 26th November, 1867

LIGHT, Albert Edward, 13th December, 1902

LIGHT, Alice, 24th September, 1880

LIGHT, Amelia, 26th March, 1890

LIGHT, Edward Eacott, 22nd January, 1958

LIGHT, Elwyn Ecott, 27th October, 1982

LIGHT, Eliza, 21st November, 1880

LIGHT, Eliza, 15th April, 1895

LIGHT, Elizabeth, 21st February, 1900

LIGHT, Elizabeth, 27th February, 1913

LIGHT, Elizabeth, 30th March, 1939

LIGHT, Elizabeth Ann, 8th January, 1977

LIGHT, Ernest, 22nd December, 1955

LIGHT, Frederick, 13th January, 1896

LIGHT, George, 10th May, 1842

LIGHT, George, 18th November, 1915

LIGHT, Henry Ernest, 3rd July, 1894

LIGHT, James, 22nd April, 1928

LIGHT, James Ewart, 1st March, 1991

LIGHT, Jane Matilda, 26th December, 1935

LIGHT, John, 4th June, 1861

LIGHT, Lena Harriet, 18th July, 1988

LIGHT, Louisa, 13th August, 1882

LIGHT, Mary, 28th July, 1918

LIGHT, Mary Paula, 12th July, 1931

LIGHT, Robert, 30th November, 1912

LIGHT, Rosa Emily, 1st July, 1894

LIGHT, Samuel, 23rd June, 1918

LIGHT, Samuel, 27th August, 1959

LIGHT, Sarah, 15th August, 1858

LIGHT, Susan, 3rd March, 1903

LIGHT, Thomas, 25th September, 1831

LIGHT, Thomas, 1st August, 1878

LIGHT, Thomas, 3rd September, 1878

LIGHT, William, 12th May, 1871

LIGHT, William, 25th June, 1880

LIGHT, William, 11th December, 1927

LIGHT, Winifred Hannah, 30th May, 1969

LIMBERG, Ann, 23rd February, 1873

LIMBRY, Josiah, 21st March, 1847

LLOYD, Evelyn Mary, 3rd March, 1966

LLOYD, Mary, 10th November, 1867

LLOYD, William Henry, 20th December, 1969

LOCK, Donald, 30th December, 1986

LOMAN, Robert Thomas, 11th August, 1926

LUFF, Gerald Stanley, 22nd April, 1951

LUFF, Ann Marsh, 16th September, 1904

LUFF, Emma Prissilla, 21st January, 1958

LUFF, Hannah, 24th March, 1878

LUFF, Margaret, 4th August, 1822

LUFF, Margaret, 24th June, 1926

LUFF, Mary, 19th July, 1845

LUFF, Mary, 11th December, 1926

LUFF, Stanley John, 31st January, 1990

LUFF, Thomas, 2nd November, 1817

LUFF, Thomas, 27th March, 1859

LUFF, Thomas Charles, 21st December, 1944



MACKIE, Ada May, 20th April, 1985

MACKIE, Arthur William, 12th June, 1985

MACKIE, Cyril James, 11th August, 1968

MACKIE, Doreen Lavinia, 30th November, 1929

MACKIE, James, 16th October, 1943

MACKIE, Lavinia, 17th April, 1945

MACULLUM, Leslie Frederick Spiller, 18th November, 1960

MANSFIELD, Percy James, 21st January, 1965

MAPPS, Ellen, 29th October, 1966

MAPPS, Otho Henry, 3rd March, 1973

MARSH, Charles, 1st April, 1830

MARSH, James, 2nd October, 1864

MARSHALL, Albert, 22nd August, 1969

MARSHALL, James, 17th December, 1891

MARSHALL, Julia, 10th July, 1926

MARSHALL, Julia Celia, 3rd May, 1876

MARSHALL, William, 25th March, 1922

MARSHALL, William Thomas, 22nd March, 1956

MARTIN, Betty, 8th November, 1830

MARTIN, Finlay Ross, 30th July, 1916

MATHER, Thomas, 22nd January, 1996

MATTHEWS, Alfred, 25th July, 1959

MATTHEWS, Alfred, 29th July, 1959

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth Ann, 21st June, 1941

MATTHEWS, Gladys Olive, 10th October, 1914

MATTHEWS, Jack, 24th July, 1974

MATTHEWS, Harry, 8th April, 1976

MATTHEWS, Kenneth Reginald, 8th May, 2000

MATTHEWS, Lillian Ivy, 24th March, 1993

MATTHEWS, Phyllis, 12th October, 1921

MATTHEWS, Thomas Ivor, 24th March, 1982

MAYO, John Charles, 12th January, 1919

MAYO, Mary Emily, 2nd June, 1932

MAYO, Nellie Florence, 26th September, 1910

MCBRIDE, Ann, 27th November, 1919

MCBRIDE, Clara, 31st October, 1895

MCBRIDE, Harry Roy, 11th June, 1919

MCBRIDE, Peter Albert, 18th March, 1906

MCBRIDE, William, 21st October, 1895

MCBRIDE, William Donald, 28th July, 1959

MCKIE, Lucy Winifred, 3rd March, 1988

MILLER, Sidney, 11th July, 2000

MOORE, Richard, 1st July, 1867

MORGAN, Annie Harriet, 8th June, 1944

MORGAN, Brenda May, 4th May, 1935

MORGAN, Charles, (Private, South Wales Borderers), 23rd May, 1915

MORGAN, Colin, 18th March, 1993

MORGAN, Edgar Samuel, 29th December, 1909

MORGAN, Elizabeth, 29th January, 1857

MORGAN, Emily Maria, 21st February, 1922

MORGAN, Emma Elizabeth, 2nd July, 1935

MORGAN, Ellen G, 14th October, 1937

MORGAN, Elvina Maynard, 18th September, 1924

MORGAN, Ernest Charles, 11th October, 1891

MORGAN, George, 17th November, 1928

MORGAN, Jane, 15th December, 1864

MORGAN, John, 13th November, 1841

MORGAN, John, 19th February, 1854

MORGAN, John, 26th December, 1873

MORGAN, Joseph, (Lance Corporal, South Wales Borderers), 9th August, 1915

MORGAN, Josiah Edgar, 15th March, 1969

MORGAN, Kate Helena, 4th August, 1954

MORGAN, Margaret, 29th May, 1864

MORGAN, Mary Ann, 26th September, 1978

MORGAN, Matilda, 8th May, 1888

MORGAN, Maud Elizabeth, 20th July, 1906

MORGAN, Philip George, 8th November, 1863

MORGANS, Samuel, 15th January, 1949

MORGAN, Samuel George, 29th April, 1931

MORGAN, Sarah Ann, 11th February, 1942

MORGAN, Thomas Henry, 11th June, 1949

MORGAN, Thomas John, 1st January, 1930

MORGAN, Victoria Jane, 2nd June, 1888

MORGANS, Jane, 22nd May, 1947

MORRIS, Alfred Ernest, 23rd October, 1954

MORRIS, Alice Louise, 11th June, 1961

MORRIS, Gary Christopher, 22nd October, 1997

MORRIS, Hannah, 2nd May, 1826

MORRIS, Janey, 21st March, 1981

MORRIS, John, 11th July, 1888

MORRIS, Julia Susanna, 9th April, 1980

MORRIS, Mary, 23rd November, 1845

MORRIS, Nelson John, 18th July, 1948

MORRIS, Sheila, 15th October, 1974

MOSCARDINI, Daisy Elizabeth, 12th July, 1979

MOSCARDINI, Vittoria, 2nd March, 1989

MUGGLESWORTH, Frances Anne, 7th June, 1880

MUGGLESWORTH, Frederick, 20th December, 1874

MUGGLEWORTH, Fanny, 2nd June, 1925

MUGGLEWORTH, George, 28th March, 1891



NETTLETON, Ernest, 12th September, 1973



OAKLEY, Ann, 2nd January, 1892

OAKLEY, John, 4th January, 1890

OLDLAND, Elizabeth Esther, 29th June, 1902

OLDLAND, Esther, 17th December, 1941

OLDLAND, Richard, 13th November, 1932

OLDLAND, William Edwin, 10th November, 1935

OMOND, Joan Drusilla, 12th May, 1923

OWENS, Joseph Hubert, 12th April, 1881



PAGE, Annie Elizabeth, 17th March, 1985

PAGE, Betty, 6th February, 1889

PAGE, Frank, 15th August, 1856

PAGE, George, 21st March, 1977

PAGE, William, 2nd September, 1883

PARFITT, George, 24th March, 1987

PARFITT, Lilian Marjorie, 17th February, 1994

PARKER, Dorothy Mary, 8th October, 1929

PARKER, Joyce Dorothy Irene, 16th December, 1919

PARKER, Ruth, 7th January, 1937

PARKER, William Charles, 24th March, 1973

PARRY, Albert Daniel, 21st April, 1917

PARRY, Alfred, 1st November, 1928

PARRY, Edward John, 10th December, 1870

PARRY, Eliza, 10th February, 1900

PARRY, Eliza, 7th June, 1950

PARRY, Elizabeth, 3rd November, 1843

PARRY, Elizabeth, 3rd August, 1879

PARRY, Francis Henry, 13th March, 1893

PARRY, Francis Willie James, 29th December, 1923

PARRY, Frederick, 23rd November, 1891

PARRY, George, 6th November, 1900

PARRY, James, 9th April, 1914

PARRY, John, 4th May, 1837

PARRY, John, 11th June, 1887

PARRY, Josiah Edgar, 14th November, 1951

PARRY, Lucy, 13th July, 1903

PARRY, Lydia Jane, 17th March, 1942

PARRY, Mary, 30th October, 1859

PARRY, Mary, 4th November, 1883

PARRY, Mary Maria, 3rd November, 1952

PARRY, Pima, 22nd April, 1941

PARRY, Sarah, 16th September, 1884

PARRY, Stephen, 5th November, 1818

PARRY, Timothy, 20th September, 1874

PARRY, Thomas, 3rd August, 1819

PARRY, Wilfred Enoch, 12th May, 1910

PARSONS, Frederick Charles, 12th December, 1948

PARSONS, Lily, 4th August, 1992

PASK, Albert, 15th June, 1960

PASK, Daisy Ella, 9th February, 1936

PASK, Edwin, 25th April, 1897

PASK, Eileen Mary, 18th February, 1915

PASK, Elizabeth, 6th May, 1920

PASK, Elizabeth, 9th October, 1945

PASK, Frederick John, 12th January, 1960

PASK, Harriet, 13th February, 1932

PASK, Henry, 25th January, 1966

PASK, Horace Edwin, 23rd July, 1931st

PASK, Hubert, 16th January, 1946

PASK, John, 25th May, 1916

PASK, Lily Ann, 24th March, 1900

PASK, Rose, 16th December, 1922

PASK, William Henry, 28th June, 1897

PAYNE, Joseph Benjamin, 16th December, 1874

PEARCE, Elizabeth, 21st January, 1912

PERKINS, Audley, 9th April, 1954

PERKINS, Richard Fryer, 1st February, 1915

PERKS, Jane, 29th September, 1911

PERRY, Henry Harding, 5th August, 1934

PETTIGREW, James R M, 15th January, 1996

PHELPS, Elizabeth Ann, 9th June, 1965

PHILIPS, Thomas, 19th March, 1843

PHILLIPS, Adam Cecil, 8th August, 1899

PHILLIPS, Douglas Charles, 3rd November, 1995

PHILLIPS, Charles, 31st March, 1895

PHILLIPS, Eliza, 12th April, 1899

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, 19th June, 1896

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, 24th September, 1851

PHILLIPS, Evan, 3rd December, 1881

PHILLIPS, Grace Righton, 31st May, 1892

PHILLIPS, Hannah, 30th January, 1940

PHILLIPS, Harold Stanley Spiller, 24th March, 1977

PHILLIPS, Harriet Jane, 24th December, 1937

PHILLIPS, James, 21st June, 1891

PHILLIPS, James, 24th November, 1906

PHILLIPS, Jane, 11th February, 1903

PHILLIPS, John, 25th March, 1827

PHILLIPS, John, 5th September, 1905

PHILLIPS, John, 12th July, 1917

PHILLIPS, Mary, 6th June, 1817

PHILLIPS, Mary Ann, 16th April, 1905

PHILLIPS, Mary Maria, 17th August, 1912

PHILLIPS, Richard, 17th December, 1891

PHILLIPS, Susan, 7th August, 1888

PHILLIPS, William, 2nd February, 1901

PICKERING, Dorothy, 8th January, 1900

PICKERING, George Albert, 20th November, 1965

PICKERING, George Thomas, 11th June, 1939

PICKERING, Eileen Mary Elizabeth, 16th June, 1923

PICKERING, Eliza Ann, 7th December, 1941

PICKERING, Sarah Ellen, 10th February, 1987

PIERCE, William, 25th August, 1897

PIRRIE, William Wallis, 23rd August, 1944

PLACE, George, 20th January, 1827

PLACEY, Dorothy, 15th March, 1839

PLUMMER, Mary, 26th May, 1900

POPLE, Thomas, 15th June, 1825

POWELL, Albert Henry, 19th April, 1940

POWELL, Blanche, 31st May, 1863

POWELL, Ellen, 8th May, 1962

POWELL, Henry Oswald, 30th November, 1862

POWELL, Howell Rees, 26th November, 1938

POWELL, Susan Kathryn, 30th October, 1963

POWELL, Thomas Rowland, 7th April, 1976

POWER, Harriet, 7th July, 1918

PRAIL, Temperance, 9th March, 1885

PRICE, Albert, 23rd July, 1837

PRICE, Ann, 24th July, 1846

PRICE, Charles, 30th August, 1852

PRICE, Eleanor, 16th May, 1841

PRICE, Eleanor, 9th July, 1843

PRICE, Eleanor, 12th October, 1840

PRICE, Eliza, 14th December, 1875

PRICE, Elizabeth Helen, 4th April, 1851

PRICE, Emma, 19th July, 1884

PRICE, Hannah, 20th January, 1820

PRICE, Henry, 7th February, 1868

PRICE, Ivor John, 17th March, 1974

PRICE, John Gilbert, 22nd March, 1857

PRICE, Louisa Ann, 15th May, 1983

PRICE, Lucy, 17th April, 1885

PRICE, Mary Ann, 4th May, 1890

PRICE, Mary Elizabeth, 4th March, 1893

PRICE, Philip, 14th May, 1871

PRICE, Philip, 6th August, 1876

PRICE, Robert Cornwall, 13th November, 1895

PRICE, Sarah, 19th September, 1922

PRICE, Thomas, 26th July, 1840

PRICE, William, 27th January, 1825

PRICE, William, 17th January, 1910

PRICHARD, Mary, 24th February, 1831

PRIEST, Sarah, 21st May, 1905

PRITCHARD, Ann, 13th March, 1891

PRITCHARD, Charles, 24th January, 1951

PRITCHARD, George, 12th December, 1858

PRITCHARD, Graham Charles Arthur, 5th May, 1988

PRITCHARD, John George, 20th November, 1935

PRITCHARD, Lily Grace, 18th December, 1951

PRITCHARD, Mary Ann, 14th March, 1875

PRITCHARD, Thomas, 5th January, 1885

PRITCHARD, William, 7th September, 1837

PRITCHARD, William, 26th February, 1885

PROSSER, Leonard James, 31st December, 1895

PROSSER, Matilda Elizabeth, 6th January, 1884

PUGH, Eliza Ellen, 15th June, 1875

PUGH, Francis Lewis, 24th December, 1908

PUGH, Lydia Anne, 6th August, 1940

PUGH, Thomas Lewis, 14th June, 1922

PULLIN, Alfred, 15th January, 1892

PULLIN, Reginald Charles Desmond, 15th January, 1941



RATCLIFF, Arthur Victor, 30th April, 1993

RAVENHILL, Dora, 28th March, 1978

RAWLINGS, Evelyn, 30th December, 1981

RAWLINGS, Matthew Ernest, 10th May, 1963

REDWOOD, Elizabeth, 12th January, 1891

REDWOOD, John, 14th May, 1892

REDWOOD, William, 30th December, 1893

REECE, Edmund, 15th May, 1927

REECE, Eliza, 2nd April, 1905

REECE, Elizabeth, 4th January, 1907

REECE, Thomas, 3rd September, 1896

RICHARD, William James, 18th July, 1856

RICHARDS, Adeline, 4th January, 1926

RICHARDS, Ann, 23rd March, 1896

RICHARDS, Arthur, 29th October, 1935

RICHARDS, Albert, 25th October, 1902

RICHARDS, Amelia, 3rd December, 1891

RICHARDS, Beatrice Glade, 18th August, 1931

RICHARDS, Clifford Thomas, 29th December, 1888

RICHARDS, Emma, 4th July, 1923

RICHARDS, Flossie, 27th July, 1934

RICHARDS, George, 13th April, 1922

RICHARDS, Gladys Irene, 28th April, 1946

RICHARDS, Herbert Thomas, 4th July, 1914

RICHARDS, James, 23rd June, 1927

RICHARDS, Jane, 7th February, 1911

RICHARDS, John, 27th August, 1925

RICHARDS, John, 15th January, 1936

RICHARDS, Leslie John, 31st January, 1914

RICHARDS, Lilian May, 12th November, 1919

RICHARDS, Mary, 10th February, 1915

RICHARDS, Mary, 13th November, 1947

RICHARDS, Mary Ann, 5th July, 1931

RICHARDS, Rachael, 23rd November, 1918

RICHARDS, Silas, 5th December, 1941

RICHARDS, Silas, 16th December, 1963

RICHARDS, T, (Gunner) 10th November, 1917

RICHARDS, Thomas, 15th January, 1910

RICHARDS, Thomas, 17th November, 1917

RICHARDS, William, 9th June, 1909

RICHARDS, William, 2nd July, 1929

ROACH, Annie, 31st October, 1964

ROACH, Charles, 1st September, 1854

ROACH, Edgar James, 24th January, 1959

ROACH, Hannah, 9th February, 1862

ROACH, Lena Irene Gwen, 1st May, 1935

ROBERTS, Alfred, 20th July, 1870

ROBERTS, Ann Elizabeth, 7th April, 1918

ROBERTS, Beatrice, 6th February, 1885

ROBERTS, David, 11th June, 1904

ROBERTS, Deborah Grace, 27th August, 1974

ROBERTS, Edwin, 25th March, 1849

ROBERTS, Edwin Thomas, 26th March, 1909

ROBERTS, Eli, 4th February, 1888

ROBERTS, Eli, 13th August, 1918

ROBERTS, Eliza, 18th December, 1891

ROBERTS, Eliza, 8th September, 1895

ROBERTS, Frederick Samuel, 12th August, 1839

ROBERTS, Frederick Samuel, 8th June, 1843

ROBERTS, George, 11th September, 1891

ROBERTS, Ellen, 3rd December, 1895

ROBERTS, Isabel, 18th November, 1935

ROBERTS, Isabella, 9th April, 1894

ROBERTS, Henrietta, 7th September, 1867

ROBERTS, James, 24th July, 1906

ROBERTS, Jeremiah George, 10th November, 1890

ROBERTS, John, 12th November, 1945

ROBERTS, John Bowen, 21st September, 1884

ROBERTS, John Charles, 22nd June, 1845

ROBERTS, Julia, 22nd August, 1839

ROBERTS, Lavinia, 14th July, 1840

ROBERTS, Maria, 17th December, 1908

ROBERTS, Mary Ann, 11th September, 1890

ROBERTS, Sarah Ann, 1st April, 1899

ROBERTS, Susan, 16th February, 1873

ROBERTS, Thomas, 20th June, 1880

ROBERTS, William, 25th November, 1875

ROBERTS, William Hughes, 6th February, 1849

ROGERS, Adelaide, 18th June, 1843

ROGERS, Alfred, 17th January, 1839

ROGERS, George Frederick, 15th June, 1843

ROGERS, Sarah, 11th September, 1856

ROOKS, Grace Mabel, 2nd May, 1941

ROWBERRY, Alice Gertrude, 7th February, 1962

ROWLANDS, James Edward, 9th February, 1971

ROWLANDS, Susannah, 4th February, 1976

RUGMAN, Mary Ann, 14th March, 1935

RUSSELL, Elizabeth, Lady Francis, 9th February, 1888

RUSSILL, Glenys Gwen Maria, 21st September, 1994



SADDLER, Anne, 14th October, 1865

SADDLER, Edward, 3rd April, 1859

SADLER, Adelaide Emily, 4th November, 1931

SADLER, Albert Stanley, 20th July, 1993

SADLER, Ann, 10th September, 1826

SADLER, Anne, 22nd July, 1856

SADLER, Arthur, 21st December, 1927

SADLER, Aubrey Vivien, 20th February, 1915

SADLER, Catherine, 7th February, 1844

SADLER, Edward, 12th January, 1840

SADLER, Eliza, 20th December, 1904

SADLER, Elizabeth, 12th February, 1839

SADLER, Elsie Vina, 20th October, 1914

SADLER, Elvina May, 17th January, 1893

SADLER, Emma Amelia, 13th September, 1914

SADLER, Evelyn Mary, 15th September, 1968

SADLER, Florence Beatrice, 9th October, 1899

SADLER, Frederick James, 30th March, 1977

SADLER, Hannah, 14th November, 1848

SADLER, Horace William Douglas, 4th November, 1907

SADLER, James, 9th April, 1850

SADLER, John, 5th January, 1835

SADLER, Lily Rose, 3rd May, 1917

SADLER, Lydia Ellen, 6th October, 1956

SADLER, Nancy, 18th November, 1849

SADLER, Scott Philip, 15th February, 2001

SADLER, Thomas, 8th January, 1850

SADLER, Thomas, 13th July, 1899

SADLER, Thomas Henry, 20th April, 1895

SADLER, William, 23rd March, 1821

SADLER, William, 22nd February, 1846

SADLER, William, 9th December, 1849

SADLER, William, 21st June, 1868

SADLER, William, 24th March, 1912

SADLER, William, 22nd March, 1933

SAMUEL, Eva, 6th December, 1970

SAMUEL, Joseph, 16th July, 1944

SANKEY, Hilda Muriel, 4th December, 1997

SCOTT, Andrew Paul, 10th December, 1992

SCOTT, Charles, 11th November, 1859

SCOTT, Mary, 15th July, 1897

SCOTT, Sybil Margot, 1st August, 1997

SCRIBBINS, Albert George, 22nd December, 1889

SCRIBBINS, Frank Charles, 10th June, 1893

SCRIBBINS, George Edward, 10th June, 1893

SCRIMSHIRE, Horace, 24th September, 1971

SCRIMSHIRE, Vera Haynes, 12th July, 1965

SCRIVENS, Annie, 3rd August, 1961

SCRIVENS, Edward Thomas, 4th September, 1984

SCRIVENS, Thomas Ronald, 10th May, 1997

SHARP, Wilfred, 7th May, 1960

SHEWELL, Geoffrey, 8th July, 1991

SHORT, Alma, 14th December, 1995

SHORT, Leonard, 6th May, 1971

SHORT, Violet Mary, 7th November, 1991

SHOTTON, John Webb, 7th September, 1929

SHOTTON, Louisa Jane, 13th October, 1936

SILCOCKS, Amy Sarah, 1st August, 1972

SILCOCKS, Richard John, 18th February, 1970

SILVERTHORN, Arthur John, 24th January, 1927

SILVERTHORNE, Ruth Gladys, 6th July, 1957

SIMMONDS, Albert Edward, 17th November, 1949

SIMMONDS, Albert Edward, 3rd November, 1980

SIMMONDS, Ann, 23rd January, 1831

SIMMONDS, Ann, 1st November, 1874

SIMMONDS, Charles, 29th January, 1916

SIMMONDS, Elizabeth, 14th November, 1880

SIMMONDS, Ellen, 23rd December, 1899

SIMMONDS, Emily, 4th March, 1965

SIMMONDS, James, 20th June, 1832

SIMMONDS, James, 29th November, 1953

SIMMONDS, John, 30th September, 1838

SIMMONDS, John, 4th November, 1916

SIMMONDS, Julia, 28th September, 1941

SIMMONDS, Lilian Clara, 21st September, 1984

SIMMONDS, Mary, 21st April, 1829

SIMMONDS, Sarah, 24th December, 1908

SIMMONDS, Philip, 13th July, 1862

SIMMONDS, Phillip, 6th August, 1897

SIMMONDS, Rosa, 31st March, 1932

SIMMONDS, William, 16th December, 1899

SIMMONS, John, 31st May, 1813

SMITH, Ann, 22nd August, 1841

SMITH, Elizabeth, 2nd April, 1847

SMITH, Mary Ann, 1st April, 1887

SMITH, Ruth Anne, 30th August, 1924

SMITH, Thomas, 11th August, 1863

SOUTHARD, Edwin John, 8th April, 1880

SPENCER, Thomas William, 20th June, 1932

SQUIRES, Louisa, 2nd September, 1845

STEADMAN, Maria, 16th November, 1945

STEPHENS, John, 27th March, 1886

STEPHENS, William, 16th December, 1896

STEVENS, Omar Herbert, 25th April, 1934

STEWART-IRVINE, Charles Duncan, 24th February, 1898

SULLIVAN, Eric Allan, 14th September, 1990

SUMMERFIELD, Ann, 4th December, 1886



TAMPLIN, Caroline, 22nd July, 1893

TAMPLIN, Edward, 30th August, 1885

TAMPLIN, Edward, 12th January, 1889

TAMPLIN, Eliza, 11th April, 1909

TAMPLIN, Esther, 2nd February, 1867

TAMPLIN, George, 20th February, 1909

TAMPLIN, Hannah Amelia, 3rd June, 1815

TAMPLIN, Patty (Martha), 15th September, 1888

TAMPLIN, Thomas, 14th April, 1822

TAMPLIN, Mary, 21st November, 1908

TAMPLIN, William, 1st January, 1910

TAYLOR, Albert Henry, 6th October, 1923

TAYLOR, Emily Mary, 1st April, 1902

TAYLOR, Frederick Raymond, 8th April, 1920

TAYLOR, Laura Elizabeth, 26th August, 1915

TEE, Jennie Brown, 26th May, 1975

THOMAS, Albert Daniel, 22nd August, 1953

THOMAS, Annie, 30th October, 1926

THOMAS, Arthur Bowen, 14th September, 1901

THOMAS, Bridget, 4th March, 1821

THOMAS, Charles Herbert, 31st July, 1978

THOMAS, David John, 12th April, 1881

THOMAS, Dora Ethel, 3rd September, 1957

THOMAS, Edith May, 27th April, 1989

THOMAS, Eliza, 26th November, 1898

THOMAS, Eliza Jane, 13th January, 1927

THOMAS, Elsie Elizabeth, 29th May, 1979

THOMAS, Florence Hagar, 20th April, 1966

THOMAS, Ivor Herbert, 13th January, 1910

THOMAS, Harold Stanley, 21st May, 1975

THOMAS, Herbert, 17th October, 1929

THOMAS, John, 27th December, 1821

THOMAS, Mandy Audrey, 2nd August, 1997

THOMAS, Marion Beryl, 30th December, 1933

THOMAS, Mary, 18th December, 1919

THOMAS, Mary, 27th May, 1997

THOMAS, Mary Ann, 15th May, 1888

THOMAS, Mary Ann, 23rd August, 1934

THOMAS, Mary Georgiana, 6th November, 1847

THOMAS, Reginald Roland, 2nd July, 1985

THOMAS, Sidney Bowen, 23rd March, 1895

THOMAS, Sophia, 17th August, 1960

THOMAS, Teresa, 29th November, 1936

THOMAS, Thomas Edgar Windsor, 3rd May, 1958

THOMAS, William John, 20th May, 1997

THOMAS, William, 19th July, 1885

THOMAS, William Herd, 8th December, 1848

THOMAS, William Phillips, 19th January, 1959

THORN, Eliza, 5th April, 1860

THORN, David, 19th July, 1859

THORN, Mary, 21st April, 1861

THURSTON, Francis Alexander, 8th April, 1897

THURSTON, Gladys Constance, 13th June, 1898

TILL, Hannah, 26th February, 1927

TIREMAN, Thomas, (Priest) 1st March, 1852

TONISSOO, Audrey Ella, 26th July, 1993

TRIVITT, Richard, 12th January, 1918

TUCKER, Daisy, 24th January, 1894

TUCKER, Denis John, 18th February, 1915

TUCKER, Edgar Harold, 5th November, 1966

TUCKER, George Henry, 5th November, 1914

TUCKWELL, Ivor James, 4th November, 1898

TUDHOPE, Frances Mckenzie, 20th March, 1992

TUDOR, Mary, 19th July, 1888

TUDOR, William Henry, 12th August, 1865



VINER, Jenny Florence, 26th February, 1910



WAIT, Ann, 23rd February, 1888

WAITE, Adelaide Emma, 4th March, 1957

WAITE, Annie Minerva, 30th December, 1933

WAITE, Allan, 5th April, 1902

WAITE, Amy, 24th February, 1967

WAITE, Augustus Samuel, 1st January, 1972

WAITE, Caroline, 20th March, 1915

WAITE, Dolores Claire, 23rd November, 1977

WAITE, Edgar (Corporal), 7th October, 1916

WAITE, Edgar Samuel, 22nd June, 1966

WAITE, Eliza, 24th October, 1892

WAITE, Emily, 23rd December, 1906

WAITE, George, 8th February, 1908

WAITE, George, 11th May, 1934

WAITE, Hannah, 17th January, 1889

WAITE, Henry George, 5th November, 1916

WAITE, Isabella, 8th December, 1897

WAITE, Rhoda, 4th January, 1917

WAITE, Samuel, 9th November, 1889

WAITE, Samuel, 5th December, 1908

WAITE, Sarah Amelia, 5th July, 1904

WAITE, Susannah, 15th May, 1887

WAITE, Thomas, 2nd October, 1904

WARE, Doris, 21st February, 1944

WARE, Orris, 20th August, 1945

WATKINS, Alfred, 5th February, 1873

WATKINS, Alfred John, 6th February, 1944

WATKINS, Andrew, 22nd September, 1833

WATKINS, Ann, 30th May, 1843

WATKINS, Annie Emma, 13th May, 1904

WATKINS, Charles, 24th October, 1859

WATKINS, David, 3rd September, 1843

WATKINS, Florence Ellen, 8th June, 1945

WATKINS, Francis, 23rd December, 1926

WATKINS, Edith Emily, 2nd August, 1963

WATKINS, Eleanor Eliza, 2nd April, 1894

WATKINS, George Henry, 22nd June, 1960

WATKINS, James, 1st February, 1855

WATKINS, James, 29th April, 1879

WATKINS, Jane, 29th September, 1858

WATKINS, John, 1st December, 1846

WATKINS, John, 2nd April, 1905

WATKINS, John, 2nd June, 1944

WATKINS, John Charles Francis, 12th June, 1947

WATKINS, John Randolf, 8th February, 1949

WATKINS, Margaret, 25th July, 1917

WATKINS, Mary, 24th September, 1841

WATKINS, Mary, 4th March, 1905

WATKINS, Mary, 2nd November, 1924

WAUGH, Ann Williams, 19th October, 1843

WAUGH, David, 18th January, 1841

WAUGH, David, 25th September, 1893

WAUGH, David Williams, 2nd September, 1849

WAUGH, Jane, 15th September, 1843

WAUGH, Jane, 13th August, 1952

WAUGH, Jane Hannah, 12th January, 1879

WAUGH, Julian Robert, 22nd June, 1932

WAUGH, Richard, 18th April, 1841

WAUGH, Robert, 7th October, 1888

WAUGH, Thomas, 9th October, 1824

WAUGH, William, 25th October, 1843

WEIDNER, Emma Lucie, 8th August, 1981

WEIDNER, Erich, 16th December, 1990

WEIR, David, 13th October, 1880

WELDON, Bowker, 16th November, 1852

WELLS, Michala, 25th July, 1889

WEST, Heather Ann, 19th December, 1995

WHEELER, Annie, 27th November, 1925

WHEELER, Berthe Felicie Lucy, 14th November, 1948

WHEELER, Cyril Vincent, 26th April, 1919

WHEELER, Edward, 15th March, 1895

WHEELER, Ellen, 17th June, 1955

WHEELER, Fanny, 20th February, 1971

WHEELER, Frank Ernest, 3rd June, 1962

WHEELER, Hannah, 20th May, 1895

WHEELER, John, 2nd February, 1911

WHEELER, George Herbert, 1st August, 1953

WHEELER, Thirza, 26th May, 1887

WHEELER, Thomas, 9th October, 1881

WHEELER, William Tamplin, 1st May, 1945

WHITE, Donald Howard, 18th April, 1927

WHITE, Harry, 28th June, 1988

WHITE, Ruby Diana, 11th July, 1920

WILCOX, Ann, 25th October, 1898

WILCOX, Sarah Hannah, 4th April, 1935

WILCOX, William, 6th January, 1901

WILDING, Dennis George, 9th February, 1995

WILDING, Michael Robert, 2nd February, 1974

WILKIE, Maud Elizabeth, 25th February, 1903

WILKINS, Emily, 2nd July, 1901

WILKINSON, Annie Rowena, 11th April, 1990

WILLIAM, Evan Humphrey, 13th February, 1950

WILLIAMS, Alice Mary, 23rd February, 1899

WILLIAMS, Alice Rose, 9th January, 1923

WILLIAMS, Ann, 20th July, 1890

WILLIAMS, Ann, 3rd May, 1896

WILLIAMS, Anne, 6th November, 1864

WILLIAMS, Anne, 4th March, 1944

WILLIAMS, Arthur, 9th May, 1880

WILLIAMS, Arthur John, 6th July, 1887

WILLIAMS, Arthur John, 1st October, 1970

WILLIAMS, Aubrey T, 20th October, 1968

WILLIAMS, Betsy, 21st September, 1861

WILLIAMS, Clifford James, 29th December, 1963

WILLIAMS, David, 18th December, 1898

WILLIAMS, Edgar, 25th October, 1911

WILLIAMS, Edith Emma, 30th January, 1926

WILLIAMS, Edward, 28th January, 1916

WILLIAMS, Edward, 3rd November, 1928

WILLIAMS, Edward Richard, 8th September, 1917

WILLIAMS, Edwin James Bowen, 13th December, 1952

WILLIAMS, Edith Decima, 11th February, 1982

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 26th June, 1862

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 19th July, 1905

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Ann, 12th February, 1942

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Florence, 29th March, 1906

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Hannah, 29th August, 1961

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Jane, 31st August, 1965

WILLIAMS, Ellen, 23rd February, 1899

WILLIAMS, Enid, 30th June, 1995

WILLIAMS, Ernest, 28th June, 1883

WILLIAMS, Ernest George, 1st July, 1942

WILLIAMS, Francis Richard, 11th February, 1914

WILLIAMS, Florence Elizabeth, 16th October, 1918

WILLIAMS, Frederick, 23rd October, 1918

WILLIAMS, George, 6th January, 1934

WILLIAMS, Herbert, 22nd November, 1902

WILLIAMS, Herbert George, 16th December, 1983

WILLIAMS, Ivor Herbert, 18th December, 1956

WILLIAMS, James, 16th August, 1836

WILLIAMS, James, 14th November, 1928

WILLIAMS, John, 29th October, 1835

WILLIAMS, John, 9th August, 1884

WILLIAMS, John, 1st June, 1947

WILLIAMS, John Henry, 7th February, 1957

WILLIAMS, Kate, 20th July, 1962

WILLIAMS, Lilian Rose, 26th January, 1963

WILLIAMS, Maria, 28th October, 1899

WILLIAMS, Mary, 11th March, 1824

WILLIAMS, Mary, 22nd January, 1928

WILLIAMS, Mary Ellen, 3rd April, 1967

WILLIAMS, Mary Jane, 25th September, 1933

WILLIAMS, Matthew, 28th January, 1838

WILLIAMS, Merimna, 22nd February, 1836

WILLIAMS, Ralph Edmund, 6th July, 1887

WILLIAMS, Robert, 4th May, 1940

WILLIAMS, Roger, 11th October, 1996

WILLIAMS, Sarah Ann, 3rd February, 1936

WILLIAMS, Sidney John, 2nd December, 1982

WILLIAMS, Stella Evelyn, 12th March, 1993

WILLIAMS, Thomas, 16th February, 1890

WILLIAMS, Thomas Edward, 23rd February, 1930

WILLIAMS, Thomas Henry John, 5th July, 1922

WILLIAMS, Walter James, 27th February, 1901

WILLIAMS, William, 16th February, 1890

WILLIAMS, William, 28th September, 1966

WILLIAMS, William David, 6th December, 1972

WILLIAMS, William Henry, 24th November, 1887

WILLIAMS, William Henry, 22nd April, 1888

WILSON, Frances Mary, 26th February, 1998

WILSON, Jesse, 11th December, 1985

WINSTANLEY, Decimus, 22nd October, 1888

WINTLE, Annie, 24th December, 1918

WINTLE, Archibald, 11th October, 1949

WINTLE, Cecil Ernest, 9th March, 1968

WINTLE, Margaret Lavinia, 7th February, 1976

WINTLE, Sophie Anne, 11th June, 1949

WINTLE, William Charles, 7th September, 1932

WINTLE, Victor Norman, 21st November, 1952

WOOD, Blodwen, 11th April, 1968

WOOD, Evelyn Margaret, 8th January, 1992

WOOD, William Francis, 15th May, 1967

WOOLLEY, Harriet, 30th August, 1895

WOOLLEY, Josiah, 2nd January, 1897

WORGAN, Ann, 2nd October, 1912

WORGAN, Anne, 21st December, 1857

WORGAN, Charles Joseph, 16th May, 1888

WORGAN, John, 10th January, 1909

WORGAN, Leonard, 13th February, 1890

WORGAN, Leonard Charles, 20th June, 1888

WORGAN, Sophia, 15th November, 1853

WORKMAN, Sarah Jane, 21st November, 1928



YATES, Lilian May, 26th October, 1981

YATES, Victor Clifford, 12th January, 1994

YOUNG, Ann, 7th May, 1826

YOUNG, Ann, 7th July, 1878

YOUNG, Dinah, 22nd August, 1905

YOUNG, Enos John, 2nd October, 1917

YOUNG, Hannah, 28th October, 1839

YOUNG, Hannah, 19th April, 1874

YOUNG, Harriet Grace, 10th June, 1961

YOUNG, Jane, 1st March, 1846

YOUNG, John, 16th June, 1818

YOUNG, John, 19th January, 1821

YOUNG, John, 20th June, 1830

YOUNG, John, 9th September, 1871

YOUNG, John, 28th December, 1943

YOUNG, Mary, 17th May, 1838

YOUNG, Philip, 20th May, 1832

YOUNG, Phillip, 12th February, 1817

YOUNG, Sarah, 19th April, 1833

YOUNG, Tom, 26th February, 1841

YOUNG, Thomas, 6th October, 1828

YOUNG, Thomas, 26th April, 1836

YOUNG, Thomas, 31st October, 1838