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The Rector, St Michael's Church

Rev Nora Hill took over as Rector in the summer of 2007. I will attempt to persuade her to pose for a mugshot soon!

A New Year message from the Rev. Nora Hill - January 2008

The New Year always provides a unique opportunity to reflect on both personal and communal achievements of the past year for no one year is like any other. Having only taken responsibility for the spiritual heart of Tintern Parish Church in June of 2007 last year I want to thank all those who have given help and solace when things have not proceeded at the pace I would have liked.

However, a good start has been made to care for St. Michael's Church and to provide a place where all those who enter might feel comfortable and welcome. There are plans in place to look at the drainage and the foundations and to restore the 15 century porch. Generous donations have been received for the purchase of prayer books and hymn books and at the time of writing others are gifting items or cash in remembrance of family members. Hopefully 2008 will be a time of building upon these generous foundations because I have no doubt that this year will bring fresh challenges and mountains to climb. Our prayers at Tintern Church this year will be for fresh hope and peace in the world and for a year filled with joy. The Church in this place wishes the village a very, very happy New Year.

The Rectory is situated in the next village of Llandogo.

Address: The Rectory Llandogo Monmouth Monmouthshire NP25 4TW

Phone: 01594 530887

FAX: 01594 531135

The Rectory does not have an e-mail address

Previous Incumbents in Tintern Parva and Chapel Hill (also known as Abbey Tintern)

The Reverend Canon John Phillip Walford Rees, MA was instituted as Rector of the parishes of Llandogo with Whitebrook and Tintern Parva on 1st February 1999. Phil came to Tintern from Glyn Corrwg in the Diocese of Llandaff. He had also been Rector at Bream in the Forest of Dean for many years some time before and was therefore returning to an area that he knew very well.

He has been in the Ordained Ministry for forty two years; thirty two in Parishes, five with the Church Missionary Society and five in London in a non-denominational role with ICHTHUS. This latter time was spent 'church planting' in the South East of London.

Phil was the Chairman of Anglican Renewal Ministries (Wales) for five years and is still much involved with their activities which include the annual family conference 'Flames of Fire' that takes place in August on the Royal Welsh Showground at Builth Wells.

Since January 2002, Phil has been the Area Dean of Monmouth and was made an Honorary Canon of Monmouth in the Autumn of 2005.

Phil and Kate, his wife, have been involved in their own charity, the Ugandan Child Development Fund (UCDF) for many years. This cares for orphan children in Uganda, mainly AIDS orphans and is based around their orphanage in Kampala called 'The Fold'. Kate, as the Co-ordinator, spends quantities of time each year in Uganda and continues her daily 'hands-on' leadership of the work whilst at home in Llandogo.

Date of              Incumbent                 Parish


22 Dec 1348 Adam de Couton Tintern Parva 26 Feb 1350 William Baker (chaplain) Tintern Parva 22 May 1389 Hugh ap David Tintern Parva 10 May 1391 William Glastynbury Tintern Parva 8 Jul 1394 John Golmonchestre Tintern Parva 21 Sep 1394 David Carlion Tintern Parva 26 Jan 1395 Adam Payne Tintern Parva 14 Jun 1396 John ap David Tintern Parva 26 Jul 1399 Adam Russheburye Tintern Parva Walter de Bury Tintern Parva 20 Nov 1402 Peter Warde Tintern Parva 1412 Walter Loring Tintern Parva
1632 William Pritchard Tintern Parva Hugh Evans Tintern Parva 19 Jul 1697 John Quick M.A. Tintern Parva 15 Sep 1702 Amos Boyland Tintern Parva 9 Aug 1713 Anthony Barrow B.A. Tintern Parva 24 Mar 1717 Thomas Rodd to act as curate of Chapel Hill and Llandogo 31 Jul 1719 Thomas Hill M.A. Tintern Parva George Harris Tintern Parva 20 Sep 1734 Mallet Bateman Tintern Parva 18 Jan 1752 Edward Lewis Tintern Parva 8 Dec 1756 John Williams Tintern Parva 6 Mar 1766 John Williams Chapel Hill with Llanishen and Trelech Grange 1768 Thomas Edmunds Tintern Parva 19 Oct 1768 Lewis Thomas Chapel Hill 25 Jun 1781 Thomas Hughes Chapel Hill 18 Feb 1803 John Rumsey M.A. Chapel Hill 24 Jun 1805 Daniel Drape Tintern Parva 25 Sep 1827 John Mais B.D. Tintern Parva 1851 George Jones Chapel Hill 1871 Henry John Williams Tintern Parva 1872 Henry John Williams Chapel Hill 1878 Joseph Frederick Jones Tintern Parva 1879 Joseph Frederick Jones Chapel Hill 1882 Edward Richard Godley Tintern Parva / Chapel Hill 1887 William Elitto Rosedale M.A. Tintern Parva / Chapel Hill 1889 Alfred Trask Pullin B.A. Tintern Parva 1889 Charles Henry Piggott Chapel Hill 1892 Harold Barclay Hennell Tintern Parva / Chapel Hill 1901 William Donald Istance Mackintosh Tintern Parva / Chapel Hill 8 Oct 1903 Alfred Wm. Washington Palmer Tintern Parva / Chapel Hill 1925 J Davies Vicar of Chapel Hill and Rector of Tintern Parva 1957 J Morris Thomas Rector of Chapel Hill and Tintern Parva 1973 W R Thomas Rector of Chapel Hill and Tintern Parva 1983 W Herbert Chivers Rector of Chapel Hill and Tintern Parva 1986 Julian E Ll White Rector of Chapel Hill and Tintern Parva 1999 J P W Rees Rector of Chapel Hill and Tintern Parva

The information to 1903 has come from 'A History of Monmouthshire Vol2 Part2 The Hundred of Trelech' by Bradney. The book is available at Chepstow Library.