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Grantley's Diaries

Summer 2000

The Anchor darts team were given a reason to celebrate when their skipper, Millie Hollinshead, recently won the Sedbury and District Darts League Captain's Singles Competition in some style.
Having disposed of some very strong opponents in preceding rounds, she won the final in two straight legs, consisting of an eight and then a nine dart finish. This was pretty awesome and a great thrill for the popular captain who has led the team to third place in the league this season.
As the rest of the team would say "Good Arrers!".

The Rose and Crown held a party to celebrate the first twelve months of trading under new landlord David Stafford. It was quite a party with music supplied by Kevin Van Sax.
The past year has seen the pub become a really pleasant venue with stacks of atmosphere and bonhomie. David now offers accommodation with five bedrooms, a club room and regular music nights on a Thursday. On a Saturday the bar takes on a sporting theme with the local football club meeting there.
We needed this village centre pub to reinstate itself and David has done all of that and some - good luck for many years to come.

Tintern Village Hall has become one of the beneficiaries of the Chepstow Round Table Fixit campaign. The organisation contributed money for new crockery consisting of forty place settings. Terry Evans and Geraldine Hubbard expressed their delight at receiving the gift from Graham Bailey of the Round Table.

Melvyn and Elaine from the Moon and Sixpence put on a surprise party for my birthday following some dastardly innuendoes on his notice board by Stan the Shop.
Wine, cake and a load of friends from Chepstow all appeared along with travelling man, Kevin Van Sax for entertainment.
The next day I felt I had progressed several years but am truly grateful to Mel and Elaine for their kindness and hospitality.

Bank Holiday Monday saw what is becoming a tradition for that day with jazz at the Abbey Mill from local favourites Just Jazz.
The laid-back style of jazz is real Lazy Summer Afternoon stuff and was much appreciated by a large crowd. The ability of David Bevan and Tim Lowe to play several instruments each, as well as vocalise, gives the band an ample repertoire which includes some big band numbers - no mean feat for a quartet. Stuart Merret on bass and Mac Cambray on drums provided the rhythm section.
Thanks are due to Chris and Shelley Rastall for providing a wonderful day.

The bi-monthly Welsh magazine carries in its summer edition a photo-feature of Tintern by renowned photographer John Keates.
There are some terrific views of the village, one shot from Devil's Pulpit for which John must have risked life and limb.
Available locally, it's well worth a read and this particular piece brings home what a beautiful part of the world we live in.

Reading the last issue of the Parish News containing an advertisement for a great house in Ceredigion, West Wales, I was reminded of days gone by. It was lovely to read about her new venture as she was very much a part of Tintern for so long.
Anyone who knew Judith well knew that the advert proclaiming comfort, style, great food and a warm welcome would be no commercial exaggeration.
Llandysil, the village where she now lives, is a beautiful part of West Wales and I wish her well.

How nice to have the shop at my own premises back in use. Named 'Something Special' it is being used by Becky Newman to display a lovely variation of handcrafted items, including beautiful wooden bowls, baskets and scented candles. The delightful aroma of the candles drifts into the house and is a real bonus.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon a packed crowd of children had a great time at Abbey Mill's annual Teddy Bear's picnic.
Elsie and Eric Black took time out from a hectic schedule to present their magic show using one full time and four part time assistants. Their show held the young audience captivated, and with plenty of audience participation and humour, ensured a presentation of complete entertainment.
Also on the ground you could find Dorleen Kingsley's PB Bear being read by Mary Irwin and Julie Ashby to an enraptured audience sat on the grass in the sun.
How lovely that in these days of science fiction and computer games, the adventures of a teddy bear can still capture children's hearts.

With a name like Alan Butt you really don't want to adopt a goat do you? Alan from the Anchor went to see a goat advertised as a pygmy and found a goat more the size of a horse. The goat came with a sheep and as they took two hours to catch they were promptly named 'Bonny and Clyde'.
For the first few days things went quite well with the dynamic duo settled peacefully in the fenced off area at the top of the pub garden. Then it dawned on Clyde the goat that people in pub gardens would have food about their persons. Clyde suddenly cleared the fence like Red Rum and began happily roaming around the tourists causing either roars of laughter or screams of terror. The sight of Alan and I, both rather large men, running around the garden plaintively calling 'Clyde, Clyde' added greatly to the entertainments for the visitors.
In the end Bonnie the bleating sheep persuaded Clyde to return home by casually clearing the fence again.
However a television crew, complete with Sue Cooke and Hannah Gordon arrived to film a programme for their series on water colour paintings. Clyde came over the fence to amuse himself by trying to eat paint, brushes, canvas, camera leads and one or two of the contestants. Hauled away in disgrace he contented himself by contributing to the soundtrack. Life is as lively as ever at The Anchor.
Bonnie and Clyde have now left Tintern for a happy life together on a farm at Penallt.

It was a special occasion when the Rose and Crown welcomed local vocalist Lesley Ryan to their Thursday Music Night.
Lesley has lived in Tintern for five years as it is convenient for regular appearances on the Wales and West country club circuit and a welcome change from working on cruise ships.
With her gently humorous presentation, her performance was sheer class and drew warm applause from an appreciative crowd.

When the organisers of Tintern's son et lumiere contacted HTV Wales with a request for coverage they were directed to HTV West and told 'Tintern is not in Wales'.
What a revelation! Here we are surrounded by places called Pontysaison and Llanvihangel-Tor-y-mynydd that we will no longer be able to pronounce. CADW have spent all that money on an English ruin, and poor old Offa. All that time and effort and then he went and built his Dyke in the wrong place.
Here I stand in shock. An anglicised Welshman as decreed by HTV. I don't think so!


The residents of Sylvan View in Tintern, recently held a tree planting ceremony as their own celebration of the Millennium. It was performed by their oldest and youngest residents, Mrs Merlyn Ball 84 and Jenny Williams 4.
The specially prepared area marked by a magnificent plaque was then declared open by the cutting of a ribbon by Doreen Dobbs and Marjorie Mathews both who have lived there for over fifty years.

The proceedings were followed by a hog roast and barbecue topped off by a grand firework display.
Sue Ball proposed a vote of thanks to everyone who had helped on the preparation and specifically Janet Hill for the hours of work she had put in, and Robert Williams for making the barbecue.
Also Stan and Sylvia Smith from Tintern Stores for donating the rolls and french sticks and in particular Rashme Kakad of Hunter Signs for his generous gift of the Millennium Garden plaque

edited somewhat from Grantley James Diary. Thank you Grantley