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Grantley James, a local author, wrote articles for a newspaper about the happenings in Tintern. These articles have been condensed for publication in the Parish News and on the Web.
Grantley sadly died on the 1st of August 2001. A friend, Gareth Lewis, provided the following memory of Grantley :


What a multi-faceted man he was! Many of you will have memories of him from the many different interests he had. No one person, of all his many friends, could tell you the whole story of Grantley.

He was son to Joan, husband to Jenny and father to David and Chris as well as friend to us all.
He played rugby and excelled as an international level athlete who ran 100 yds in under ten seconds - not recently of course!!
He was a keen sailor and often crewed on ocean going yachts. I am sure we have all been regaled with stories of his sailing days. His love of sailing was obvious.
He was a musician, a drummer in particular, and played with a group called CANTICLE and musically accompanied Max Boyce for some years in the 70s.
He was a player with Caldicot Amateur Operatic Society and I know his good friend Ray Jones has a wealth of amusing stories from that era.

In the last couple of years he derived a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from ramblings and writings. He was an after-dinner speaker, broadcaster and author of many factual yet amusing short stories.

Grantley did not fear death and had a number of close calls when he had to be taken into the Royal Gwent hospital by ambulance. In one of his last jottings he wrote "I must be close to qualifying for a debenture here now. I have just consulted the 'escape committee' and got the nod from 'Big X' and I am out again." Such was his off-the-wall humour with regard to his health.

He often joked with the paramedics and they with him - even to the point of them requesting would he please consider moving from his three storey house to a bungalow!

Regardless of how long any of us had known Grantley I am sure we would all count him as a friend. Friendships are such that it seldom matters how long people have known each other. Sometimes an instant rapport is created and you each know that the friendship will endure for a lifetime. This was usually how it was Grantley.

I have known Grantley since we were eight years old. We have shared many adventures and experiences together - most of which should not be recounted here!

The one thing for which Grantley was forever grateful to me was - I introduced him to Jenny - it was love at first sight - and the love story continued throughout his life.
We should not be too unhappy for Grantley - he is now with his wife, Jenny - the greatest love of his life.
Despite his jovial persona, he has continued to think of her every day for the past fourteen years. I, and many others, often pondered on how different his life would have been had Jenny not been so cruelly taken from him all those years ago.

One thing is sure, he was dying to see her but I bet she is, even now, giving him such a 'rollicking'!

Grantley we'll miss you - God Bless You till we meet again.

Gareth Lewis