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The Community Council minutes for the meeting of Monday 29th September 2008 are on the website.


For use by residents of the Tintern Community area only and for use only by community groups and not individuals. Terms and conditions of rent to be discussed. Anyone interested please apply to the Clerk, Mrs. E. Greatorex-Davies, The Poplars, Whitelye, Catbrook, NP16 6NP. Applications please by 21st February 2009

Please note that the Notice-Board by the public conveniences along the main road in Tintern, which belongs to the Friends of Tintern, is available for members of the Tintern Community to advertise activities, etc in. The key to unlock the board is held by Cllr Andi Francis at Abbey Lodge, Tintern.

Special Notice

Dog Fouling in the Tintern Community

Please note that Monmouthshire County Council now employ a full-time officer to enforce the law on dog-fouling. The officer Kate Arnold has already successfully prosecuted dog owners in both urban and rural parts of the county.

For your information the law states:

The Dog (Fouling of Land) Act provides the Council with enforcement powers to deal with dog owners who allow their dogs to foul on designated land without removing forthwith. The Council official needs to either witness the offence or have a witness come forward and provide a statement whereby MCC could then issue a fixed penalty notice on the offender. Recurring problems by the same dog owner would result in the matter being referred to the Magistrates' Court, and if found guilty a maximum of 1,000 fine imposed.

Designated land includes public walkways, parks, open spaces and streets. In fact nearly everywhere.

Please Note: Poop-scoop bags are available currently for free at the One Stop Shops and dog owners are expected to take their bagged dog litter home and place it in their rubbish.

Roger Hopson

Clerk to Tintern Community Council

List of Council Members etc

The following Council Minutes are available on this website :

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Remedial work at Dead Man's Corner

There are some details of the proposed work here.