Minutes of the meeting of Tintern Community Council held on Monday 26th January 2009 at 7 pm at Tintern Village Hall.


Present:  Chairman Cllr Mrs. Shewell, Cllrs Mrs. Saunders, Hayward, Hoskins, Francis, Smith, County Cllr Mrs. Webb & Mrs Greatorex-Davies (Clerk).


639.  Public Forum:  Mrs. Mary Mills representing her employers, Mr. & Mrs. Pocock of The Anchor Inn,  read a letter regarding allegations made by a member of TCC. She had received a visit in January from a MCC Licensing Officer saying he had received complaints that the Cherry Tree had been reopened and frequented by a crowd of hoodies. Also that The Anchor was being run without a licence and the Pococks were not returning from Australia.  They ae in fact returning on 2nd March.  She asked if the matter was discussed at the last TCC meeting or was councillor involved following their own agenda.  Cllr Shewell replied that it was not a TCC decision and reassured her the matter would be investigated.  She reiterated that the council have rules that single councillors are not allowed to act on their own as individuals.  She also said that complaints of this nature could be addressed to the Ombudsman.

 Mr. Roger Woods representing Fryer’s Wharf passed around a letter from Welsh Water re a site meeting and moving the pumping station in order to reopen the slipway.  He asked if TCC would like to attend meeting and Cllrs Shewell, Francis & Hayward agreed to do so. 

Mr. Ian Mothersdale from The Old Rectory then explained what the Tintern Business Forum are hoping to do to promote Tintern.  Trying to make a website, put new signage in village and produce village map.  Pam Lloyd who was present on behalf of GAVO said they were trying to liaise with Overlooking the Wye re map.  Mr. Mothersdale said they want signs up by end of March and have funding of £2,500 for a CEDS Grant.  Mrs. Lloyd then said there is a Rural Community Action Group who have a Support & Development Fund and Tintern Business Forum would apply.  Cllr Shewell asked for prices to be ready for Feb. Meeting.

Cllr Shewell reported the Business & Tourism Sub-Committee had 3 issues as a result of their meeting:-

Get maps available for Easter.  Concerns over dramatic increase in business rates in area. Request for meeting with CADW to discuss joint publicity to promote the village and abbey.

Matter in hands.


640.  Police Report read out.


641.  Apologies received – Cllr Dawn Floyd.


642.  Declarations of Interest – Cllr Hayward re Fryers Wharf & The Anchor Inn.  Cllr Shewell re The Anchor Inn.


643.  Previous minutes confirmed and signed with 2 minor alterations.


644.  Planning Permissions:-  Hale End Cottage – approved.  Barbadoes Meadows – unable to reach decision as plans not provided.


645.  Approval of Expenses – Clerk’s monthly expenses and Tintern Recreation Centre, room hire – both approved.


646.  Financial Report read out.


647.  Updates:-

Green Shed, Fryer’s Wharf – Cllr Francis not yet cleared shed but promised to do so by next meeting.  Clerk to hold keys when empty.  Clerk asked to put notice in Tintern News advertising shed to let to community groups. 

Tom Collins Donation – TCC advised that councils need to be careful making individual donations as could create a precedent.  Quite in order for councillors to make personal donations. 

Notice-board in Abbey Car Park – Cllrs Francis & Smith not looked into matter but promised to do so in next week.


648.  Reports from outside bodies:-

Village Hall – no one present.

Llandogo School – No one present.  Clerk asked to write and ask who has been elected.

Friends of Tintern – nothing to report.

Finance – Cllr Shewell suggested setting up register to record when council made a decision to allocate money for a particular purpose.

Business & Tourism – Already dealt with although someone needed to attend meeting on 28th Jan if Cllr Saunders unable to.  Cllr Smith agreed to do so.

Survey 2006 – Cllr Williams reported they have not had any meetings and will probably have to disband.  Cllr Shewell asked if a sub-committee should be formed and Cllrs Francis, Williams & Hoskins offered to go on it.


649.  Contribution to Village Hall re car park resurfacing – dealt with.


650.  HLF Donation – County Cllr Webb has asked HLF for time scale for donation but not had one. Clerk asked to write to Tim MacDermott asking when work to commence.


651.  Mini-Roundabout – Clerk to write to Mor Hafren Area Committee asking what happened to report put forward by late Cllr Evans.  Also write to MCC asking what became of proposals for roundabout and asking for costings for flashing solar speed sign.


652.  Traffic Speed at north end of village – Cllr Shewell reported TCC already requested speed limit to be extended 25 metres past Brockweir Bridge and clerk asked to write again.


653.  Business Rates for Tintern – Meeting with Economic Dev’t Unit of WAG requested.


654.  Landslide – Letter from Richard Gable to be sent to all residents read out.  Complaints had been made about traffic lights but now addressed.  Clerk asked to write to Forestry Cmn. asking what their plans were for surface cover once nailing process completed and what tree planting is proposed.


655.  Budget Discussion – Cllr Floyd, who had requested this, not at meeting so agenda for next meeting.


656.  Councillors acting in pairs – Partly discussed earlier.  Reiterated that councillors must not make a decision on their own in their capacity as councillor.  They can act on their own as an individual party.


657.  Correspondence dealt with.


658.  Any Other Business  - Clerk’s Conditions of Employment discussed while she left meeting.  Her position confirmed.

Cllr Francis attended meeting of One Voice Wales.  Trading had been dropped from agenda. He felt it was not worth getting involved at this point and asked for someone else to attend next meeting to get their feeling.

Cllrs Saunders attended Development Plan Meeting.


Cllrs Shewell & Hayward and County Cllr Webb then withdraw from meeting while a discussion re complaint made by Mrs. Mills discussed.  Clerk asked to write to MCC to ascertain if they have a name of the councillor on record and if so will they release it.  Clerk also to write to Murray Andrews in Legal Dept asking for meeting so he can give his opinion of legal position of TCC in such cases. 


Dated of next meeting – Monday 23rd February at 7.00 pm.


Meeting closed at 9.30 pm.