Precis of Minutes of the meeting of Tintern Community Council held on Monday 5th January 2009 at 7 pm at Tintern Village Hall.


All present except Cllr Williams.


620.  Public Forum:  Adam Parker present who reported he had done extensive research regarding the Hall Car Park and found copy of old minutes relating to proposed financial arrangements.  He had been told the £5,000 the TCC had agreed to put aside was for resurfacing the car park and was asked if TCC gave £2,500 would that be enough but he replied not.  They are unable to get quotes until they have funding. 


He also asked if there was any progress with the Village Pound and about servicing the road behind the old Cherry Tree Inn.  It was reported that MCC had promised to fill in potholes before Christmas. 


621.  Police Report read out.  Burglaries on the increase.


622. Apologies – Cllr Williams.


623.  Declarations of Interest – Cllr Hayward re Fryers Wharf.


624.  Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.


625.  Planning Applications all approved.


626.  Approval of Expenses – Clerk’s monthly expenses and first instalment of donation to Overlooking the Wye approved.


627.  Financial Report read out.


628.  Updates:-

Allotments – No more requests received.  Agreed to place further advert in village news for March issue.

Green Shed, Fryers Wharf – Cllr Francis had had a private meeting with the Vicar and agreed to help her clear the shed.  Chairman Shewell reiterated the fact that all councillors attending meetings other than the usual TCC meetings must always have at least two councillors present. 

Notice-board in Abbey Car Park – It was agreed that Cllrs Hoskins & Williams erect the board as soon as possible, preferably before next meeting, and Cllr Saunders to meet them on site so they agree where to erect the board.


629.  Reports from outside bodies:-

Tintern Village Hall – Cllr Floyd reported no meeting had been held.

Llandogo School – No one present so no report.  Cllr Shewell remarked that TCC do not get any news from the school as they do not have a representative on the school governing body.  Election of a minor governor is due on 20th January for which Cllr Francis has stood.  Clerk to write to Governor Support Services Unit.

Friends of Tintern – No report.

Tintern Business Forum – Cllr Francis reported he had resigned from this committee.  Cllr Shewell suggested TCC forget Tintern Business Forum and go back to being the Business & Tourism Sub-Committee and they agreed to have a meeting on 14th January.

Finance – No report.

Survey 2006 – Cllr Floyd brought up question of mini-roundabout on A466 by Royal George Junction and wanted to know what MCC are doing about it.  Cllr Webb said MCC done a full report and felt a roundabout was not the solution.  Agreed to chase them up.

 Fryers Wharf – No report.


630. Contribution to Village Hall re car park:  Cllr Shewell thought TCC had £2,500 put aside as a contribution towards resurfacing car park.  They have asked the Hall Committee for accounts and details of grant applications.  Cllr Shewell agreed to draft a letter to the Hall Committee asking that they come to TCC with a proper application.


631.  HLF & car parking at old Sawmills – TCC had no response back yet.


632.  The Abbey Hotel – Cllr Floyd reported she had spoken to the estate agent selling it and it is supposedly coming up for auction in February.


633.  Parking SylvanView – Clerk received reply from Mons.Housing saying they do not have land available and referring TCC to MCC.  Clerk to write to MCC again.


634.  Gloucester Harbour Trust – Next meeting May.


635.  Tom Collins Grant – Clerk asked to check with Mr.Greenslade of MCC as to the legal position on donations.  Councillors voted in principle as to whether to give a donation.


636.  Correspondence.


637.  AOB – Cllr Francis made a statement on behalf of the business community to the effect that they cannot afford the rates and businesses will suffer. Clerk to write to David Davies.  Also put on agenda for next meeting.


638.  Date of next meeting – Monday 26th January 2009 at 7pm.