Minutes of the meeting of Tintern Community Council held on Monday 29th September 2008 at 7.00 pm at Tintern Village Hall.


Present:  Chairman Cllr Mrs. Shewell.  Councillors:  Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Webb, Hayward, Hoskins, Francis and Mrs. Greatorex-Davies (Clerk).


Members of the Public:  PC Cowburn,  Mr. C. Mackie, Mr. A. Parker, Mrs. H. Taylor, Mr. G. Jones, Mr. J. Simpson and Mr. R. Woods.


561 Police Report:  PC Cowburn gave his report which included a deer fatality on the A466 south of the village which was not removed for several days. 


562 Apologies:  Cllr Smith and Cllr Williams.


563 Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Hayward.


563a Public Forum:  Mr. Parker reported on the condition of the road from Penterry to Tintern.   Cllr Shewell replied that this had been reported a few months ago and we would contact the MCC again regarding it.

Mr. Parker also requested that he would like to see a copy of past and present minutes.  It was agreed that this would be allowed.  It is the intention to post a copy on the Tintern Website in future.

Mrs. Hazel Taylor and Mr. Gary Jones reported on Mr. Alan Carter’s letter received at the last meeting and which she had seen a copy of.  She read out to those present her reply and gave us a copy.  Apparently the main concern in the letter is the amount of water coming down Rocky Road.  Their reasons for changing the drive are because of its steepness and planning permission was obtained. 

Mr. Roger Woods gave a report from Fryers Wharf Committee:-

  They had met Pam Lloyd re grants, etc and agreed to keep in touch.

  Also saw Andrew Blake from the AONB.

  Also Sue Middleton, co-ordinator for Overlooking the Wye but they have no money


  Had contacted all boat owners.

  Contacted Matthew Fox, Welsh Water, but he did not want to see him – sent him

   a letter.


564 Minutes of the meeting of 1st September 2008 were approved and signed. 


565 Planning Applications:  Removal of Condition 9 Barbadoes Cottage. 


566 Approval of Accounts for Payment:

N. Hoskins                                                      £30.00

PlaySafety Ltd                                                            £81.80

Childline                                                         £50.00

AONB Trip (Cllrs Shewell & Saunders)        £18.00

            Ann Webb Clerk’s Expenses                          £40.91


567 Correspondence:


MCC re Recycling, etc – passed to Chairman to make contact.

One Voice Wales – Cllr Shewell & Francis will try to go.

MCC re  new website – Cllr Francis to test.

Janet Haines re training clerks/members – Clerk to contact her and ask where next course is.  Cllr Shewell proposed Clerk write and accept the bursary and go on a course and also ask on behalf of councillors.   Cllr Saunders seconded.

MCC re Charity Evening – Clerk to write and decline with thanks.

MCC re review of taxi ranks – note changes.

 MCC re Highways Feedback – passed to Cllr Hoskins

MCC re Cabinet Meeting – nothing of interest to us.

MCC re Planning Training – Cllr Francis would like to go on 21st November.  Clerk to ask Cllr Williams if he would like to attend too.

ARCS – filing only.

Local Health Board re AGM – filing, received too late.

CAB re AGM – filing, received too late.


568 Updates from previous meeting:

Cycle Track – Clerk had written to Sustrans but not yet had acknowledgement. Agreed to write again asking them to advise us of current situation.  Cllr Francis reported that he  had had a meeting for Tintern Business Community Development Association and met with Sustrans a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently the whole scheme hinges on being able to construct a bridge across the river opposite Tintern Station and they have £75,000 to spend on this.                       


569 Beaufort Cottage:  Cllr Saunders brought up the poor state of this property which is owned by Cadw.  It was felt that we should ask them to tidy it up.  Cllr Webb felt it would make a good Tourist Information Centre.  Cllr Saunders proposed we write to Cadw and say we are not happy with its condition.  Cllr Hayward seconded.


570 Abbotswood:  At an earlier meeting it had been queried what building works were going on there but we never had a response to our letter to MCC.  Cllr Hoskins proposed we write again and Cllr Saunders seconded.


571 Report from meeting re Fryers Wharf:

Cllrs Shewell, Francis & Hayward went to the meeting.  The Chairman and Vice-Chairman had been told to set up a proper body to look into it which they were doing.


572 South-East Wales Transport Plan:  Cllr Saunders has the paperwork for the last plan. 


573 Condition of over-hanging branches over roads:  Many are over-hanging throughout the village and Cllr Shewell reported that a member of the public had complained about the condition of the road.  The Council are supposed to ask owners to cut back if over-hanging and if they do not will do it themselves and charge the householder accordingly. The exit from Sylvan View is particularly bad.  Cllr Shewell proposed and Cllr Saunders seconded writing to MCC and Cllr Webb suggested addressing it to Mark Watkins as he is supposed to be looking into the matter.  She will remind him.  A meeting with two council members was also suggested by Cllr Shewell (Cllrs. Saunders and Hoskins offered).  Clerk to write letter.


574 Dustbin Lorries in Sylvan View:  Sue Ball had sent a report into the meeting to be read out in her absence, one of which was about insufficient parking in Sylvan View and also inability to turn in the road.  This is mainly because there are too many vehicles parked in Sylvan View.  The small piece of land at the end by the old allotments could be used but would probably be too expensive.  Cllr Hoskins reported that when the old-peoples bungalows were built MCC should have reinstated the road to Roger Woods but this was never done.  Agreed that Clerk write to Monmouthshire Housing Association and ask if they could address the parking problems in SylvanView.


575 Forestry Commission Tree slipping:  Cllr Shewell proposed and Cllr Hoskins seconded that clerk writes to the Forestry Commission (R. Gable) and ask them to remove the felled trees and repair the promenade fence.


576 Rose & Crown Gabion Baskets:  Cllr Saunders reported that these will be fine given time.


577  Pavement Near Brockweir Bridge Subsiding:  Clerk to write to MCC Highways and draw their attention to it.


578 Barbadoes Hill Pond:  There are various concerns regarding the proposals to dig a pond at this property.  Cllr Saunders said that if it is dug in the field this is an SSI and they should be informed.  Cllr Shewell advised that MCC Planning should be advised as if it is of a size large enough to warrant a planning application they should be informed given the sensitive structure of the hillside.  Clerk to write to them.


579 Green Shed at Fryers Wharf:  Cllr Hayward reported that the Vicar had not had a reply to enquiries she had made about who owned the equipment kept in the shed.  TCC own it but don’t know who holds a key.  Clerk to ring Rev. Hill and enquire who holds the key and who is using it.


580 Clerk’s Contract:  To be discussed at end of meeting.


581 Signage for Tintern Church:  Cllr Francis reported that the Wye Valley Hotel are happy for us to put a sign up on their property.  Clerk to write back to Rev.Hill and say that new signage is going to be put at several points throughout the village and the Church will be included in this.  Cllr Shewell said that the Footpaths Officer should maintain the Wye Valley Footpath Notice and clerk to write to Matthew Lewis, Countryside Officer.  Regarding the Brown Tourist Signs – inform Rev. Hill that she should write to Rick Longford regarding this and inform him we will support her.  Clerk also to inform her she should speak to Kate Arnold regarding dog owners responsibilities.  Finally inform her that unfortunately our constitution does not allow us to make specific contributions towards repairs and restoration of the Church but we will help in any other way.


582 Refuse Bins Botany Bay:  Clerk not had a reply to her letter to MCC.  She was asked to write to C. Jones and ask for a response.


583 Reports from outside bodies:


Village Hall – no representative present.

Llandogo School – no representative present.

Friends of Tintern – Cllr Hoskins advised us that there was a meeting that night and we are to expect a letter in response to our request following our last meeting.

Tintern Business Forum – Cllr Saunders attended a meeting and reported that all is very positive.  They are forming a proper association to apply for grants.  Cllr Francis said they had applied for £4000 to cover the cost of signs and maps.

Gloucester Harbour Trustees – Cllr Shewell had received a letter from them and the Clerk was asked to write back to them and notify them that Cllr Francis is the appointed representative and ask for details of the meeting in November.


Reports from Sub-Committees:


Finance – On this committee at present are Cllrs Shewell & Saunders.  Cllr Shewell proposed Cllr Hayward join them and Cllr Hoskins seconded.  They will be meeting again before the next meeting and report back.  Cllr Shewell passed around a provisional assessment of figures to be discussed at the October meeting.  Cllr Webb reported that she had spoken to the Auditor and this was in hand.


Business & Tourism – They have not had a formal meeting but Cllr Francis asked what TCC’s plan is for it.  Cllr Shewell felt that they ought to have another meeting before the TCC’s next meeting.


Survey 2006 – Cllr Hoskins advised that Cllr Floyd had said that the sub-committee had met and having received the information they had perused it.   They are having another meeting to discuss their plan.


Fryers Wharf – Dealt with earlier in agenda under public forum.


584 Any Other Business:  Filing Cabinet – Problems had been encountered having this delivered to the new Clerk.  Cllr Shewell reported that it had been delivered to her house. 

She thanked Mr. Gregory for delivering it.


Sue Ball sent a note with several concerns:-

Items 5 & 6 already discussed earlier in the agenda.

Items 1 & 2 – Cllr Hayward reported that someone is clearing the drains.   Simon Morgan has complained about the drain collapsing.

Clerk to write to Martin Evans, Drainage Officer re Items 1, 2 & 4.

Item 3 – Clerk to write to Forestry Commission and ask them to restore the hillside following logging activities.


585 Date of next Meeting:  Monday 27th October 2008 at 6.30 p.m.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.  A private session followed when the new Clerk’s contract was discussed.