Minutes of the meeting of Tintern Community Council held on Monday 1st September 2008 at 7.00 pm in Tintern Village Hall.


Present:   Chairman Cllr Mrs. Shewell.

Councillors:  Francis, Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Floyd, Hoskins, Hayward, Smith, Williams and Mrs. Greatorex-Davies (Clerk).


Two members of the public present plus PC Cowburn.


The Chairman welcomed Mrs. Greatorex-Davies as the new clerk.  Mrs. Floyd thanked Mr. Hopson, the outgoing clerk, for his services and hard work.


544 Police Report:  PC Cowburn updated us on various issues including a few burglaries locally and warned everyone to be vigilant.


545 Apologies – all present.


546 Declarations of Interest – Cllr Hayward declared he had an interest  re Fryers Wharf.


547 The minutes of the meeting of 28th July 2008 were approved and signed.

Unanimously agreed.  Cllr Shewell thanked Cllr Webb for doing the minutes since Mr. Hopson retired.


548 Planning Applications


DC/2008/00921 Landslide Stabilisation Works.  Cllr Saunders proposed that the Committee recommend approval of these works.  Cllr Hoskins seconded this.  Everyone was in favour.


DC/2008/00933 Fair Oaks Barn.  Proposed by Cllr Williams.  Seconded Cllr Saunders.  All in favour.


549 Approval of Accounts for Payment


ROSPA                                                           £81

SLCC Subscriptions                                       £70

Tintern Recreation Centre, April-June            £36

Monmouthshire Beacon Clerk Advert            £61.10

Tintern News – July                                          £5

Nigel Hoskins – Grass Cutting                       £30

(July already paid – receipt needed.  Just send payment for August).

Lap-Top Computer & Printer for Clerk -  Cllr Smith had looked into this matter and found one at a total cost of £480 from Dell.  The Committee agreed to him purchasing this on behalf of the Council and invoicing them.   All payments approved.


550 Correspondence


MCC Local Development Plan - noted

One Voice Wales re meeting 11th October

Keep Wales Tidy - noted

Macmillan Coffee Morning 26th September 2008

MCC S.E. Wales Transport Plan – Cllr Hoskins took letter

WAG Guide to our Framework

ROSPA Playsafe Ltd

MCC Chairman’s Charity Golf Day

Wye Valley AONB Study Tour inviting two members to join tour on 26th September

Alan Carter re Barbadoes Cottage


551 Updates from previous meeting


  1. Refuse Bin Liners – Cllr Webb updated the Council on three.  Community Council should maintain them.  Discussed absence of proper storage facilities in Botany Bay.  Cllr Shewell suggested we write to MCC and ask them to write to the householders asking them to put their bins out on Monday 7am visible from the road as we are concerned about the health hazard.  Proposed by Cllr Francis and seconded by Cllr Williams.
  2. Notice Boards – Cllr Williams is organising and erecting a new board by the Rose & Crown.  He and Cllr Hoskins will talk to the licensee about it and erect new board by 29th September.   Tourist Board by the Abbey – Cllr Saunders reported that no one is acknowledging ownership of the sign by The Anchor/Abbey.  It should be utilised. Cllr Francis reported that some money may be given for notice boards, etc.  He suggested waiting until the money is available before replacing it.  Cllr Shewell suggested writing to the Tourist Board stating that we will use it in future unless we hear to the contrary.  Cllr Saunders seconded this.
  3. Glyn Lane Parking & Road Condition – Cllr Shewell said that the road is in a terrible state and we have asked for it to be resurfaced.  She also suggested we ask for someone from MCC to meet two councillors with a view to resurfacing and clearing passing places.   Cllr Saunders & Francis proposed and seconded meeting with MCC regarding this and agreed to meeting MCC representative.  Clerk to arrange meeting.
  4. Allotments – Cllr Saunders has received information re these and has spoken to Alan Brown.  The allotments in Sylvan View have not been used for years.  Apparently we have had requests from villagers for allotments.  Cllr Shewell proposed we should put a notice in the Tintern News asking if anyone wants one and if we receive more than six responses take the matter further by requesting MCC make provision for allotments in Tintern.  Proposed by Cllr Saunders, seconded Cllr Williams.


552 WAG Review of Electoral Arrangements


Cllr Saunders asked if we have enough representatives on the County Council as a result of the letter from WAG.  Cllr Williams said we should reply saying yes.


553 Members representing Council on outside bodies


A letter from Cllr Floyd was read out re Cllr Francis.  He reported that Cllr Floyd was not in fact at the meeting and stated he attended to the meeting as a local businessman only and not as a Councillor.  Cllr Shewell said all councillors should be aware of their obligations and accountabilities when attending meetings and thanked Cllr Floyd for drawing these matters to the Council’s attention.


554 Extension of 30 mph speed limit past Old Station


Cllr Shewell suggested we write to MCC asking if they could extend the limit north by 25 metres past the Brockweir lay-by.   Proposed by Cllr Williams.  Seconded by Cllr Shewell.


555 Severn Crossing Closures


Cllr Floyd had written to ask if we could have advance notice of closures.  She had had a response from David Davies and Cllr Webb had received a letter from Peter Neale saying MCC were not on their global list.  Cllr Williams suggested that when we have our web site address it could be put on this.


556 Grant Applications


  1. Childline – Cllr Williams said that as it is anonymous anyone from the village could be using it.  He proposed we give £50.  Cllr Francis seconded this.
  2. Shire Hall Stewards – Not supported.
  3. St. Michael’s Church – Letter received from the Vicar saying signs worn and now invisible.  Cllr Shewell suggested we reply saying we are putting up new notice boards and will advertise the Church and also help with new community seating.
  4. Pound Appeal – Committee Members bought raffle tickets.


557 Reports from outside bodies


Tintern Village Hall – nothing.

Llandogo School – nothing.

Friends of Tintern – they have now bought a printer but would like financial assistance with printer paper.  We agreed to allocate £300 for this but Cllr Hoskins was asked to contact them and get a written request and a copy  of their recent accounts.

Council Sub-Committees – Cllr Shewell said the sub-committees need to have a meeting and requested they all meet before 29th September. 

Business & Tourism – Cllr Shewell was concerned that members all have businesses and consequently have a conflict of interest and therefore Tintern Business Forum meeting arranged for 09/09/08 should also be attended by a Councillor who was not involved in a business within the community.  Cllr Saunders is the only one available as she is not employed.  She was proposed by Cllr Hoskins and seconded by Cllr Floyd.

Survey 2006 – Cllr Floyd asked for a meeting last month but this did not happen.  Will arrange a date to meet with Cllrs. Hoskins and Williams.

Finance – Cllrs Shewell & Saunders sorting a meeting.

Fryers Wharf – Meeting at the Wye Valley Hotel.



558 Any Other Business


  1. Cycle Path – Cllr Francis asked what opinion the Council had to it. Cllr Shewell pointed out that this item had never been discussed by the Council.  Therefore I t was not possible to advise of the Community Council’s position.   Any views expressed would be personal and it was at the discretion of individual councillors as to whether they were prepared to share their personal views.   All were for it except Cllr Saunders who did not wish to comment.  Agreed to write to SUSTRANS and ask for an update.  Proposed by Cllr Floyd. Seconded Cllr Saunders.
  2. Hedges over pavements – Cllr Hoskins is concerned about this – agenda for next meeting.
  3. Dustbin Lorries in Sylvan View – agenda next meeting.
  4. Forestry Commission – tree slipping into and damaging promenade fence – agenda next meeting.
  5. Rose & Crown gabion baskets – next agenda.
  6. Brockweir Bridge to Station pavement subsiding – notify MCC – next agenda.
  7. Barbadoes Hill – Concerns re pond being dug at property. – next agenda.
  8. Cllr Saunders asked if the Tintern Charities have been informed of change.  Trustees to be advised.


559 Date of next meeting – 29th September 2008.


560 Adoption of new Code of Conduct – Cllr Saunders suggested we confirm this. Murray Andrews to be advised and requested to include Tintern Community Council in the press release.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.