Present:   Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Vice Chairman D Bennett, Councillor T Evans, Councillor A. Webb, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Constable A. Mason



198.   Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


a.     Constable Mason reported a very busy month with five robberies, one attempted robbery and two road traffic accidents, one at Dead Man’s Corner. Constable Mason re-iterated his plea to people with satellite navigation systems in their vehicles that these are currently very popular with thieves and their presence should be made as anonymous as possible.

b.     Councillor Floyd asked about speed checks on the Trellech Road. Constable Mason said this will be raised at the next Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 6th June.

c.     The clerk told Constable Mason that he had written to Chief Superintendent Paul Symes regarding the non-reporting of accidents to land owners whose property was damaged but had received no reply.


199.   Public Forum:


a.     There were no public present at the meeting.


200.   Apologies for absence:


  a. Councillor S Shewell.


201.   Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda:


a.     Councillor Evans declared an interest regarding Village Hall business.

b.     Councillor Webb declared an interest in all planning matters.


202.   Minutes of the meetings of 27th  March 2006:


a.     The minutes were signed as a record of the meeting of 24th April 2006.




  THE APRIL REPORT IS INCLUDED BELOW ----------------------------------------







      Actions updated and brought forward from March


172.   Finance and Administration Reports:


(c) As the Parva Farmhouse had stated that they were not interested in renting garages on the Wharf the clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Stubbs asking if he wished to remain as tenant.


Action:  Mr Stubbs has now written stating that he wishes to terminate his rental of garage from June 2006.



                   173.   Planning


(g) The clerk has been asked to check if the road entrance being built giving access to the A466 has permanent planning permission.


Action: Planning Application M/11238 – Parva Barns. Letter received from planning stating that the matter was being investigated.


                   176. Other Reports/Issues


(a) ii Clerk to write to Gwent Police asking that all reported accidents causing damage to           private property are reported to owner.


Action: Still no response – matter being pursued.


 (b) i M.C.C. are to investigate whether a new highway order is required to extend existing ‘no parking’ restrictions outside of surgery.


               Action: Extension of line agreed by Highways and put on work plan for 2006/7


(b) iii Councillor Saunders suggested that T Parsons be asked if he would like to construct a seat in metal. Clerk to contact Mr Parsons. B. Howard of Barbadoes is also known to make seats and Councillor Floyd agreed to ask him if he would consider job.  Clerk to give specification to Councillor Floyd.


Action: No response  from T. Parsons, B Howard to submit quotation shortly.









Actions from April


             181. Public Forum:


a.  Mr. Bristow was concerned about the state of the wall by the walnut tree on the Devauden/Forge Road because it had been struck by a lorry. It was in need of repair but ownership was unknown. The clerk to consult Monmouthshire County Council to establish if they owned it.      


Action: MCC (Steve Baldwin 01633-644713) have written stating that wall is a highway retaining road and therefore their property. The work to repair it has been scheduled for this year 2006/7.


189. Other Reports/Issues


          b.     Other Issues


i.                   To discuss  collection of mail over Easter weekend:


The clerk had reported this matter to the Post Office Collections Manager and was awaiting a response.


Councillor Bennett asked if the matter of the mail box having been removed from the Trellech Road could also be followed up at the same time. The clerk will follow up both problems with the Royal Mail.


Action: A letter of apology had been received from Royal Mail but no explanation. Matter being pursued further.


iii.              Action on Village Hall Deeds:


The clerk to find out that cost of the solicitors undertaking this work before they are asked to commence. It was also agreed that the clerk approach The Society of Council Clerks, One Voice Wales and M.C.C. to see if they could provide legal assistance.


Action: Evans & Ellis have quoted a charge of approximately £300- 400 for establishing ownership and First Registration at the Land Registry this could be revised if the matter is more complicated or involved than estimated. A fee is also payable to the Land Registry of between £75 and £110, depending on value of property.



                 END OF CLERK’S APRIL REPORT --------------------------------------


203.  Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for May:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of ₤6925.43 if the known payment for May was approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


 b.  The payment for May was approved, that is:


Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                  Chq 100470              ₤233.49


c.      Presentation of Annual Accounts 2005/2006


The annual accounts for 2005/2006 were approved by the Council and unanimously   accepted as a true record of the financial situation for the year 2005/2006.


d.     Clerks Contract of Employment


The Council had met and formulated a contract with the clerk on 11th April. This was signed by the Chairman and Clerk as the legal document detailing the conditions by which the clerk is employed.


     204.  Planning


a.     Applications


DC/2006/00101: Replacement dwelling with associated works, 8 The Cot, Devauden, Chepstow

Decision: Approve.


Note: Councillor Evans stated that he had received verbal comments opposing the development but the Clerk stated that no written objections had been received by the Council. Councillor Floyd asked if the development overlooked any other dwelling and was told it did not.


b.  Planning Appeals




 c.  Planning Withdrawals




d.  Planning Decisions




e.  New Enforcement Cases




           f.  Resolved Enforcement Cases




205.         Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.      Village Hall Committee:

Councillor O’Connor stated that two estimates had been received for security lighting and   they varied considerably.

 The AGM had occurred and a new committee elected.


         b.   Llandogo School: 

The new Head had started in the summer term. Councillor Bennett reported that the   number of pupils will fall in September and the structure of classes will be changed. The contracts for two temporary teachers were being reviewed.


c.    Friends of Tintern:

Councillor Bennett reported that as only three people had attended the last meeting it was cancelled. No new meeting has yet been planned.



206.         Survey 2006


 a.   Youth Centre:

Councillor Floyd reported that, together with ‘Friends of Tintern’,  an application for a grant of ₤10,000 had been made to Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) under the Community Environment and Development Scheme (C.E.D.S.) for initial development of a Youth Centre for the community. The result of the application will be known in June. The Youth Centre project will be formally launched at a meeting on 12th June in the Village Hall at 6:00 p.m. The project will then be seeking initial financial support from the Community Council and ‘Friends of Tintern’


b.      Other Action Plan Points:


i.                   Councillor Webb had arranged for a representative of ‘The Housing Enabler’ project team to address the Council at the next meeting.

ii.                Councillor O’Connor was investigating the collection of ‘black box’ waste in areas of the community not yet provided with this service.

iii.              A. Browne of the Chepstow One Stop Shop had written to the chairman informing her that the survey of traffic on the Raglan/Forge Road by the Sawmills had showed that the existing northern access could be used for a County Council car park if traffic calming measures were introduced on the road and the speed limit reduced to 20 m.p.h.

The clerk announced that he had been told that the A.O.N.B. had received a grant for renovation of the car park from the Lottery Heritage Fund. Councillor Saunders asked that the ownership of the southern entrance be established. The clerk to seek confirmation of ownership from M.C.C.

Councillor Webb to establish the status of the car park with the new head of Highways at M.C.C. Roger Hoggins.

iv.     Councillor Evans is to prepare a plan for the development of a roundabout     

outside the Royal George for discussion at a meeting with M.C.C. Highways. The clerk to assist.

                      v.     Councillor Bennett is to start discussions with the Village Hall committee

                              to   revise the methods of explaining terms and conditions of hire and

 hire charges.

                     vi.    Councillor Floyd is to meet with T. Parsons of ‘Friends of Tintern’ to

                              discuss sighting of new public notice board.




 207. Other Reports/Issues


  a.    Traffic/Highways

Councillor Bennett asked the clerk if there was any news on the closure of the  Trellech Road. Clerk to enquire at M.C.C.


  b.     Other Issues


    i.         Action on Village Hall Deeds:

It was agreed that following the estimate from Evans & Ellis for investigating Village Hall ownership and making the first registration f the property at the Land Registry. The clerk to request Evans & Ellis to proceed.







 208. Correspondence


a.         Letter from J. Simpson regarding river access at Fryer’s Wharf:

The clerk was asked to write to Mr. Simpson explaining the insurance situation at         the Wharf.

         b.      Quotation from W. Howard for new seat in Trellech Road:

The Council considered Mr Howard’s design and cost estimate and decided to            accept it. The clerk was asked to write to Mr Howard asking him to commence work on the seat.

 c.      Letter from Gwent Police Authority regarding forces structure changes in 


                  The clerk was asked to write to the Chief Executive of Gwent Police

  expressing the Councils support for the police concerns regarding        

  the haste and imposition   of the new structure with no public liaison.

         d.      Correspondence lists were issued to all councillors.


   209. Any Other Information


Councillor Saunders asked that the clerk  writes again to the Forestry Commission regarding the rock debris that has accumulated at the junction of the lane from Barbadoes Hill and the Raglan/Forge Road. The clerk will also write to M.C.C. asking that the gully at this junction be unblocked.




210.  Date of Next meeting:


               The next meeting will be held on 26th June in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 8:35 p.m.