Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor A. Webb, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Cllr S. Shewell and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Constable A. Mason &  Mr. T Bristow.



180. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


a.     Constable Mason stated that there were few accidents to report for April. He had noted that at the Easter Bank Holiday visitors had found parking in the village difficult.

b.     The new double yellow lines on the junction of the A466 and Devauden/Forge Road had lead to a prosecution for parking.

c.     The very high tides at the beginning of the month had been caused flooding on the A466 but no reported damage. Cllr Floyd thanked Constable Mason as a representative of the police for their work during the emergency. This thanks was also extended to the County Council and Environmental Agency for their prompt effort.



     181. Public Forum:


a.  Mr. Bristow was concerned about the state of the wall by the walnut tree on the Devauden/Forge Road because it had been struck by a lorry. It was in need of repair but ownership was unknown. The clerk to consult Monmouthshire County Council to establish if they owned it.                


 182.  Apologies for absence:


     a.  Councillor B Young.


183.  Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda:


     a.  Councillor Evans declared an interest regarding Village Hall business.


184.  Minutes of the meetings of 27th  March 2006:


a.     Cllr Saunders asked that the following statement be added to paragraph 168 (a)    

regarding the flooding on the Trellech Road;


“When asked if he had reported to the relevant authorities the person he knew who had discharged water into the mains sewerage system Mr Higgins said he had not”. Cllrs Floyd and Shewelll agreed this had been stated.


b.     All cllrs agreed that paragraph 171 (b) be amended to state;


“All cllrs agreed that the main village notice board should remain in its present position.”


c.     Cllr Bennett asked that paragraph 174(b) be changed to state;


“The number of children forecast to attend Llandogo school has fallen from 107 to 95.”


d.     Cllr Shewell had declared in paragraph 176 Item a. ii. “Other work on A466”



e.  Following these recorded adjustments the minutes were then signed as a record of     

     the meeting of 27th March 2006.





  THE MARCH REPORT IS INCLUDED BELOW ----------------------------------------


                         168.  Public Forum


(b) Mr. Bristow stated he was concerned about the fly tipping that had been   done in the Sawmills area. Mr. Bristow was still concerned about the stone  scalpings that were still there. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr. Rastall who it was believed had initially used these to create a pathway.


                              Action: Letter written – no response



172.   Finance and Administration Reports:


(c) As the Parva Farmhouse had stated that they were not interested in renting  garages on the Wharf the clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Stubbs asking if he  wished to remain as tenant.


Action:  Matter discussed with Mrs Stubbs who indicated that they do not wish to retain garages etc. However, they will communicate again shortly when they have decided



                             173.   Planning


(g) The clerk has been asked to check if the road entrance being built giving access to the A466 has permanent planning permission.


Action: Planning Application M/11238 – Parva Barns. Letter written – no response.

However, the approved plans do show entrance as built.



                             176. Other Reports/Issues


(a) ii Clerk to write to Gwent Police asking that all reported accidents causing damage to    private property are reported to owner.


Action: Letter written to Chief Superintendent Paul Symes, Divisional Commander – no response


(a) ii    All councillors agreed that despite remedial work being carried out by M.C.C. at Dead Man’s Corner they should still consider erecting safety barriers on the river side of the road. The clerk to write to M.C.C. Highways with this request.


                         Action: Letter written to Clive Campbell – acknowledgement received.


(b) i M.C.C. are to investigate whether a new highway order is required to extend existing ‘no parking’ restrictions outside of surgery.


                         Action: Letter written to Paul Keeble – acknowledgement received.



(b) iii Cllr Saunders suggested that T Parsons be asked if he would like to construct a seat in metal. Clerk to contact Mr Parsons. B. Howard of Barbadoes is also known to make seats and Cllr Floyd agreed to ask him if he would consider job.  Clerk to give specification to Cllr Floyd.


Action: Clerk contacted T. Parsons who stated he is interested in constructing a new seat. Clerk supplied specification. – Quotation not received.


No response from B Howard.



178. Any Other Business


(a) Village Hall & Grounds Deeds It was agreed that a schedule of deeds for other properties owned by the council be established by the clerk.


Action: Clerk met with Mrs Nair of Evans & Ellis who advised that deeds kept in Hall were originals. The property had not been registered with The Land Registry and she advised that the documented be kept in firms safe with documents for St. Michael’s Wharf. The clerk deposited the documents with her under Deeds Number T0014-3.


                         Further action needs to be decided for other properties owned by Council.


                   b. Dog Fouling


The clerk announced that M.C.C. now had a dog warden who was responsible for ensuring that law applicable to dog fouling was enforced. It was agreed to notify the community via the website of the current legal position.


Action: Done – Copy of notice attached.



                 END OF CLERK’S MARCH  REPORT --------------------------------------------



185.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for April:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £4091.61 if the known payment for April were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


 b.  The payments for April were approved, that is:


Allianz-Cornhill                                                       Chq 100466               436.67

Chairman’s Honoraria                                              Chq 100467               200.00

Roger Hopson – Clerk’s Salary & Expenses                  Chq 100468               337.36

Filing Cabinet                                                         Chq 100469              100.00


c.      Presentation of Annual Accounts 2005/2006


Copies of the annual accounts for 2005/2006 were distributed to cllrs for consideration  before being discussed at the May meeting.



d.     Rental of Garages on St. Michael’s Wharf


The clerk reported that he had spoken to Mr. Stubbs who had stated that he does not wish to continue with rental of the garage. No written confirmation had been received.


e.     Clerks Contract of Employment


The Council had met and formulated a contract with the clerk on 11th April. The issues of concern with regard to clerk insurance cover had been discussed by the clerk with Allianz-Cornhill. These related to risk assessment at the clerk’s home and the clerk’s personal indemnity. The clerk reported that the insurers were satisfied with the existing arrangements. It was agreed that the clerk’s salary for 2006/7 should be at National Association of Local Councils (NALC) grade SCP19 rate 8.701 per hour.


    186.   Planning


    a.  Applications




b.  Planning Appeals


M/11405:  First Floor Extension to Form 2 No New Bedrooms. Chapel Granary, Trellech Grange, Devauden, Chepstow


Decision: Appeal is dismissed

Reason (Abbreviated): The proposed extension would be an incongruous intrusion of poor design and over-intensive development.

N.B. Tintern Community Council recommended approval


c.   Planning Withdrawals




e.  Planning Decisions




 f.  New Enforcement Cases




g.  Resolved Enforcement Cases






   187.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.     Village Hall Committee:


An estimate has been received for fixing security lighting to the Hall. Another contractor who wished to be considered has yet to produce a estimate.


b.     Llandogo School: 


No report.


c.     Friends of Tintern:


No report.



188.     Survey 2006


   a. Youth Centre


Councillor Floyd reported that she had met with Cllr Bennett and Mr T Parsons         of  ‘Friends of Tintern’ to discuss converting the garages rented by Mr Stubbs  into a Youth Centre.  Cllr Shewell asked how the Centre would be run. Cllr Floyd stated that the Centre would be organised by the older members of the young community and that the younger children would use the Village Hall. Cllrs Shewell and Bennett expressed concern about proximity of river and access to the Centre respectively. Cllr Floyd informed them that the project is in its very early stages of development and that these matters would be considered.


               b.  Action Plan


Cllr Floyd announced the cllrs who would be responsible for developing the components of the action plan, All cllrs agreed. A list is attached to these minutes.


Cllr Webb congratulated Cllr Floyd on her progress so far with the project.


189. Other Reports/Issues


      a.    Traffic/Highways


i.                   Dead Mans Corner


Cllr Webb stated that M.C.C. skid testing at this site were imminent  and that the use of safety barriers was being appraised. The Highways department of M.C.C. had cut back the bushes overhanging the road at this corner. Cllr Shewell was concerned that traffic was now going faster around the bend because of the better visibility.

Cllr Saunders is still concerned that the drains at the corner  are  still blocked and are causing a lot of surface water.


        b.     Other Issues


i.                   To discuss  collection of mail over Easter weekend:


Cllr Saunders reported that mail had been collected by Royal Mail at 9:00 a.m. on the Saturday during the Easter weekend. This meant that there was no collection at the correct time from the office from Thursday 13th until Tuesday 18th April. The staff at the Post Office had complained to the postman doing the collection. The clerk had reported this matter to the Post Office Collections Manager and was awaiting a response.


Cllr Bennett asked if the matter of the mail box having been removed from the Trellech Road could also be followed up at the same time. The clerk will follow up both problems with the Royal Mail.


ii.                It was unanimously decided that this matter would be discussed in private. This right is enacted by section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.


iii.              Action on Village Hall Deeds:


Cllr Shewell was concerned that ownership of the Village Hall had not been properly established and Cllr Saunders stated that the Hall and associated land be registered at the Land Registry once ownership had been confirmed by Evans & Ellis solicitors. It was agreed that the registration of St. Michael’s Wharf also be confirmed to establish its exact status. The clerk to find out that cost of the solicitors undertaking this work before they are asked to commence. It was also agreed that the clerk approach The Society of Council Clerks,  One Voice Wales and M.C.C. to see if they could provide legal assistance.



      vi.      Fly Tipping in the Sawmills Area:


All rubbish in the area has now been taken away. Mr C Rastall had written to the Council apologising for the hardcore left in the area by a builder he had employed  and stated that he had now  removed it. 


190. Correspondence


                   a.   M.C.C. Community & Environment Development Scheme (CEDS)


Application forms had been received by the Council for the above scheme. It was agreed that Cllr Floyd should use the scheme to et funding for the development of the Youth Centre.


b.  Correspondence lists were issued to all councillors.



191. Any Other Information








179. Date of Next meeting:


               The next meeting will be held on 22nd  May in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m. This will be preceded by the Annual Meeting at  6:45 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 9:10 p.m.