Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Cllr S. Shewell and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Constable A. Mason, Mr D. Higgins & Mr. T Bristow.


Cllr Saunders distributed a letter to all Councillors from Mr A. Francis.


167. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


a.     Constable Mason stated that no crimes had been reported in the area since the last meeting. However, there had been seven accidents in the last six weeks. Four of these had been at Dead Man’s Corner, one at the Old Station  and one collision due to snow. Although Monmouthshire County Council are to undertake remedial accident work at Dead Man’s Corner (see paragraph 176 (a(i))) it is believed a lot of the accidents are due to excessive speeding and driver error.

b.     A speed measuring trial had been carried out on the Trellech Road at 8:00 – 8:30 one morning. The maximum speed recorded was 46 m.p.h. The number of vehicles breaking the speed limit was concerning the police and the Mobile Speeding Camera unit will be deployed in the area in the near future.

c.     A driver apprehended in a vehicle in the Sawmills area had been arrested and charged with a Drink Driving offence.



     168. Public Forum:


            a.  Mr Higgins wished it to be known that the recent flooding reported in properties

                 near his house had nothing to do with any water flowing across or near his land.

                 The source of the problem, he believed, was much further up the road in the

                 sewerage  drainage.


                 b.  Mr. Bristow stated he was concerned about the fly tipping that had been done in                    

  the Sawmills area. Cllr Evans started that M.C.C. had been requested to remove

  the tyres and oil that had been dumped and had done so. Mr. Bristow was still

  concerned about the stone scalpings that were still there. The Clerk was asked to

  write to Mr. Rastall who it was believed had initially used these to create a      



169. Apologies for absence.


    a.   Councillor B Young and Councillor A. Webb.


170. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


     a.  Councillor Evans declared an interest in item 177 (a) – Grant application for Village



171. Minutes of the meetings of 27th February 2006:


a.     Cllr Saunders asked that the distribution to all councillors of a letter from Mr. A          

          Francis be noted.


b.     Cllr Evans asked that minutes be amended to show that all Cllrs disagreed with

Paragraph 162 (c) regarding the request to mount the Village public notice board in the Village Hall grounds.


The Clerks report has now replaced the Agenda Item ‘Matters Arising’.


The February report is included below --------------------------------------------------




137. Other Reports/Issues 


               b. Public Seat on the Trellech Road:


It was agreed that the clerk specifies the requirements to Mr. Tansill and asks for a quotation.


Action: Done. No response received. Item put on agenda for 27th March meeting.




155. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


PC Mason explained that there had been six accidents on the A466. The clerk was asked to write, again, to Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) emphasising the council’s concern over the number of accidents occurring on this road.


Action: The clerk wrote to the Chairman of the Highways Committee, Councillor J. Harrhy twice which was followed by a site meeting on 13th March and promises that a report from the consultants employed by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) regarding the state of the A466 around Tintern would be implemented ASAP.


156. Public Forum


Mrs Preece asked if planning permission had been granted for the sign for The Cherry Tree on the village green. The clerk will clarify this matter.


Action: Application No. M11879 was received by MCC Planning on 11th May 2005 and was still awaiting planning permission. MCC Highways had raised no objection but the Conservation Officer had asked that the sign be shortened in height by either removing the legs of the sign or reducing their height. Mr Pocock had been written to (on 6th Sept. 2005) regarding this point but no reply has been received.


Mrs Preece also stated her concern over vehicles being parked within the double yellow lines adjacent to the village green. The clerk will ask MCC Highways their opinion of the confusion that has arisen.


Action: The clerk had written to Paul Keeble of MCC Highways who agreed that the matter should be investigated. He will undertake a site visit on Thursday 23rd March at 9:00 a.m. All councillors are welcome to attend.


160.  Finance and Administration Reports


c.     Rental Charges for Garages on Wharf


Councillor Floyd agreed to discuss with the owners of Parva Farm House whether or not they wish to continue with rental of garages at St. Michaels Wharf and if so what rental charge should be appropriate.


Action: Owners of Parva Farm House stated that they were not interested in renting garages at St. Michael’s Wharf. Item put on agenda for 27th March meeting.


d.     List of Council Service Suppliers


The clerk to compile the list from services supplied in the recent past.


Action: List issued with agenda for March meeting. Appendix A.


e.     ‘One Voice Wales’ Planning Book for Councillors


Councillor Evans stated that he had read the free copy of this book supplied by ‘One Voice Wales’ and recommended that the council purchase a copy for each councillor.


Action: Issued with agenda for March meeting.


f.      Clerks Contract of Employment


This is to be discussed by the council in the absence of the clerk and a version agreed before the March meeting.


Action: The Chairman to hold a meeting on 11th April at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall to finalise contract and rate of pay for 2006/7.



163.     Questionnaire


c.   A plan for Community Council work as a consequence of the survey will be drawn up

by the clerk based on the Actions in the report.


                   Action: Done. Issued with agenda for 27th March  meeting as Appendix B.



                   164. Other Reports/Issues


               a. Traffic/highways:


i.       A466 Accidents

It was agreed that more issue should be made of the accident rate on the A466. The clerk will make the local press aware of the council’s concern.


Action: Done. In Free Press & Monmouthshire Beacon w/e 18/03/06


ii. Response to St. Arvans re 40mph speed limit


It was agreed that the resurfacing of the A466 between St. Arvans and Tintern together with the erection of appropriate safety barriers would be a higher priority on this stretch of road than imposing a speed limit. Clerk to write to St. Arvans Council informing them of the decision.


Action: Done.


           b.     Other Issues


i. Fence Repairs Required


Councillor Saunders presented a list for the council to consider on the Forge/Raglan Road. Clerk to report the situation to MCC Highways.


Action: Done. No response by 21st March.


                165.   Any Other Business


  a.     Dentist Services in Chepstow and Monmouth


          The clerk is to establish the exact situation with the local health authority.


 Action: Clerk has established that Local Health Board (LHB) intend siting    two dental surgeries in Chepstow. Currently there are no plans for a similar exercise in Monmouth. Notices put on all Council Notice Boards.


b.        Village Hall and the Community Council


           Clerk to establish exact situation regarding ownership by reference to hall   

     deeds etc.



Action: Deeds currently being analysed. A report will be given to Council at 27th March meeting.


Councillor Bennett asked if the Council could see the minutes of the last three Hall committee meetings. Clerk to write to Hall secretary to make this request.


Action: Done. Minutes attached to agenda Appendix C.


          End of Clerks February  Report ----------------------------------------------------------



172.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for March:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £5015.44 if the known payment for March were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


 b.  The payments for March were approved, that is:


Hall rental charge to Tintern Recreation Centre          Chq 100463               £54.00

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100464             £321.35


c.     Rental of Garages on St. Michael’s Wharf


As the Parva Farmhouse had stated that they were not interested in renting garages on the Wharf the clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Stubbs asking if he wished to remain as tenant.


d.     List of Council Service Suppliers


The list of services used by the council was distributed by the clerk and it was agreed this should be used as a source document to which service suppliers would be added as and when appropriate.


e.     Clerks Contract of Employment


Cllr Evans will outline the provisional contract drawn up at the special meeting on 11th April.




f.      Schedule of Council Meeting for Financial Year 2006/2007


The draft produced by the Clerk was agreed.



    173.   Planning


a.     Applications


M/12663: Conversion of First Floor Spare Room into Flat. WyeDene,  Tintern

           Recommendation: REFUSE


1. Off road parking must be provided. The A466 parking situation in this vicinity  is already the subject of considerable concern to local residents.



M/12675 – Application for Certificate Of Proposed Lawful Development   Certificate    of Lawfulness for Garage Activities i.e. Car Repairs, Car Sales, Tyres, Batteries, Valeting. A466 Tintern Garage, Tintern

Recommendation: APPROVE


M/12683 – Application for Listed Building Consent – Internal and External Alterations to Modernise Accommodation, Cottage at the Bay, Tintern

Recommendation: APPROVE


M/12746: Removal of Condition 9 of Planning Permission M/9201 to Enable Permanent Use of Access Track (permitted for construction traffic). Converted Barn (New Dwelling) Barbadoes Green, Tintern

Recommendation: REFUSE


1.     Condition 9 is very specific and for a very good reason. The land is in an area of special scientific interest. It forms a part of a meadow that has considerable natural beauty.

2.     The  applicant knew the status of the land when the original application was approved.


b.  Planning Appeals


M/11896: Erection of 4 New Bed House & Detached Garage, Gurlus Grove Cottage, Tintern

Recommendation: No Response Given. The Council believe the original response to recommend refusal will suffice for the Appeal.

Please Note: Application previously refused by Community Council on 9th August 2004 because;

1. The width of access lane is believed to be considerably less than that stated of 8’9”

2. There is no mains water supply to area.


            c. Planning withdrawals






d. Planning Decisions




 e. New Enforcement Cases


 E06/098       The Globe, Tintern                              Alleged Breach of Condition


 f. Resolved Enforcement Cases




       g.  Council Query with Parva Barns House Development


The clerk has been asked to check if the road entrance being built giving access to the A466 has permanent planning permission.


   174.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.     Village Hall Committee:


The Hall Committee had decided to go ahead with security lighting outside of the Hall. The Hall  Committee chairman had received a letter from Western Power Distribution regarding the siting of the new electrical sub-station. The drawing supplied by the company was incorrect and the matter had been referred back to them.


b.     Llandogo School: 


New head teacher takes up the appointment in the summer term. The number of   children forecast to attend has risen to approximately 107. This means that the new funding level might lead to a re-organisation of teaching staff.


c.     Friends of Tintern:


The A.G.M. had been held. The organisation are to seek permission of A.O.N.B. to position a new village notice board next to the Millennium Seat. Cllrs Floyd and Saunders thought this would be a very good location.



175. Questionnaire


a.               Councillor Floyd reported that members of the community are still coming to Tintern Antiques to collect their copies of the survey.


b.              Youth Facilities


An initial meeting had been held on 22nd March. Twenty six young people attended and the council was represented by Cllrs Floyd and Bennett and Friends of Tintern by T.Parsons. Cllr Webb and Pam Lloyd of Rural Community Action also attended as did a representative of M.C.C. Youth Department. Various ideas for enhancing the quality of life of young people where put forward and it was agreed to meet again in the Police Office on 4th April.


                  c.     Action Plan


An outline action plan was presented by the clerk. It was agreed that councillors would be given specific areas for working on at the April meeting. However, it was suggested that Cllr Webb take on responsibility for Housing and Cllr O’Connor for Recycling.



176. Other Reports/Issues


      a.    Traffic/Highways


i.                   A466 Accidents


M.C.C. had prepared an accident remedial program for Dead Man’s Corner;


On the southern side of the bend;


A.     ‘Slow – Araf’ markings on the carriageway approaching Tintern at about 250 metres from bend.

B.     Bend Warning sign with distance indication at about 250 metres from bend

C.    Another  ‘Slow – Araf’ marking on the carriageway approaching Tintern at about 50 metres from bend.


On the village side of the bend;


A.      ‘Slow – Araf’ markings on the carriageway leaving Tintern at the same point as the existing bend warning sign.


At the Bend;


A.     Six additional chevron boards mounted on top of existing assemblies using extender posts.




B.     Carriageway to be retextured. Retexturing is a mechanical process using machinery that physically retextures the surface to increase the skid resistance of the surface. Alternatively an anti skid surface that may offer enhanced skid resistance may be used.


ii.                Other Work on A466         


Clerk to write to Gwent Police asking that all  reported accidents causing damage to    private property are reported to owner.


All councillors agreed that despite remedial work being carried out by M.C.C. at Dead Man’s Corner they should still consider erecting safety barriers on the river side of the road. The clerk to write to M.C.C. Highways with this request.


        b.     Other Issues


i.                   Double Yellow Lines outside Surgery


M.C.C. are to investigate whether a new highway order is required to extend existing ‘no parking’ restrictions outside of surgery.


ii.                Car Boot Sales


Cllr Evans reported that the car boot sales are now being operated by the Football/Cricket clubs. Cllrs discussed parking arrangements and as well as using the Abbey and Anchor Hotel car parks Cllr O’Connor reported that the Sports Field behind the Hall is also used.

Cllr  Evans suggest he approach the Anchor Hotel management to confirm parking situation. Cllr Floyd agreed.


iii.              Replacement Seat in Trellech Road


Cllr Saunders suggested that T Parsons be asked if he would like to construct a seat in metal. Clerk to contact Mr Parsons. B. Howard of Barbadoes  is also known to make seats and Cllr Floyd agreed to ask him if he would consider job.  Clerk to give specification to Cllr Floyd.




177. Correspondence


                   a. Request from Hall for Funds


A letter had been received from the Hall Committee asking for funds to support safety maintenance work on swings in playground. A grant of £100 was made.

(Cheque Number 100465   £100)



178. Any Other Business


    a. Village Hall & Grounds Deeds


A summary of the history of ownership of the village hall and playgrounds was given by the clerk. It was agreed the clerk should visit the Council’s solicitors to find out if the documents kept in the Hall were originals.

It was agreed that a schedule of deeds for other properties owned by the council be established by the clerk.


     b. Dog Fouling


The clerk announced that M.C.C. now had a dog warden who was responsible for ensuring that law applicable to dog fouling was enforced. Cllr Saunders asked if this was real problem in village and Cllrs Evans and O’Connor stated that fouling in the recreation area is a serious problem. It was agreed to notify the community via the website of the current legal position.



  d.  Correspondence lists were issued to all councillors.



179. Date of Next meeting:


               The next meeting will be held on 24th April in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 9:40 p.m.