Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Mrs B Preece, R Parsons and Mr T Bristow.


155. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


Constable Mason stated that there had been one theft in the village. That of a moped from the rear of the Royal George Hotel. He also reported that there had been six accidents reported to the police on the A466. Two of these involved vehicles leaving the carriageway on the side of the river. Three had been on consecutive days 22,23 and 24th of February. The clerk was asked to write, again, to Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) emphasising the council’s concern over the number of accidents occurring on this road.



156. Public Forum:


Mrs Preece asked, again, if planning permission had been granted for the sign for The Cherry Tree on the village green. The clerk will seek clarification of the situation with MCC Planning Dept.  Mrs Preece also stated her concern over vehicles being parked within the double yellow lines adjacent to the village green. Constable Mason agreed that the design of the shape of the yellow lines on this specific corner junction meant that interpreting their meaning could be difficult. The clerk will ask MCC Highways their opinion of the confusion that has arisen.


Mr Bristow asked if the Sawmills area were converted into a car park would it be properly sign posted. Councillor Saunders said that at present MCC had an embargo on street furniture. Mr Bristow also asked what would happen to overflow vehicles if the car park was full. Councillor Saunders said that this would be considered if and when a decision is made to convert it into a legal car park.


Mr Bristow asked if the council really believed a low cost housing policy would become a reality as had been stated as a council action during the Survey 2006 public presentation. Councillor Evans agreed that this was probably very optimistic.


Mr Bristow asked if the council had any plans should the ‘bird flu’ scare become a reality in the area. Councillor Evans stated that although MMC had probably discussed the problem no communication had been received by the Community Council.



157. Apologies for absence.


Councillor B Young, Councillor A. Webb and Councillor Shewell.


158. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.




159. Minutes of the meetings of 30th January 2006:


The reference in paragraph 142 to Mrs Sharp should have read Mrs Smart. Minutes were then signed as a true record of the meeting.


The Clerks report has now replaced the Agenda Item ‘Matters Arising’.


The January report is included below;


Item 142. Public Forum


Mrs Preece asked if planning permission had been granted for the sign for The Cherry Tree on the village green. The clerk will clarify this matter.


The application  M/11886. Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) approved ‘Change of Use to A3 Use’ on 29th November 2005. However, the following conditions were imposed;


1.     The building shall only be used for the purposes of a sandwich bar and shall be used for no other purpose (including any other purpose in Class A1 of the schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (including any other purpose in Class A3 of the schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987) without the prior written approval of the Local Planning Authority.

2.     There shall be no storage of the tables and chairs outside the premises when the sandwich bar is closed.




1.     To ensure that no alternative use is made of the premises which is likely to be a nuisance to adjoining properties.

2.     To protect the existing visual amenities of the area.


Mrs H. Bristow of Rose Cottage (question asked by Councillor Saunders), wanted to know who was responsible for the water, which flowed from Cat Brook under the house next to  ‘Up the Creek’. This has recently been the source of flooding. The clerk to contact Martyn Evans of M.C.C. to clarify ownership.


Discussions were held with Martyn Evans and it was quickly established that the source of the problem was unknown. A meeting with Mrs Bristow (18/02/06) established that the problem had occurred once early in the new year and that both MCC and Dwr Cymru had visited the sight promptly and established no leaks in either mains water, sewerage and surface drainage systems (Mrs Bristow stated that the flooding appeared to be due to clean water and not sewerage). The drainage in the area is complex and a new culvert system has been recently installed close to the property for the purpose of the brook



bypassing a new house. Since both MCC and Dwr Cymru will accept no responsibility for the flooding it would appear that Mrs Bristow has three ways to pursue the problem;


1.     Modify the surface water drainage entries into her property by getting Dwr Cymru to fit non-return valves.

2.     Taking legal advice.

3.     Do nothing. Assume the problem was a ‘one-off’ event whose cause has now disappeared.


Item 146.  Matters arising from the minutes of 09/01/06 meeting.


132 d. The clerk was asked to write to Messrs Simpson and Hayward explaining Wharf Insurance situation.




Item 147.  Finance and Administration Reports


c.  Councillor Shewell expressed concern on the quality of the course on ‘Basic Councillor Skills’. The clerk was asked to write to the Society of Council Clerks (S.L.C.C.) asking for a refund of the costs.


Done. The Society has verbally responded and promised to refund 50% of course fees.


d. A final version of Financial Standing Orders was agreed. The clerk will issue these to councillors at the February meeting.


Done. A new version of all council legislation will be issued at 28/02/06 meeting.


e. Councillor Shewell to contact Mr Stubbs (previous owner) to find out if contract on parking at the Wharf had been transferred to new owners and if so on what understanding.


Done. Councillor Shewell had attempted to contact Mr Stubbs but was told he was away and might not be contactable until the end of February. However, Councillor Floyd had seen Mr Stubbs who stated that he had tried to contact Councillor Shewell but without success. Mr Stubbs then contacted the clerk and stated that he had verbally advised the new management of the Parva Hotel about the agreement for garage rental and car parking. He now wished the management of the hotel formally take over the contract and asked that the council contact them about this.


f. Councillor Floyd asked that the council draw up a list of suppliers for services and goods from local businesses. All Councillors agreed to bring lists of potential businesses to February meeting.


Item on agenda for February meeting.


It was agreed the clerk should write to the Hall Committee secretary clarifying the council’s situation regarding grant funding of the Village Hall.




Item 148.     Planning


A letter had been received from Mr & Mrs Howe regarding, what they believed, to be an infringement on the public footpath of the wall of the new dwellings being constructed. It was agreed that the clerk should write to the planning enforcement officer at M.C.C. asking that the problem be investigated.


                   Done. Copy sent to Mr & Mrs Howe.


                   Item 137. Other Reports/Issues


               b. Public Seat on the Trellech Road:


It was agreed that the clerk specifies the requirements to Mr. Tansill and asks for a quotation.


Done. No response received.


c.   Councillor Saunders expressed concern at the state of fencing in the community and  

               agreed to present a list repairs she believed necessary at the next meeting.


Item on agenda for February meeting.



160.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for February:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £5338.99 if the known payment for February were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


 b.  The payments for February were approved, that is:


Wales Audit Office for 2005/5 Audit                          Chq 100454             £141.00

MCC for cleaning of Communal Bins                           Chq 100455             £235.00

‘One Voice Wales’ annual subscription                       Chq 100456               £72.00

Graveyard maintenance donation to


St. Michaels and St. Mary’s churches                         Chq 100457             £100.00

Graveyard maintenance donation to

Trellech Grange Church                                           Chq 100458               £50.00

Graveyard maintenance donation to

Penterry Church                                                      Chq 100459               £50.00

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100460             £332.98


c.     Rental Charges for Garages on Wharf


Councillor Floyd agreed to discuss with the owners of Parva Farm House whether or not they wish to continue with rental of garages at St. Michaels Wharf and if so what rental charge should be appropriate. It was noted that the rental was set at £262 per annum in 1995 and that account should now be made for the rise in the rate of inflation 1995 to 2006. It was suggested that a rental of £550 per annum would now be appropriate.


d.     List of Council Service Suppliers


Councillor O’Connor stated that she had produced a list. Councillor Saunders suggested that tradesmen etc. did not understand what services were required and that a list of potential requirements should be produced and advertised in the ‘Village News’. The clerk to compile the list from services supplied in the recent past.


e.     ‘One Voice Wales’ Planning Book for Councillors


Councillor Evans stated that he had read the free copy of this book supplied by ‘One Voice Wales’ and recommended that the council purchase a copy for each councillor at a total cost of £40.00. Councillor Saunders seconded this and the motion was passed. (Cheque No.100462 for £40.00).


f.      Clerks Contract of Employment


The model contract agreed by the Society of Local Council Clerks and the National Association of Local Councils was issued to councillors. This is to be discussed by the council in the absence of the clerk and a version agreed before the March meeting.



    161.   Planning


              a.  Applications




          b. Planning Appeals




          c. Planning Withdrawals




          d. Planning Decisions


Section 257 – Town & Country Planning Act 1990. Public Footpath No. 1 (part)         Great House Farm, Trellech Grange. Order for change has been made. Confirmed on 6th February 2006. Challenges must be received by High Court within six weeks of 8th   February 2006.


    e. New Enforcement Cases




          f. Resolved Enforcement Cases


              E05/137   Monkswood Bungalow       Alleged change of use       Decision: Planning

                                                                                                         Permission Granted


          E06/00     Imagination, Tintern         Alleged change of use       Decision: No Breach



   162.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.              Village Hall Committee:


 No report


b.             Llandogo School: 


New head teacher now spending one and a half days a week at school.


c.              Friends of Tintern:


The organisation had offered to help with distribution of Survey 2006 report but Councillor Floyd had stated that the councillors would be able to do this. It had been suggested by ‘Friends of Tintern’ that the Village notice board be moved from the Village green to the Hall. Both councillors Evans and O’Connor disagreed with this.


163  . Questionnaire


  a.    Councillor Floyd reported that copies of the Survey 2006 were available to all households in the community from her shop – Tintern Antiques.






b.      Councillor Floyd reported that the meeting with the youth of the village was to go ahead on 22nd March in the Village Hall. MCC had agreed to be represented by its Youth Service.


c.     A plan for Community Council work as a consequence of the survey will be drawn up by the clerk based on the Actions in the report.




164. Other Reports/Issues


 a.    Traffic/Highways


i.                   A466 Accidents


It was agreed that more issue should be made of the accident rate on the A466. The clerk will make the local press aware of the council’s concern.


ii.                Response to St. Arvans re 40mph speed limit


It was agreed that the resurfacing of the A466 between St. Arvans and Tintern together with the erection of appropriate safety barriers would be a higher priority on this stretch of road than imposing a speed limit. Councillor Saunders doubted if such a speed limit could be enforced. Clerk to write to St. Arvans Council informing them of the decision.


        b.     Other Issues


i.                   Fence Repairs Required


Councillor Saunders presented the following list for the council to consider on the Forge/Raglan Road;


Panta Bridge to Ravensnest Fishery

3 rails need either replacing or putting back in place.

Ravensnest to Wenallt Mill

Concrete post and metal pole fence in total disrepair. Sections have had orange barrier netting strung up, much of which is descending into Angiddy.

                                     Pontysaisson Pond, eastern boundary

                          Much of this post and rail fence is broken or missing




Beaufort Pond

One portion of the fence appears to have broken as a result of RTA. Other sections have been removed and not replaced by the Tintern Angling Club. The metal pole barrier on the road bridge has not been replaced, nor the capstone.

Pontysaisson to The Fountain Inn

Another concrete post and metal pole fence, all of which is in need of attention.

                                   Furnace Pond

Not only is this fence slipping into the pond, but again the Angling Club has removed sections of it.

                                   Black Gate

This was recently repaired but somebody has reversed or driven into it again and it needs attention.


Generally, plants on the Angiddy River bank behind the road fence need cutting back to improve visibility on the corners in the built up parts of Forge/Raglan Road.


Councillor Bennett reported that such problems do not exist to such a scale on the Trellech Road and that the only exception was the area outside Woodbine Cottage.


Clerk to report the situation to MCC Highways.


 165. Any Other Business


a.        Dentist Services in Chepstow and Monmouth


Councillor Evans raised the issue of the termination of dentist contracts with the National Health Service in Chepstow and their possible withdrawal in Monmouth. The clerk is to establish the exact situation with the local health authority.


b.       Village Hall and the Community Council


Councillor Bennett raised the issue of exact ownership of the village hall and what was the council’s liability towards it. Clerk to establish exact situation by reference to hall deeds etc.


Councillor Bennett also asked if the Council could see the minutes of the last three Hall committee meetings so they could get an understanding of how the Hall was managed. Clerk to write to Hall secretary to make this request.


c.        Correspondence





The clerk reported that the only urgent correspondence received had been the request by ‘One Voice Wales’ for nominations of council chairmen as guests of H.M. The Queen at a garden party at Buckingham Palace in July. The council


unanimously agreed that Councillor Evans be proposed. The clerk will write to ‘One Voice Wales’ with the nomination.



166. Date of Next meeting:


    The next meeting will be held on 27th March in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 8:30 p.m.