Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor S Shewell, and R Hopson clerk.


In Attendance:  Mrs B Preece, Mrs J Smart, and Mr T Bristow.


141. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


Constable Mason stated that there had been  two incidents that occurred during the month that  require noting by the public. The first is the appearance in the area of bogus charity collectors who distribute leaflets regarding the collection of clothing for charity but are infact collecting clothing and selling it.

Secondly, a group of Irish workers are going around the area and laying tarmac drives etc. to order. The constable pointed out that these contractors are not committing an offence but that the quality of workmanship may be suspect.


The constable also reported that a shelving unit had been stolen from the Laurel Stores outside of the Abbey during daylight hours.


The vehicle speed-checking unit had also been in operation in the village three times in the last two weeks.


Mr Bristow commented that there are vehicles speeding through the Sawmills area and he had especially noted a black Austin. Constable Mason asked him to note when this happens again and to immediately contact the police so that the matter can be followed up. Constable Mason asked if the lower entrance to the Sawmills could be closed but Councillor Evans stated that he believed Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.) is using this entrance for turning refuse vehicles.


142. Public Forum:


Mrs Preece asked if planning permission had been granted for the sign for The Cherry Tree on the village green. The clerk stated that although no official notification had been received he believed permission had been granted. The clerk will clarify this matter.


Mrs Smart commented on the possibility of a roundabout outside of the Royal George hotel or a pedestrian crossing in the village as means of improving road safety. Councillors Evans and Floyd stated that these two items had been discussed with M.C.C. but that no progress had been made.


Mr Bristow asked if the council were aware of a new forestry road being constructed at Abbotswood, which could possibly be for a cycle track. Councillor Evans stated that the council had received no notification of any such development.


Councillor Saunders asked a question on behalf of Mrs H. Bristow of Rose Cottage, Trellech Road. Mrs Bristow wanted to know who was responsible for the water, which flowed from Cat Brook under the house next to  ‘Up the Creek’. Mr Bristow stated that this was clean water but that it had overflowed several times and that there was a possible blockage. The clerk to contact Martin Evans of M.C.C. to clarify ownership.



143. Apologies for absence.


Councillor B Young, Councillor A. Webb.


144. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.




145. Minutes of the meetings of 9th January 2006:


              Minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.


146. Matters arising from the meeting of 9th January 2006: (Actions arising  are in italics)


127. Public Forum


Councillor Webb to raise the matter of permissions regarding the Café Mango


Permission granted to Mango Café was for A3 usage – any objections to use of land outside IMAGINATION would need to be new via the ‘Enforcement Officer’.


128. Police Report


Councillors reported that gravel from the forestry track to Barbadoes had spilled onto the main road. The clerk to contact Forestry Commission Wales to investigate problem.


Meeting held with Richard Gable, Forestry Commission Wales Steward – Monmouthshire. Problem is caused by bad drainage on road leading down from Barbadoes Hill. However, as this is a public access road maintenance responsibility is vague. He will ask his engineers to come and look at problem and report back.


129. Apologies for Absence


Councillor B Young is in hospital. It was agreed that the clerk should send him a ‘Get Well’ card.

Done on 10th January.








132. Matters Arising from Previous Meetings


a.     Sgt. Brown report – The Sgt. Had not notified the clerk of the visit to the village to survey speeding restriction requirements. The clerk will follow contact Sgt. Brown before next meeting.


Sgt. Brown has reported that MCC have stopped the use of ‘street furniture’ for Cabinet. No new equipment until this is resolved. Sgt. Brown will report progress.


b.     Councillor Webb to refer presumed occupancy of building next to Monkswood Bungalow to Planning Enforcement Officer.

Property is ancillary accommodation to Monkswood Bungalow with no bathroom or kitchen and no facilities that require it to be classed as an individual residence.


c.      The council authorised the clerk to go ahead with the purchase of community maps



d.     The clerk was asked to check insurance position on boat usage of wharf. Allianz-Cornhill    

have stated that although Wharf is insured for public liability this does not include access to the river. This would require a ‘risk assessment analysis’ by an organisation such as ROSPA. (N.B.Original ROSPA survey has been consulted and it states and it states that a fence should be erected at least 1100mm high. On the river side of this fence ‘emergent marginal aquatic vegetation’ particularly with sharp foliage should be planted. It also states that safety audit should be carried out regularly).

Clerk to write to Messrs Simpson and Hayward explaining situation.


e.     Clerk to get laminated notices made for communal refuse bins, which would state that all rubbish had to be contained in appropriate bags and sealed.

Done. Two notices for bins, inside lids, outside Cherry Tree and at Fairoak Farm. Bin in Glyn wood has one notice outside as Forestry are still repairing lids.


133.  Finance and Administration Reports


f.      Parking at the Wharf: The clerk was asked to forward a copy of the agreement

     for this rental to Councillor Shewell for discussion at the next meeting.



                   136. Questionnaire


b.     It was also agreed that Councillor Floyd should decide on a date for the public meeting.

Done. Meeting on 15th February at 7:00 p.m.



                   137. Other Reports/Issues


                   a.   Clerk to check status of Sawmills project with Lower Wye Area manager.      

                        Done- Speed trials at top entrance ongoing.


                   138. Any Other Business


a.        The clerk to check to see if M.C.C. had carried out skidding trials as promised.

      Still awaiting response from MCC


                   139. Correspondence                                                                            


                    a.    A letter had been received form M.C.C. regarding delegation of duties to

                          Community Councils. It was agreed that the clerk should respond to this

                         stating that the council had no wish to take over county council duties.




147.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for January:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £6393.45 if the known payment for January were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


b.   The payments for January were approved, that is:


R Flashman for village verge maintenance 2005 Chq 100451             £150.00

(Cheque made payable to St. Michael’s Church)

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100452             £209.47


c.     Councillor Shewell expressed concern that the course on ‘Basic Councillor Skills’, which four councillors and the clerk attended at a cost of £150, was poorly presented and contained little of value. The clerk was asked to write to the Society of Council Clerks (S.L.C.C.) asking for a refund of the costs.


d.     The Financial Standing Orders which had been issued at the previous meeting were discussed, modifications made at the request of several councillors and the final version agreed. The clerk will issue these to councillors at the February meeting.


e.     The contracts for ground rent at the Wharf were discussed and Councillor Shewell noted that this was on a personal basis with the previous owner of the Parva Farm


Hotel and hadn’t changed for the last ten years. Councillor Shewell to contact Mr Stubbs (previous owner) to find out if contract had been transferred to new owners and if so on what understanding.


f.      Resolution on Council Standing Orders regarding Sunday Meetings


Councillor Webb had asked for an amendment to council orders to be put to the council. i.e.


No meetings to place on Sunday. That is full council meetings, council committees, and councillors meeting with members of other organisations or with members of the public on official council business.


The chairman may call an emergency meeting with councillors at any time it is deemed necessary. The emergency must constitute an event that requires immediate attention and cannot wait until a reasonable date (i.e. after 72 hours notice)’.


This was proposed for acceptance by Councillor Saunders and seconded by Councillor Shewell. The motion was unanimously passed.


g.     Councillor Floyd asked that the council draw up a list of suppliers for services and goods from local businesses to enable tenders for work to be issued on a formal basis in keeping with the new Financial Standing Orders. All Councillors agreed to bring lists of potential businesses to February meeting.


h.     Grants for the Village Hall:


Councillor Floyd said that she was confused about the situation regarding grants and donations from the council regarding the village hall. Councillor Saunders stated that in the budget meeting it was agreed that £2500 be allocated from the 2006/7 precept towards capital work in the hall. It had also been agreed that the council would consider the possibility of a similar amount being allocated from the 2007/8 precept. Councillor Evans reported that the Hall Committee had agreed to seek funding themselves for the creation of a disabled person’s pathway to the hall and security lighting. It was agreed the clerk should write to the Hall Committee secretary clarifying the council’s situation.


i.       Change of Procedure at Council Meetings:


The clerk proposed that the ‘Matters Arising’ item on the agenda be replaced by a ‘clerks report on actions’, which will be distributed with the agenda for the next meeting. The clerk also proposed that the ‘Correspondence’ item be removed and that the clerk will place on the agenda any correspondence seeking council decisions. A full list of all correspondence will still be issued at council meeting and all items of correspondence will be available for councillors to consider outside of the meeting.


    148.   Planning


a.       Applications


M/12427: Two storey extension to existing lounge & main bedroom with en-suite, White Gables, Parva Springs, Tintern

Recommendation: Approve


        b.     Appeals




c.       Planning Withdrawals




d.       Planning Decisions


M/12212: Erection of Conservatory, Swn Yr Afon, Tintern

MCC Approved



  e.     New Enforcement Cases 


          E06/007       Imagination, Tintern                                      Alleged change of use


   f.    Resolved enforcement cases




g.   Other Items


                Letter from Mr & Mrs Howe regarding The Globe development:


A letter had been received  from Mr & Mrs Howe regarding, what they believed, to be an infringement on the public footpath of the wall of the new dwellings being constructed. Councillor Saunders had spoke to them regarding this and believed that if there had been an infringement it was very small. However, it was agreed that the clerk should write to the planning enforcement officer at M.C.C. asking that the problem be investigated.


   149.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.             Village Hall Committee:


All matters relating to the Hall had been discussed within other items on the agenda.


b.       Llandogo School: 


No report.


c.       Friends of Tintern:


No report.


150. Questionnaire


  a.    Councillor Floyd reported that the survey resulting from the questionnaire had been issued to all councillors and would be distributed to community householders at the public meeting. The council unanimously agreed to purchase posters advertising the meeting at a cost of £23.00. 


151. Other Reports/Issues


a.       Traffic/Highways


Sawmills Project:


The clerk, and several councillors, reported that speed trials are ongoing at the northern entrance to the area. This is to ascertain the speed of vehicles approaching the entrance so that the visibility requirements for making an official entrance are known.


  b.     Other Issues


               Public Seat on the Trellech Road:


No progress had been made on replacing the damaged seat and councillor Saunders stated that before we contract any work to replace the seat the exact specification of work to be carried out be known. Councillor Bennett believed that the council should wait until a list of tradesmen is available before contracting the work. However, it was agreed that the clerk specifies the requirements to Mr. Tansill and asks for a quotation.


        c.    Councillor Saunders expressed concern at the state of fencing in the community and  

               agreed to present a list repairs she believed necessary at the next meeting.



 152. Any Other Business





 153. Correspondence:


         a. The following item were noted;  


(i). A letter had been received from St. Arvans Community Council stating that they were proposing that the whole of the A466 within their ward be changed to a 40 m.p.h. limit. They asked Tintern Community Council to consider doing the same in their wards. It was agreed this item should be put to the public at the Survey meeting on 15th February.




154. Date of Next meeting:


    The next meeting will be held on 27th February in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.