Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor A Webb, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor S Shewell, and R Hopson clerk



In Attendance:  Mrs B Preece, Mrs J Smart, Mr R Parsons and Mr T Bristow.


127. Public Forum:


Mrs Preece asked if the A3 planning application had been granted for the ‘Filling Station’ café. The clerk stated that although no official notice had been received it was believed that permission had been granted. Councillor Webb confirmed this. Councillor Evans stated, speaking on behalf of the whole council, that the sign that had been erected at the café together the use of the opposite side of the A466 for parking had not been granted permission and asked Councillor Webb to raise this matter with the Monmouthshire County Council (M.C.C.).

Mr Parsons stated that the Sawmills area was being increasingly used for parking and that the volume of traffic flowing through it had considerably increased. Councillor Evans stated that this matter is being actively pursued with M.C.C.


128. Police Report – Constable Andy Mason:


Constable Mason reported that only one crime had been reported in the November/December period. This had been the theft of a satellite navigation system from a car on the A466. However, traffic accidents had been considerable and six had occurred over the holidays with one driver testing positively for alcohol. ‘Dead Man’s Corner’ is still the major cause for concern in the area.

Complaints had been received of speeding on the Trellech Road and speed checks had been requested for the period 7:30 till 9:00 a.m.

Councillors reported that gravel from the forestry track to Barbadoes had spilled onto the main road. The clerk to contact Forestry Commission Wales to investigate problem.



129. Apologies for absence.


Councillor B Young is in hospital. It was agreed that the clerk should send him a ‘Get Well’ card.


130. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


Councillor A Webb declared an interest in all planning matters being a member of the M.C.C. Planning Committee.


131. Minutes of the meetings of 28th November and 5th December 2005:


              Both sets of minutes were then signed as a true record of the meetings.


132. Matters arising from the meetings of 28th November and 5th December 2005:


a.     110 Sgt. Brown report – The Sgt. Had not notified the clerk of the visit to the village to survey speeding restriction requirements. The clerk will follow contact Sgt. Brown before next meeting.


b.     (Carried forward) Para 77 (i): Councillor Webb to refer presumed occupancy of building next to Monkswood Bungalow to Planning Enforcement Officer.

No progress - Action carried forward to meeting at the end of January.


c.     (Carried forward) Para 78 (i) Councillor Shewell to establish ownership details of sports field.

Outcome: Councillor Saunders stated that the field name was ‘The Leytons’. Councillor Evans stated that he was looking for a map of the area to confirm this.


d.     (Carried forward) Para 88: A4 Black & White maps required of community for name sign exercise: The clerk had established that appropriate maps can be purchased from Azimuth Land Surveys Ltd at a price of £46.50 for three maps of the bespoke maps of the community. The council authorised the clerk to go ahead with the purchase.


e.     Para 92; The winning draw ticket 15 (book no. AS4FZZ4R) had not been claimed. Outcome: This item will be left open ended and no further action is planned to identify ticket ownership.


f.      Para 107 (b); Councillor Evans reported that he and the clerk had met Mr Simpson and Mr Hayward to establish requirements. This had been done.

Outcome: The clerk was asked to check insurance position on boat usage of wharf. If this were satisfactory then the work would be put out to tender and invite Mr Simpson, Mr Tansil and M.C.C. Services to quote for the work.


g.     Para 114 (l); Councillor Shewell asked for a copy of the title to the Wharf.

Outcome: Done.


h.     Para 115(c); The clerk to prepare a draft copy of Financial Standing Orders for the January meeting.

Outcome: Done.


i.       Para 118(a): The clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks to Robert Lawrence for his cover design and portrait photographs for the Tintern 2006 Survey.

Outcome: Done.


j.      Para 119(b): Clerk to get M.C.C. to clear refuse at bottom of bins.

Outcome: Done. Clerk to get laminated notices made for communal refuse bins, which would state that all rubbish had to be contained in appropriate bags and sealed.




133.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for December:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £6752.59 if the known payment for December were approved. The council unanimously agreed the statement.


b.   The payments for November were approved, that is:


SLCC Councillors and clerks course fees                     Chq 100446             £150.00

      Chepstow Printers for Survey 2006 (RCA grant)          Chq 100447             £775.00

      R Hopson for writing ward profile (RCA grant)           Chq 100448             £550.00

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100449             £345.36


c.     In addition to these payments the maps for the school children project were    approved for purchase;


Maps of Community from Azimuth Land Surveys           Chq 100450               £46.50


d.     The draft financial standing were issued for consideration and discussion at the 30th

January meeting.


e.     Parking at the Wharf:


The clerk stated that The Parva Hotel paid £262/annum rental, in advance, for the garages at the Wharf. No other payments were currently being received. The clerk was asked to forward a copy of the agreement for this rental to Councillor Shewell for discussion at the next meeting. Councillor Webb asked if the clerk could write to the person who parks adjacent to St. Mary’s lych gate advising them of the inconvenience this causes.




    134.   Planning


a.       Applications








        b.     Appeals




c.       Planning Withdrawals




d.       Planning Decisions




  e.     New Enforcement Cases 




   f.    Resolved enforcement cases





   135.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.             Village Hall Committee:


The Hall Committee had expressed concern over the lack of progress with the work the council has agreed to help fund. Councillor Shewell reminded the meeting that next year’s budget included a sum of £2500 for major capital work in the community. Councillor Evans stated PC Mason had informed him that funding for security lighting was available in the county.

Councillor Evans stated that the Western Power representative Mr B. Butler had approached him with regard to signing an agreement for them to site a new sub-station on Hall land. He had asked them to write to the secretary of the Hall Committee as any arrangement between Western Power and the Hall would need to be the subject of negotiation.


b.            Llandogo School: 


A new head teacher had been appointed who will start work in April. Until then the head teacher of Green Lane school is ‘standing in’.


c.             Friends of Tintern:


Comment had been received by the organisation on the much-improved quality of the Christmas lights. The council agreed.



136. Questionnaire


 a.    The questionnaire had been given to the printers and they had promised delivery 

               by the end of January.


b.     It was agreed to discuss the questionnaire at a meeting to be held prior to the next

full council meeting at 6:p.m. on 30th January.   It was also agreed that Councillor Floyd should decide on a date for the public meeting. This should be held on a weekday evening in February.


137. Other Reports/Issues


a.       Traffic/Highways


(i). Sawmills:


Clerk to check status of project with Lower Wye Area manager prior to next council meeting.


  b.     Other Issues




   138. Any Other Business


a.            Accidents at Dead Man’s Corner:


Councillor Shewell declared an interest in this item but wished to make a statement regarding the issue.

Councillor Shewell was concerned at the public expense for the replacement of fencing destroyed as a result of the accidents occurring at this point. It was felt that a safety barriers could help the situation. The clerk to check to see if M.C.C. had carried out skidding trials as promised. It was agreed that this item would be put on agenda for next meeting.



139. Correspondence:


        a. The following items were noted;  


(i). An M.C.C. plan for schools in the county had been received. Councillor Bennett

      to study this.


(ii). A letter had been received form M.C.C. regarding delegation of duties to

      Community Councils. It was agreed that the clerk should respond to this

      stating that the council had no wish to take over county council duties.


(iii). A formal invitation had been received to the A.O.N.B. seminar in February.

       Councillors Shewell and Floyd to represent the Council.




140. Date of Next meeting:


  The next meeting will be held on  30th January in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.