Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor A Webb, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor S Shewell, Councillor B Young and R Hopson clerk



In Attendance:  Councillors only.


109. Public Forum: No members of the public or press were present.


110. Discussion with Sgt. Jon Brown re Speeding in the Community:


Sgt. Brown explained that the partnership of which Gwent Police are a member is the biggest in Europe. See minutes of May monthly meeting paragraph 25 i.(b) for full description of the Partnership.


The sergeant explained that Tintern was one of three sites on the A466 (Redbrook area in Monmouthshire and Llandogo are the other two). He stated that Tintern had received the following visits for speed checks since becoming an area of community concern;


           1 in July

           1 in September

           2 in October

           3 in November


During these visits the number of motorists committing speeding offences was low but the sergeant said it was not Partnership policy to issue exact numbers. Cllr Floyd asked if it was possible to have a visual speed messenger (VSM) board on the A466 in the village and Cllr Shewell stated that motorcyclists were also causing concern in the community. Cllr Evans asked that visits for speed checks be made by the mobile speed units during the morning between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m. and between 2:30 p.m. and late afternoon as these were periods of high road usage.


Sergeant Brown agreed to come to the village and carry out a full survey of the community needs regarding speed related road safety issues. He will inform the  clerk when this is to take place. Cllrs Evans and Bennett asked that the Devauden/Forge road and the Trellech road be included in the survey.


Sgt. Brown announced that a new system of defining sites is to be introduced in April 2006 but that he was unsure of the rules. Tintern could apply at that time to be a key site within the new system.


Cllr Bennett asked if the current speed limits could be assessed for  appropriateness in today’s driving environment. Sgt Brown replied that this was a County Council issue.


Cllr Saunders thanked Sgt Brown for attending and explaining the current speed policing  situation regarding the community and surrounding area.    


111. Apologies for absence.




112. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


Councillor A Webb declared an interest in all planning matters being a member     of Monmouthshire County Council Planning Committee. Councillor Floyd declared an interest in planning item M12320, Stella Books.


113. Minutes of the Meetings of 31st October & 14th November 2005:


Correction: Paragraph 99 b). Cllr Bennett stated that the replacement teacher at Llandogo would be appointed by ‘the end’ of the Spring term not by the Spring term as stated in the minutes.


              Both sets of minutes were then signed as a true record of the meetings.


114. Matters arising from the Minutes of 31st October & 14th November 2005:


a.     (Carried forward) Para 76 (v): Councillor P O’Connor to raise issues of ROSPA comments on swings in playground at next Recreation Centre meeting:

Outcome: The Hall Committee asked Cllr O’Connor to refer this matter back to the Community Council to ask what action they are prepared to take. Cllr Evans said that this problem would be resolved in the near future.


b.     (Carried forward) Para 77 (i): Councillor Webb to refer presumed occupancy of building next to Monkswood Bungalow to Planning Enforcement Officer. No progress - Action carried forward to January meeting.


c.     (Carried forward) Para 77: Clerk to write to MCC Planning asking why delegated applications are not referred to Community Council.

Outcome: MCC Planning department have informed the clerk that all planning applications are sent to the Community Council for comment.


d.     (Carried forward) Para 78 (i) Councillor Shewell to establish ownership details of sports field.

Outcome: Cllr Shewell had made no progress and asked if field name was known. Cllr Evans agreed to see if he had any maps that might show this.


e.     (Carried forward) Para 80 (ii) 1): Councillor O’Connor to report situation on grant work at Hall to next Recreation Centre meeting.

Outcome: Cllr O’Connor had explained latest situation on obtaining grants and quotations for improvements to invalid access , cycle rack and security lights. Cllr Shewell still in process of getting these quotations.




f.      (Carried forward) Para 88: A4 Black & White maps required of community for name sign exercise: MCC had electronically sent these to clerk who was having difficulties converting them to paper. Action carried forward to January meeting.


g.     Para 92; The winning draw ticket 15 (book no. AS4FZZ4R) had not been claimed. Outcome: Cllr Webb will investigate further as it is thought the ticket was issued in the Trellech Grange ward.


The clerk was asked to write to the AONB giving the council’s backing to a project to put a passenger landing area on the Wye.

Outcome:  Completed.


Cllr Evans reported no progress on the request for access to the river from the Wharf. Action carried forward to January meeting.


h.     Para 101(ii): Councillor Floyd to attend 9th November Lower Wye Area Committee (LWAC)  meeting to raise issue of parking outside shops.

Outcome: This had been done and LWAC had promised to raise this matter with the MCC Highways department. Cllr Floyd expressed concern that the press had wrongly quoted her at this meeting but had issued a correction when told of the error.


i.       Para 101(ii): The clerk was asked to raise the following issues with MCC Highways;


·        The 30 M.P.H. sign at Halewood Cottage has become obstructed by the hedge, which needs cutting back.

·        There are signs missing and defaced at Beaufort Pond together with a missing capstone, which require attention.

·        Overhanging vegetation from highways land between the Cherry Tree and Tynant House needs cutting back because it is inhibiting vehicular visibility and catching on pedestrian’s clothing.

·        There is considerable debris on the highway by Embrook (above Cherry Tree), which needs removing.

·        Glyn Road surface needs attention because it is collapsing.


Outcome: All of these points were being action by MCC Highways with the exception of the Glyn Road resurfacing which will be added to road maintenance plan.


j.      Para 101 (iii): clerk was asked to write to MCC Highways raising the priority to 1    (the maximum) fro the disabled parking bay at 14 Sylvan View.

Outcome: This had been done.


k.     Para 107 a): The clerk was asked to prepare an explanatory note on the concept of      

     council precept.

     Outcome: This will be done in Tintern 2006 Survey.


l.       Para 107 b) The chairman and the clerk are to investigate ownership of wharf by      

     examining the council archives.

        Outcome: This was completed and the chairman presented the following report;


‘An application was made via Evans & Ellis for possessory title on 16th April 1998 and subsequently Chairman of the (1998) Council, Councillor Evans made a statutory declaration, stating the land had been in the ownership of the Tintern Community Council for over 30 years and that no claim of full ownership had been made during that period. It was subsequently registered at the Land Registry in the name of the council on 24th April 1998.’


Cllr Shewell asked for a copy of the title and the clerk is to forward this as soon as possible.



115.   Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for November:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £5081.64 if the known payment for November were approved. The statement was proposed as correct by Councillor Shewell and seconded by Councillor Webb.


b.   The payments for November were approved, that is:


Tintern Recreation Centre for Room Hire                  Chq 100443             £30.00

      Tintern Recreation Centre Refurbishment Grant         Chq 100444             £500.00

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100445             £353.90


c.    Cllr Saunders expressed concern that a grant had again been given to ‘Friends of Tintern’ with no proper accounts presented for consideration to the Council. Cllrs Floyd and Shewell agreed. Cllr Webb thought that for the sum requested sufficient justification had been made especially as Cllr Bennett attended  ‘Friends of Tintern’ meeting and knew the organisation. It was agreed that Standing Orders for Financial Matters should be complied as soon as possible and that these should include rules on the conditions under which funding will be given to organisations dependent on the amount requested. The clerk to prepare a draft set of rules for the January 9th meeting.



    116.   Planning


a.       Applications


M/12212: Erection of Conservatory, Swr-yr-Afon, Tintern

Recommendation: Approve





M/12314: Car Parking for approximately 20 cars, for Post Office, shop and pub, opposite ‘The Cherry Tree Inn’, Tintern

                Recommendation: Approve


               M/112320: Replacement of 2 shop windows, Stella Books, Monmouth Road, Tintern

Recommendation: Approve


        b.     Appeals




c.       Planning Withdrawals




d.       Planning Decisions


M/11908: Application for discharge of a Section 106 Agreement: use of land as a single dwelling house, Appletree Barn, Trellech Road, Tintern

MCC Decision: Issue of Certificate of Lawful Use of Development, Agreement Discharged               


  e.     New Enforcement Cases 


E05/352:  Meadow Farm, Tintern                    Alleged unauthorised work


   f.    Resolved enforcement cases


E05/303: The Tump, Trellech Grange, Chepstow       Alleged unauthorised work

                                                                                             (Permitted Development)



   117.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.             Village Hall Committee:


No report.


b.            Llandogo School: 


Interviews for the new head teacher beginning in December.





c.             Friends of Tintern:


A pensioner’s lunch had been arranged for the 12th December. The Christmas lights are to be turned on at the Moon & Sixpence on 13th December.



118. Questionnaire


       a.      It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent by the clerk to Robert  Lawrence  for     

                his work in designing the front cover for the survey and for taking portrait

                photographs of the councillors for inclusion in the survey.


b.       The draft of the survey would be distributed to councillors later in the week and a

       meeting was planned for 5th December to finalise the document.



119. Other Reports/Issues


a.       Traffic/Highways


(i). Sawmills:


The LWAC had granted MCC £1000 to carry out a survey by the Sawmills of traffic speed to see if the visibility problem could be eliminated by reducing the egress visibility distance to 30 metres. 


  b.     Other Issues


(i).  Clearing of Communal Refuse Bins:


It was unanimously agreed that MCC should completely empty the three bins at a ‘one-off’ cost of £200. The clerk to contact MCC to make the necessary arrangements.



   120. Any Other Business


a.            Community Councillor Training:


 (i). The Society of Local Council Clerks had arranged a one day course on basic

council skills on 21st January 2006. The cost is £30 per person and it was unanimously  agreed that any  councillors wishing to attend should do so at the council’s expense







121. Correspondence:


        a. The following items were noted;  


(i). County Councillor had written requesting a meeting to discuss the MCC budget

      2006/7. The clerk is to arrange a joint meeting with Devauden, Llandogo and

      St. Arvans Community Councils for 1st February.


(ii). The AONB had written advising the council of their  Joint Advisory Committee

      meeting in February. This was only advance notice. No action was required.



122. Date of Next meeting:


  The next meeting will be held on  9th January in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.