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Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor A Webb, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor B Young and R Hopson clerk


In Attendance: Mrs B Preece, Mr J Simpson


91. Ward Report from Const. Mason    Constable not present.


92. Public Forum


The meeting was started by the Chairman asking Mrs. Preece to draw the winning ticket in the Questionnaire raffle. This was 15 (book no. AS4FZZ4R). The clerk will advertise this number on notice boards in the village and the clerk and Councillor Webb will ensure number is printed in local press.


Mrs Preece asked if Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) permission had been granted for the Cherry Tree sign on the Green. Councillor. Evans reported that a planning application had been submitted but no decision had been made. Councillor Saunders and Councillor Evans also reported that nothing had been heard of the planning application for A3 status for the Café Mango.


Mr J Simpson distributed to Councillors and read out a letter he had written to Andrew Blake of the Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) organisation regarding access to boats on the river for the public. Councillor Floyd suggested that access opposite the private house ‘Wye Lodge’ would be practicable and Councillor Saunders suggested the area opposite the Rose and Crown. It was unanimously agreed that any such access would be advantageous to the village and the clerk was asked to write to the AONB giving the council’s backing to such a project.


Mr J Simpson also raised the issue of access to the river from the Wharf. Currently a fence stops easy access and he asked if a gate could be provided at the right hand side of the lifebuoy. Councillor Evans agreed to look into the possibility and would get the clerk to communicate any decision to Mr Simpson.


93. Apologies for absence.


        Councillor S. Shewell.


94.Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


Councillor A Webb declared an interest in all planning matters being a member     of Monmouthshire County Council Planning Committee.




95.Minutes of the Meetings of 26th September & 10th October 2005:


Correction: Para 78 iii. Councillor Saunders had stated that funds for ‘Friends of Tintern’ would be considered once audited accounts were presented and not that funds would be given. The minutes also omitted that Councillor Shewell had agreed with this condition.


              The minutes were then signed as a true record of the meetings.


96.Matters arising from the 26th September & 10th October Minutes:


a.     Para. 75 (v): Pride of India tree The clerk had written to Mr M Holmes thanking him for his report on the state of the tree and the donation of a new tree.


b.     Para 76 (v): Councillor P O’Connor to raise issues of ROSPA comments on swings in playground at next Recreation Centre meeting. No progress (no Recreation Centre meeting held) - Action carried forward to November meeting.


c.     Para 77 (i): Councillor Webb to refer presumed occupancy of building next to Monkswood Bungalow to Planning Enforcement Officer. No progress - Action carried forward to November meeting.


d.     Para 77: Clerk to write to MCC Planning asking why delegated decisions are not referred to Community Council. No progress - Action carried forward to November meeting.


e.     Para 78 (i) Councillor Shewell to establish ownership details of sports field. No progress - Action carried forward to November meeting.


f.      Para 80 (ii) 1): Clerk to contact MCC Services Organisation to arrange for a quote for work at Village Hall: The clerk had contacted MCC but they do not undertake such work. However, MCC did provide the clerk with details of the contractors who undertook Chepstow Regeneration work. Clerk had passed details on to Councillor Shewell. Progress not known.


g.     Para 80 (ii) 1): Councillor O’Connor to report situation on grant work at Hall to next Recreation Centre meeting. No progress (no Recreation Centre meeting held) - Action carried forward to November meeting.


h.     Para 83: Letter to Mr K. Taylor: The clerk had written to Mr Taylor expressing the council’s regret on the misunderstanding over the August minutes.


i.       Para 87: Parking on A466: The clerk had contacted MCC regarding restricting parking opposite shops on A466 and had been told to refer the matter to the Lower Wye Area Committee. An acknowledgement letter had also been sent to Mrs C Tomaszewski over her concern about the parking problem.


j.      Para 88: A4 Black & White maps required of Village for name sign exercise: MCC had electronically sent these to clerk who was having difficulties converting them to paper. Action carried forward to November meeting.


k.     The clerk had contacted MCC Highways regarding the seat in the Trellech Road, which was in a poor state of repair. They stated they would inspect problem.



97.  Finance and Administration Reports:


    a.  Financial Statement for October:



A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £6215.25 if the known payment for October were approved. The statement was proposed as correct by Councillor Webb and seconded by Councillor Floyd.


b.   The payments for October were approved, that is:


W.E. Tansill for restoration work on seats in

                playing field                                                           Chq 100439             £201.00

      Monmouthshire Consultancy for Internal Audit            Chq 100440               £50.00

R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                     Chq 100441             £362.30


After the presentation of an accounts statement by Councillor Bennett and a request from ‘Friends of Tintern’ for support Councillor Webb proposed that a grant be made to them of £400. Councillor Bennett seconded the proposal. Councillor Evans proposed that this be amended to £300 and was seconded by Councillor O’Connor. It was decided to vote on the issue. The amended proposal was voted on first and Councillors Evans, O’Connor, Floyd and Young voted in agreement (4 votes). The original proposal was then voted on and Councillors Webb and Bennett supported it (2 votes). Councillor Saunders abstained in both votes. The amendment was    carried. A payment of £300 was therefore made to ‘Friends of Tintern’ i.e.


Grant for Christmas Lights                                        Chq 100442             £300.00


        c.     The clerk presented councillors with a copy of the half yearly accounts for their       information.


  d.    The council decided to hold a special meeting on the 14th November to consider         

         the budget for 2006/2007.


  e.    The draft standing orders had been considered since the September meeting and

Councillor Saunders requested the following changes;


(i). Paragraph 1. to include following statement: ‘Evening meetings to commence at 7:00 p.m. and finish by 9:30 p.m. Any unfinished business to be carried forward to next agreed meeting’.


(ii). Paragraph 10 Section (a). The reference to sub-paragraphs (1) and (2)   be changed to ‘with reference to sub-paragraphs (b) and (c)’.


(iii). Paragraph 56 Section (a). Include the expression ‘unless authorised to  do so’.


With these changes agreed Councillor Saunders proposed the new Standing Orders be approved. Councillor Bennett seconded the motion, which was unanimously agreed.


    98.  Planning


a.       Applications


M/12151: Extension to Existing Agricultural Building to Provide More Spacious Livestock Housing, Reddings Farm, Tintern

                Recommendation: Approve


        b.     Appeals


M/11405: First Floor Extension to form 2 No. New Bedrooms, Chapel Granary,   Trellech Grange, Devauden, Chepstow

Recommendation: No new decision (Originally approved by Tintern CC -  20th April   05)


c.       Planning Withdrawals




d.       MCC Planning Decisions


             M/10399: Erection of 4 dwelling houses, The Old Globe, Chapel Hill, Tintern

MCC Approved


M/10979: Demolition of single storey lean-to, Parva Barns, Tintern Parva, Tintern

MCC Conservation Area Consent


M/11331: Single Storey First Floor Extension to Provide Conference Suite, Ground Floor Extension to provide Access & WC, The Royal George, Tintern

MCC Listed Building Consent


M/11348: First Floor Extension to existing Single Storey Chalet to give additional, six bedroom accommodation, The Royal George, Tintern

MCC Approved


M/11354: First Floor Extension Conference facility to existing ground floor function room, The Royal George, Tintern

MCC Approved


M/11896: Erection of 4 new bed house & detached garage, Gurlus Grove Cottage, Tintern

MCC Refused



Reason: Not a logical infill site, development would extend built development into a currently undeveloped area to detriment of this part of AONB



M/11977: Detached single garage, land adjacent to Parva Barn

MCC Approved


e.       New Enforcement Cases 


E05/288        Parva Barns, Tintern                             Alleged unauthorised work

E05/303        The Tump, Trellech Grange                   Alleged unauthorised work

E05/307        Tintern Garage, Tintern                        Alleged change of use

E05/324        Old Park Farm, Trellech Grange             Alleged unauthorised work


f.      Resolved enforcement cases





   99.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


a.             Village Hall Committee:


No report.


b.            Llandogo School: 


The Head teacher had resigned after being offered a new job. It is hoped to find a replacement by the spring term, which means there will be a temporary head until then. Councillor Saunders noted that an advertisement for a full time one-to-one classroom assistant in the press meant another problem child had been admitted to the school. Councillor Bennett knew nothing of this. Councillor Bennett stated that the mother of the known troublesome pupil was removing the child from the school at periods of particularly disruptive behaviour.


c.             Friends of Tintern:


No comment other than that stated in paragraph 97 b. above.



100. Questionnaire


Councillor Floyd reported that over 60% of the questionnaires had been completed and returned and that the analysis of such large volumes of information was causing MCC problems. It is now anticipated that the report will be completed by the end of the year and the public meeting will be held early in 2006.     



101. Other Reports/Issues


a.       Traffic/Highways


(i). Sawmills:


MCC Civil Engineering had drawn plans of the area, which had been shown to Councillor Saunders. These showed that a visibility horizon of 33 metres would be possible for vehicular access/egress at a new entrance only marginally south of current northern entrance. The 70-metre horizon would only be possible by placing the entrance road at the centre of the sawmills area and consequently losing a lot of the proposed parking area. 33 metres would only be allowed if road traffic speeds could be shown to be well below the 30 M.P.H. limit. Further discussion will be held between the Civil Engineering and Highways departments at MCC to try and agree a solution. The clerk will contact Matthew Lewis of MCC Countryside Services to establish ownership of the southern entrance and ask for the steel re-enforcing bars, which have been deposited in the Sawmills area to be removed.


               (ii).  Other traffic issues:


The clerk had advised Councillor Floyd that the parking issue outside of the shops on the A466 should be referred to the Lower Wye Area Committee. This was to be done at the next meeting on the 9th November.


New Work Requests for MCC


·        The 30 M.P.H. sign at Halewood Cottage has become obstructed by the hedge, which needs cutting back.

·        There are signs missing and defaced at Beaufort Pond together with a missing capstone, which require attention.

·        Overhanging vegetation from highways land between the Cherry Tree and Tynant House needs cutting back because it is inhibiting vehicular visibility and catching on pedestrian’s clothing.

·        There is considerable debris on the highway by Embrook (above Cherry Tree), which needs removing.

·        Glyn Road surface needs attention because it is collapsing.


(iii).  Road Safety


Cllr Saunders noted that on the schedule of work sent to MCC for 2006/7 for   the  village the request for a parking bay for disabled at 14 Sylvan View had a



low priority. It was agreed this was incorrect and the clerk was asked to write to MCC Highways raising the priority to 1 (the maximum).


The clerk is to ask Sgt. Jon Brown of the Speeding Unit of Gwent Police to attend the next meeting to explain progress of road safety measures on A466.



  b. Other Issues



(i).  Grants for Recreation Centre:


    See paragraph 96 f.


               (ii).   Cricket Club:


There was concern amongst councillors regarding rumours in village of the Community Council becoming involved in Cricket Club affairs. Councillor Evans pointed out that the only reference to the Club made at the last meeting was in paragraph 87 (i) i.e.


“He (Councillor Evans) believed that the football and cricket teams should aim to meet the new tenants (of the Anchor Hotel) as soon as possible to establish the future of the sports field.”


No further discussion took place on the issue.


              (iii).   Footpaths (Signage etc.)


Councillors agreed that there was a footpath sign missing on the Raglan/Forge Road by the bridge over the Angiddy (FP109). Clerk to contact MCC relevant department.         



102. Correspondence:


        a. The following items were noted;  


Requests for Financial Assistance


Eisteddfod yr Urdd                     Received      03/10/05

Macmillan Cancer Relief              Received      07/10/05


Other correspondence was dealt with during previous items discussed at the meeting and is recorded were appropriate.



103. Date of Next meeting:


  The next meeting will be held on 28th November in the Village Hall at 7:00 p.m.


The Meeting closed at 10:00 p.m.