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Present:   Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor P O’Connor, Councillor J Saunders, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor B Young, Councillor S Shewell and R Hopson clerk


In Attendance: Mr T. Bristow


70. Ward Report from Const. Mason    Constable not present.


71. Public Forum


Mr Bristow expressed concern at the large volume of traffic using the Sawmills area. He commented that these vehicles speed through the area and noted that this route is used for children’s school buses. He also produced an example of a hand written ‘car park direction’ sign that had been erected near to his property. Councillor Evans explained the work that the Community Council are doing with Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) to provide a legal and safe use for the area. Mr Bristow asked that the southern entrance to the area be converted to a pedestrian entrance to stop the vehicle flow. This would be  considered when MCC had completed their civil engineering survey of the area.



72. Apologies for absence.


   All councillors were present.


73.Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


Councillor A Webb declared an interest in all planning matters being a member     of Monmouthshire County Council Planning Committee.

Councillors Evans and O’Connor expressed an interest in the grant application from the village hall for financial support.


74.Minutes of the Meetings of 22nd  August 2005:


     The minutes were signed as a true record of the meetings.


75.Matters arising from the 22nd  August Minutes:


i.                   Parking 63 (vi): Councillor Webb had reported the concern of the Community Council over potential car parking space being created next to the Pride of India Tree to MCC Planning Department.


ii.                Toilet Direction Sign 64 (v): The clerk had met with MCC Highways. It was agreed that a sign would be erected at no cost to the Community Council.

iii.              Cutting of shrubs and trees adjacent to Sawmills 67 (i) 1): The clerk had written to P. Keeble, MCC Highways, thanking him for the work done.


iv.              Footpaths in Village 67 (i) 3): Councillor Webb asked to send to the clerk any information obtained from MCC regarding footpath and lane names.


v.                 The clerk read out a letter from Mr M. Holmes, the tree expert, asked to survey the Pride of India tree. In the letter he conformed that the tree was badly  decayed. It was beyond  any corrective action. However, Mr Holmes had donated a 2 year old tree of the same genus to the village. This could be transplanted in 2 years time. The clerk was asked to write to Mr Holmes thanking him for his effort and the donation of the tree.



76.  Finance and Administration Reports:


   i.       Financial Statement for September:


A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £6828.23 if the known payment for September were approved. The statement was proposed as correct by Councillor Webb and seconded by Councillor Floyd.


ii.                The payments for September were approved, that is:


Tintern Recreation Centre grant for insurance Chq 100436             £575.37

  Tintern Recreation Centre for room hire                 Chq 100437               £36.60

  R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses                   Chq 100438             £310.39


iii.              Councillor requests for copies of the electoral role of their ward were collected.


iv.              Councillor Saunders had made written remarks on the content of the draft version of the new Standing Orders document. The clerk to create a second draft based on these remarks for distribution prior to the next full council meeting.


v.                 The ROSPA report had made special mention of the potential problems with the age of the swings in the play area. Councillor O’Connor to raise this issue at the next Recreation Centre meeting.


    77.  Planning


i.                   Applications

M 12090: Cladding of front & rear of house with local stone to hide prefab concrete walls. Monkswood, The Quay, Tintern

Recommendation: Refuse


Councillor Webb was asked to refer the presumed occupancy of the building next to Monkswood Bungalow to the Planning Reinforcement MCC officer.






ii.                Planning Withdrawals




iii.     MCC Planning Decisions




iv.      New Enforcement Cases 




v.       Resolved enforcement cases


             E02/030        Adjacent to the Beaufort Car Park                   Not expedient

                E05/157       Bridge Cottage                                              Breach Terminated


Councillors expressed concern that delegated decisions were not referred to the council. The clerk was asked to write to MCC Planning to ask for an explanation.



   78.  Reports from Representatives on other bodies:


 i.     Village Hall Committee:


          Councillor Evans stated that there was nothing to report.


Comment was passed by Councillor Evans that the Anchor Hotel changes management on 4th October. He believed that the football and cricket teams should aim to meet the new tenants as soon as possible to establish the future of the sports field. Councillor Shewell volunteered to establish ownership details of the field from The Land Registry.


ii.                Llandogo School: 


Councillor Bennett stated that the two teachers that had left had been replaced and the new teachers had integrated well into  the school.


Following a letter received by the council from parents who had removed their child from the school Councillor Bennett reported that two children in the school had needed special attention because of their poor behaviour. One of the children had now been excluded because of this and the other was under constant supervision. He reported that Local Education Authority (LEA) are aware of the situation and that there is little the Community Council can do except to keep an eye on the situation. Councillor Evans said that more details were needed before the case could be fully considered. Councillor Bennett responded that the LEA had the situation in hand and he would monitor events for the Community Council. 


iii.              Friends of Tintern:


Councillor Bennett reported that ‘Friends of Tintern’ had had a successful Race Night and had raised £411 towards cost of Christmas lights. The organisation is looking for a sight for a notice board and the shop and the surgery were suggested by councillors. Councillor Webb stated that planning permission would be required.  It was suggested that ‘Friends of Tintern’ wait until the results of the Community Council questionnaire are know as this contained questions on notice boards.

Tony Parsons had asked that the council look to replacing the seat by Park Glade. Councillor Bennett to examine the seat to see what action is required.

Councillor Bennett stated that ‘Friends of Tintern’ will be looking to the Community Council to provide financial assistance for the Christmas lights. Councillor Saunders stated that this would be done once a full set of audited accounts of ‘Friends of Tintern’ had been made available to councillors.

Councillor Bennett said there would be another Race Night on 23rd October and the organisation were looking for race sponsors.



79. Questionnaire


i.                   Councillor Floyd reported that completed questionnaires were now being returned to her on a regular basis and that the response rate was very good (greater that 50%). Collection would continue until Monday 3rd October when the forms would be handed to MCC for computer analysis. It was agreed that Councillors Floyd and Shewell would meet to discuss and document textual comments on 29th September.

ii.                Councillor Floyd stated that MCC had suggested the clerk be asked to produce a ‘ward profile’ of the village which will describe the electoral wards in terms of their local governance, business activities and history etc. It is hoped that if suitable this can be incorporated with the results of the questionnaire in the report that will be produced at the end of the survey. This profile will be funded by the Rural Community Action (RCA) organisation.        


80. Other Reports/Issues


i.                   Traffic/Highways


1)     Sawmills:

MCC Civil Engineering have agreed with the Community Council the terms of reference for their survey of the area and the potential for conversion to a lawful car park. The survey should be completed by the October Council meeting (31/10/05).


2)     Crack in A466 at Dead Man’s Corner:

The clerk reported that MCC Highways had stated that the crack was not serious but will be inspected by a senior highways engineer and then probably filled with pitch.





3)     Signage Policy for Commercial Businesses:

It was unanimously agreed that the sign for the Anchor Hotel on the A466 should be taken as an example of the standard required for all signs in the village.


4)     MCC Road Safety Strategy Seminar:

MCC Highways had arranged a Safety Strategy Seminar at County Hall on Friday 30th September. It was agreed that the clerk should represent the council and that the following items should be emphasised as being in need of attention in the area;


A 40 mph limit from Brockweir Bridge to Chepstow (Councillor Shewell)


Passing places on Trellech Road (Councillor Bennett)


Pathway on A466 from Abbey Mill to Wye Valley Hotel (all councillors)


Constriction of A466 to a single carriageway with ‘give way’ traffic flow in the vicinity of the Moon & Sixpence.


These would be added to the list of safety work already prepared by MCC Highways for the village.


               5)  Other traffic issues:

A letter had been received from C. Tomaszewski of Stella Books reminding the council of the 2 hour time limit for parking in the bays opposite the shops promised by the authorities some time ago. The chairman decided that this issue deserved more time than was available at this meeting and that it should be the topic of an interim council meeting to be held during October.


ii. Other Issues


               1)  Grants for Recreation Centre:

Councillor Shewell reported that she had contacted five businesses requesting quotes for the proposed work on the recreation centre (Item 45 (vi)). Only one contractor had responded and during his visit to the site he had expressed concern that partial asphalting of the car park could lead to severe flooding problems. No quote had yet been received. The clerk was asked to contact MCC Distributed Services Organisation (DSO) to see if they would quote for the work. Councillor O’Connor to report the situation to the next Recreation Centre Committee meeting.


2)     Names of Lanes:

It was agreed that due to the time available at this meeting this item should be carried forward to the interim council meeting to be held during October.


81. Correspondence:


        i. The following item were discussed;  


1)     MCC Civic Service at Usk on 20th November. An advance notice of the service   had been received.


Other correspondence was dealt with during previous items discussed at the meeting and is recorded were appropriate.


82. Other Items (by agreement with Chairman):


        i. Parking at Tintern Fisheries:


It was agreed the clerk should write to Tintern Angling Club regarding the difficulties    being encountered due vehicles parking by the ponds.


  ii. The LEAT in the Angiddy Valley:


Councillor Webb to enquire at MCC what the possibilities are of the Community Council purchasing the LEAT.



83. Date of Next meeting:


  The next meeting will be held on 31st October in the Village Hall at 7:30 p.m.



The Meeting closed at 9:40 p.m.