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Tintern Community Council Minutes
25 July 2005


Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor P O'Connor, Councillor J Saunders and Councillor S Shewell, Councillor A Webb, Councillor B Young and R Hopson clerk

In Attendance:

Only councillors as listed above

40. Public Forum

No public present

41. Apologies for absence.

All Councillors present.

42. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.

Councillor A Webb declared an interest in all planning matters being a member of Monmouthshire County Council Planning Committee.

43. Minutes of the Meeting of 27th June 2005:

The minutes were signed as a true record of the meeting.

44. Matters arising from the June Minutes:

i. Item 37 (ii) 4. The grass referred to by Councillor Floyd had been cut since the last meeting.
ii. Item 38(i). Councillor O'Connor was unable to attend the meeting at Raglan due to previous appointment.

45. Finance and Administration Reports:

i. Financial Statement for July:
A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 6177.74 if the known payment for July were approved. The financial statement was approved as accurate.

ii. The payment for July were approved, that is:
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq 100430 214.63

iii. Internal Audit
Mr Woodford had been given all of the financial documentation for 2004/2005 and was reviewing them before undertaking the official internal audit. Councillor Evans and the clerk to verify the tangible assets of the council before the 2004/2005-audit return is made to the Wales Audit Office.

iv. Toilet Direction Sign
It was unanimously decided to ask MCC if they would erect a finger post on the top promenade opposite the seat giving a direction and distance (300m) to the public toilet on the A466. If necessary the Community Council would pay for the post.

v. New lids for communal litter bins
It was agreed that the bins in the Angiddy valley and at The Cot require new lids. Councillor Evans suggested that the new lids comprise of one unit not two as at present to increase strength. Councillor Saunders was concerned at the weight of one lid but Councillor Evans assured her that lifting the lids would be no more difficult than at present. Councillor Webb suggested that the large plastic green bins used by MCC might be a suitable alternative. However, it was agreed that Mr. Tansill would be asked to undertake the repairs and he had already estimated the cost at 200 for the two. It was unanimously agreed to ask him undertake the work.
The Forestry Commission had not yet replaced the bin in Glyn Wood as promised.

vi. Grant for Village Hall
Councillor Shewell stated that she had requested quotations for the range of work that could be undertaken at the hall. That is, new car park surfacing, cycle rack, security lights and disabled facilities as necessary. Councillor Webb had obtained an application form for the MCC Welsh Church Fund and a Rural Community Action grant might also be obtained. These would be put on agenda for August meeting.

46. Planning

i. Applications

M 11764: Renewal of application no. M4526 for new dwelling & ancillary works, Parva Barns, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11870: Proposed hay & straw barn, parcel no. 3832, The Cot, St. Arvans, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve

M11879: A Board advertising, Tintern shop & post Office, road junction Green (A466) opposite Royal George Hotel, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve
The council was concerned about two issues regarding the sign;
1. The sign shown in the application advertised more than 'Shop and Post Office'. It should be changed to reflect exactly what the planning application states.
2. The appearance of the sign does not fit in with other village signs. The Anchor Hotel had previously received planning permission for a new sign (application M11072) which was much more fitting for the village.

ii. Planning Withdrawals

M9124: Extension to dwelling together with replacement timber garage (revised scheme), Sunnydene, Tintern

iii. MCC Planning Decisions

M 8357: Proposed erection of 5 number cabins for holiday lets, including parking/carport, Ravensnest Fishery, Raglan Road, Tintern

M 11276: Single storey extensions to existing bungalow, erection of replacement garage, Steadholm, Trellech Road, Tintern

M 11298: Single storey extension to give new lounge, Forest Cottage, Tintern

M 11353: Proposed new dwelling (revision to M10407), site adjacent to Underwood Bungalow, Tintern

M 11376: Alterations & extensions, Gwyn Stores House, Chapel Lane, Tintern

M11524: Single storey garden room under a slate roof in a timber frame structure, The Meads, Trellech Grange

M11531: Garage/Store with lofted games room above, Pryces Bridge, Whitelye, Catbrook, Chepstow

iv. New Enforcement Cases

E05/170 Cross Farm
Alleged unauthorised works

v. Resolved enforcement cases


47. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

i. Village Hall Committee:

Councillor Evans stated that the Recreation Centre Committee would be asking for a grant for insurance similar to last year. That is, one third of total premium.

ii. Llandogo School:

Councillor Bennett reported that a second senior teacher had left the school but that both vacancies had been filled. The intake of new pupils this year would be 6 or 7 meaning that there would need to be a redistribution of pupils between classes. This was causing problems with some parents but the issues should soon be resolved.

iii. Friends of Tintern:

New events are being planned to ensure Christmas lights will be operational this year. The car boot sale and raffle etc. had raised 800. A village map is being developed which will sell for 1 a copy. Councillor Saunders asked Councillor Bennett to ensure that 'Friends of Tintern' are aware of the 'pull test' needed when Christmas lights are hung on public lighting poles. This must be done at least every two years.

Ann Newsom had attended the last public meeting and brought the matter of the safety of children due to traffic to the attention of the committee. Councillor Evans stated that this was a matter for the Community Council and that action was being taken by the police. Councillor Evans will visit Mrs Newsom and explain the action being taken by the Community Council and police.

48. Other Reports/Issues:

i. Traffic/Highways

1) Letter to Sgt Brown regarding traffic accidents in area;
The clerk reported that Gwent Police had sent a test speed camera to the village and of the 89 vehicles whose speeds were measured 34% exceeded the speed limit by enough to make the drivers liable to prosecution. Consequently Tintern has been declared a 'Community of Concern' from the 5th August by MCC. This will mean an increase in the number of times speed cameras are in action in the village and the possible use of electronic display signs to show motorists their speed.
MCC will consider other means of reducing speed and making the roads safer once this speed check has had time to take effect.

2) Sawmills:
Councillor Webb has met with MCC officers to try and find a solution to the access problem. Dave Harris, Head of Highways had promised to write to her and the Community Council explaining the way forward but this has not been done. The clerk to write to Mr. Harris asking why. The clerk is to set up another meeting with MCC to discuss project before next full council meeting. Councillor Evans also noted that MCC officers had been requested to clear the overgrowth including trees on the side of the Angiddy Road next to the Sawmills but that no action had been taken.

ii. Other Issues:

1) Village Questionnaire:
Councillor Floyd issued a draft of the questionnaire. This was accepted and MCC are to be asked to create a proof copy. A timetable for the project was also produced by Councillor Floyd and agreed. This showed that the project should be complete by early December although the timescales were tight. Councillor Bennett to ensure questionnaire is advertised in the 'Tintern News'
It was agreed that as an incentive to complete the questionnaire a prize draw be held of all households completing form. The prize would be a 50 voucher for redemption at shops in Tintern. Entering the draw would not compromise householder anonymity.

49. Correspondence:

i. The following items were discussed;

1) AONB Lottery Heritage Grant;
A request had been received from AONB asking for council support for their bid for funds, which will be used to enhance the lower Wye. A response will be sent by the 18th August as requested.

2) Christmas Lights
Councillor Saunders suggested that the council look at purchasing some Christmas lights for the southern end of the village. This will be discussed at the next full council meeting after Councillor Webb has read the correspondence on the lights

50. Date of Next meeting:

The Meeting closed at 9:20 p.m. The next meeting will be held on 22nd August in the Village Hall at 7:30 p.m.