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Tintern Community Council Minutes
27 June 2005


Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor D Floyd, Councillor B Young, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor J Saunders and Councillor S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance:

Andrew Mason - Ward Manager, Mrs B Preece, Mrs E Reid

28. Ward Manager - Constable Andrew Mason

Constable Mason reported eight recorded crimes in the village since April meeting. This included two damaged cars in Angiddy Valley and four burglaries mainly from outbuildings. A quantity of seventeen rug plants had also been found. There were four accidents on A466. One opposite The Royal George and three between Tintern and St. Arvans. There were injuries in each accident.

29. Public Forum

Mrs Preece commented on signs on green and fact that double yellow lines outside Café Mango had been repainted.
Mrs Reid apologised to council for article printed in error in Tintern News. This discredited the council chairman and vice chairman. Councillor Evans accepted apology on behalf of Councillor O'Connor and the remainder of the council.

30. Apologies for absence.

Councillor O'Connor and Councillor A Webb

31. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


32. Minutes of the Meeting of 25th April 2005:

A misunderstanding by the clerk of a comment regarding bus services for over 16's by Councillor Saunders had been corrected. After this had been explained the minutes were agreed.

33. Matters arising from the Minutes:

i. The grant application (May Mins. para. 22(vi)) had been investigated by MCC and could not be found. It was therefore concluded that the application had been lost in the Christmas post or mislaid by the county. A new letter requesting funding would be written to MCC after exact requirements of Tintern Recreation Committee were established. These will be for surface and entrance amendments to village hall for disabled, a cycle rack and security lights.

ii. The clerk provided catalogues of lighting displays (May mins. Para 24(iii)) which were circulated to councillors for consideration.

iii. The clerk had composed a letter to Sgt. Brown, Traffic Safety, Gwent Police (par May mins. Para 25 (i) b) requesting the traffic conditions regarding safety be studied in the village. This had been modified by Councillors and sent. Acknowledgements of letter had been received from MCC Highways but it was believed Sgt. Brown was on holiday, as he had not responded.

iv. A letter had been received from a resident of Trellech Road concerned with the amount of heavy traffic using the road. Councillor Evans asked the clerk to write to MCC Highways requesting that a survey of heavy traffic on the road be undertaken (May mins. Para 25 d). A response had been received from Clive Campbell, Transport Manager, MCC Highways stating that although the suggestion deserves merit he is unable to undertake it at the moment and asking that the council wait for the Road Safety Strategy draft which will be published in near future.

v. An acknowledgement of the letter expressing concern regarding increased parking charges in Monmouthshire towns (May mins. Para 25 (ii) b) had been received.

vi. A letter regarding the bus services for youths in the village had been received from Mr MacDermott, Lower Wye Area Manager (May mins. Para 25 (ii) d). This stated that free school transport for post sixteen year olds was being withdrawn and that the plan to provide evening transport to Bristol/Newport had been dropped.

34. Finance and Administration Reports:

i. Financial Statement for June:
A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of £6392.08 if the known payments for May were approved. The financial statement was approved as accurate.
ii. All of the payments for June were approved, that is:

Tintern Recreation Centre for village hall rent Chq 100428 £30.00
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq 100429 £286.39

iii. The documents for the 2004/2005 audits had been received. Mr Woodford was to be asked to undertake internal audit. No date for return of audit forms had been given.

35. Planning

i. Applications
M 9289: Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - Section 257, Public Path Diversion Order - Public Footpath 1
Recommendation: Approve

M 10399: Erection of 4 Dwelling Houses, The Old Globe, Chapel Hill, Tintern
Recommendation: Refuse
Reasons: It is inappropriate on that site, too many dwellings and exceeds footprint of original building. There should be no development on site with a height of more than two storeys.
Parking, although provided for residents does not provide for visitors and the road outside of the proposed properties is already subject to parking and vehicle passing problems. MCC Highways are aware of this problem.
There are concerns about the LEAT and culvert, which runs underneath the development. The LEAT is not shown on plans and there is no mention of strengthening of the culvert.
There is a reference in the plans to new soakaways for surface water but these are not shown on plans.

ii. Planning Withdrawals


iii. MCC Planning Decisions

M 11200: Demolition of the existing house, construction of new house, including permanent vehicular use of track to house, Barbadoes Hill Meadows, Tintern

iv. Enforcement Cases

E05/137 Monkswood Bungalow Alleged change of use
E05/165 Café Mango Alleged Breach of Condition

v. Resolved enforcement cases

E05/080 Rear of Cherry Tree Inn Alleged unauthorised work
Decision: No breach
E05/124 The Nurtons Alleged unauthorised work
Decision: No breach

36. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

i. Village Hall Committee:

Nothing to report.

ii. Llandogo School:

The head teacher is due to return to work shortly after a period of convalescence. A senior teacher is taking twelve months secondment to work for Gwent. A new temporary teacher will be appointed during this absence.

iii. Friends of Tintern:

Nothing to report.

37. Other Reports/Issues:

i. Traffic/Highways

1) Letter to Sgt Brown: Already discussed in para 33 (iii).

2) Sawmills: A meeting had been held with Western power Distribution regarding moving the sub-station north of the Sawmills. Western Power stated that they had no plans to move/replace equipment because it was in good working order. If the council wanted it moved the charge would be £20,000/£30,000. No response had been received from MCC Highways regarding extending northern entrance to make area usable as a legal car park. Clerk to follow matter up with P Keeble and T MacDermott of MCC.

3) Other Traffic Issues

a) Councillor Saunders had attended a seminar on traffic and parking in the lower Wye Valley organised by AONB. Significant comment was made on parking in Tintern. Adverse comment on the introduction of the cycle track to Chepstow was also noted. A lot of attendees believed meeting was not geared to real problems of traffic and parking.

b) Councillor Shewell commented on gate between hall and Recreation field being locked at certain times. Councillor Evans said this was a condition of Recreation Centre insurance. It was agreed this was really a point for the Recreation Centre Committee and not the council.

c) Councillor Floyd commented that the parking problem in the village might be eased by the issue of parking vouchers whose cost could be redeemable at businesses in village.

ii). Other Issues:

1) Village Questionnaire: Councillor Floyd agreed to lead project with assistance from other councillors as required. Questions to be finalised by 25th July after consideration by all councillors

2) Grant for Recreation Centre: Already discussed in para 33 (i).

3) Communal Rubbish Bin in Glyn Wood: The council had approached The Forestry Commission regarding the poor condition of the bin which had been due to damage caused by wood hauling lorries. They agreed to replace bin free of charge. Councillor Evans to get a quotation for fitting new lids to other communal bins.

4) Footpath at Rear of Moon & Sixpence: Councillor Floyd if the council could be approached to cut back overgrowth on this footpath. Clerk to follow up with local council representatives.

5) Abbey Passes: It was agreed that these would be processed by and issued in Village shop if the owner Mr Pocock was in agreement..

38. Correspondence:

(i) The following items were discussed;

Sport Sessions - August - Tintern
Unauthorised signs on BT Poles notice
Celebration of Monmouthshire meeting 9th July Beaufort Arms Raglan Councillor O'Connor to write to MCC regarding this event
Public Invitation for views on Countryside Access - June/July (Tintern 7th July)
Lower Wye Valley Travel Plan - Final Draft

39 Date of Next meeting:

The Meeting closed at 10:00 p.m. The next meeting will be held on 25th July in the Village Hall at 7:30 p.m.

As these minutes are in draft form if you foresee any problems with any items please contact the clerk. If possible these will then be resolved before the meeting.