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Tintern Community Council Minutes
25 April 2005


Chairman Councillor T Evans, Vice Chairman Councillor P M O'Connor, Councillor B Young, Councillor D Floyd, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor J Saunders, and Councillor S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance:

T MacDermott - MCC, Const. A Mason, R Barker (spokesman Cycle Track planning application), A Jones, H Hughes, P Barnes, M Hanson, D Bolton, A Barker, C Van Beren, P Christie, S Taylor, J Christie, M Wright, R Clarke, S Davies, D Rorke and L Warner

1. Village Questionnaire Presentation : T MacDermott

Mr Macdermott, MCC Area Manager for the Lower Wye Valley gave a brief presentation on the type of questionnaire that could be undertaken by Tintern Community Council. He stressed that the Community Council would choose the structure of the questionnaire and questions. MCC would then assist in the preparation of the physical documents and subsequent analysis and presentation of the results.

The questions would be constructed after a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) exercise carried out by Tintern CC and MCC. A similar exercise in St. Arvans focused questions on population, employment, housing, recycling, crime and safety, community resources and local government.

The actions formulated from the results of the questionnaire would not only form action plans for the community council but could also form a part of the Lower Wye Valley area action plan of MCC. Mr MacDermott stressed that the results would form the source of a strategy for the village. Councillor Bennett asked how we should progress the project and it was agreed that a specific meeting would be arranged after the general election.

2. Public Forum

Planning Application M 11302, Creation of a shared surfaced path for cyclists & pedestrians: Mr Barker stated he was spokesman for the several residents of Tintern and surrounding area that attended and wished to express their support for the project between Tintern Station and Brockweir Bridge including the proposed new suspension bridge. The council welcomed the delegation and stated that the public forum was the part of the council meeting were such matters could be discussed with the public.

Mr Barker went through the objections raised by the council in their rejection of the plan, i.e. excessive parking at the station, over usage of the wireworks bridge and poor access at Brockweir. He stated that parking at several similar schemes had shown that the number of vehicles does not rise dramatically. Also that, although, the Wireworks Bridge looked to be in poor condition it was structurally sound. Councillor Bennett asked about the concern over the access at Brockweir. Mr Barker stated that the road is subject to a 30mph speed limit and that MCC highways had looked at the access to the pathway at Brockweir and were happy with the safety aspects of the proposal.

A petition by Tintern residents and village business representatives was given to the clerk. This contained 27 signatures. It was agreed the council would discuss the issues raised by the delegation during the planning part of the meeting.

Planning Application M11405, Chapel Granary: Mrs L Warner gave a brief presentation on the planning application at Chapel Granary, Trellech Grange.

Police Report: PC A Mason gave a brief presentation on criminal and safety issues that had occurred since his last visit to the meeting.

There had only been two reported domestic crimes in Tintern. However, there had been four traffic accidents on the A466 between Tintern and St. Arvans all of which he believed were due to the poor state of the road surface during wet conditions. Although he believed there were plans to resurface this road this year he asked that the council write to MCC asking if this could be done in the near future.

The large caravan (campervan) parked near to the Cherry Tree was still causing a problem and the owner had informed Const. Mason that this parking issue was helping to slow down traffic. All councillors disagreed. Const. Mason stated that parking in this area was problematic as most of the people parking were residents and that the offences he would have to prosecute them with was either parking causing an unnecessary disturbance or parking in a dangerous position. Const. Mason expressed concern that this would not be a long-term solution to the problem.

Councillor Bennett asked if anything had been done about the parking in passing places on the Trellech Road. A brief discussion followed and the clerk informed Councillors that he had brought the matter to the attention of MCC highways. The clerk would pursue this issue.

Const. Mason reminded the council of the Crime Stoppers organisation (contact 0800 555111) and of the significant part they play in solving crime and recovering stolen property. He stated that recently 'B' division of Gwent Police (the local police division) had recovered 28,000 worth of stolen property.

3. Apologies for absence.

Councillor Webb

4. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


5. Minutes of the Meeting of 21st March 2005:

The clerk confirmed that planning application M 11354 (first floor extension conference facility to existing ground floor function room, Royal George Hotel) was recommended for approval by MCC. The councillors then agreed that the minutes of the March meeting were correct.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Chepstow Summer Playgroup: MCC had responded to the council's letter asking for more information on the usage of the summer playgroup by Tintern young people. They stated that 5% of the children in Tintern were eligible to attend the summer playgroup. Consequently the council decided to donate 100 to the scheme.

Councillor Communications: It was noted by several councillors that communication between councillors was, in some instances, below the standard that was expected. It was decided that councillors would discuss this matter in full at the May meeting but that the public and press would be excluded during the debate.

Actions Outstanding from Previous Meeting: The following actions from the March meeting were still outstanding;
6.1 Mrs Preece commented that the refuse bin outside of her property was full and had been so for several weeks. Councillor Webb to raise this issue with the appropriate dept. at MCC.
6.2 Comment was passed on the car parking outside of the Cherry Tree Inn and Councillor Webb agreed to take the matter up once again with MCC.
6.3 Councillor Floyd asked for progress on the grant application for the disabled persons ramp at the village hall. Councillor Webb to check on the application's progress.

7. Finance and Administration Reports:

A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 5080.85 if the known payments for April were approved.

All of the payments for April were approved, that is;
7.1 'One Voice Wales' annual subscription Chq 100419 70.00
7.2 Allianz Cornhill council annual insurance Chq 100420 427.23
7.3 Audit Commission for 2003/2004 audit fee Chq 100421 141.00
7.4 R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq 100422 228.24
7.5 St Michaels Church for village verge maintenance Chq 100423 150.00
7.6 Chepstow Summer Playgroup Chq 100424 100.00
Items 7.5 and 7.6 were agreed at the meeting and are not shown on the financial statement.

The annual accounts for 2004/2005 were issued to councillors for consideration.

The annual audit for 2003/2004 had been approved by the audit commission and was on display on the main village notice board.
The Audit Commission had written to the council informing them that from April 2005 they were being superseded by Audit Wales. However, they stated that this would not affect the annual processing of the councils accounts.

8. Planning


M11376: Alterations & Extensions. Gwyn Stores House, Chapel Lane, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11401: Agricultural Storage Building. The Cottage, Wain-y-Parc Farm, Trellech Grange, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve

M 11405: First Floor Extension to Form 2 No New Bedrooms. Chapel Granary, Trellech Grange, Devauden, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve


M 7707: Extension of Existing Yard for Storage of Hay and Straw. Cross Farm, Pontyseason, Tintern


M 11192: Construction of Garages and Carport. The Tump, Trellech Grange, Chepstow

M 11193: Timber Framed Summer House and Decked Porch Area. Garden of Chapel Cottage, Chapel Lane, Tintern


E05/080: Rear of Cherry Tree Inn - Alleged unauthorised works

E05/081: Rear of Cherry Tree Inn - Land in poor state of amenity

M 11302: Creation of a shared surfaced path for cyclists & pedestrians: Consequent to the large public representation during the Public Forum this application was reconsidered. However, it was decided that until the three concerns of the council were addressed they would still recommend refusal. Councillor Shewell asked that the council thank the residents for attending the Public Forum and making their views known.

The clerk was actioned to ensure that the council sees planning items on the delegated planning decision list.

9. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

Village Hall Committee: Councillor Floyd stated that there was nothing to report. Councillor Evans noted that the litterbin at the front of the hall had been moved closer to the road.

Llandogo School: Councillor Bennett stated that there was nothing to report.

Friends of Tintern: Councillor Bennett reported that the number of active supporters of the organisation was dwindling and that they urgently require fundraisers. The cost of the Christmas lights this year will be 1250 however current funds after debts amounted to 1000. It was hoped to hold a summer ball in the village but support was needed to organise the event. It had also been hoped to hold film shows in the village. Councillor Bennett asked for council finance support but Councillors Floyd and Saunders stated that funding for specific activities should be requested. Councillor Shewell stated that management plans for these activities should be agreed and proper project plans produced. Councillor Saunders asked that accounts for the organisation should be made available to the council.

10. General Reports/Issues:

Highways: A meeting had been held on 19th April between Councillors Evans, O'Connor, Floyd, Saunders, Shewell, the clerk and T. MacDermott and A Browne of MCC to discuss signage and certain parking issues in the village. A number of signs were thought to be inappropriate to the area and one sign was declared as being in a dangerous location. The MCC and the council agreed on actions that they would both undertake. A plan to make parking in the old sawmill agreeable to MCC highways was proposed by Councillor Shewell. This would make vehicles visible from the northern entrance to the sawmill for 70 metres northbound. It was agreed that Councillors Shewell, Saunders and when necessary Councillor Evans would form a working group to put forward a proposal to interested organisations. The clerk was actioned to organise a meeting involving these, i.e. Community Councillors, MCC, Cherry Tree management, AONB, BT, South Western Electricity and the Forestry.

AONB Lottery Heritage Bid: Councillor Saunders attended a meeting at Monmouth during the month to consider heritage sites in Tintern that could be included in a bid for funds for the Wye Valley. Items noted were the Old Station, Abbey Mills, Sawmills car park, wireworks, furnace and forge.

Other Issues: Entertainment Licence for Penterry Church: An application for a one-off licence for 2nd July for a concert had been received. This was unanimously approved.

11. Correspondence:

Brochures: MCC Rights of Way policy, NACRO Crime and Disorder Reduction and the AONB Picturesque documents were distributed.

MCC Emergency Contacts: MCC had requested two emergency contacts from the council. Councillor Evans and the clerk were selected.

Road Closure: Notice had been received of closure of the road at the back of The Cherry Tree on 28th April for one day.

No other items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 10:25 pm

As these minutes are in draft form if you foresee any problems with any items please contact the clerk. If possible these will then be resolved before the meeting.