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Tintern Community Council Minutes
21 March 2005


Vice Chairman Cllr P M O'Connor, Cllr A Webb Cllr B Young, Cllr D Floyd, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr J Saunders, and Cllr S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance:

Mrs B Preece, Mr & Mrs Onions, Mrs T Davies, Ms J Farmer - Free Press newspaper

1. Public Forum

Mrs Preece reported that the MCC planning Dept. had stated that the Highways Dept. had no objection to the Cherry Tree Inn sign on the village green and that they had forwarded planning application forms to the owner of the Cherry Tree to complete. Mrs Preece also reported that last Sunday there were 10 signs outside the sandwich bar. However, the double yellow lines had been repainted and she believed these should now be properly policed. Cllr Shewell noted that there was a proliferation of unsightly and unnecessary signs in the village but the problem was how to deal with them. She further added that although the Cherry Tree sign on the green is a problem, it is the only advertisement for the village shop and post office and that the council should consider a proper sign or finger post to indicate the amenities which are not on the main road through the village. Cllr Shewell suggested that the Planning dept. be invited to attend a meeting with councillors to discuss a village 'sign' policy. Cllr Webb to arrange the meeting.

Mrs Preece also asked why there was a need for a cycle rack in the village hall grounds and was told by Cllr O'Connor that it was necessary for children to safely park their cycles.

Mrs Preece also commented that the refuse bin outside of her property was full and had been so for several weeks. Cllr Webb to raise this issue with the appropriate dept. at MCC.

The clerk told Mr & Mrs Onions that he had received a letter from the MCC Environmental Health dept. who had visited the Cherry Tree Inn and discussed the complaints with the owner. He stated in the letter that there was no waste material likely to attract vermin and that all waste was on private property. Mr & Mrs Onions strongly disagreed with these comments.

Comment was also passed on the car parking outside of the Cherry Tree Inn and Cllr Webb agreed to take the matter up once again with MCC.

2. Apologies for absence.

Cllr Evans

3. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.

Cllr Webb stated that she was a member of the MCC Environmental Committee and could not comment on issues concerning this dept.

4. Minutes of the Meeting of 28th February 2005:

The councillors agreed the minutes of the February meeting as correct.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

The clerk reported that he had asked both MCC Planning and Highways Dept's. to attend meetings with councillors but that both dept's. had declined stating that all matters to be discussed were known to them and being investigated.

The clerk also reported that there had been no response from MCC regarding village signage but that the matter was being pursued.

6. Finance and Administration Reports:

No financial statement for the month was presented as the meeting was being held before the bank statements had been received. The financial statement would be distributed with the minutes.

The following payments were agreed;
Audit Commission for 2001/2002 audit fee Chq 100417 39.00
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq. 100418 141.32

The schedule for council meetings in 2005/6 was discussed and it was agreed to insert an extra meeting at the beginning of January to break the long gap between the November and January meetings.

7. Planning


M11276: Single storey extension to existing bungalow. Erection of replacement garage. Steadholm, Trellech Road, Tintern, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve

M 11298: Single storey extension to give new lounge. Forest Cottage, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11302: Creation of a shared surfaced path for cyclists & pedestrians, Former Railway & other land between Brockweir Bridge & Tintern old station
Recommendation: Refuse
1. The exit at Brockweir Bridge is considered to be very dangerous for cyclists as it lets them cycle directly onto a very busy road.
2. The proposed route will allow both walkers and cyclists to use the existing Wireworks Bridge to walk directly into Tintern. This bridge is considered to be sub standard.
3. The parking of vehicles at Tintern station is a problem and it is believed the proposed bridge will make the problem considerably worse.

M 11331: (Listed building consent) Single storey first floor extension to provide conference suite. Ground floor extension to provide access & WC. The Royal George Hotel,Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11348: First floor extension to existing single storey chalet to give additional six-bedroom accommodation, The Royal George Hotel, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11353: Proposed new dwelling (Revision to M10407). Site adjacent to Underwood Bungalow, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11354 First floor extension conference facility to existing ground floor function room. Royal George Hotel, Tintern
Recommendation:: Approve




M 11065: New double garage with hobby room over; single storey extension for utility room/WC & shower; first floor extension over top of existing kitchen; New storm porch. Bramble Cottage, Trellech Road, Tintern

8. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

Village Hall Committee: Cllr Floyd asked for progress on the grant application for the disabled persons ramp. Cllr Shewell reported that the application was still waiting to be considered. Cllr Webb to check on the application's progress.

Llandogo School: Cllr Bennett reported that the school eisteddfod had been very well attended and that the school now had a full complement of governors.

Friends of Tintern: Cllr Bennett reported that the organisation had a small cash balance and that most of its funds had been spent on the Christmas lights. Cllr Bennett agreed to provide a summary of council minutes to be published in the village newsletter. The Youth Project was ongoing and the possibility of creating a PC network was being investigated. The committee thought that a new extension to the village hall would be the best place for this. The clerk had received a letter fro the organisation stating that a photocopier had been installed in the police office and that it was available for use by village organisations.

Cllr Saunders reported that she now was able to issue passports to the Abbey to residents of the village.

9. General Reports/Issues:

Highways: Cllr Saunders stated she was concerned about a large caravan that was parked at the junction of Glyn and Devauden roads. This was causing a problem with the parking of the mobile library and cars of users of the library. Cllr Floyd stated that she knew the owners and would approach them to resolve the problem.

Cllr Bennett raised the issue of cars parking at the bottom of Trellech road, which were causing visibility problems for motorists. He stated that this was designated a passing place for vehicles. The clerk is to write to the Highways dept. regarding the matter.

Other Issues: Cllr Webb reported she had discussed removal of Japanese knotweed with a private contractor recommended by the Environmental Agency. The contractor had stated that the location meant eradicating the plant would not be easy but that his company might consider the problem a worthwhile project.

10. Correspondence:

Chepstow Play scheme - The council thought this a worthwhile project and the clerk is to write to MCC find out the size of contribution required and the number of village children that could attend.

MCC Dog Fouling strategy - Cllrs Shewell and Floyd stated that this was a policy the council should support. The clerk to write to MCC telling them of the council's agreement.

AONB Lottery Bid - A meeting had been arranged by the AONB organisation to discuss proposed bid applications that would affect Tintern. This is on the 19th April at the AONB office in Monmouth and councillors are going to attend.

Tintern Questionnaire - Tim MacDermott, the Area Manager for the Lower Wye Valley has asked to address the next council meeting. This will be done at 7:00pm the clerk to invite Mr MacDermott.

No other items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 9:10 pm

As these minutes are in draft form if you foresee any problems with any items please contact the clerk. If possible these will then be resolved before the meeting.