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Tintern Community Council Minutes
28 February 2005

Present: Chairman Cllr T Evans, Vice Chairman Cllr P M O'Connor, Cllr B Young, Cllr D Floyd, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr J Saunders, and Cllr S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance: Mrs B Preece, Mr & Mrs Onions, Constable Andrew Mason

1. Public Forum

Mrs Preece commented again on the sign that is still being placed on the village green adjacent to the Royal George. She had spoken to Mr Pyne of Monmouthshire's planning department who had told her that Cllr Webb had stated that permission had been given for the sign. The 'One Stop Shop' in Chepstow had agreed with this decision.
Mrs Preece also commented that the sandwich bar in the village had eight signs attached to it and that the double yellow lines on the adjacent roadside had not been replaced. Cllr Shewell asked that these issues be brought to the attention of the MCC planning department and that a site meeting be arranged with the planning enforcement officer.

Mrs Onions showed councillors photographs of the rubbish at the rear of the Cherry Tree Inn. Cllr Evans stated that this matter had been brought to the attention of the council several times. He stated that at the previous council meeting it had been agreed that he would visit the site with Cllr Webb but she had not contacted him to arrange the visit. It was agreed that the clerk writes to the environmental health department of MCC to express the councils concerns. The clerk would also write to the owner of the Cherry Tree Inn and distribute copies to councillors.

Constable Mason commented on the large number of motorcyclists using the Trellech Road but stated that as long as the motorcycles are legal there is little he can do. He also stated that a Neighbourhood Watch representative is required for the Angiddy Valley area. Constable Mason also stated that although the number of crimes in the area was currently low the spring was a time when crime normally increases especially the theft of garden equipment. Cllr Evans expressed concern at the number of vehicles speeding in the village. Constable Mason stated that the mobile speed camera van would be located in the village as necessary.

2. Apologies for absence.

Cllr Webb

3. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


4. Minutes of the Meeting of 31st January 2004:

Cllr Evans pointed out that the grant from MCC for village hall heating and glazing was 6000 and not 3000 as stated.

The councillors then agreed the minutes of the January meeting as correct.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Cllr Webb had told the clerk that had been unable to contact Paul Frampton of MCC highways department to discuss double yellow lines adjacent to sandwich bar.

The clerk reported that he had written to Paul Keeble of MCC highways department regarding the request for 'Welcome to Tintern' signage but had not received any response.

The clerk had clarified the situation regarding public fireworks displays and had written to Mr & Mrs Hearn outlining the how they could raise their concerns with MCC environmental department.

The clerk had written to the Lower Wye Valley Area manager for MCC expressing the councils concern over MCC's proposal to provide transport to Newport and Bristol for 6th form pupils and the possibility that this could lead to drinking and drugs problems. He had been told that MCC are to discuss this proposal on the 2nd March.

6. Finance and Administration Reports:

A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 6098.67.

The following payments were agreed;
Audit Commission for 2001/2002 audit fee Chq 100412 666.23
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq. 100413 170.76
St Michael's Church for graveyard maintenance Chq 100414 100.00
Trellech Grange Church for graveyard maintenance Chq 100415 50.00
Penterry Church for graveyard maintenance Chq 100416 50.00

7. Planning


M10305: Conversion of barn to provide one dwelling and three units for holiday let, Great House Farm, Trellech Grange, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve

M 11192: Construction of garages and carport, The Tump, Trellech Grange, Chepstow
Recommendation: Approve

M 11193: Timber framed summerhouse and decked porch area, Tintern, Chapel Lane situated in our garden
Recommendation: Approve

M 11200: Demolition of the existing house, construction of new house, including permanent vehicular use of track to house, Barbados Hill Meadows, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 11238: Three bed roomed detached house with single garage, land adjacent to Parva Barns, Tintern Parva, and Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

DF6596/A: Cyclist and Pedestrian Shared Access Surface - Chepstow to Brockweir pathway
Recommendation: Refuse
1. The exit at Brockweir Bridge is considered to be very dangerous for cyclists as it lets them cycle directly onto a very busy road.
2. The proposed route will allow both walkers and cyclists to use the existing Wireworks Bridge to walk directly into Tintern. This bridge is considered to be sub standard.
3. The parking of vehicles at Tintern station is a problem and it is believed the proposed bridge will make the problem considerably worse.


M 11036: Demolition of existing single storey lean to and erection of 3 bed roomed detached house with double garage below ground, Garden to Parva Barns, Tintern Parva


M11072: Retention of wooden board to advertise location of the Anchor Inn from a northerly direction.

8. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

Village Hall Committee: It was agreed that the clerk would again write to MCC regarding relocation of the litterbin in the play area so that MCC would empty it on a regular basis.

Llandogo School: Cllr Bennett reported that there was concern over the teacher's workload as they are entitled to 10% non-teaching time. The planning for this is under way and the non-teaching time will be organised on a daily basis.

Friends of Tintern: Cllr Bennett reported that he had attended the last meeting of the organisation and had received a warm welcome.
Cllr Bennett reported that the organisation was planning a map of the village showing hotels etc.
The Christmas lights policy is also being reconsidered with the idea that they are positioned on private property and that the electrical supply is provided from households and not the electricity suppliers. The licensing and legality of this is being checked.
There is also a plan to survey villagers of their requirements for the village but this has made little progress to date.
A request has been made to use the police office for computer access to the Internet.
A fete is being planned for the end of June.
It is also planned to start showing films in the village hall from September.

9. General Reports/Issues:

Highways: The clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with Steve Dudson of the highways department to discuss the following issues;
Trellech Road speed and weight limits
Parking in the village
Double yellow lines next to sandwich bar
Traffic hazards at 'Dead Mans' corner

Other matters:

It was agreed that Cllr Evans would ask Mr Tansil to erect the 'Flood Prevention' signs provided by MCC and inspect and repair, if necessary, village notice boards.

10. Correspondence:

Cllr Evans reported that he had received a quantity of passes to the Abbey for villagers from CADW. Cllr Saunders to take responsibility for issue. This information will be put into 'Tintern News'.

A request for information on tourism signing had been received from MCC but the conditions of liability meant that the council would not complete the form.

No other items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 9:40 pm

As these minutes are in draft form if you foresee any problems with any items please contact the clerk. If possible these will then be resolved before the meeting.