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Tintern Community Council Minutes
29 November 2004

Present: Chairman Cllr T Evans, Vice Chairman Cllr P M O'Connor, Cllr B Young, Cllr D Floyd, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr J Saunders, Cllr A Webb, and Cllr S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance: T Davies, Mr Parsons

1. Public Forum

Mr Parsons asked if council minutes could be put on village notice board. This was agreed by all councillors. Mrs Davies stated that the Post Office will open at the Cherry Tree Inn on 24/1/05 and asked if the council could assist with advertising. Cllr Evans suggested that that Mr A Francis could advertise the opening and suggested that The Cherry Tree Inn put notices on the village notice boards.

It was also agreed by all councillors that the minutes of council meeting be available for the public at The Cherry Tree inn.

2. Apologies for absence.

None - All councillors at meeting

3. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


4. Minutes of the Meeting of 25th October 2004:

All councillors agreed the minutes of the October meeting as correct.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

i. Broken glass was still on the footpath Ref. 381/74. The clerk will write to MCC asking why no action has been taken.
ii. Cllr Saunders agreed that to comply with the Freedom of Information Act she will allow council documents to be available for public viewing at her home. Cllr Webb suggested that all council documents dating back two years could also be kept by the clerk and that documents dated earlier be filed in the village hall.
iii. Cllr Webb to ask MCC if a formal sign advising people of the Post Office could be erected.
iv. The clerk will contact Julia Allen of the Crown Agency to establish ownership of the village green.
v. Cllr Bennett stated that Trellech United will have an official governor on Llandogo school board of governors but that he will remain a member of the board.

6. Finance and Administration Reports:

i. A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 5235.37.
ii. A request had been received from 'Friends of Tintern' for a 600 donation towards the cost of Christmas lighting. Cllr Bennett suggested that the 'Friends of Tintern' organisation be contacted to arrange a meeting to discuss the donation and to supply the council with a copy of their accounts. This was agreed and a meeting on Monday 6th December was suggested.

(Please note that the meeting took place on 6/12/04 and was attended by Cllrs Evans, Floyd, Saunders, O'Connor, Young, Bennett, Shewell, and that it was agreed to give a donation of 200 towards the lighting and that subsequent funding for other activities of 'The Friends of Tintern' would be considered at a later date.)

iii. The following payments were agreed;
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq. 100406 159.03
Tintern Recreation Centre (Hall rental) Chq 100407 15.00
Tintern Recreation Centre (Hall rental) Chq 100408 5.00
Friends of Tintern Chq 100409 200.00

iv. Council Budget for 2005: Several ideas were considered for next year. Cllr Bennett suggested a pathway along the river.
The removal of Japanese Knotweed could also mean a considerable cost.
Cllr Webb suggested that an honoraria of 200 be paid to the council chairman. This was unanimously agreed.
Cllr Saunders suggested that proper signage in the village should also be considered.
Cllr Floyd also suggested that 'Welcome to Tintern' signs should also be displayed in village.
The clerk was asked to contact MCC regarding new village signage.
Cllr Shewell agreed to discuss with MCC if a Community and Environmental Scheme grant could be obtained for disabled access to the village hall and for hall security lighting.

It was then unanimously agreed that a precept of 6,600 be requested form MCC for the 2005/2006 year.

7. Planning


M 10582: (Amended) First floor extension and patio above proposed outbuilding, Gwyn Cottage, Chapel Lane, Tintern
Recommendation: No decision - application already approved by MCC

M 10858: Demolition of existing conservatory erection of single storey extensions including new porch and refurbishment works, Dingle Cottage, Botany Bay, Catbrook
Recommendation: Approve

M 10871: Replacement garden/storage shed, The Retreat, Barbadoes Hil, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve


M10582: First floor extension and patio above proposed outbuilding, Gwyn Cottage, Chapel Lane, Tintern

M10649: Two storey extension to existing dwelling, Halewood Cottage, Tintern

8. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

i. Village Hall Committee: Cllr Evans reported that the finance for the new windows had nearly been raised and that MCC would assist with the financing of this project.
ii. Llandogo School: Cllr Bennett reported that a new governing board and governor chairman had been appointed. However the school were looking to recruit a new governor for the lower part of the school. He also reported that the number of pupils in the school had reached a maximum of 124.

9. General Reports/Issues:

i. Tintern Traffic/Highways: Cllr Bennett asked if the council could contact MCC and ask that the 30mph limit on the Trellech Road be extended to the road to Botany Bay. The clerk will contact MCC with this request.
Cllr Bennett also asked that a weight limit on the Trellech Road be imposed to stop quarry vehicles using it. The clerk will contact MCC with this request.
ii. Other Issues;
Angidddy Hydropower Project: Cllr Saunders commented that she believes the costing of this project is incorrect and that the council should not support the project. She also noted that the ponds on the river are not being cleaned out, as is normal at the end of October, and that this will lead to flooding if there is a high level of rainfall. The clerk will write to the secretary of Tintern Angling Club to express the councils concerns.

Lottery Grant for Industrial Heritage Projects: No comment.

10. Correspondence:

A letter had been received from Usk Town Council regarding the move of sex offenders from Usk Prison to Prescoed Open Prison and asking that the Community Council back their opposition to the move. The council agreed that the clerk should write to Usk Town Council expressing their support.

No other items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 9:25 pm