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Tintern Community Council Minutes
25 October 2004

Present: Vice Chairman Cllr P M O'Connor, Cllr B Young, Cllr D Floyd, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr J Saunders, Cllr A Webb, and Cllr S Shewell, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance: Terry Mead

The vice chairman welcomed Cllr Shewell to the council.

1. Public Forum

Mr Mead from AONB addressed the meeting and said that funding from the National Lottery was available for local industrial heritage schemes and suggested that if the community of Tintern were to generate such a scheme it would very probably receive a positive hearing from the Lottery Commission. Cllr O'Connor suggested that the Wireworks would be a suitable item that could be considered. Cllr Saunders added that the river crossing would be an additional item that should be considered. It was added that the Community Council should be involved in any scheme. The next time for submission of applications was April to October 2005 for consideration for grants in 2007. This item to be put on agenda for the next council meeting.

2. Apologies for absence.

Cllr Evans

3. Declaration of Interest on items on the agenda.


4. Minutes of the Meeting of 27th September 2004:

The minutes to be amended to note that the reference to the Tintern Website should not infer it was a council site. The Minutes were then approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.

5. Matters arising from the Minutes:

i. It was suggested that a copy of the council minutes should be displayed in the Police Office. The clerk to action this point.
ii. The clerk had discussed the possibility of getting the telephone kiosk at The Cot listed but had been told by Edward Holland of MCC Planning Department that CADW would reject such an application.
iii. The clerk reported that he had written to MCC telling them of the appointment of Cllr Bennett as the Tintern CC representative on the Llandogo School Board of Governors.
iv. The clerk reported that he had spoken Gloucester County Council regarding painting of the Wye Bridge and had been informed that it would cost 200,000 and that funding for such a project was currently unavailable.
v. The clerk had discussed with 'One Voice Wales' the need for more than one councillor to attend meeting with other organisations. They had stated that since such meetings can only be to gather information then one councillor is quite appropriate.
vi. The clerk has arranged that the council meeting minutes be displayed on the Tintern Website. They will also be available on the MCC Website in the near future.
vii. Cllr Webb has established that it is only possible for councillors to have copies of the electoral register for their ward. Other councillors can use edited editions of the registers.
viii. Paul Frampton of MCC Highways department had advised the council that temporary and unplanned signs on the village green would be removed by 25th October. Cllr Shewell asked if a proper sign should be erected on the village green for businesses to use. Cllr Saunders agreed. Cllr Webb to discuss this with MCC. The clerk to discuss this option with Time Macdermott of the One Stop Shop.

6. Finance and Administration Reports:

i. A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 6552.02. Cllr Webb proposed that the council for the councillor-training course they had attended reimburse Cllrs Floyd and Saunders. This was unanimously approved.
ii. The following payments were agreed;
MCC for election expenses Chq 100401 345.00
Tintern Recreation Centre for insurance Chq 100402 542.00
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq. 100403 185.67
Cllr D Floyd for SLCC Course Chq 100404 30.00
Cllr J Saunders for SLCC Course Chq 100405 55.25

iii. The clerk had previously distributed draft budget statements for next year to councillors. It was agreed that a budget for 2005/06 would be prepared at the November meeting.
iv. Cllr Saunders proposed that the council become a member of the Society of Local Council Clerks as the course she ad attended with Cllr Floyd demonstrated the usefulness of this organisation. This was unanimously agreed.

7. Planning

M 10649: Two-storey extension to existing dwelling, Halewood Cottage, Tintern Recommendation: Approve
M10509: Change of use of ground floor shop to self-contained flat, Wye Dene, Tintern Approved
M10510: Proposed detached garage in garden area set back from existing drive, Sunnyside, Botany Bay, Tintern Approved
M10532: Conversion of redundant village hall into 5 self contained lock up craft workshops/outlets, Tintern Approved
M10567: Conservatory, porch & dormer extension, Barbados Cottage, Barbados Hill, Tintern Approved
Site at land adjacent to 8 Park Glade, Tintern Appeal dismissed

8. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

i. Village Hall Committee: No report
ii. Llandogo School: No report

9. General Reports/Issues:

i. Tintern Traffic/Highways:
Cllr Floyd stated her concern at the car parking problems in the village. She suggested that new signs advising drivers of car parking be installed by the Community Council. Cllr Webb to follow this up with MCC.
ii. Other Issues;
Japanese Knotweed: A meeting held with the Environmental Agency and AONB has resulted in the need to establish ownership of land containing the weed. They stated that owners are responsible for killing the weed. AONB to follow this up. The Environmental Agency would then recommend a contractor to spray the plant with a weed killer that could be safely used on a riverbank.
Sawmills Area: Cllr O'Connor asked if a litter bin could be installed Cllr Webb to follow this up with a site meeting with MCC. The clerk was also asked to contact MCC on this issue.
Footpath: It was noted that there is broken glass on footpath Ref. 381/74. The clerk is to contact MCC regarding the issue.
Council Standing Orders: Cllr Saunders asked that the council draw up standing orders and had asked the SLCC to send a copy of model orders to the clerk so that a small working party of councillors could create orders specific to Tintern Community Council.
Freedom of Information Act: It was noted that all council documentation must be made available to the public.

12. Correspondence:

No specific items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 8:50 pm