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Tintern Community Council Minutes
September 2004

Present: Chairman Cllr T Evans, Cllr B Young, Cllr D Floyd, Cllr D Bennett, Cllr P M O'Connor, Cllr J Saunders, Cllr A Webb, R Hopson clerk

In Attendance: Barbara Preece, Andi Francis

1. Public Forum

Mrs Preece expressed concern over the inn signs that are still appearing on the green adjacent to the Royal George hotel. She stated that although a small sign had been removed a large one had replaced it. Cllr Evans stated that this was an issue for Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) and instructed the clerk to write to the Highways Department to ask why the new sign had not been removed. Concern was also expressed regarding the possibility of a new sign if the Cherry Tree Inn opens a post office and store.

Mrs Preece also expressed her dislike for the large bus stop signs that had been painted on the A466 next to the Royal George and the doctor's surgery. Cllr Webb is to discuss this issue with MCC.

Mr Francis addressed councillors concerning the councillor vacancy that had arisen with the resignation of Cllr Spary. He believed that the council could do more to communicate their operation to the community and asked for their support if they need to co-opt a new councillor as he wishes to be considered for the vacancy. The clerk informed him that MCC would inform the community council whether or not 10 electors from the Chapel Hill ward had requested an election by the 28th September. If insufficient electors had requested an election then the council would advertise for a co-opted member within the next two weeks.

2. Selection of New Chairman.

Cllr Young proposed Cllr Evans as chairman. This was seconded by Cllr O'Connor and unanimously accepted by all councillors. Cllr O'Connor was proposed as vice chairman by Cllr Saunders and seconded by Cllr Young. All councillors also unanimously accepted this.

3. Apologies for Absence.

No absent councillors.

4. Declaration of Interest on Items on the Agenda.

Cllr Floyd declared an interest in the transfer of the liquor license for Tintern Stores.

5. Minutes of the Meeting of 23rd August 2004:

The minutes to be amended to change the reference to the Globe cinema to the "Old Globe". The Minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.

6. Matters arising from the Minutes:

i. Western Power had attended a meeting with Cllrs Evans and Floyd to discuss the location of a new transformer in the grounds of the village hall. The village hall committee welcomed this proposal by Western Power, as it would provide an electrical supply to the hall that could be used for heating.

ii. The request for double yellow lines to prevent parking on the road outside of the Cherry Tree Inn had been rejected by MCC. The highways department stated they would only consider such a request if made by the police. The request to re-establish double yellow lines on the road leading to the Quayside would be further investigated by the highways maintenance department.

iii. MCC have agreed to provide the council with a map of all public footpaths in Tintern. The rights of way officer will also investigate the placement of a skip on C.R.F. 49.

iv. The replacement of litterbins at Botany Bay would be put on the agenda of the October meeting.

v. The listing of the payphone kiosk at The Cot was suggested as a way to stop it being removed by Cllr Webb. The clerk will contact MCC planning department to discuss the feasibility of obtaining a listing.

7. Co-opting of new councillor:

It was agreed that when it was known whether or not co-opting was an option this would be advertised and councillors would hold a special meeting to discuss who should be selected.

8. Finance and Administration Reports:

i. A financial statement for the month was presented which stated that the council had funds of 6551.71 after payments requiring authorisation of 476.85 had been taken into account.

ii. The following payments were agreed;
Tintern Recreation Centre for rent Chq 100398 32.00
R Hopson for clerks salary and expenses Chq. 100399 303.85
Audit Commission Fee for 2002/2001 audit Chq 100400 141.00

iii. Cllr Bennett asked that the 2005/2006 budget be put on the agenda for the October meeting. This was unanimously agreed.

iv. The annual return for the Audit Commission for 2003/2004 was presented by the clerk and agreed by councillors. This included the "Statement of Assurance".

v. The clerk told councillors that an invoice for 1381 had been received for work done on the 2002/2001 audit. The amount was being discussed with the Audit Commission, as it seemed excessive.

vi. The clerk issued "Register of Interests" for councillors to complete. The clerk explained that this is a legal requirement.

9. Planning


M 10510: Proposed detached garage in garden area set back from existing drive, Sunnyside, Botany Bay, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 10532: Conversion of redundant village hall into 5 self-contained lock up craft workshops/outlets, Redundant Village Hall, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 10567: Conservatory, porch and dormer extension, Barbadoes Cottage, Barbadoes Hill, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve

M 10582: First floor extension and patio above proposed outbuilding, Gwyn Cottage. Chapel Lane, Tintern
Recommendation: Approve


M10260: Alterations and extensions, Sycamore Cottage, Chapel Lane, Tintern

M10333: Two storey and single storey extensions, Tyffynon, Chapel Lane, Tintern

10. Reports from Representatives on other bodies:

i. Village Hall Committee: Cllr Evans reported that a meeting had been held with Western Power to discuss the siting of a new transformer next to the play area. It is hoped that if this is agreed Western Power will make a financial donation to the village hall to improve the heating system. Cllr Bennett asked if a tarmac pathway be laid from the road next to the hall to the hall entrance instead of the present gravel so that it would be easier for people with walking problems to gain access to the hall. Cllr Bennett asked if a grant could be obtained to do the work and it was agreed that the clerk would contact MCC Direct Services Organisation to get a quote before any grant application was made.

ii. Llandogo School: Cllr Evans suggested that Cllr Bennett should represent the council on the board of governors. This is as a consequence of the resignation of Cllr Spary who was the previous representative. The clerk will notify MCC of the new appointment. Cllr Bennett reported that the number of pupils attending the school had risen to 125.

11. General Reports/Issues:

i. Tintern Traffic/Highways:

Cllr Evans reported that a site meeting had been held at the sawmills with MCC and AONB to discuss the possibility of making the area a proper car park. The meeting decided that this would be long-term project due to the finance required, as lottery funding would not be available until 2007. The clerk will put this issue on the agenda for future meetings.

Cllr Floyd stated that the railway bridge over the Wye needed painting and asked who owned the bridge. Cllr Evans believes that the bridge is the joint responsibility of MCC and Gloucester County Council (GCC). Cllr Saunders believed that the bridge was the responsibility of GCC. The clerk was actioned to write to GCC to establish ownership.

ii. Other Issues;

Cllr Bennett asked if councillors knew what actions were being taken for the elimination of Japanese Knotweed. Cllr Saunder informed the meeting that Andrew Nixon of the AONB was conducting a survey to establish the extent of the problem in the Wye Valley. Cllr Webb was actioned to arrange a site meeting on the riverbank with Mr Nixon and the Environment Agency to discuss the problem.

Cllr Saunders asked if there was a legal requirement that at least two councillors must attend meetings held with outside organisations. The clerk will make enquiries with "One Voice Wales" to establish the situation.

It was agreed that council minutes should be placed on the local Website to aid communication between the council and the community. The clerk will organise this.

Cllr Evans requested Cllr Saunders to undertake the issuing of Abbey passes to villagers. Cllr Saunders agreed. Cllr Webb and the clerk to establish if a complete electoral register for Tintern can be given to Cllr Saunders.

12. Correspondence:

A request for transfer of licence for Tintern Stores had been received for information purposes only.

Two requests for financial aid for charities had been received. However, since it was not known if this would benefit residents of the village if was decided that no donations would be made.

MCC had supplied a document outlining their policy towards the new licensing laws which will come into operation in 2005. Cllr Evans will examine these to establish their relevance to the Village Hall.

No other specific items from the list of correspondence were discussed.

The Meeting closed at 9:20 pm