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Abbey Passage Farm at Tintern (on the Gloucestershire side but immediately accessible by footbridge from Tintern) comprises about 42 acres of exceptionally beautiful countryside, contained on three sides by the River Wye. It consists of hillside meadows, a long stretch of tidal riverbank, about eight acres of broad-leaved woodland and a disused quarry. South east of the bridge there is a further strip of about ten acres which runs along the river opposite Tintern Abbey. The land lies within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while the riverbank itself is SSSI protected. The woodland is an extension of Caswell Wood which is SSSI protected. Wildlife is well-established, rabbits, mink and badgers appear prolific while it is possible that pine marten and otters are discreetly present.

Although the fields have not been spoiled and remain much as they were at least a century ago, they have been neglected and were beginning to show the neglect. Equally most of the hedges had been in existence for at least a century, and probably many centuries, yet they had not been layered or coppiced for at least twenty years. They were both overgrown and full of gaps.

There were also some beautiful eighteenth century farm buildings in various stages of disrepair and ruin. These included some old pigsties, a fairly well preserved eighteenth century barn and a small ruined building, possibly a labourer's cottage.

In 1997 we were accepted into the Country Stewardship Scheme by which the FRCA partners our attempt to restore and conserve Abbey Passage Farm. We have begun to repair and restore the farm buildings using old photographs as a guide. Over this decade all the hedges will be coppiced and the gaps filled, so that the hedges will continue into the next century. Highland cattle have been introduced and the condition of the fields has improved dramatically.

These fields offer almost unrivalled opportunities for painting, sketching and photography. The beautiful old barn is immediately visible from the bridge, while the peaceful pastoral fields being grazed by sheep and lambs must compete with any view in rural England. Surrounding hills, wooded slopes and the majestic towering Abbey ruin complete the picture of an exceptionally beautiful rural landscape.

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